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Zen Studios Says It Has Wii U News On The Way, Says It’s A Difficult Platform To Support Technically

Zen Studios forum administrator CrackerVizzo says that the company have some big Wii U news to share in the near future. CrackerVizzo says that while the platform is a difficult one to support from a technical standpoint, they are fully committed to developing for the console. Here’s what he had to say.

“Actually, we will have some very big Wii U news very soon. This is a difficult platform to support from a technology standpoint. Simple patches are not simple. New content additions are not easy due to the way the system is set up. We are committed to supporting Wii U. Again, please look for an announcement in the coming weeks. Thanks for supporting Zen Studios.”

Thanks, Jamie M

63 thoughts on “Zen Studios Says It Has Wii U News On The Way, Says It’s A Difficult Platform To Support Technically”

    1. no, no

      in other words: “the devs are lazy and don’t want to learn how to program on power pc architecture”

      1. Shut up. Seriously, I’m a die hard Nintendo fan and its nothing hard to comprehend. The Wii U is DIFFERENT internally so its not as easy to port/ develop.

          1. This is the abridged version of the statement. The long version makes it seem like he was referring to how Nintendo handles patches and lotte checks.

            If the letter can be made with a $700 dollar budget, as crappy as the game is, its still less than any other Xbox One or 360’s budget of $1,000+ for one person to make a game.

        1. You’re about the architecture being different buts what’s also alarming is that these developers wanna pretend its a bad thing like they’re being forced to develop coding that they never have done before which isn’t the case. These developers may have already been far more than familiar with PowerPC years before Wii U came in. They know of its efficiency but they also want to seem like PowerPC means nothing or that its more difficult to program with.

          I’m pretty damn sure they know PowerPC by default. They’re looking for excuses and as a computer programmer, its a fucking depressing sight to see. What these fanboys should know and are also welcome to research this but x86 in PS4/One is the sole reason why it needs extra horsepower. Not to show off its graphical penis in 900p or 1080p upscaled in disguise, but its meant to run x86 because its a demanding and primitive computer language and looking at PowerPC in Wii U that requires far less demanding technology, it explains why Wii U doesn’t sport 8GB RAM and shit because PowerPC is meant to be an advanced successor to x86 that uses less power consumption and compiles coding a lot quicker. If PS4/One had used PowerPC instead with 4GB RAM at leas, those consoles would’ve been around Wii U’s price range due to cheaper costs in parts and then we all wouldn’t be hearing 3rd parties bitching over how “difficult” it is to port a simple video game over with a computer language they should be more than recognized to them by now since their college days.

          Its not the question about how “difficult” it is to port to PowerPC but rather ask have these 3rd parties already used PowerPC before? Because if so and that they did it without much of a fuss, then why is it suddenly a huge issue, especially and coincidentally involving Nintendo in such times?

          1. What? Stop damage controlling. The Wii U is nowhere NEAR a high end PC. Even the other two consoles barely even come close to it.

            1. Are you an idiot?

              Please do some research. I already provided some material. It’s not hard to get the whole picture.

              Stop being so stupid

              1. You have got to be kidding me… You do realize that almost every 3rd party game released on the Wii U barely even surpasses PS3 and 360 right? We’ve already seen the games in action. Stop being stupid. And I dare you to give us a comparison of PC vs Wii U. I already told you before. It doesn’t even come close.

                1. Have you ever heard about x86 and ppc architecture?

                  No one here is talking about high end pcs

                  Google it, read it, learn it

                  Please stop being ridiculous

                  1. Facepalm. Look at the guy’s comment that you replied to. Are you seriously saying that you forgot what you were talking about already?

                    1. I gave up, sir

                      You have been exposing yourself

                      It is not that hard to learn about x86 and power pc architectures differencies and realize how the industry favors one in detriment of the other

                      Next time, be more careful and educate yorself before raging out if the cage

                  2. Ok guys, no ones saying it’s as powerful as a pc, that’s not the damn point, it’s the fact the power PC isn’t actually that hard to develop for, it’s just most developers are too lazy to spend time and effort to learn the custom made console one

                    1. While I agree on some part, that is not entirely true. There have been developers that have taken there time only to have the game sell like garbage on the Wii U. Devs aren’t making games for the Wii U because they would never make enough money back. If they got all the profit they needed, I guarantee that they would spend all year making games for it.

                      1. And the reason for the lack of money is because they don’t understand the fanbase well enough. Not only they want a diverse library unlike the two other sides who prefer only shooter like the boring asses they are, but also expecting an equal ported game with equal support like the others and if they don’t get it, then devs aren’t gonna see any money. Look at how poorly 3rd party ports have been. If anything’s missing, Wii U gamers are gonna take notice quick and say no because they are sick of getting second handed experience for years while Nintendo usually and still delivers the best of themselves and their work to this day. Until the day we start seeing fair treatment of 3rd party support, they’re not gonna see any money if they keep insisting that gimping games is okay with them because 3rd party thinks Nintendo fans are the same gullible fools who buy consoles merely for instant gratification of graphically showing off to impress some friends wanting to pretend its cool to have (not so) powerful consoles and feel like adults.

                2. You just call someone stupid yet failed to even describe what fucking knowledge you claim to know just now. Step the fuck off and learn your place.

                  1. You just lost the best opportunity of your life to stay quiet

                    No one needs to explain the obvious

                    I’m not responsible for others stupidity

              2. Of course not and doesn’t have to be because its never a PC unit. Its a game console of its own kind with different features that separates itself from being too similar.

      1. Oh yeah, forgot you were a licensed developer. Tell me again how easy it is to develop great games on an unfamiliar console

      2. No computer systems are created equal. How memory is processed and stored may be different, or how many APUs or FPUs may vary; some may even have none, as bizarre as that would be. A better example would be the PS3; that console’s architecture was as different as you could get, and was the reason why many third-party ports either never made it to the platform, or did, but their performance was completely hindered by the extreme multitasking that the Cell processor just could not do so quickly. Not all graphics cards have the same memory bandwidth, and with proprietary hardware, the graphics cards may be completely different altogether. That’s why it’s difficult to program for and to port to different systems, because each system may have its own unique architecture, and you have to learn each system’s way of programming the games. This explains why often ports of a game are handled by companies different from the original.

    2. I want to see anyone here developing a game, you accuse them of being lazy but surely hardly understand the developing process. Other developers excuse themselves with this and turn the other way, this guys say that it doesn’t matter and will develop for the console because they want, and you criticize them anyway. Stop being fanboys

      1. I understand the development process, with a game coming on PC, Xbox and PlayStation. Nintendo just doesn’t approach devs or really offer an environment like Microsoft and Sony do. I can say that devs that want a game on Wii U is because they firmly want to, I know I would. But sales will force them to take that game at least on PC. Just look at Shantae and Shovel Knight.

        1. But to be fair I don’t understand Nintendo’s development process… I guess I really don’t care at this moment.

        2. The PC version of Shovel Knights is only a few percentage points higher than the 3DS and Wii U. It was a pretty even split so far.

          From hearing indie reviews Nintendo is very much approaching indie developers in many cases. Its been happening allot at trade shows. They also approached 3rd party developers they had worked with when designing the Wii U to ask them what kind of specs they would need. Allot goes on behind the scenes that we never hear about.
          Its just the press makes it seems like Nintendo is sitting on their thumbs.

      2. Shin-en studios has said in the past that if a developer is having issues making a game on the Wii U, it’s their fault, not the fault of the system, because Shin doesn’t seem to be having a world’s worth of difficulties.

          1. Since all 3rd parties basically shoved a bad reputation down Wii U’s throat over its “weak” hardware excuse and never explained the real truth behind their laziness: Because of Wii U sporting PowerPC instead of the primitively demanding x86.

    3. Nintendo should stop with the hardware development and just make games. They could make a lot more money. They could also make a NintenPhone, Iwata has to go and so does Reggie, they are the wrong stuff.

      1. So suggesting they would go down the Sega route and slowly destroy their own souls and gaming industry as we know it aka “suicide”, you’re a damn huge fool and we all know that’s not gonna happen no matter how desperate their situation seems.

        1. Sega was on the verge of bankruptcy, it’s thanks to dropping out of the console wars and sticking to other things that they replenished money. (I’m not saying Nintendo should do the same, but you can’t rule out the possibility of it ever happening, either).

          I highly doubt the ENTIRE gaming industry would collapse just because Ninty stops making hardware, I’m sure they’d still be there whoring themselves to other platforms. The most negative impact I can see happening would be consoles becoming too expensive to buy, in which case most console tykes would probably just switch over to PC or commit suicide.

    4. It’s not that these guys are lazy dev’s since they are actually doing it. The Wii U isn’t “difficult” if you LEARN THE SYSTEM. If a developer can take the time to LEARN the system in and out then it’s not a big issue. Xbox One though….that’s a nightmare with it’s 3 separate operating systems lol.

    5. Pingback: Zen studios says it has wii u news on the way, says it’s a difficult platform to support technically

    6. They speak like its so difficult to port over a simple pinball game. Remember the article of the last developer complaining Wii U was crap or hard to program with? That’s exactly what most 3rd parties are in a nutshell. They’re pretending that they never seen or program with PowerPC before and you can count on the fact that they have always known and used PowerPC years before.

      I’m not buying these excuses one bit because I so bet you I would dig up some history to see if half of these companies ever used PowerPC and if they did, then this goes to show that all of these “porting difficulties” and “weak hardware” defenses was nothing but smoke & mirrors to cover their exposed tardy asses from becoming a public embarrassment and hurt their own image and business. Most of this was meant to hurt Nintendo and I know that deep down. They wanna nitpick little to nothing kind of problems to stay away from Nintendo for another reason.

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