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Robin Williams Dies At 63

It has been reported that Robin Williams died yesterday, August 11, at the age of 63. The Oscar-winning actor’s film career included a number of popular titles, such as Aladdin, Jumanji, Night at the Museum and Happy Feet. He also lent his voice to narrate a number of Nintendo-produced commercials, including one for The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword. As an avid fan of the action-adventure game series, Williams named his daughter after Princess Zelda.

357 thoughts on “Robin Williams Dies At 63”

    1. Very sad. I couldn’t believe it when I heard the news and am still in shock. The world has lost a true comic genius. God bless and R.I.P. My sympathies to his family and friends.

    2. This I’d very sad. He really contributed alot to society (comedies, entertaining veterans and soilders, etc.). Hopefully this will contribute to the issue of depression by raising awareness

  1. tfw

    >he won’t be able to play hyrule warriors co-op
    >no robin vs. zelda smash bros fight
    >no new zelda game

    this is upsetting.

      1. This is for all the people that get offended by the comments people make: Why do you let people get to you like that? It’s obvious they want to make you mad, seriously do you not see it? Every response you send them makes them happy. Stop getting mad over some stupid comments made over the internet. The only people dumber than the trolls are the ones that they outsmart.

          1. We better steel ourselves, though. The day we get news on this site that Shigeru Miyamoto has passed, you can bet these losers will flock to that article & probably even worse than they are on here.

    1. this reduced me to tears I grew up with his movies and i met him and zelda at a symphony of the zelda series they are very nice people
      rest in peace robin

    1. Appears so. Never can understand why people commit suicide. We can all agree that this world is evil and that humanity is garbage, but there are a few good things in this world that keep us from going crazy and make life worth it.

        1. He still has, like, three movies coming out starring him in it. I don’t think that was the case. Depression can affect anyone, and it can seem like they have the most perfect life too.

      1. Many times it’s the intelligent people who commit suicide. They know life is an equation that can’t be solved. Their coping mechanisms are not strong enough, or they are suffering. (physically or emotionally)

        Believe me, if you are in enough pain, at some point, death becomes a viable option. It’s sad, especially since he had a daughter. :/

        1. *coughs* He has two sons, as well. One of his sons is also possibly named after another video game character.

  2. Out of all the celebrity deaths. Robin Williams is the one that has emotionally affected me. I have never felt this much sadness for a celebrity before. He was my childhood. He and his voice are legendary. And the fact that he ended his life himself. He had so much more to offer. Robin Williams was a great man.

    1. Nintendo Commander Quadraxis

      Indeed, instead idiots like Justin Beaver, Miley Cyrus, nazis, racists and other nonsense garbage get to live…

        1. No one is expecting any decency from a sociopath like you.
          But you could learn when to shut the fuck up.
          I know internet anonymity makes you feel like toughest motherfucker around.
          But someone someday gets fed up enough, they can, and they will find you.

              1. You sir are one of those filthy, disgusting, and downright stupid humans that live on this planet. DO you have any idea how ignorant you are? You are below any standards and may even be considered a fucking insect. You can burn in hell for making such comments about a death. It doesn’t matter that it was Robin Williams, it matters that you had the audacity to make a comment that disgusting to read. I hope you die soon and burn in hell for your ignorant behavior… you fucking twat.

            1. Yes, you occasionally seem to act like one,
              but who are you trying to convince, others, or yourself?
              Either way, I don’t really care, nor do I want to waste any more time on a worthless waste of space.

          1. Ah, look, here, we have a cynicist–known for mistakenly thinking they’re “sophisticated”, and that they’re “above” such plebian things as emotion, soul, and morals, all for the sake of consistently negative commentary on things best left alone.

            You feeling big enough, yet, sport? Want a high chair to see your laptop screen, yet, or are you too big for that?

            Oh, what am I thinking, you obviously aren’t capable of an intelligent response. You’re a cynicist, so all you’ll spout is how “dreary” and “dull” everything and everyone is until you run out of things to critique, in which you’ll just resort to common trolling.

                  1. Still irrelevant to the conversation. Doesn’t matter wether you care or not, you lost, I don’t know what you lost, but if this was a debate, you definitely lost the debate and made yourself look stupid.

                    1. Do I feel like I’m proud? Not really, there is nothing to be proud of doing something any average person can do. Tell me that when I jump off a cliff and survive the sharp stones at the bottom.

              1. Yup. You caught me. Why don’t you pile on some more of your famous cynicism, then?

                Oh, wait. I’m not five.

                Silly me, your glorious sarcastic humor had me all a-fluster. Please, do continue.

        2. I can understand trolling.

          I can understand you getting mad at Nintendo and trying to get attention by personally threatening the CEO.

          I can even understand you laughing at the “offended” page on Encyclopaedia Dramatica.

          None of those things make me mad.

          But when you try and use the death of a great man who brought laughter to the lives of millions, who played part in a great deal of children’s movies, and who was the basis of many people’s childhood, like mine, for instance, as a ploy for attention and for “lulz”, that’s just fucking low.

          Congratulations, bro, you just sunk from the level of EDiot to Justin Bieber. That’s fucking right, I just compared you to Justin Fucking Bieber. Only you’re worse, because while Justin and his antics are laughable, and while little girls and preteens who like his music would miss him, you won’t be.

          In fact, if you died right now, in the most fantastically gory way imaginable, nobody would care. In fact, I’m pretty sure if Robin Williams were still alive, he’d use your death as a basis for his next comic routine, that’s how much nobody gives a shit about you.

          You’re a worthless piece of shit who hides behind his keyboard laughing at other people, uncaring because you think that because it’s the Internet, nobody feels anything, that because it’s the Internet, you can just sit there on your fat basement dweller 12 year old ass and mock the death of a legend.

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          Well, I hope you ARE proud of yourself, because from this day forward, that’s ALL you will accomplish. Are you happy knowing that you will die with the fact that you managed to make people start flame wars on an unofficial Nintendo forum? Will you say, “gee, I sure am fucking glad I made those people mad on that site, now I can die at peace with myself.”

          I hope you continue commenting. I really do. Because someday, you’ll look back on this time period in your life and realize you just wasted hours and hours of it that you can’t get back. HOURS. DAYS, even, of your life, wasted.

          And guess what?

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          Thumbs up to you.

          Comment edited, the thumbs up sign was cool, but a little long for the page!

          1. I have need seen such ownage in one comment, especially towards a brainless ape nazi. Bravo…I would clap but I am attached to a ceiling.

          2. When I come back here later, this post by Estoc better have at least 10 likes. Anyway, I love it when people say “you do realize the troll is winning when you respond to it, right, making you the loser?” as if the troll actually won something meaningful that’s going to carry them off into heaven on wings. WRONG!!! I hope he, she, oh fuck it! Nostalgia is no longer human but an it. A worthless it at that. Anyway, as I was saying. I hope when she dies & gets to Heaven, the gates won’t open & when she asks why, the guy at the gate will yell “THIS! IS!! HEAVEN!!!” followed swiftly by a spartan kick right down into Hell. If it dies before me, I hope Heaven has cameras so I can watch the incident on tape. xD

              1. If that’s what you think “joy” is, I’d hate to see what you think sadness is.

                Oh wait, I already know.

                It’s when you realize you’re out of mountain dew and doritos.

              2. When that joy is from the pain & suffering of others, no it’s not meaningful… at all. If you think it is, you are what people in the medical profession of psychology call psychopaths or sociopaths. FYI, not all psychopaths & sociopaths commit illegal activities.

          3. I love how whoever is editing comments or removing comments is adding a little commentary to the editing/deleting. lol “Comment edited, the video was awesome but this isn’t the time or place to advertise a video game.”

      1. Apparently the little trollop couldn’t help but use Robin Williams’s death to once again wish death on Iwata because apparently the Nintendo CEO is the Adolf Hitler of modern times.

  3. I never knew who he was, but may his soul rest in peace… Sigh. I really don’t like when people die. I wish we didn’t have to! But anyways, we’re all going to die someday, and it makes me worry about myself.. I could die at any time, anywhere, at any day. I could probably die in the next ten minutes. :(

        1. Because wishing death upon people makes you so much better than someone (an obvious troll you idiots keep falling for, mind you) who’s wishing death upon people.

          Oh, wait…

            1. I’m very obviously not defending anyone, I’m just showing how much of an idiot you are. Attacking someone for wanting others to die by wanting that very someone to die. How does that make you any better ? Your actions are a bit contradicting, don’t you think ? Try harder next time.

              1. Nintendo Commander Quadraxis

                Your human opinions means nothing and that target is nothing more than an abomination born out of garbage…

                1. you are completely retarded by the way you think and respond by “roleplaying” and yet you are the one who is constantly exposed by people here. you are so lonely in your life that you rather spend it here trying to be someone else defending a company that doesn’t give a shit about you. but, oh well. you never told me how old you are so i can tell you for sure that you are actually without any doubt a mentally handicapped person.

                  1. Nintendo Commander Quadraxis

                    Don’t even make me started on you with your alternate accounts and trolling, the latest you just made at the top of the comments section…

                    The only retards in here are apes like you that defends these nazi apes whether they troll or not…

                  2. And you’re completely retarded, period.

                    Wait, did you just try to critique him for being here rather than having a life?

                    Isn’t that like trying to call the kettle black?

              2. Wishing death on a scum shit that wishes death on good people is no where near as bad as wishing death on… well on good people. So yes. I agree with Quadraxis. I hope the worthless scum sucking insect dies a horrible death only to suffer even greater horrors in hell where it’s no doubt heading. But why stop there with just Nostalgia. I guess we shouldn’t wish death on terrorists, either, because we’d be just as bad as them, right? How about wishing death on any nazis that are still alive today & still spouting their evil to make more nazi scum? I guess we’re no better than them, too. Or Charles Manson. Or the countless of murderers, rapists, & child molesters alive today in prison.

                1. Yea dude, because a more than obvious troll who’s just talking to (successfully) piss you off is as bad as terrorists who actually kill people, or all the other kinds of people who harm others you’ve mentioned, am I right.
                  Unbelievable what kind of excuses people use to justify their idiocy.
                  Also, when I said he’s no better than others doing the same, I was obviously referring to this situation, as in, he’s no better in relation to this whole death-wishing crap. What else would I know about them or the lifes they live.

                  1. The possibility that they are even trolling makes them even worse! So yes. They are in fact on the same level as terrorists, nazis, & other worthless human beings. Getting a kick out of the pain of others is something that serial killers enjoy. You don’t have to just take a life to be scum. In fact, I’d go so far as to say the terrorists are step up from people like Nostalgia. Least some, if not all, terrorists are doing it for something they believe is “greater” than themselves & not just for the sheer pleasure of making people’s lives miserable. Least in the terrorists’ twisted heads, they are making the world a better place for their kind unlike Nostalgia who is just spreading chaos & pain just for the sake of “fun & entertainment.”

                    1. Đonko the Impaler

                      Namie, this site is full of mentally challenged people, don’t expect them to make sense and you will not be surpris….. well, you will be surprised because they are constantly getting stupider.

                    2. lol
                      It’s also funny how they blame nostalgia for “spreading chaos & pain” when it’s them who keep replying to more than obvious trolling comments. If they didn’t have the mentality of a 3rd grader and replied to every single even slightly provoking shit, that “chaos” wouldn’t even start to begin with. But yea, why blame yourself when you can blame others, right. Also, “chaos & pain” ? Way to be oversensitive and overexaggerate some random trolling ?? Such clowns, lmao.

                    3. Tallon Ridley XIII: Kalas

                      It’s simple. Those that make fun of people dieing & get enjoyment from the pain of others are on the same level as psychopaths/sociopaths/serial killers as those kinds of people also take pleasure in the pain of others.

                      @Donko: You’re the same kind of shit as Nostalgia. Wishing death on Iwata is something I remember you commenting in an article awhile back. You’re a narcissistic loser that thinks your opinion is some divine truth that can’t be disputed, too. Now run along & stay out of meaningful conversations & debates because you’re too high on your own self important opinions to bring any real worth to a conversation.

          1. Lol well I didn’t mean it like he did. Like when he said “life isn’t anything special”. It’s kind of sad to read stuff like that , to think that a human being thinks of life that way.

    1. You know it’s funny, I am the complete opposite. Not really afraid to die. I’m fine with it. I hope I live a long time though cause there’s a lot I still want to do.

    2. He was the guy who played the genie in aladdin, the main character in the remake of flubber, Mrs. Doubtfire, and a lot of voices in children’s films.

    3. What in the hell has your bloody parents let you watch that you don’t know who Robin fucking Williams is!? He played Popeye for the live action movie made in the 80s, played Peter Pan in Hook, played the main character of Toys (1992), voiced the Genie & the Merchant for Aladdin, voiced Batty Koda of FernGully: The Last Rainforest, was the main character of Mrs. Doubtfire, played Alan in Jumanji, voiced Genie again for Aladdin and the King of Thieves, played Jack in the movie Jack, played the main character for Flubber, played Patch in Patch Adams, played Theodore Roosevelt in Night at the Museum, & went on to play Teddy Roosevelt once more for the sequel to Night at the Museum & will play the character again for the 3rd Night at the Museum. Anyway, he was a household name back in the 1990s.

      1. Wait a second, I knew I recognized that name. I watched the video and instantly recognized his voice. What the hell? THAT’S who died? Oh my god that’s horrible! I loved this guy! I absolutely cannot believe this. I am literally crying in real life. This is such bullshit. Why? Why did he have to go?! I can’t stand this. GOOD PEOPLE ALWAYS DIE BUT NEVER THE BAD ONES. Man, I swear, I hate life. A lot of my favorite people have died this generation and it’s just… not fair!

  4. Fame and wealth does not buy happiness and for somebody like him who brought so much joy and laughter to others to feel this way inside to take his own life is just sad. I feel bad for his wife. We will miss you Robin and will forever have you in our living rooms..

      1. Oh, you mean like your life size doll of yourself, you know, the one you fuck every night when you feel bad about you not getting laid?

        1. shut up, i bet if someone came up to you in real life you’d shit your pants and say “I’m sorry, i’m sorry”.

            1. I’m not an internet tough guy, nor am I a real-life tough guy. But I would certainly approach you whatever the hell you are and make you say the things you’d say online in front of me. Your choice of vocabulary and the way your sentences are structured give me the belief that you are nothing but another average person with again, too much internet anonymity and would obviously not say those things in REAL-LIFE to other people who cared, why? Because you know you’ get a beaten that’s why. Also stop liking your own posts….

              1. You still wouldn’t approach anyone irl because you know you’d get beat up. Using your logic against you.;) y u hef 2 be mad? Fite me irl;)))

                  1. Sure you did. That’s why I still have everything intact, you moron. There’s actually no point, because you can’t insult someone with a below average IQ like you over the internet. Also, why are you here instead of saying that shit on the street? I’m not replying to you anymore, i’m just gonna leave this article. You’re so sad you even have an account AND you thumb up your own comments. Boy I would love to meet you in real life, then beat you down. Hatsa la vista moron.

                    1. Do it then buddy. How do you know my iq level, moron? Go ahead and rage quit because you lost!!!;))))))))))))))))((((((((((((((;

                  2. I’m guessing that smiley face represents you and your chins, get a fucking job you mole, waste of flesh what are you even doing? Talking shit about a great guy, you fat fuck, disgrace to your parents you are 😷

                    1. You know so much about people you don’t know, don’t you? And each smile is for every ounce of joy I get from butthurt comments like yours. Get a life.;;;;;;))))))))))))))))))))(((((((((((((((;;;;;;(;;

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                      1. Great. You enjoy that, while I prepare you a little snack. What’s that? What kind? Oh, nothing.

                        *sharpens about fifty poisoned throwing knives, torture devices, and a guillotine*

                        Nothing at all…

                        1. Yup. Considering you still side with Nazis after what they did to my ancestors, yup.

                          I’m part Jewish, in case you didn’t know, so there are multiple very good reasons for wanting to hurt you in many, many ways.

                          But by all means, please, continue trolling. I’ll just add a new form of torture to the charts. I’m thinking the next form will be that of forcing you to watch 2 girls 1 cup over and over and over again, in high definition, 3D.

                          1. Not really sure how I got lab eel a nazi in the first place. I hate everyone, except for my bust frens, I don’t discriminate. You never even knew your ancestors so why would you be mad in the first place?

                            1. I traced them back. I DO know my ancestors, and if I remember correctly, WAY back, you did admit to being a nazi. THAT’s why everybody labels you as one.

                              1. You know about them, you don’t know them. I kind of wish hitler finished his job, or at least we get a hitler #2 seeing as how the Jews are killing innocent Palestinian civilians:/

                                1. Wow, you’re retarded.

                                  Did you know that the reason the war between them continues is because of a religious disagreement, but that the whole reason it started was because of America, not the Jews?

                                  The Jews believe it to be their land because they believe God promised it to them for their trials after they escaped from Egyptian slavery, whereas the Palestinians believe it to be their sacred land because that’s where the religion of Islam started and is where many places of importance to their religion are located.

                                  The whole reason this started, however, is because after World War 2, the Allied powers agreed to give that area to the Jewish people as their home-country, mostly due to greed and wanting pieces of Germany and parts of Europe for their own. That really ended up not turning out very well for us, of course, but the Jews ended up staying in said country.

                                  The problems arose when the Jews started flocking in huge numbers into Palestinian territory, and arguments started springing up due to them taking up their resources. The Jews really were kind of innocent in that scenario, because we were like, “Hey, you guys, you wanted a country free of racist Germans, right? Well, go over there, cuz, um, yeah. Just go over there. And stuff.” They were just doing what they were told, and trying to escape Hitler’s control.

                                  Meanwhile, tensions rose to a climax as the Jewish people got on the Palestinian’s nerves. Pretty soon arguments telling them to GTFO started, and they defended themselves by saying it was technically not only theirs because ‘Murica told them to go there, but because their holy book told them to. The palestinians, however, also had religious text quoting the same thing.

                                  And thus the war continues, thanks to Allied greed, Hitler’s tendency to put Germany’s financial problems on the Jews to increase his popularity, and religion.

                                  In conclusion, you’re a fucking dumbass, because yes, I certainly do know about them AND know them. My explanation probably wasn’t one hundred percent accurate, I’m willing to admit, but it’s at least 95 percent right as far as unbiased facts go.

                                  So why don’t you take hitler’s dead corpse and shove it up your ass? Then, at least, his body would finally be in its proper resting place.

                                2. Nostalgiaww, ignorant and retarded as usual. Who fired first, the Pales or the Jews, ever think about that dipshit? And it most definitely ain’t the Jews that you are so referring too.

                            2. Holy shit, your stupidity has reached such new heights, I’m afraid you currently have the upper hand, simply due to the element of surprise. Here, watch this shitty episode of Jersey Shore while I think of something. That should keep you busy for five hours.

                        2. If anyone from here meet you irl, you wouldn’t walk away with anything even closely resembling a normal, functioning face.
                          You’d get your ass kicked. Easily.

                          1. I’d have a hard time not wanting to punch the bitch right in the face if she was spouting this shit in front of my face. As the saying goes, you don’t hit a lady… but it never said anything about knocking out a bitch.

                        3. Those who pick a fight online is obviously the weakest so I wouldn’t be surprised if someone finds you and then puts you in the ground in mere seconds.

                  3. And here… ladies and gentlemen… is another pathetic human being. What the fuck is wrong with you? You say such things on an article meant for mourning of someone practically everyone loved. Do you try to get attention? Are you trying to go to hell? Seriously… GROW THE FUCK UP AND GET A FUCKING LIFE!

                    Burn in hell you twat

              2. sasorideidara obi the puppet master clown destroyer

                i never really cared for him and i thought it was weird for him to name his daughter zelda.

                Comment edited, in light of the news article.

                1. sasorideidara obi the puppet master clown destroyer

                  dont worry clowns, with my puppet skils, robin williams can added to my pupet collection of clowns. art is internal beauty.

                  1. Nintendo Commander Quadraxis

                    I can’t think of (which I can) the horrible things Nintendo is my Blood will do to you once he finds you…

                        1. Nintendo is my Blood

                          I do own 4 3DSs
                          One red XL
                          One Aqua Blue 3DS
                          One Pikachu XL
                          and the Limited Edition Zelda OoT one

                          Just because sasori is piss poor, does not mean everyone else is

                        1. Let me tell you what nintendo is my blood is. He’s a spoiled rotten brat rich kid who gets everything he want’s, i mean he has a maid. He’s racist as fuck, he hates black people. He is a psychopath, he’s tracking down sasori, trying to find out where he lives so he probably can kill him. All over nintendo and the internet. Tell him that if anything happens to sasori he will be arrested at first glance. Like i said i showed my uncle who investigates stuff like this and he has his name, location, and everything to the tracking of his device he’s using. He told me that he might be all talk but he also said he definitely takes him as a threat that he actually is trying to find out his info but he can’t do anything about it since no serious action has been done yet.

                          He’s a freak. I advice everyone stay away from him.

                      1. You’re one to BS out of that self-racist mouth of yours. Claiming to hate Nintendo and yet, never afford a single console in your spoiled, roach infested life and all your gorilla mother bought you is Nintendo, everything Nintendo. Keep dreaming of that Xbox because its the closest you’ll ever come to it.

                  2. The only retard here is you. You should stop spending what little money you have on games and start paying for some legitimate medical treatment.

                    What’s sad is no one will care when you die, nothing beautiful there or artful going on with the internal issues you have going on in your mind.

                    Whether or not you cared for him or you like what he named his children, he is a far better human being than you will ever be and that is even with committing suicide.

                    Even more saddening is in all honesty it is probably the same type of daily ignorance you display that makes plenty of people either wish you would kill yourself or they were just dead so they don’t have to put up with all these morons such as yourself anymore.

                    I know most the time I wake up, I question why do I even bother with the state of the world we live in. Most the time I wish I never did wake up again, just incredibly disturbing how people can be so stupid, assholes like you are a constant reminder of how it will only get worse.

                    1. sasorideidara obi the puppet master clown destroyer

                      so just because he a zelda fan…. alba really made this news. hey alba uncle james is mega man fan and kim kardashian looked at a 3ds at macys, make that stuff news since its somehow related to nintendo. besides its 1/7,000,000,000 human out off this earth, there other guys to bring entertainment to our boring life.

                      Comment edited

                      1. Moan, moan, bitch bitch. If you want to whine and get butthurt, go watch some iJustine.

                        Oh wait, you can’t get any chicks, I forgot. Never mind, then, just…sit there. Read a book or something. Maybe a book about social interactions and how to have them.

                  3. I have a very hard time believing you know even the first thing about art or creativity based on the fact that you spend your time split between trolling on a forum and pandering for change to purchase an XBox360. As someone who composes, teaches, and illustrates professionally, I would absolutely love to see your work. I am anticipating a deviant art link to some deformed naruto sketches on lined paper. Seriously, any response would be entertainment enough.

                1. Stfu you butthurt comment nazi. If random comments on the Internet from random anonymous people get to you that badly just log off and read a bible. You’re no better than they are when you have to intimidate to hurt them IRL just so they can think like the rest of the self-righteous sheep population.

                    1. Yeah, I’m sure the bible has plenty to each us about respecting the lives of others, ‘specially when you’re selectively reading it and making up excuses for its perversions and flaws.

                      1. There are no flaws. If you can’t understand it, it’s obviously because your stupid. Being stupid is not a sin, so no reason for you to worry..

                2. There should be. Too many assholes come here disgracing themselves by pathetically talking about a dead person who has suffered much inside all these years and makes me wanna shoot every last asshole in the head and clean this world of idiots.

              3. Gonna make a Mii of him in his honor and he’ll be the first Mii Fighter I use in Smash Bros. RIP. Thanks for all the great memories.

                1. nostalgiaww or sasorideidara obi the puppet master clown destroyer or whatever you want to be called, how come you keep saying “look at me, look at me on a Nintendo blog? Have you been molested? Abused in any way? Nothing to be embarrassed about, not your fault. There are people that can help you and your situation.

                    1. Since when you suddenly cared? I guess your daddy touched you plenty of time right? Is that why you suddenly jumped about rape and yet talk shit about a dead depressed man?

                  1. And why do you give them exactly what they want, even though you’re so butthurt about their comments ? You complain about their seek for attention… In a reply to their comments, which is basically the best way of giving them attention. gg, mate.
                    No offense, but the idiocy some people on this website bring to the light of day really seems alarming sometimes.

                    1. I understand where you’re coming from, but this guy has done a lot more than you know. He openly admitted to being a Nazi and confirmed it in this article, was racist to me about my Jewish ancestry, wished death upon Nintendo’s CEO because he got butthurt about some stupid shit, and JOKED ABOUT RAPE, along with the shit he’s pulling here.

                      In my opinion, he needs to be put in his place, and what better way to do that than hit him with verbal barbs?

              4. I’m not an internet tough guy, nor am I a real-life tough guy. But I would certainly approach the people that are saying these horrible things whatever the hell they are and make them say the things they’d say online in front of me. Their choice of vocabulary and the way their sentences are structured give me the belief that they are nothing but average people with again, too much internet anonymity and would obviously not say those things in REAL-LIFE to other people who cared, why? Because they know they’d get a beaten that’s why. The internet really needs to be re-structured so there’s NO anonymity. That would put a clamp on all these stupid idiots with too much time on their hands with their “trolling”. Troll and face a fine. Pathetic. Another reason as to why this is the worst generation of all time. I wish the internet never existed. Think about it, it’s all because of the internet.

                  1. Nope, just wanted to get my point across about idiots like you. Now to go and live my life, while you’ll just be here all the time…

                    1. What do you mean “on here”? The internet is not a physical place. You can be here at work, school, taking a poo, in the library, with your girl/boyfriend, masturbating, watching a movie, in bed trying to go to sleep, on the way to school.

                    2. Yeah, go live your wonderful “life” of getting butthurt over Internet comments. You’re so cool. You sure the trolls are the ones who need to get mentally checked? Your violent threats towards those who don’t cry at the drop of a pin worry me more.

                            1. Yup. That’s what I read. “Regardless” (having or showing no regard) of the fact that it is a celebrity. Does being famous grant you higher pity than the rest of humanity?

                          1. Have you ever met the guy in person?
                            I have… he is a great man, I see him as my idol and a legend, NOT a celebrity…
                            I’m guessing when your favourite celeb died you’d be crying over them and bashing us for saying Nasty things about us…

                          2. We aren’t mourning the loss of a celebrity, we’re mourning the loss of a great man who’s been the base of many of our childhoods.

                            If you can’t understand that, then you seriously need to get the fuck out of your grandmother’s basement and actually learn some common sense.

                      1. Oh & look at you all big & better than the rest of us. How is it getting butthurt over internet comments, pal? It goes both ways, see. You seem to be pretty upset about other internet comments yourself with your need to call others out for getting butthurt over other comments. In fact, you’re probably that loser Nostalgia in disguise or one of her worthless little shit stain friends trying to defend her worthless, sorry ass. Anyway, like a fellow fan of Robin Williams said, this is more than about some celebrity but a man that entertained us as children growing up in the 90s who made us laugh & cry. I’m sorry you’re either too stupid or too pathetic to see that.

                  2. Is that emote a sign of how many dicks you’ve sucked off, or how many brain cells you lost?

                    Decisions, decisions…

              5. I actually met him as a young kid. I remember he was quiet but treated me with respect and had a kind smile that made me less nervous. Dead Poet Society & Mrs. Doubtfire, 2 of the best movies ever made, period. Rest in peace.

              6. One of the best actors of all time. Truly unique. He brought so many characters to life: Mrs. Doubtfire, Genie, Peter Pan and was exceptional in Good Will Hunting. I have a lot of respect for him and I will never forget him.




                If it makes you feel better, I hope iwata, his family, nqc, his family suffer.:) ”

                sasorideidara obi the puppet master clown destroyer:

                “i never really cared for him and i thought he was so retarded to name his daughter zelda. dont worry clowns, with my puppet skils, robin williams can be added to my pupet collection of clowns. art is internal beauty.”

                Oh and there is his so called follower WHO IS THE FUCKING SAME PERSON, Church of Sasori :

                “The clergy has collected Robin Williams into the puppet collection. This actor has been declared overrated for such abominations as Flubber and Patch Adams.. Sasori has once again made Nintendo Commander Quadraxis look like a fool. Quadraxis is so full of himself people get the sense he doesn’t know what the hell he is doing. He cannot function outside of his range. A paraplegic getting a lap dance if you will…

                Church of Sasori ”

                Grape Ape :

                As a side note… Why couldn’t it been Iwata? Life is so unfair…

                These clowns right here can’t appreciate what someone like Robin Williams done for the people who laughed at his jokes and grew up with him. YOU SORRY SACKS OF SHITS SHOULD NOT EVEN TALK IF THIS IS WHAT I hear….NOT A FUCKING ONE OF YOU!

                YOU HEAR ME?! DO MY WORDS STING? GOOD! IF NOT, BE HAPPY IN HELL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

                1. sasorideidara obi the puppet master clown destroyer

                  did you have sympathy for the ants your killed. those ants are more hardworking than your lazy self.

                  1. Valve Admiral GLaDOS

                    And this is coming from someone who can’t spell to save his life, digs games out of his neighbor’s trash, makes videos all day about how he’s butthurt, and begs his parents for money?!? LOL

                  2. And more hardworking than you, who lives off parents and welfare. When I was your age, I worked two jobs, and made enough to live on my own as soon as I moved out, at 18.

                    Kids like you, who think you’re above everyone else and entitled to more than you were ever worth, make me sick.

                    1. I get what you’re trying to say, but you probably had a better life than he does. I’m pretty sure you’ve seen the area her lives in on those videos. And I’m not trying to be funny or anything but he probably doesn’t have a high enough education. Getting a job under those conditions are not easy. Sorry for commenting, it’s just that I’m currently trying to get a part-time job right now while at school and your comment kind of offended me. :|

                      1. I actually had a very hard time getting a job at 18 and became homeless for about a year, alternating between couch-surfing at friend’s houses, sleeping outside, and sleeping very close to middle-aged homeless men who I didn’t know.

                        I actually had to move to a different city an hour and a half away from friends and family in order to get a job, as the area I lived in was racist towards white people (the place was populated by mostly non-white people, and jobs were highly localized).

                        The only reason I got a job at 16, two jobs, to be precise, was because I got very, very lucky, and both jobs were VERY desperate for someone RIGHT away.

                        So I totally feel for you.

                        1. I want to get a job, but I do not have the education… I always fail at everything I do and I have poor grades. :/ I probably don’t deserve the job anyway. I really am kind of a failure in life. :(

                          1. you don’t have to have too much education to get a job. you just have to have a c average, I think, depending on your state’s requirements for workers permits.

                            I think as long as you have decent grades at the time of the permit, you can get it and be fine, and as long as you work no more than 4 hours during school days and 8 hours friday thru sunday, you can keep working.

                              1. I know you told me the other day just in regards to you saying you fail at everything. I was trying to find something NEW TAG NEEDED from that article and happened to see your post lol

              8. These disrespectful people are truly proving just how pathetic they can be.
                I wish I could have met you, Robin. You were a great man to me. I hope you are suffering no more.

              9. The trolls are strong in this thread, seems no one knows not to feed the troll. You and your comedy will be missed Robin Williams.

              10. It is so very sad that he took his own life. He could have easily given us another decade if not two. I really wish I could have known him. People with such talent and sense of humor are more susceptible to depression. I know he had to have had a very deep mind and may have even suffered from mental illness in general. These two things come together more often than people would think.
                My heart truly goes out to his soul.

              11. Man, we’re losing all the greats… RIP Robin Williams. You are missed, but you have left an incredible legacy in your passing. You will be remembered with fondness.

              12. Man…… matter how inevitable death is, it never gets any easier when you hear someone has passed away. Especially a legend like Robin Williams. R.I.P. Robin. You’ll be very missed.

                1. Man, I didn’t hear until after I posted that comment that he commited suicide. WHY ROBIN? Now I feel pissed! : (

              13. He was a great man.
                He was an idol.
                He was a great actor.
                He was my best friend.
                He was my idol…

                RIP Robin..

              14. Some of these people in this site are freakin sick in the head. When some like Robin dies he deserves respect. He fought Mental depression for years, do u not fucking realize how much fucking pain he was in people who have that issue can barely find the energy to get up in the morning. I have a fucking relative that has mental depression, its been freaking hard on her for years. If u trolls have this much energy to freaking type such stupid shit, u need to get the fuck off the damn internet and get a damn life because shit like this is no fucking joke. Not to mention he suffered from alcoholism, which can make his depression much worse. Robin only has robin made impact of gaming and flims, he freaking inspired people to live happy, he tried his freakin best to always be happy for people, even when the inside he was in mental battle. This man also pushed Christopher Reeve to keep on moving even when life was pushing him down. I usually give no fucks about clebs, but Robin is more then that he was someone people looked at when looking for hope. GOOD FUCKING DAY

                1. I myself suffer from depression. But I hope I have a happier ending than poor Robin did. I can relate to what he went through.

                2. Yes. I agree with everything you just said. Its assholes like Sasori, Nostalgia and such who help destroy people like Robin Williams in the inside over some pathetic expression of feeling superior when all they are is cowardly worms in hiding behind the mask of shame and deserving to suffer the absolute worst things in this life and then finally end them when no one can recognize nor bother to remember what kind of pests they are to humanity.

                  I have the same problem and could’ve been driving on edge and done something regrettable because of assholes I have to unfortunately endure with. I could’ve been as snapped as the Sandy Hook shooter years ago when it comes to bullying and also some torment at home when nobody fucking believes me nor wanna thoroughly talk to me so one day, I just lost it. Right now, I’m far more angry with trust issues than depressed towards life because its such a cruel, twisted ass world after all.

                  If only I can make one wish come true, is if I can have the power to cleanse this universe of the tempted, stupid, wicked and corrupt from life instantaneously.

              15. I’ve been hoping for a sequel to Mrs. Doubtfire ever since the first movie. And I just read that he actually signed a deal to make Mrs. Doubtfire 2. So heartbreaking. Nobody else could ever fill his shoes.

                1. Aw! Why did you have to remind me about that!? If they still make it, they better do it fucking justice in honor of Robin…

              16. Why he had to die!? dammit! this man was my fucking hero!!!… R.I.P. Robin Williams. You’ll be forever missed…

              17. This comment section is a fucking mess. A truly great and wonderful man died today. Thanks for putting it up, Alba. It means a lot.

              18. Anyone remember “Jumanji”? Loved that movie as kid, he was in it, and “Flubber” R.I.P Mr.Robin Williams. Sad you had to go that way 😣

              19. He's a super freak, super freak. He's super freaky!

                “At this time, the Sheriff’s Office Coroner Division suspects the death to be a suicide due to asphyxiation” This is all the info they have on him so far.

                Comment edited

              20. Imagine what it’s gonna be like for god now that he’s stuck with that guy and his lame jokes for eternity.

                Comment edited

                1. You thrive on negativity, evil things. One day, I hope you will be on your knees… begging for your useless life before someone just as heartless as you are. You waste of flesh and bone, you bring nothing good to this world. Death SHALL find you… and smile back;)

                  1. I’ll spit and laugh in deaths face while you cry and shiver at its name. Have fun with your euphemistic and small life.;;;;;)))))))))))))))))))))))((((((((((((((((;(((;;;;;;

                    1. Hhhaahhahhahhahhah! I fear nothing, not even dying. Thus, I do not fear death. Your words are meaningless, and small is the very definition of your life. I believe “life”, is too generous a word for your existence. After all I am talking to a corpse.

                    2. I’m not going to give you the same speech everyone else is.
                      Instead, I’m going to tell you, I understand what you are doing, I’ve provoked internet masses for kicks before myself.
                      However, your volume of posts is alarming. I won’t guess your age, but I will advise you to re-assess your use of energy/time. Doing all this work requires creativity and dedication. You should consider investing time in a skill that will yield you more than fleeting internet notoriety and anonymous ‘likes’. For example, you could actually try to develop a comedy routine. People expect comedians to be offenive and crass. The very man you are ‘working your material’ on was notoriously raunchy and told jokes that were often taboo for the time(think 9-11, tsunamis, celebrity overdoses). I will warn you, that comedy does require more than self-gratification. Your jokes need to be structured, have punch-lines, expose perspective and most of all: make people laugh. It can make people hate you, just like they do here, but it also can make people love you. A kind of feeling that a thumbs up from a friend reading posts and remarking “dude, you really pissed these guys off, lol”, can never give you.
                      I’ve spent my life as a cynic, a satirist, and a general fan of the obscene, surreal and taboo. I’ve also mastered skills that are an outlet of creativity. I emplore you: this is entertaining now, but be aware that as life goes on, you will look back and see that you had time and a ‘spark’ that you employed on a forum for short-lived chuckles(no belly laughs here, your material really needs work).
                      I leave you with this:
                      Robin Williams once joked about his own suicide and it is a brilliant example of actual comedy.
                      He explained he was driving on a bridge, using a GPS. The device told him to make a right while on the bridge(which would send his car into the water). He said “‘Goddammit, I don’t want to kill myself.’ And then the GPS said ‘Really, Robin? I saw Bicentennial Man.'”
                      Get it? It was a shitty movie. Connection made, punch-line about a sensitive subject based on a true observation and critique.

                      Just Troll better, not harder.
                      If this is your chosen art, excel at it. Volumes of work do not equal excellence.

                        1. All of this is a waste of time. However, I have to live in a world where people like this guy will grow up and get on the roads/hold jobs. If 200 death threats won’t change anything, my foolish hope is that one long-winded appeal will at least provoke self reflection.
                          It is a waste, but no one else did it, so hoping against hope, that’s one less person smashing his dad’s lexus into someone’s kitchen and then attempting to sue for damages because the feel entitled.
                          (hey, they feel entitled enough to spend hours online manipulating emotions right?)

                          1. Nintendo Commander Quadraxis

                            The only job that thing will ever get is as a model…

                            Under its own tombstone made out of garbage…

                              1. No, all will not be forgiven. Even if Nostalgia was a physically attractive woman, that’s all she’d have going for her. I want a woman that’s beautiful on the inside. The outer beauty would only be a bonus. As it stands, she’d only be good for ogling at & nothing more.

                                1. She’d be good for one other thing too. I can’t tell you what it is though. XD … Not sure about you Ridley, but I have never met a mean/attractive woman before. They’re all nice where I am.

                      1. *claps* Now this is the kind of troll I want to see: ones that do it not to piss people off for their own self gratification so they themselves can laugh but do it to make others laugh. Those that do it just to be mean spirited are trash.

                  1. It’s losers like Nostalgia, Grape Ape, & Sasori that makes you really appreciate the strictness of Miiverse & voice chat. Imagine going onto Mario Kart 8 & hearing someone actually being giddy about Robin Williams being dead. I’d lose interest in the online in a heart beat if I couldn’t put the little shit on ignore.

                    1. This likely explains why. Nintendo is playing safe with online interactions. There’s just too many fucking idiots that I wish I can legally murder and clean this world from morons and assholes like them.

                      1. Nintendo Commander Quadraxis

                        Murder sounds too primitive just like those apes are…

                        I would rather delete them from existence itself and put a new meaning to the word oblivion…

              21. I loved this guy. Not only for the countless movies he was in that made my childhood great but I loved that he was so open about being a gamer. And above all else he created Zelda Williams. RIP Robin Williams.

              22. We looked out the window
                And it seemed the sun had lost Its shine
                The sky was not quite as blue
                As it had been once before
                Children did not play
                The birds did not flock or sing
                Our minds did not dream of
                Joy, laughter or songs we had
                Hoped and longed to dream
                For our small world grew a little Smaller on that day
                Smaller than we recalled

                Rest in peace, Robin Williams, for you gave peace and joy to countless others.

              23. sasorideidara obi the puppet master clown destroyer

                i dont get it, so alba suddenly delete my black jesus trailer vid because she thought i was advertising or what?

                1. Because you’re a idiotic, disrespectful fucktard who deserves to get hit by a semi, 10000 times over so no one can dare to recognize your ugly ass existence and I’m praying to god it happens.

              24. Nostalgia_w just proved to us all how much of a worthless human being it really is. Dare I say it but it’s practically NO better than Hitler, Stalin, & the countless other losers in our history. Sure it doesn’t have the body count to its name, but there is more than just racking up a body count to be a worthless human being. So in that regard, she’s on par with those monsters & will no doubt share a damn pit or cell or w/e the hell Hell has for it’s prisoners, so to speak.

                It’s truly sad when people like Robin Williams die while we got shit stains like Nostalgia still alive & making a mockery of a good man’s life. He’s definitely in a better place as he doesn’t have to deal with the type of losers we have to deal with now like Nostalgia, terrorists, & dictators.

                Rest in peace, Robin Williams. You will be greatly missed as you mean a lot to all of us that will miss you as you are more than just some celebrity we saw & heard in the media. It’s a shame we won’t see you be able to film Mrs. Doubtfire 2. But it’s an even greater shame that you won’t be there for the day your daughter Zelda gets married & has children of her very own. Same goes for your two sons if they haven’t done so already.

              25. ShadowBladeGod (@ShadowBladeGod)

                ………………….What the fuck do I even say? Disrespectful people happy at Robin Williams’ death, others trying to counter them revealing their own rage, then these trolls using that to troll more. Why are all of you on this site so much? Honestly, all of you should get off your damned conputer and pay some fucking respect. This is my 4th post on this site, period, so nobody can use that particular sentence against me.

              26. unselfish person hates selfish suiside GOD HATES THEM TOO



                1. Let me tell you a secret… Depression is more often than not an actual mental issue & not something people can control. And like cancer, there are different stages. The worst stage results in suicide. So guess what? Not all suicides are committed by people that are thinking clearly. Remember that next time you pass judgement on someone that takes his/her life.

              27. Goodbye Robin. You gave me some of my best memories and you will always have a special place in my heart. You’ve left us far too soon, man. FAR too soon.

                May your beard lead you down the path of righteousness, and may you find a wardrobe with infinite consumes and props. You deserve rest and peace. See you on the other side

              28. RIP Robin Williams. We’re deeply sadden to see you go like this. :'( What’s sad is that I never knew, after all these years, that this poor man was hopeless and broken inside and that the majority of his career was to battle his own depression which makes his life and death even more tragic. :,( I now understand his pain as I have felt the same years before when I was seemingly born as a mute, bullied, possibly born with Autism and lied to about it all my life. Depression/Autism, anything in relation is never a funny thing to talk about because believe me, if it had been you or someone you care dearly as well, you wouldn’t even dare think about uttering the first stupid and insulting words right out of your preposterous mouths.

                Every time I come here and see the next few idiots picking on the death of anyone significantly important to society only makes me wanna bash their heads in repeatedly and choke the undeserved life out of them as they are proven to be nothing more than misguided spoiled children in excusable adult life styles who are deserving a long overdue punishment and lessons of all levels of respect and discipline unlike any other before.

                There needs to be an account requirement, reporting inappropriate accounts/comments and comment validation by host to eliminate any and all strange fools coming here and freely post dumb shit about a dead good person just for laughs that only enrages me more to find them and shut them up permanently.

                1. What the hell? O_O Killing someone is WAY worse than making fun of someone’s death! Stranga, you guys have to understand that these guys aren’t being serious at all. They don’t literally want to see people die. They just want to see you pissed and you just fulfilled their wish. Why do you think they always respond to you with stupid comments? Because they aren’t serious. If someone wanted someone to die, they’d be dead serious about it. If you go out and kill these people just because they were messing with you on the internet, then that’s it taking it too far. You said you want to bash their faces in and choke them dude. Not once have I ever seen Nostalgia, Grape Ape, or Sasori say anything as horrific as that about anyone. That’s terrible! I wouldn’t even say that to my most hated enemy in the world! :( Violence does not solve anything, it only causes death. I think everyone needs to stop killing and wishing death in each other… Then, the world can be a better place.

              29. Sasori, it must hurt to wake up every morning and look in the mirror to see a heavily bruised Shrek looking back at you. When I see your videos, all I can think of is “Why does Donkey Kong hate nintendo so much”? Word of advice for ya, stop wearing people clothes and get your big red tie on and start embracing being the gorilla you really are instead of “ripping the head off it” to a pale ginger haired anime boy.

              30. Nostalgiaww should be gone from this site. Why do the people in charge put up with this child? Becouse thats what he is, a thirteen year old child. Trolling is very popular with the pre-teen crowds, I witnessed it with my own eyes.