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Nintendo Europe Announces Super Smash Bros 3DS Bundle, Will Release October 3

Nintendo of Europe has announced a brand new Super Smash Bros. 3DS bundle to celebrate the game’s release on October 3. The Super Smash Bros. 3DS XL Limited Edition pack will arrive in a gorgeous and vibrant red with a motif emblazoned on the front starring the upcoming brawler’s cast. As is usually the case with limited edition bundles, Super Smash Bros. will be pre-installed on the 3DS XL system, so you won’t have to waste any time in taking out the CPUs or your friends’ chosen character.

The Smash-themed limited edition 3DS XL bundle will be available in select retailers across Europe, as well as on the Nintendo UK online store, which you can view here. The bundle will retail for the recommended price of £209.99, though the overall price may differ from retailers. The Nintendo UK online store are also offering a Super Smash Bros. t-shirt with the bundle as well, but is only available while stocks last.

Nintendo of America has yet to announce a Smash-themed 3DS bundle, so North American fans will just have to sit tight for now. The news of the bundle, which will release on October 3, comes on a Smash-filled day with the confirmation of veteran fighter Meta Knight.

85 thoughts on “Nintendo Europe Announces Super Smash Bros 3DS Bundle, Will Release October 3”

  1. Was thinking about getting a Pikachu 3DS XL to replace my Aqua Blue, but I’m gonna switch over to buying this now. Only complaint is, they could have coloured the characters.

          1. Nah… Isn’t that some thing where you upload picture of yourself or something? LOL no. I’m not too big on this social media stuff.

            1. Yeah it’s pretty sweet seeing pictures from all over the world, aside from the annoying people trying to suck eachother off for likes and follows.:q

              1. Yeah, people in my class talk about followers and stuff all the time and I’m like “Sigh… Just stop. No one cares about you.” XD

                1. Right. Highschool? Where are you from? How old are you? What’s your name? Sex? Height? Hair color? I want to know everything about you.

                  1. *gasp* You creep! :O Lol jk. I’m pretty sure you already know my gender though. As for everything else, you will have to guess. XD

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                          So many god damn bands sell out it’s hard to find ones that don’t.

                          1. Yea I listen to electronic music mostly now, TOOL is the only rock band I really respect anymore…but they’re so overdue for a new album.

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                              1. Yea music has definitely gone down hill, just like games as you said. Pretty much everything has gone down hill, it’s all about money instead of passion now. 70s & 80s were great, I even love 60s stuff. Velvet Underground for instance was a great band. Tool is great, their first two albums are good but they starting taking psychedelics and went on a whole new path in their music. Stayed hard, but with a much deeper message. Enema is amazing, as is 10,000 Days, but Lateralus was just a whole new dimension. It was my bible for a while like 6 years ago lol. Check out Explosions in the Sky also, that’s a really good band, it’s pretty much all instrumental rock but epic stuff. All the albums of theirs that I’ve heard are great. Sucks not having enough space on your ipod lol. I filled my 120 a year or two ago and had to buy a 160GB so now I juggle between two lol.

                              2. OMGAWD it’s a zombie! Lol why did you decide come back?
                                And what happen to your YouTube? :o

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            3. For those of you saying they could have ‘colored the characters’ you can’t print more than a certain number of colors on this type of material which is why they had to gray scale the characters to reduce the amount of colors given the amount of colors on it. It’s easy to say ‘they should have’ but without the knowledge of printing process you can only assume. I personally think it looks brilliant, very minimal with a pure graphic style. Love it.

            4. I had a Cosmo black now I have gold Zelda and have been waiting for this one but think the color could’ve been better. Was really hoping for white color with a black smash ball simple but classy

            5. Question; if I transfer all my data from my old 3DS to the XL that has Smash pre-installed, would Smash be overwritten and disappear from the system?

            6. way this looks so good but I already own the Zelda one…. anyone who doesn’t have a ads xl should snatch this up.

            7. Best Buy told me during the tourney they had that we’d be getting a special edition 3DS for Smash, so anyone in the U.S. like me wondering if we’ll get this too shouldn’t worry.

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            9. Nintendo why you gotta do this?
              I already have too many 3ds
              A red Pokemon x for gaming
              And a 2ds for smash

              A Japanese orange limited and blue limited
              I don’t want to sell any of em, but I don’t like to play them and mess em up… I wanna get smash packaged for my English models
              But I need a 3ds ll from japan I can just dick around with… Should I buy this? Should I buy it in North America? Buy from Europe?
              All I know is… I NEED IT!!!

            10. Beautiful, but could have been better imo. Just the Smash logo would have been way simplier and good-looking.

            11. Well, shit. I was just considering pulling out a good $1200 to build a pc, but I guess It’ll have to wait. That bundle is SURELY coming to North America. If the UK is getting it (where the Smash scene is comparatively nonexistent), I imagine we in the US will as well.

              1. Lucky. :( And if you would be so kind as to respond to me, mind telling what the specs are that you were gonna have? :P

              1. There have been very similar 3DS XL bundles in the past (New Yoshi’s Island, LoZ:ALBW, etc), and after a while, I’ve begun to see them at Gamestop without their pre-installed games. It’ll probably be the same for this bundle. Heck, maybe I should take my own advice and wait until it’s been around a month or two.

            12. OMG! Now I’m glad I never bought any of the other special editions. Because if THIS ONE comes out here in North America, I’m definitely buying it. But Nintendo sure screws these bundles up with the stupid pre-installed crap. I’m getting the physical Smash Bros. game. Don’t give a crap about the fact that it’s pre-installed. In fact, I might not even open this 3DS XL if I buy it. I might keep it sealed, since I already have the limited edition Pikachu 3DS XL.

              1. I hear you loud and clear, man. I’m a physical copy person too, and this copy of Smash 4 3DS should’ve come on a redemption code on a piece of paper (like Wind Waker HD did with the Wii U bundle) so I could at least pass it off to a less particular person. But with a 3DS like THAT, I might forgo my reservations just this once. I will NOT show up at any tournaments with any less than this 3DS if it’s released in the States!

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            16. Not worth it if you’re a not collector and already have a 3DS imo(or just have the money to spend). Nintendo never goes two years without releasing a new handheld. And if you’re a Zelda fan, there will likely be a Majora’s Mask edition of that updated 3DS if MM 3D becomes a reality. Also, Ness isn’t even on there, so it’s pretty worthless to say the least.

              1. Speaking on terms of if we even get Majora’s Mask 3D: If they release a Majora’s Mask edition of the 3DS or 3DS XL, I’m definitely buying that. ESPECIALLY if it looks better than the Link Between Worlds 3DS. Argh! Curse Nintendo for not releasing the Ocarina of Time limited 3DS in the United States! If we had gotten that, I wouldn’t have bothered with the Link Between Worlds 3DS XL as it isn’t as cool looking as the OoT 3DS XL. That & it would have gone nicely right next to my Zelda: Wind Waker Gamepad for matching purposes.

            17. If you have that special edition SSB43DS 3DS XL, why would you even want the physical game & it’s case when you have the handheld that IS the game & case rolled into one that can also play games?

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