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Petition Asks Nintendo To Name A Zelda Character After Robin Williams

A recently-launched online petition is requesting that Nintendo names a non-player character (NPC) in the next The Legend of Zelda title after Robin Williams. The petition has already garnered 50,000 signatures and is asking supporters to push for a Robin character to appear in the upcoming Zelda game for Wii U. Williams, who passed away earlier this week, was deemed a long-time, avid fan of the long-running action-adventure series. He also appeared in several Nintendo promos and even named his daughter after the franchise’s titular heroine.

202 thoughts on “Petition Asks Nintendo To Name A Zelda Character After Robin Williams”

  1. I hope it happens! He is a long time big fan of Zelda, and even named his daughter Zelda!

    R.I.P. Robin Williams.

    1. I don’t know hey bit I think it’s dumb to name a character after him… Just because a famous person like something…. Doesn’t mean they get to be apart of it…. Shit I like Zelda but you don’t see them among a character based off me is there… There are so many other people who love Zelda should they just create or name a character based off everyone’s name? Just because Robin liked Zelda and his famous influence allowed him to advertise Zelda doesn’t mean that they should name a character off of him.

        1. Sasori owns Nintendo is my Blood

          This idiot does not deserve to be praised for taking the cowards way out of life. What a disgrace to take your own life and being that selfish to take away the father she needed or the husband his wife needed. There are people that are just as depressed are in way worse life situations and yet they life for there loved once. A coward!!! Burn in hell Robin Williams. The puppet collection has you now..

          1. Pfft. Congrats. You just got put on the list of people that are going to hell a hell of a lot quicker than Robin Williams. In fact, the cosmos will play an even bigger joke on you as it reveals there are atheists getting into Heaven instead of you.

          2. And idiots like you don’t deserve to be on the Internet for writing such stupid things. But here you are, you dumbfuck! Maybe you should burn in hell for that…

          3. And idiots like you don’t deserve to be on the Internet for writing such stupid things. But here you are, you dumbfuck! Maybe you should burn in hell for that.

          4. “The so-called ‘psychotically depressed’ person who tries to kill herself [or himself] doesn’t do so out of quote ‘hopelessness’ or any abstract conviction that life’s assets and debits do not square. And surely not because death seems suddenly appealing. The person in whom Its invisible agony reaches a certain unendurable level will kill herself the same way a trapped person will eventually jump from the window of a burning high-rise. Make no mistake about people who leap from burning windows. Their terror of falling from a great height is still just as great as it would be for you or me standing speculatively at the same window just checking out the view; i.e. the fear of falling remains a constant. The variable here is the other terror, the fire’s flames: when the flames get close enough, falling to death becomes the slightly less terrible of two terrors. It’s not desiring the fall; it’s terror of the flames. And yet nobody down on the sidewalk, looking up and yelling ‘Don’t!’ and ‘Hang on!’, can understand the jump. Not really. You’d have to have personally been trapped and felt flames to really understand a terror way beyond falling.”
            ― David Foster Wallace

            It’s easier to say when you’re not the one in that position of plight, anxieties, and perpetual brooding. There’s all too frequently a certain lack of empathy and context when it comes to suicide, and your comment is case in point, particularly an example of the most extreme and ignorant types of comments on this subject. Other people being in “worse” (as relative and arbitrary as that is) situations doesn’t make the plights of others any less real. Sometimes, the holes we dig for ourselves bury even the strongest of loves and passions. There are a plethora of factors that contribute to the matter, and it’s insulting to shoulder it all on a person’s willpower to continue living lives they’ve ceased being concerned with. Recovering from suicidal inclination is not necessarily about strength and being “strong enough,” either. It’s about circumstances of living/survival (drivers such as finances), influences, and interests (which things like existential nihilism can gnaw away at), which is partially what you’re getting at with ‘having more than yourself to live for,’ I think. The trick is the individual finding those lights and inspirations in life; “breakout” opportunities, too.


      1. Are you an iconic person? Nope. Are you such a Zelda fan that you not only named your kid after a character from the game, but you yourself play EVERY Zelda game AND did commercials for Nintendo of Zelda? No? Then you sir don’t qualify, please understand.

      2. It’s not just because he’s famous, it’s because he’s been a Zelda fan ever since Zelda came out. He’s been in a few commercials promoting the legend of zelda games and even named his daughter Zelda.

      3. i know what you mean and i agree,
        but he wasnt just a famous person, he also loved zelda, and gave the name after a princess.
        its honor for him and zelda fans, a tribut. maybe not the hole name, maybe just robin or mr. william.
        maybe the caharacter looks like him and called robin :-)

        i love stuff like that :-)

    2. I rather a character have his personality than his name, but I suppose they wouldn’t do the name without the personality. A rose by any other name, sort of thing, only maybe backwards

    1. At first, I was like, this is just too much, but then after recalling his daughter’s name, I was like, well, maybe.

      I could see Tingle having a cousin named Robin perhaps … That’s the only way I see it making sense, he shouldn’t be a forced add-in, that’s not honoring him or Nintendo.

  2. WoW also made freakin Mr. T, theyll make whoever, it would be an honor to be immortalized in an iconic Nintendo Game, like Mario Galaxy 2 or Zelda U.

    Thats crazy that shes named after zelda tho. I wonder if theres a famous white girl named peach out there ;)

    1. There’s that dude on youtube who named his Daughter Daisy after Daisy from Mario and then he named his son Kirby.

      1. Would it really be hilarious? Hilarious means that something is so funny that you cant even contain yourself.

        1. Yes it would because heh.. Ya know.. Peach? Get it? And Peach’s are Georgia’s fruit? Haha, no? Ok then…

  3. I couldn’t recognize him on the other article because he had that big ass beard. XD But yeah, now I remember him. R.I.P Robin. I hope Zelda is ok and recovering from this. I bet she is very heartbroken right now. :( This guy is a legend. Robin Wiliams FTW! I will miss you! And now that I think about it, I wanna name my future child after a video game character… xD

    1. I want to name a future son, if I have another son, Kalas, after the main character for Baten Kaitos: Eternal Wings & the Lost Ocean, but the wife is against exotic names. BUT I won’t give in! I’ll fight to the bitter end for this name!

        1. Sylux is too exotic for my liking, but Ganon on the other hand. >.< I'm just exuding my love of Zelda this week. It almost feels as if Hyrule Warriors is releasing in the United States instead of Japan this week. Or it could be that Robin Williams, a man I grew up watching the movies of, passed on to a better plane of existence who was also a big Zelda fan just like me. :/

      1. Unfortunately, that’s not true. If anyone here is dirty, it is you. You are always the one talking about sucking and stuff… xD

            1. Gypsies are liars and thieves who sell there own daughters. They leech off of Europe, search them up on YouTube. The way they live is just disgusting.

  4. sasori obi the kenpachi puppet master

    and you wounder why no petition is ever successful unless it’s taken to court. compaines dont give a heck about petitions because they will never make them money and may be a risk.

    1. Not gonna lie you’re right about that, but one reason they might look at this is if they think it will give them good PR.

    2. Petitions usually don’t succeed because it always asks for “make a new game for x” or something and 50,000 signers don’t guarantee 50,000 sales and even that’s not much to make a profit.

      But this could actually work because all they have to do is make someone’s name Robin.

  5. sasori obi the kenpachi puppet master

    also why the heck is this nintendo news., this has nothing to do with nintendo at all. i fail to see how relevant the article is. make article about kim kardashian seeing a 3ds at macy’s.

      1. sasori obi the kenpachi puppet master

        i named more friend sonic, make that nintendo news since sonic is somehow connected to nintendo. i can careless about he naming his daughter zelda or whatever clownish name. they are other people in this world who have relationships with nintendo. this article is still irrelevant. its a meaningless petition created by desperate people who want robin williams to be alive but just in a video game… a video game. lol

        1. Valve Admiral GLaDOS

          And this is coming from the person who said he didn’t care about Robin Williams. Hypocrite exposed.

        2. Robin Williams has been in Nintendo Zelda advertisements since forever. OF COURSE it’s related to Nintendo

          Also, it’s COULDN’T care less. Why do people always get that phrase wrong?

  6. Stupidest idea ever. Washed up drug addict kills self, world mourns loss. How pathetic are people these days? He wasn’t anything special, if he meant anything to you, you lead a sad life, real speak. All these morons writing “you’ll be missed” honestly, you haven’t watched anything starring that deceased entity within the last five years. He took his life, who cares?? Oh, right, you softies do, feminen men, over sensitive females. Seymour Hoffman, that homosexual who played joker(ANNOYING) they’re all dead, and it’s better that way! Especially that last one I mentioned, Heath whatever! People these days are just too stupid to realize reality. Mourn when it hits close to home, in reality nobody but close family cares that they died. In which case. RIP Chris Benoit

    I don’t praise “celebrities” but Jack Nicholson’s Joker could NEVER EVER be topped….EVER!
    You guys even praise your little “YouTube celebrities” sad, really.
    Annoying obnoxious ones too(boogie2988) and who cares if JewWario took his life????? He didn’t value it, so why should you???
    Bunch of idiots fill this world, proud to know I’m not one! :)
    Don’t care what anybody thinks.

    1. You sir. Have no heart. No matter how obnoxious those Youtubers are. There not trash dude!!! You couldn’t be more careless. Well, at least the same can be said for you when your gone. Give the man a chance he had depression. How would you know how it feels?

      1. sasori obi the kenpachi puppet master

        5 paths to human survive
        1)seek medical help
        2)seek attention and advice
        3)give up and endure the outcome
        4)die or kill you self
        5)dont give even tho its impossible to win.

        1. Can someone ban this idiot already. By far the most hypocritical things I have ever heard, you literally don’t live by anything of what you just said. So shut the fuck up already and you have seriously crossed the line this time.

          People would actually probably respect you for taking your life, you can call Robin a coward but the thing is you’re a damn coward. You can’t even look at yourself for one god damn second and see how much a fucking fool you are.

          A Samurai would kill themselves out of pure shame or dishonor to their name or families. Too bad you can’t just do the same, it would be one less retarded asshole we don’t have to deal with anymore.

          You also know there was a study done, showing that it is always more intelligent individuals who end up committing suicide or have thoughts of it.. I wonder why.. Because people with common sense can’t deal with morons like you all day or the money grubbing whores draining the world dry. Another thing is people always say committing suicide is the easy way out but most people probably wouldn’t even have the balls to think about it let alone actually try it. Most people even try but they can’t even do it because they are too scared of death.

          So committing suicide is actually far from cowardly, it is the complete opposite is what people don’t understand, there isn’t a damn thing easy about considering taking your life just because of how shitty the world is. It is one of the hardest things to ever consider doing let alone actually do, I am sure it was so easy for Robin, knowing he had a daughter who loved him to death and so on.

          I think about it daily myself because of morons like you, there are days I wish I didn’t wake up from sleep just so I don’t have to read or deal with dumb ass shit like this anymore. The problem is people like you make up the majority. Plus you’re a complete idiot, you aren’t capable of thinking outside yourself anyway so of course you’d view it as a cowardly act, the only thing you give a shit about is your own life.

          As everyone is pointing out, it’s all good though because when you die, there won’t be a god damn person there for you, you’ll be alone, looking back on how pathetic your life really was. Even if you parents do visit I bet they seriously really won’t give a shit either, they will probably be thankful on the inside, thinking to themselves I don’t have this burden of a child anymore.

          I don’t believe in Heaven or Hell in that specific way but I do believe that the lives people live and the mindset they create for themselves before they die, makes what is in their version of the afterlife. So the way you live, the way you think, you have something really special to look forward to, the same stupidity you conjure up on the daily basis is the world you will live in forever when you’re dead.


          1. So you live in pain? You believe the world OWES you “love” maybe you should end yourself. Your stupidity is unmatched, such nonsense you blabber on about. Weak fool, I’ve overcome greater odds your little privileged lifestyle has never encountered. I LOVE myself, I do NOT have a single care for anybody out of my immediate family! Cruel world, tired of loving, coward, you know the answer! It is NOT brave to take ones life, it is BRAVER to challenge the obstacles placed in front, in is BRAVER to defy the odds! Do what you want, coward! Only the trully pathetic are fall to depression. Bums don’t kill themselves, and they hardly have anything to live for! I respect people who don’t self-pity, I respect people who see the world for what it is! A coward never gets a second look. Be one for yourself! Too many soft minds, oh well, better for me!

    2. What if his DAUGHTER read what you put? Could you imagine her face?!?! WHAT IS WRONG WITH YOU?! ANY CONSIDERATION FOR ANYONE?

      1. sasori obi the kenpachi puppet master

        i can careless of her daughter. there are other celebrities named after mario or peach.

    3. …Wow. You are about to get flamed the hell out of. XD I won’t be able to be here when it happens, but just giving you a warning. And here’s my input about your comment. Ahem.. Ok, first off, you seem like one of those assholes that hate on anyone that’s popular just because you’re jealous and will never be as famous as them. What kind of evil person are you? You don’t even deserve to speak about Williams like that. Are you seriously happy because he’s gone? You are sick in the head. And wow, you have the nerve to call his fans nothing but softies. Lol get out. If you passed away, your mom probably wouldn’t even come to your funeral because she always knew from the second that you were born that you were a problem. If you have a mom, you don’t deserve to have her either! How’d you like if she passed away so you could feel the pain that his relatives felt, hm? His family is probably devastated right now and here you are thinking you’re all high and mighty just because some guy you didn’t like finally ended his life. Pathetic. I hope someone teaches you a lesson. Whether it be natural having something like a disease struck your family or someone (probably gang members or robbers) goes in your house straight after you and teaches you a thing or two about life. I can’t even believe people like you exist.

      1. Since you are a regular and you actually put thought into your post, I will reply. I don’t care what anyone thinks about me, I’m anchored on earth. There are people in this world with immense wealth whom I respect and would love to follow in their footsteps. So I’m not jealous about wealth or celebrity status. Also too, gang members, robbers? I’m no 300 plus lbs. Boogie2988, as I mentioned, I know the cutthroat world we live in, I’m not a lollipop, I hold my own no matter the circumstance. To keep it video game related, one person who I respect, Don Mattrick. I’ll explain: He is successful and is living on earth! Yes I disagree with his lack of knowledge on the product he was selling, but he knows how the world operates, otherwise he wouldn’t have been in the position he was in. Corporate people are the people that need to be emulated, not your little phony YouTube “celebrities.” But then again, I’m not one of you people, I’m better. Arrogant, not really, confident! Smartalics show yourself the door, I’m not interested in your little remarks. Live for yourself, family and friends. If you live for strangers, you’ll never amount to anything. For the record, not that I owe an explanation to anyone, but I’m poised to take the video game crowd by storm. :)

        1. Your gonna read your post back to yourself oneday and become extremely embarrassed. You can tell how old a person is by the way they type, and the content within. You sir, lack real life experience. Follow corporate people? lmao

          1. Follow who, follow boogie2988, follow reviewtechusa, follow, pew die ???? Hahaha such a pathetic reply. I don’t feel embarassed for myself, ever! My lack of emotion prevents such weak action from being displayed. You are a consumer, you purchase what is placed in front of you. You laugh because your failure rate has caught up to you and has discouraged your though process. You are fairly common, judging by your post, you abide by common rules, you are confined by common boundaries, so you take pride in acceptance. I don’t eat my words, I deliver!

        2. What a pathetic fucking speech. If money is all you care about, have fun with that.

          Completely contradicting also you say don’t follow strangers but then you say corporate suits who don’t give a shit about anything other than money should be emulated. Yea that made complete sense because I am sure you know every corporate suit personally and you treat them as family.

          This is the type of mentality I talk about that seriously makes me question why do I even bother trying to stay alive in such a stupid world. Absolutely astonishing how shallow people can be.

          Do you see the shape of the world we live in? All because of corporate bullshit, I am talking about something much deeper than video games and no I am not some stupid hippie who is all against “The Man” but god damn can people be so blind?

          Has to be a birth defect or something for people to think this way, I can’t understand it for the life of me, they have to be missing an important part of their brain as it is honestly like you people don’t even live on the same planet as the rest of us do.

          “I’m poised to take the video game crowd by storm.”

          Don’t make me laugh please. The only storm you’ll be brewing is a shit storm and you’ll have your head right up in the center of it.

          1. I don’t encourage weaklings to take their life! So I am not to blame for anybody else’s actions! Just putting that out there!

            Now off to correct you:
            Corporate suits are to be emulated, as in a standard, pay attention! And money isn’t my driving factor, ARE YOU READING MY POSTS OR ARE YOU JUST SKIMMING THROUGH????

            Reason why the world is stupid is due to people like yourself! You look for pity! You want to associate with people that make you happy by means of trickery! I make you uncomfortable because I am a COMPLETE human! I don’t fear the world, I note the flaws, I accept change! I move forward, I live for tomorrow, people like you dwell on the past! Don’t do anything stupid on my behalf, I’m telling the facts, no foam around my comments! Your little YouTube celebrities are frauds, but you seek their approval because you cannot love yourself! See your own value, who cares what the world thinks, I DON’T, that is why I live comfortable!

    4. Oh look, a moron who doesn’t know what DEPRESSION can do to people… Shut up you snot nosed brat.
      Just be lucky you don’t have depression.

      1. sasori obi the kenpachi puppet master

        depression is a reaction from failure or enduring pain and misery. every one is this world his a unique way of being evil, retarded,crazy or moronic.

        1. If you want to act smart, at least read up before doing so.

          Causes of depression:
          -Medical treatments
          `Certain medications are known to cause depressed mood in a significant number of patients. These include interferon therapy for hepatitis C

          -Non-psychiatric illnesses
          `Depressed mood can be the result of a number of infectious diseases, neurological conditions and physiological problems including hypoandrogenism (in men), Addison’s disease, Lyme disease, multiple sclerosis, chronic pain, stroke, diabetes, cancer, sleep apnea, and disturbed circadian rhythm. It is often one of the early symptoms of hypothyroidism (reduced activity of the thyroid gland).

          -Psychiatric syndromes
          `A number of psychiatric syndromes feature depressed mood as a main symptom. The mood disorders are a group of disorders considered to be primary disturbances of mood. These include major depressive disorder (MDD; commonly called major depression or clinical depression) where a person has at least two weeks of depressed mood or a loss of interest or pleasure in nearly all activities; and dysthymia, a state of chronic depressed mood, the symptoms of which do not meet the severity of a major depressive episode. Another mood disorder, bipolar disorder, features one or more episodes of abnormally elevated mood, cognition and energy levels, but may also involve one or more depressive episodes. When the course of depressive episodes follows a seasonal pattern, the disorder (major depressive disorder, bipolar disorder, etc.) may be described as a seasonal affective disorder.

          Outside the mood disorders: borderline personality disorder commonly features depressed mood; adjustment disorder with depressed mood is a mood disturbance appearing as a psychological response to an identifiable event or stressor, in which the resulting emotional or behavioral symptoms are significant but do not meet the criteria for a major depressive episode and posttraumatic stress disorder, an anxiety disorder that sometimes follows trauma, is commonly accompanied by depressed mood.

          -Drug use
          `Depression is associated with abusive drug use.

          So you fail

          1. Weak minded people, those are the ones who fall victim to depression. I’m not weak minded; for a long time I had battles, many unwarranted, just because of who I am. I rose from it, no self pity, no suicidal thoughts, that’s the COWARDS way out, the easy way out. Now before you stands a man of prestige, soon to make an impact on the world of entertainment, no further detail needed.
            I’m a leader, I don’t break down to any common flaws. You need people like me to to look up to, otherwise you get people like you and all the other detractors, you hate me because my views are diffetent, not only are they different, they are the RIGHT views. But, their will always exist drones in need of direction, I love it, I don’t hate people for it, I plan to put their(your) committed servitude to use; by the time my plans unfold, you’ll never know or remember me saying I told you so! :)

      2. A moron for understanding the logic behind the workings of the world and it’s inhabitants? You’ve got me mistaken. I’ve never had anything handed to me on a silver platter, I had struggles, I faced uphill battles. You know what I did? I started seeing the phony in people, people who speak the truth are shunned; people like you hate reality, you don’t want to challenge it! To have youtubers telling you that they “love you” they’re playing you for fools! It’s apparent it works, these guys amass followings that’ll die for their word, take pride in YOUR life, love yourself, just because you watch somebody, he/she isn’t your friend! I am going to guess you have depression/have had it? Yea, look at the world for what it is, that’s the cure; nobody likes you, be selfish, like yourself! There’s no real way to combat it, so if you have nobody, why can’t you be one for yourself? I learned the hard way, took me years, but I don’t mourn or praise anybody who doesn’t share my blood! Or whom I would die for(partner) Too bad people hate me for my truthfulness! I don’t. :) I love me, as I should!

        1. Robin Williams may not be your blood, but he has a family just like you. And you insult and disrespect his family by spewing your hatred. If your father, or mother died, would you appreciate some little internet brat like yourself mocking thier death with insults? You need to screw your head on a little tighter, or grow up faster.

          1. Dealing with twinkies? Why so soft, why so sweet? Cutthroat reality to harsh to handle? If you expired, I wouldn’t care, if you read the post thoroughly you’d understand I made mention of that! As was stated, no, I don’t care about his passing, so what? It’s hatred now, because I simply do not care? Has the world gone stupid, like, permanently? Everybody has to be politically correct otherwise you get called on. Well, too bad, I share my thoughts, same way you all share yours. Nobody cares? Well, nobody cares about you pansies writing RIP, either! loving on planet earth, where do you guys live??????

    5. sasori obi the kenpachi puppet master

      i really dont care for celebrities soo….. robin williams is one of them i can care less.

    6. sasori obi the kenpachi puppet master

      boggie2988 is a ebegger. i rarely watch any of his videos these days. i stop watching new movies because there become generic and the trailers are the same generic epic music sound effects.

        1. sasori obi the kenpachi puppet master

          society is filled with hipster and clowns who want to act tough and cool now a days. nerds and normal people have been extinct since 2007 due to mainstream and iphones/androids. there’s alot more people using technology and the internet than going outside.

    7. Still stands: If people kill themselves, the world is a better place without them. Same applies with drug overdose, drunk driving, or getting mauled by a bear while camping.

      I’ve never fallen victim to depression because I am strong minded, women come and go, if you cry for a female, correction, if you DIE for a female, then maybe you deserved to go.

      Drug overdose is pretty much self explanatory, you are deserving of the end result.

      Same with drunk driving, rules exist for a reason…..not even rules, common SENSE, but the world is inhabited by more minions than leaders, so monkey see, monkey think its “cool” do monkey do.

      I don’t feel for anybody who passes away in the events mentioned, especially suicide. Am I a dick, I don’t think so, reality is harsh, let go of the rainbows and flowers.

        1. dude dogs are way to happy……… i wish i could forget life troubles if somebody just threw a fucking ball in front of my face……. “ARF ARF IM WITARDED ARF ARF!!! THROW IT AGAIN WORLD PEICE AND THE GARDEN OF EDEN ARF ARF!!!!!”

          dogs are literally retarded lmao it doesn’t take much for them to be happy.

        2. Maybe you should take heed then. Let the role of master and mutt be reversed. This commenter “drybones” admits he/she is dumber than a dog, in today’s society, I don’t doubt it.

      1. Well, if you think about life that way, then why haven’t you ended yours already? That’s not the way it works. Lmao. So if your mother gets killed, I guess no one should care. We should all just realize life is harsh and let her lie on the floor, right? NO. -_-

        1. You’re not understanding my comment. Live for FAMILY and FRIENDS! DON’T live for strangers…..sorry, kid! Only an idiot kills himself, only an idiot contemplates said heinous act, since I am NOT, understand clearly, I am NOT one of the above, I will continue to value life, I will continue to make topple obstacles, I will bring happiness to people! I live for myself and my future, nothing can disrupt me, suicide is for the weak, the pathetic, I am a force unrivaled and I live knowing that! You don’t understand, so no use pursuing a comment exchange with you.

          You losers take the easy way out, “a stranger says he loves me” maybe because to him you’re a dollar sign, ever looked at it through his eyes; what, he’s gonna hop online and tell you he hates you? Hahahaha, people love being exploited, opens up endless possibilities for me and my bright future. :) Toodles

          1. Lol you’re an idiot. Live for friends you say? You know how you get friends, right? By meeting them. And you know what they are when you meet them? STRANGERS. Dumbass confirmed. And you don’t know what could’ve been going on through Robin’s head, so you can’t act like you know it all saying that nobody should care. People all over the world DO care. I suggest you go back in your mom, face the corner with that computer, and get back to fapping since no woman would ever want to stay with you because after all, they do “come and go”. XD

            1. Lmao “get back in your mom”. XD I’m not even gonna correct that typo. Because you should do just that because your mom is a pervert that gave birth to a psycho and you two enjoy spending “quality time” with each other… INCEST. XD

      2. Wow, you really have no life experience do you? Your either incredibly stupid, or incredibly drunk. You know i used to get on forums after having one too many. Then the next day I would be like, damn I cant believe I said that. Maybe thats whats going on here cause nobody can be this dumb.

        1. You have just described a dumbass; not only did you do that, you implemented yourself into the description. I boast because I am NOT afraid of the world! I am a MAN, not a pandit like you are. I deal with reality, only rarerily do I hop on forums to drop my two cents. You’re so worked up, I gotta be doing something right! Too bad you have fallen to the system, there is no hope for you. You are conditioned to act and feel a certain way, I LEAD, I don’t take orders from the media. To correct your blurred assessment, I DO NOT DRINK, I DO NOT SMOKE! You are society’s ideal puppet, so you will NEVER prosper, your failure was assured the momment you decided to follow such a cliche trend. Leaders perform elite tasks, leaders speak THEIR mind, leaders do NOT cave and spew what appeals to the popular vote(unless speaking economically) you are a minion, I don’t take back anything, I lead, you follow, your experience of life does not stack up to mine, I don’t buy portfolios with matching butterfly designs, I live in present time. Sorry, bud, but you remain an idiot, and going up against confidence, well, it’s typical behavior of an idiot.

      3. Are you stupid or just retarded? Depression isn’t just some emotion like anger or sadness that you can quickly wave away & it won’t come back til something comes along & makes you angry or sad again. In some severe cases, depression is like HIV and AIDS: you can’t get rid of it. You can treat it & keep it at bay but sooner or later, it’s going to end you. Til someone can find a cure for it, it will forever be a part of you & there is nothing you can do to change that.

        1. You communicate with such ease, ever stop to think just maybe you repeat what’s already been established? People are WEAK, I learned from experience. I did something about it, I bettered myself! I studied, I associated with only the intelligent, I distanced myself from anybody/anything where I was not benefitting! I DID it, no reason why some suicidal maniac can’t get himself together. No remorse for anybody, I put to rest several demons, I did it because I WANTED! I did/do NOT rely on third party (false) advice. I think for myself, that’s my way of treating it! If one can’t muster the energy out of his/own will, and is constantly looking for words of encouragement, that individual has failed himself, and the people who “love” that person.

          1. Wow. Good for you, dude. So you aren’t “weak” to not fall prey to a serious mental illness! But just because you aren’t “weak” doesn’t mean others can be just as “strong” as you. Do you want a cookie for being more “superior” than others? I take it back. You sound less like Donko & more like Talking Stapler. xD

              1. This is my opinion, Robin Williams was a Brilliant man.

                To all of these people that have said nasty things about who he was NEW TAG NEEDED!!!! is awful and disgrace. This man lived threw depression and suicide thoughts for YEARS! But he always made sure to put a smile on everyone else’s face! Made sure everyone else was happy.

                PEOPLE.MAKE.MISTAKES! it doesn’t make them a “coward” or”weak” The only people who are cowards are You. Hiding behind a devils mask. More likely someone killed themselves in YOUR family or friends, and it haunts you. So you take no interest in anything involved in suicide because they hurt you.

                1. Suicidal maniacs don’t run rampant in my family. I don’t owe anything to you, but I will tell you a story. I once knew this girl, we were “tight”(haha) yes, like it sounds, couple months later, we stopped talking, reason, she was dating some guy. Now, to say it didn’t sting, that would make me liar, it did! But I was young and inexperienced, I ran through the emotions, acceptance finally came around and I realized something. This girl served as the catalyst that lead to me being the way I am today! Since then it’s been smooth surfaces, girls have come and go, opportunities have been put to use, I became an entity so confident, even when I did wrong(by “normal” people standards) there was a greater right to my actions.

                  That said, this same girl, I met her again two years ago. As was expected, she let me know she lived a miserable life, the guy she chose to be with was abusive, was not what she had envisioned. I smiled, it made me feel powerful, I don’t have compassion for anybody who views me as chopped liver. I let her know exactly how the situation was! She wanted to tell me about her ex’s problems, I told her straight ” I don’t want to know anything about your boyfriend mistakes” she wasn’t too happy, but I didn’t care! I got in return what I seeked, satisfaction knowing she suffered because she settled for the weak! And thanks to me, I willingly told her I no longer cared what she did, and didn’t care about her! She was taking anti-depressants and all these other drugs, another reason I didn’t want her around! I cut the liability out of my life!

                  That’s not even the end! When I find the right partner, the one I’m looking into, I’m going to relocate that other girl and rub it right in her face! She played me for a type B, common dummy, I take a backseat to nobody!
                  She will find that out though, if she didn’t already. Being female doesn’t give you exclusivity to dismiss my presence and expect no retaliation! The law needs to be enforced, I don’t harm women, but I’ll make them cry! (If they are deserving of it)

                  Yet I’m somehow the bad guy! Hahaha

                  1. It made you feel powerful because you told a woman you don’t care about her problems? Dumbass. Women have been like that for AGES. They NEED someone to support them and help them with their problems. Women are not like men. They are sensitive and they do have strong emotions. Which is why they look for help. Any woman that ever wants to be with you is clearly retarted and NEEDS to get help. As quickly as possible! One day, her friends or family members might pass away and she will come straight to you crying and begging for your help and you (being the dumbass you are) will push her off and say “I don’t care about your problems”. You don’t even deserve a woman. Even your mother needs to get rid of you.

                    1. Listen kid, since you are persistent, I’ll school you once more. I felt powerful about the situation! If she wanted any form of remorse, she would have announced at the time that she was seeing somebody! So I’m supposed to be happy accepting a position that places me on the back burner? Women see the confidence in my stride, there’s no problem landing them, the problem is landing the right one! A human is a human, I don’t crawl back to NO female, unless it’s to make them feel terrible about their mistake, passing up on greatness. But it doesn’t matter, she has other people to run to if she has problems, I’m not that person. I’m not benefitting from listening to the problems she could have avoided had she just stayed with me!

                      I’ll make ’em cry, I don’t go soft, they will do anything in their power to get back at you, so why do any different. But this has nothing to do with women. This is about life, I only mentioned her because she opened my eyes(which was a long time ago). I should be thanking her if anything, you know, I just might, just maybe! Haha

                      Nope! Make or female, you both will endure the same treatment.

                      1. Nintendo Commander Quadraxis

                        It’s not a person, it’s an abomination born out disposable waste…

                      2. Not caring about a girl that cheated on you is one thing but wanting to take your new girlfriend & show her off to your ex out of spite is going too far. If you don’t care, why bother trying to torture her further? Unless the girl you get with is a bitch, like you are coming off as, she won’t like being used like that & will hopefully be smart enough to ditch you because you are obviously still hung up on your cheating ex.

      4. You’r a troll or a very sad and weird person emotionly who I am very sorry for. most likely a troll …yer. In any case your opinion is werthles (im such a bad speller)

    8. I don’t think this’ll work – Nintendo seldom uses petitions to determine how they should make their games.

      Look at customer demands, maybe, but not petitions.

    9. I feel sorry for poor zelda :/ shes been trolled all day on twitter and sent fake pictures of her dad of guys hanging themselfs.
      The internet is disgusting. Fucking bigheaded anonymous douchebags think they can do whatever they want!

    10. Did you watching any Robin Williams movies as a kid ? You should be…cause he was a great actor seriously. But hey…everyone as a different opinion right ? But theres also a difference about a person who thinks is opinion is THE ONE right instead many others (like you for example) and a person who thinks a opinion is an opinion (like me). See…you say theres a bunch of idiots in this world…and I think youre part of that (but again, thats my opinion right ?) and you think youre the leader of this world…but youre juste like us…its just…you dont use youre brain much, and thats a shame. :(

    11. I don’t think this’ll work – Nintendo seldom uses petitions as an ultimate factor to their decisions.

      Customer demands, maybe, but not petitions.

      Their reasoning to this is because they don’t see petitions as the true voice of their customers (or, in Reggie Fils-Aime’s own words, “100,000 signatures doesn’t mean 100,000 sales”).

      This’s probably one of the reasons why that petition to make Nintendo consoles region free didn’t bare fruit. That, and the fact that Nintendo apparently doesn’t know a way to do it that’ll satisfy them.

    12. Wow! His daughter is pretty.

      I don’t see any reason for Nintendo NOT to do this. What have they got to lose? It would be a good way to honor the memory of a very talented actor that many, many people loved.

      And btw……why did I not see any of these Nintendo commercials when they were on tv? I didn’t even know about them until now. They must have aired on channels I never watch. Then again……’s been a LONG time since I’ve watched tv.

    13. Yeah, this petition isn’t going to work. Nintendo already said that petitions don’t affect what they do. I know some people are probably going to be extremely angry, but that’s Nintendo’s rules. I just hope Nintendo is ready for those pitchforks and angry mobs. :/

      1. Valve Admiral GLaDOS

        There is a difference between making a game and getting the same amount sales as the signatures for said game than putting a NPCS named after someone in Zelda. You can’t sell NPCs in a game or someone’s name. You are silly.
        But then again, there are people who are as stupid as Sasori who buy the word “the” written on a piece of paper for $100 on ebay.
        So maybe you aren’t silly.

        1. sasori obi the kenpachi puppet master

          celebrities tend to start sueing companies that use their name in there own products or advertisements.

          1. Valve Admiral GLaDOS

            Why should you care about “some dead guy” that you don’t care about? Leave.
            Even if the guy was still alive, he be happy that they did that. You have been exposed and rendered invalid once again.

    14. Robin sounds a little out of place for a Zelda character but an NPC named Nibor with living with a daughter named Adlez would be Awesome, It’s not like games haven’t done something like this in the past.

    15. This is actually a better petition than all of those whiney fucking playfags making a petition how betrayed they’re since tomb raider is a timed exclusive to xbox lmao!!! It’s like get over it your making yourself look pathetic. Fucking baby ass whiners…….. it’s just a game.

      So it’s seriously nice to see a reasonable petition, and it make the zelda fanbase look better honestly. I think it would be kinda cool since this guy was a huge fan, i mean he named his daughter zelda…… WHO WOULD NAME THERE DAUGHTER THAT!!!!! Though iwata is such a greedy asshole he would probably ask zelda for a million rupees for this to happen. “please undashtand zelda……… robin will not be in our game unless you give me enough money to pay off wii u debt”

      1. It’s really not that stupid, it’s actually a breath of fresh air to see gamers not crying and bitching about something in a petition. I love these type of cool facts, this will be another cool thing in zelda if it happens. Nintendo always hides something in their games that will make you go…. ahh that’s cool i never knew that. This will just be another cool edition so i don’t think it;s that dumb + the guy was a huge zelda fan.

    16. Honestly I think Nintendo even without the petition was probably going to do this anyway..I don’t see any harm in it and honestly its a good idea regardless

    17. They will probably honor him in some other way. Like someone said above, and Nintendo themselves said loud and clear, Nintendo ignores petitions. I dont understand why fans still make them.

    18. A robin flys around Hyrule. Doesn’t have a name. Sometimes landing on a branch, a mailbox or anywhere that appears to be a good spot to enjoy a break. He stops to rest atop a planters box underneath a window. He turns his head and looks inside as if he were checking in on the boy on the other side. Through the window, a young man lays asleep. It must be his room. There are belongings scattered about the room and amoung them, a wooden toy sword, suggesting it is owned by someone young and rather lazy. It was noon and this boy, still asleep on his bed!
      The robin flys away kicking up some dirt and a small twig that had fallin from the tree branch above. The twig glides through the small gap in the window, eventually hitting the boy right in the nose, waking him up! The boy sits up and just before his feet contact the floor, his mother calls up to him. She was standing downstairs at the bottom of a ladder located just outside the young mans room.
      The robin now gliding quickly along the current, flaps hard to gain even more momentum. He climbs higher and higher up the castle tower. He arrives at the top of the tower and then flys inside through the open window like he already knew it would be open when he got there. Inside, a princess finishes watering some flowers in her garden. She treads lightly when she walks. She stops and attached to the wall in front of her, a majestic water fountain resides. The robin lands on a perch that is apart of the fountain. The princess reaches inside the fountain and scoops up some water in her right hand. Using her left hand she pets the robin’s head once and then brings the water in her right hand up to the robin. The robin drinks the water. They look at each other for a moment, peculiarly, as if to say, today is the day. The robin then flys away, returning to watch over the young man with the wooden sword.

      The boy was finally just exiting the house for the first time today…

    19. Well, maybe statue of him, like memorial of the King, with description that would fit life of Robin Williams
      I don’t really see the need to forcibly make a sideshow character of him.

    20. I think it’s a bit sad that people need to make a petition to get Nintendo to do this. It would have been a nice gesture of Nintendo if they had just done it themselves, without people preparing a petition to convince them to do it. Even Blizzard announced right away that they will make an NPC in honor of Robin Williams in World of Warcraft, and that even though his relation to Blizzard probably wasn’t as big as his relation to Nintendo.
      But oh well.

      1. I get what you mean, plus Robin and his daughter were even in the commercial for a OOT 3D, so I’m sure the people at Nintendo would acknowledge him in some way.

        1. Not my fault we get to hear lots of negative things concerning Nintendo lately, haha.
          I wouldn’t be negative about positive things, no worries. d:

      2. Hopefully Eiji Aonuma had thought of doing something for Robin Williams long before this petition went up. I doubt this news of his passing went unnoticed by the higher ups at Nintendo.

    21. The game has been in the works for like 5 years, a bit late to add a new character now. Course I suppose they could whip up a small character quickly, but not taking the time to make it meaningful would seem disrespectful to Robin William’s so they wouldn’t do that. How about an Easter Egg of him?

      1. That is why I think statue of a king someplace important, resembling Robin Williams and with description fitting for his life work would be more honorable than a quirky sideshow character.

    22. for one, believe this would be a phenomenal gesture to Mr. Williams memory
      It may just be a “stupid NPC with his name” to people like sasori, the heartless bigot.

      But this will be a monument to the man who spent a good deal of his life to Nintendo.

    23. This is just ridiculous. If you guys really want to honour that guy or whatever, just named Link “Robin” or something at the beginning of the game.

    24. I won’t say I am sad about it cause I don’t know the dude personally. I think about like more than a waste/regret than anything else. I don’t want to go to politic about it but 1000 of people die in Gaza and in Ukraine this month. Not talking about countless African/Asia countries where there is a constant killing and poverty. West Africa is being hit by the Ebola virus and people will make more effort for a petition than thinking about the world around them. I do believe the name thing is just a stupid idea, I respect the actor and his work but not cry about his death. Hope zelda will be able to have some peace and the all story about her dad’s death will soon vanish.

      1. Sure there are other people that died the same day Robin Williams did, but that shouldn’t deter us from mourning the loss of yet another person who lost their life on that same day. He might of took his own life but he was suffering from clinical depression which is something that you can’t just ‘get over’ like you can from simply being sad.

        1. hope I clear any misunderstanding,a death is a sad thing, but as I said I don’t know the man so in a way it does not affect me.Now because he was depress and end his own life do not make him special or less honourable. I was putting in perspective that robin williams like any other die and his death is not different than 10000000000 people and the name thing is just a stupid idea.

    25. They should name him something other than Robin, since Fire Emblem has a Robin. Maybe they could base a name off of “Williams”

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    27. I wouldn’t recommend naming a character or something like that but add Robin’s name in the credits of Hyrule Warriors and the next Wii U Zelda game as “In memory of” and maybe throw in a piece of Easter egg about Robin Williams and his past career roles like Flubber. A little something to acknowledge his fanbase with the Zelda series.

    28. In the inevitable future game that allows you to play as Female Link, Zelda should genderswap in those playthroughs too and be named “Prince Robin”.

      I think that would be a fitting tribute if Nintendo were to take notice of this petition. That, or make Robin the name of the KING of Hyrule, and Zeldas father. Maybe that would be even better.

      Nintendo has publicly stated in the past that they IGNORE petitions though and just do their own thing, so this is 99% certain to go nowhere, unless a Williams fan on the Zelda team wascplanning to do this anyway.

    29. They got my signature. I’d love to see Robin Williams in Zelda. He was an amazing person and deserves something like this.

    30. I signed it and heres what i had to say:

      I think Robin Williams should be added to the next Legend of Zelda for a few reasons. He was a huge fan who expressed joy in partaking in the Zelda series. Everyone liked Robin williams, not because he was “famous”, but why he was famous. He, like the Zelda series, brought us joy and happiness. He named his only daughter after princess Zelda. Let him not be remembered for his tragic ending, but for the laughter and happiness and many other emotions he brought out of us. Please Nintendo, pay respects to a fallen hero, and imortalize Robin as an NPC in Zelda U or something forthcoming.

    31. Unless the story & characters won’t be developed til post-production, I think it’s best Nintendo saves this for the next home console Legend of Zelda game so the character can be developed more with Robin Williams in mind. I want the character to be a true, and very meaningful, tribute to Robin Williams. I don’t want some random character in Legend of Zelda for Wii U to be named Robin Williams. For some of us, it would feel more like an insult to Robin than a tribute. Oh & the character should be an amalgamation of some of Robin Williams’ best roles if not modeled after the man himself.

    32. Petitions really don’t do anything unfortunately. This one, however, really should be looked at. He was in their adverts, they have a connection with him. It’d be fairly easy to make a character in his honor, even if it’s just a small character. It’d certainly give Nintendo some good publicity and would help sell the game. It’s such a shame that Robin wasn’t able to overcome his demons. He was such a great man and he still had so much ahead of him.

      1. Unless, you know, the Hellraiser movies got Hell right. In which case, fire is the last thing you should be afraid of. lol

    33. I’ve heard they did this in World of Warcraft, but they make cheezy knockoffs of all sorts of pop culture.

      I think if Nintendo did this, it would actually be more meaningful and I want to see it happen. I’ve signed the petition already and think others should give it a shot as well.

      As someone who has played every Zelda game and would also name his daughter Zelda, I think Robin Williams would be proud to be in Zelda WiiU.

      1. I also feel very sorry for him due to the fact that his depression was bad enough to cause him to commit suicide. I also suffer from a blend of mental disorders including OCD, ADHD, and depression. I dont want to ever commit suicide though thankfully.

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