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Rumour Claims Nintendo Is Working On A Remaster For 2015

The very same person that previously predicted Devil’s Third on Wii U, and Pokémon ORAS claims that he has learned that Nintendo is working on another remastered title. Nico says that it’s the perfect game to fill the gap in Nintendo’s release schedule for 2015. He also claims Nintendo will have one game per month during 2015.

You’re gonna love it, but it’s a Remaster. It’s perfect to fill gaps inthe line-up. Really, Big N [Nintendo] will have one game per month in 2015.

Thanks, Don

182 thoughts on “Rumour Claims Nintendo Is Working On A Remaster For 2015”

      1. Yeah, Etrian Odyssey IV: Legends of the Titan, Shin Megami Tensei IV, Etrian Odyssey Untold: The Millennium Girl, Bravely Default, Professor Layton and the Azran Legacy, and Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate were TOTALLY from Nintendo.

        The joke’s on you pal

          1. No, I doubt it. Nintendo knows they have to satisfy Wii U owners and try to stay relevant to gamers. I believe next year will be the best year for the Wii U… even better than this year.

            1. Well I hope you’re right. But Zelda U will most likely come out Holiday 2015. :( But by then, I will hopefully have some good Wii U exclusives to hold me over. I guess at this point (third party may as well not even be an issue since I might just get an Xbone or PS4 for that.) Would’ve been cool though playing GTA with the Gamepad…

    1. Well we know about yoshi wooly world, Zelda u, splatoon, devils third (Nintendo is publishing it), starfox, that crossover fire emblem, plus that Diddy Kong racing and the remaster rumored, it doesn’t seem to unlikely

      1. Sakurai said he wouldn’t be making a sequel, but I’d totally prefer a sequel if someone else can make it

        A port in HD could be incredibly beautiful

    1. Super Metroid for sure. I absolutely cannot play this game at all. I want to get into the story, but it just seems really dull on the SNES. I like the nice pixelated graphics, but other than that, It’s just not that special imo. I think I would like Prime more.

  1. Majora’s Mask pleeeease! I imagine this is most likely, but maybe Mario Galaxy or Sunshine? Orrrr maaaaaaaybe Twilight Princess in HD cos that would be awesome toooooo!

    1. I’d cream myself with a Twilight Princess in HD, but along with the job listings of the devs that made Ocarina 3D I’d be really inclined to think it’s Majora’s… Though I completely support the motion of Mario Sunshine HD.

  2. One game per month will be crazily awesome, ahah my wallet will not support it. And a remake would be nice, I want a MM remake or Super metroid ^^

      1. Or… OR… He has to spend his money on that thing called real life. :O Ya know, the thing like where you have to worry about spending your money on things like good food and bills? Oh, no! I’ve heard that game is hard! D:

    1. No Sunshine because the gamepad doesn’t have analog triggers. They will not have some alternate control scheme just to make this game happen on Wii U.

      1. Couldn’t they just tweak the controls? I thought they did this with Wind Waker? Sorry, I’ve never played SMS, so Idk.

  3. one game a month seems very likely including all big AAAs remasters third party exclusive deals indie THAT SOUNDS 100% BELIEVABLE it took time to kickstart 3DS its now happening with wiiU


  4. Let’s hope so!
    (I bought Sunshine a few years ago but couldn’t finish it, horrible controls for me personally and just too dated (+ they talk, it creeps me out :p) I wish they’d remaster Mario Sunshine so I can play it with modern controls. (Wouldn’t mind Wii Remote controls for aiming! :-) )

      1. Yeah! Fix a few bugs and control issues along with an overall fine tuning like they did with Wind Waker! I would absolutely love to see Assault remastered. The whole Namco thing might get in the way though.

  5. I’m really hopeful about this. I think it would be cool if we got a Majora’s Mask HD remake but I would prefer that on 3DS. I’m wondering if it’s Super Mario Sunshine HD since we haven’t had heard too much from the Mario team outside of Mario Maker which isn’t that big of a project. Another possibility could be Luigi’s Mansion HD which would be a perfect fit for Wii U. But a game to really “fill the gap” and show off the power of Wii U would be a Metroid Prime HD remake. Imagine if they released a Prime Trilogy HD remake with online multiplayer for Metroid Prime 2’s multiplayer. That would be the shit!!! Plus it would satisfy our craving for a Metroid game. Another option would be to show off Ocarina of Time in HD or Star Fox 64 in HD with online multiplayer. I would go nuts!!

    1. I WOULD GO NUTS. I have never played Metroid Prime, but I’m waiting for HD remakes. :| And to everything you said, yes. Yes they should. But they should focus more on new games…

      1. Oh I agree whole heartedly that they should make new games. But with this news it’s talking about specifically one remake. But oh man you really missed out with Metroid Prime. Those games were absolutely amazing if not the best games on Gamecube. I hope you can play them at some point.

      2. Nintendo Commander Quadraxis

        If you are going to wait for remakes then you might wait forever…

        You should play the games now because they still look good and better than many gen 7 console games…

          1. Nintendo Commander Quadraxis

            Please don’t…

            Start in order…

            Zero Mission
            Metroid Prime Trilogy
            Return of Samus
            Super Metroid
            Oher M

            1. Don’t have time for that. Plus, I’m not interested in those other games. I am only looking at Prime and Other M. Those appeal to me more in terms of gameplay.

          2. For Hollow, I honestly recommend Other M first… As much as it pains me to say it. Other M is a title that is made specifically for you Hollow! It’s easier and there is less emphasis on exploration. Plus the gameplay is streamlined. The story doesn’t represent the franchise very well, even though it sloppily depicts a tragic portion of Samus’ past, but I don’t think you’re interested in the mainline story right?

            Either way, I would start with Other M to get you interested and then move on to the Prime games. The Prime games are absolutely excellent but there is a lot of exploration and the story unfolds in a lot of text. If you thought Super Metroid was boring you might feel the same way with the Prime games. That’s why I recommend Other M first, then check out the Prime games. Oh! And Zero Mission when it pops up on VC everywhere else in the world.

            I’m really interested in hearing what you think.

            1. Yeah, Super Metroid didn’t really do a good job getting me into the series. You know, with me being born into the newer generation and all, I mainly started playing easier video games rather than stuff like Metroid. Every time I play Super Metroid, it only takes me a few minutes to stop and say “Grr! Where do I go?! D:” And you know what? I’ll admit, I did not know how to make Samus crawl when I first played it. I had to look it up. XD And the wall jump is literally IMPOSSIBLE for me to do! >_:( That’s unacceptable! What I would like to hear is somebody actually encouraging me to beat the game or at least giving me tips instead of looking down on me. Anyways, I mainly want Other M because the Wii Remote controls sound like they would be nice! And to be honest, I’m actually glad I get to hear Samus talk. The story won’t affect me in any way because all I care about is the gameplay. I’m gonna go after Prime Trilogy afterwards. I’m excited to see what they have next for the Wii U though. A brand new HD Metroid! And I would LOVE HD Prime Trilogy! :D

              1. Yeah, I completely get where you’re coming from! Other M is fun to play and it’s pretty straight forward. Plus it’s probably on clearance for $1 at Best Buy or Wal-Mart. A lot of us Metroid fans can’t stand the narrative because it’s sloppily written and it seems to really degrade Samus as a female character. But like you said; you probably won’t be affected by the story.

                And don’t worry, the wall jump is still hard for me to pull off. I have to give it a good 3 to 5 tries before I get it right. Let us know when you start playing, I really want to know what you think!

  6. Sunshine HD remaster if it’s wii U
    Majora’s Mask 3D if it’s 3ds

    This one’s kind of out there, but maybe an HD remaster of the Metroid Prime trilogy

  7. Sounds doable. There’s only been a few games announced for 2015, I can’t wait to see what 12 games are lined up.

    1. I’d rather have a remake of Skyward Sword. I’ve never played either of them, but SS interests me more. And plus, it’s pretty enough as it is even with the Wii’s limited power. Would be mindblowing. But for right now the closest thing we have to HD SS is the Skyloft stage from Smash Bros. :/

      1. Dude. They arent going to remake/remaster a game they released like two years ago. Skyward sword is still selling new in stores for the wii, they would never remaster it right now. If they did that it would be years down the line. How long did it take to get wwhd? Like 10 years roughly. They only do that for classics, and even though skyward sword WILL be a classic, its not yet. Id put my money on a mario game, or wave race, or something less dramatic than zelda. If it is Zelda, its MM because ppl wont shut up about it, and nintendo is probanly finally taking those requests seriously.

        1. Time has nothing to do with it. Look at The Last Of Us. Not even 2 years old and already remade and many people are happy about that. But like the guy up above said, I’d rather wait for a full remastered package and that will probably take a while anyways.

            1. Motion controls would not hold Skyward Sword back from getting a remaster since the Wii U is built for motion controls. And Nintendo wouldn’t ditch them since they are still a viable option for playing games. If anything, time is what will hold Skyward Sword back from getting a remaster any time soon. Especially if Ocarina of Time 3D & Wind Waker HD are any indication of remasters for Zelda games.

          1. Nintendo Commander Quadraxis

            Because our empire doens’t remake games in such a short time for resources obtained by greed…

            1. Well they should. Skyward Sword would’ve been amazing as a Wii U launch title. But, you know how Nintendo is. They never think ahead…

              1. Nintendo Commander Quadraxis

                Or they shouldn’t have overestimated their own capabilities and actually delivered their launch games as they had planned…

                I’d rather have new games established than old remakes…

                And I don’t fairly new released games to have a total remake so soon, better with older games like MM, SMS or something else…

                1. Super Mario Galaxy 1+2HD together in a bundle= Wii U outsells PS4. Hahaha, too bad that never happened though…

  8. I want MM HD or Super Mario Sunshine HD… (Also, this would never happen, but imagine a NEW Zelda Collector’s Edition with OOT, MM, TP, and SS in it, REMASTERED! But that would never happen so… Crushed dreams as usual…)

    1. That would be perfect to be honest, we need a remake in HD of TP and SS, I know SS is new but I’m currently playing through it and SS and TP both need to be in HD. Something like this would be amazing, including a new OOT in HD and MM remake in HD. That could explain a remake of MM for Wii U instead of 3DS, because OOT could just be a stand alone 3DS remake, then remake them all in HD yay! Very doubtful though :(

      1. Exactly. Wii U can do that! :D But…wouldn’t that take, FOREVER? XD But then again, If Nintendo announced it, I would wait. And wait. O_O

  9. A game every month next year… Good thing I own both systems Nintendo makes games for! Unless he is specifically referring to Wii U… Either way I am excited!

        1. You come in late to the party and reply to a slew of comments just looking for a rise out of someone. I feel bad for you…

  10. Super Mario Sunshine HD, anyone?
    And yes, there are many games set for release in 2015: Captain Toad (europe), Kirby, Yoshi, Splatoon, Starfox, Zelda, Mario Maker, Mario Party 10, Devil’s Third, Xenoblade Chronicles X, Mario vs. DK, the two Miyamoto projects + the “Remastered”. Total: 14

  11. I’d pray to god for a starfox adventures, mario sunshine, or a twilight princess remake. I’d shit myself for any of those to be announced

  12. We’ll see how this goes, I’ve learned to take statements like this with a handful of salt these days and that is coming from any of them not just Nintendo.

    Half the time it just ends up being a bunch of indie games, which I don’t mind but you get the point. I just can’t imagine a new AAA game or Nintendo game every single month, that idea sounds crazy in general with how long it’s taking them to make some of these games as it is.

    Hopefully, who wouldn’t want that but it just seems bit far fetched to me. It would take a lot of planning to do something like that, if they were all big titles that is and it would be even tighter on the development side having to push out games that fast would leave no margin for error.

  13. Eternal Darkness would make a lot of sense. The game has aged really well, what with near perfect gameplay. And if you read around the net, it is highly well regarded, seen as one of the best horror game out there. Also, lots of people missed on it, plus the wii u needs “mature” and “violent” content pretty badly.

    Plus didn’t Nintendo renew the rights not too long ago? I’m surprised i’m the only one to mention it.

  14. Plus, do we really need remake of games from last gen? (Galaxy, twilight princess)
    Wind waker proved that gamecube games have aged really well and that a lot of people missed on the gamecube, unlike the more popular wii. Heck, if you wanna play wii games, just pop them up in your wii u. Not so with the gamecube games.

      1. Except this isn’t a promise from Nintendo. It’s some guy predicting it. And for all intents & purposes, he was apparently right for 3 games as mentioned in the article.

  15. i predict F-Zero GX/AX Remastered with online (up to 32 racers simultaneously), more tracks/cups that didn’t make the cut, more vehicles/characters, more custom parts/emblems, track editor.

  16. Majora’s Mask? I hope not…

    Twilight Princess? YES PLEASE!!!

    Super Mario Galaxy? OH LAWDY GIVE IT TO MEH!

  17. I wouldn’t doubt it. Nintendo knows they need to get their butt in gear and what better way to do it than to release a new game every month, even if it is a remaster. Wind Waker is absolutely fantastic and I’m so happy to have it on my Wii U.

    I’d love Star Fox Assault, Mario Sunshine, F-Zero GX, or even Luigi’s Mansion! With the same kind of “upgrades” or love they put into WW.

  18. At first I thought he meant 1 remastered game a month, I was like BULLSHIT. And I bet you anything it’s Majora’s Mask 3D…Also 1 game a month…….that’s what we wanted this year but didn’t get. I say 10 months of 2015 will get a game, but not all 12. Lets see…

    February: Splatoon
    March: Xenoblade Chronicles X
    April: Yoshi’s Woolly World
    May: Kirby And The Rainbow Curse
    October: Starfox
    November: Zelda Wii U

    So that leaves half the year open….

  19. I hope it’s Super Mario Sunshine. Like Wind Waker, the hd would really compliment and bring the best out of it’s bright colorful environment. I guess Majora’s Mask is a possibility too, but again, I think bright and colorful would benefit the most.

  20. I think the most impressive (and dramatically noticable) games to be remastered is when NES and SNES games are remastered. With that said, I’d LOVE to see Earthbound and Super Mario RPG remastered.

    As far as disc format games goes, I’d love to see a remastered Luigi’s Mansion and Super Mario Sunshine. As long as it was on Wii U in HD.

  21. I dont think it would be Majoras Mask hd. They will probably put it on 3ds because they’ll use the same engine they made ocarina of time 3d with.

          1. Yes. Just like all those 3rd party multiplatform games people be screaming about that are coming to the Xbox One & Playstation 4.

      1. It’s either that or time taken from Legend of Zelda U’s development. So which do you want, hm: A quick & easy, aka “lazy,” development time of a remaster that won’t cost the development time of a new game or do you not mind the idea of waiting another 2 years for Zelda for Wii U?

  22. I wouldn’t mind a new Mario Galaxy for the Wii U, but seriously I think this confirms Majora’s Mask for the 3DS. Especially with its 15 year anniversary.

    1. Majora’s Mask 3D needs to happen. I’d prefer an HD remake, but I guess it would make more sense to be on the 3DS next to Ocarina of Time 3D.

      1. I think Nintendo would be crazy to not make an HD Ocarina Of Time and Majora’s Mask. At least, eventually. Both games deserve the HD treatment.

  23. Have yall notice that there’s always someone trolling with the first comment on this site. They really need to get a life

  24. I hope it’s ANYTHING but a Zelda game. We have enough right now, they JUST remastered Wind Waker, we DO NOT NEED Majora’s Mask, and I REALLY doubt they would put a remaster of that on Wii U, it’ll fill in the Zelda gap on 3DS, I mean come on people, get real. Maybe F-Zero GX if we’re lucky.

    1. What part of remaster don’t some of you people get? The whole point of a remaster is to give it new controls if it’s a necessary part of the development for putting it on a new system. Not to mention the Gamecube controllers coming soon might have analog triggers built into them.

  25. Sounds promising but tough to decide or figure out which game it is. If I have to guess or hope which one I would want either an HD Twilight Princess, Mario Sunshine or Metroid Prime Trilogy HD.

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  27. I REALLY hope it’s not a Zelda. They’ve been shoving Zelda up our asses recently. ALBW, WWHD, Hyrule Warriors, OOT3D, SS at the very least, and Zelda U is next year. Enough of fucking Zelda. Please be Super Mario Sunshine HD or Kirby Air Ride HD please. Online Air Ride mode and Online City Trial Mode would be AWESOME.

    1. The hell? Oot 3D and Skyward sword were both in 2011. There was nothing for 2012 in Zelda. The last main console game for Zelda was 2011 which was skyward sword. Wind waker hd came next just to hold us for the new game in 2015. And a link between worlds was for the Handheld which not many fans of Zelda buy. Then is Hyrule Warriors which isn’t even the same as Zelda.

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  29. Whenever a game is remastered, I always hope there will be more stages etc. added. And I’m always disappointed when there’s nothing new other than the graphics.

  30. I will have Majora’s Mask HD!!! I think not MM gonig 3DS for Remastered year 2015 is Wii U. I think best Majora’s Mask remake for both 3DS and Wii U!

  31. Eternal Darkness, Xenoblade Chronicles, Super Mario Sunshine, Star Fox Adventures, or Majora’s Mask sounds good to me. Majora’s Mask for the 3DS, though, since Aonuma has enough work to do with Zelda for Wii U, so Majora’s Mask for 3DS would be a quick way to make a remaster, thanks to it using the same engine & most of the same character models as Ocarina of Time, without sacrificing time put into the new Zelda game.

    But I’m hoping more for Eternal Darkness along with hopefully a surprise announcement that Shadows of the Eternals is going to be a Wii U exclusive as Nintendo is going to pay for the development of the game & publish it just like they are doing with Devil’s Third & Bayonetta 2. I’ll even take Xenoblade Chronicles remastered, as a bonus to go with Xenoblade Chronicles X, as they do it like they are doing the original Bayonetta for Bayonetta 2. I’d be ecstatic to get new armor for that game inspired by other Nintendo characters. I’d enjoy playing as Shulk while having him dressed as Link. Preferably a mixture of his Ocarina of Time & Skyward Sword outfits. Golden Gauntlets for the arm armor.

    1. And wouldn’t it make more sense to wait after the new Zelda is finished then start doing HD remakes like MM? I honestly don’t want it on the 3DS. It was pointless to choose that platform in the first place. Nothing but a slight graphics update and some motion control. Gamepad and HD would benefit so much more.

  32. Here’s an idea. Create new isht instead of reproducing old isht. What happened to the innovative Nintendo of the 90’s??? Increasing graphics on something I already own is a waste if money. That’s like remaking star wars and adding 5 minutes of new special effects. Been a fan since the 8bit was released. I’m 38 now and understand why my play station gets the most usage in my house. I want new original stuff and challenges.

  33. Well we all now know that this guy was right, at least about the remaster for 2015. Majora’s Mask 3D can’t release soon enough!

  34. I don’t think Nintendo cares about there old schoolers anymore, heck even though we started this generation, so we should end there’s and start our own Videogame generation all over again the way it used to be!😡 a carefree generation. Unlike today’s Pokemon generation😱😆😆😆

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