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Smash Bros For Nintendo 3DS Will Be Coming To Canada On October 3rd


Nintendo Canada recently sent out an email listing upcoming titles for the Nintendo 3DS that gamers can play this year. Among the titles listed is Super Smash Bros for the Nintendo 3DS. The advertisement says that the game is coming to Canada on October 3rd which is the same day as the game arrives in the United States.

Thanks, Eric


  1. I was starting to get pissed off because I thought the game released in the U.S on October 13th (thanks Japan), but it’s all good haha.

  2. Uhh didn’t we know smash was coming to North America on October 3rd already. And I’m pretty sure Canada is part of North America soo how is this news?

  3. How is this news? I can’t think of any game that has released on a different date in the US and Canada.

  4. I submitted it for the sake of the Pokemon game dates actually, because the Canadian dates weren’t confirmed. Only the US date. When a source (was it GameSpot? No…) contacted Nintendo Canada, there was no date confirmed.

    Once again, the email is submitted for the ORAS release date.

  5. Excellent! I’ll mark it on my calendar. Anyone here getting the Smash Bros 3DS bundle?

    1. So far it’s Europe only broski (if you’re European my apologies) and although I want to if it came to US I’ll just stick to my 3ds and use circle pad pro ( if Sakurai doesn’t make circle pad pro compatible for smash I’ll probably be pissed and buy the XL bundle)

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