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Wii U Receives Its Second System Update Of The Month

Nintendo has unleashed the Wii U console’s second system update of the month. According to the publisher, version 5.1.2 U contains further improvements to overall system stability. It also includes other tweaks that enhance the user experience. The Wii U’s last major system update introduced new features and changes to the Nintendo eShop, including the ability to navigate the online marketplace using a Wii Remote, Wii U Pro Controller or Classic Controller.

62 thoughts on “Wii U Receives Its Second System Update Of The Month”

    1. These updates never have stuff that fans actually want, it’s like nintendo saying “fuck you” everytime they release an insignificant update such as this one

    2. Almost every ps4 and xb1 update adds so much stuff, all we want is Wii U Folders, maybe a little more customization, all we get is the option to play games (that we dont have) FASTER? Sickening.

      1. sasori obi the kenpachi puppet master

        buy for games that never go on sale or get price cuts? i want homebrew and usb loader on the wii u soon. i want an wii u emulator on pc also.

      2. Well hacking and piracy would not happen if there consoles were region locked. Nintendo I love them and will be a fan but Nintendo needs to get there head out of there ass and get with the times

  1. Smh Nintendo. More stability? We need ACTUAL updates that give more features while we have unused things such as Wii U Chat and Nintendo TVii. You could have had music features (at least you tried on the 3DS even if it’s a weird format…) or other features. PS4 has SHARE PLAY COMING. I would have loved to see that on Wii U. Virtually throwing the controller to someone over the internet to do co-op? It would solve all the games you should have given online. So many mistakes, so little time.

    1. nintendo doesn’t know how to survive in today’s world, give them 5 more years and they’ll be bankrupt, people may be saying that they have money to survive 30 more years, but that analysis didn’t cover the cost of game/console development or them paying other studios to make a game for them.

      omg, i can’t wait for iwata to get fired UUUUUUUUUUUUU

    2. Small updates can sometimes lead to a bigger update later down the road, so don’t knock off small updates that increase stability. If they did the opposite & waited till an update that adds a feature is released then do stability updates, you people will then bitch about how Nintendo should have prepared for the major updates ahead of time. So which is it you want? You can’t have both.

    3. The OGG format? It’s not weird really… if that IS the format it’s using, OGG is open source and free to use, nintendo did not have to pay anything to use the format. Plus it’s easy to work with, i already converted tons of music to the format.

  2. With all these updates it’s really feeling like they’re preparing for something big. Hopefully that something big includes N64 and GC virtual console games and cross buy and play for 3DS and Wii U games.

    1. Its so sad that we’re starved for dlc for those games and just the arrival of the free fall and nuketown 2025 maps are enough to get people excited lol honestly if they give us nuketown zombies I would be so freaking happy xD

    1. sasori obi the kenpachi puppet master

      i stop watching spongebob last due to repetitive annoying new episodes. nick is an irrelevant channel.

  3. I have yet to notice anything significantly different from any system updates. Even that Quick Start menu didn’t make much difference to me.

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        1. We can easily ignore him but we choose not to. In other words, we stoop down to his level.*

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        1. Nintendo Commander Quadraxis

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  5. I am new to this site,recently my passion for Nintendo games have one through the roof,and was looking for a community.

    1. I got 5 words to welcome you here, Kev: RUN WHILE YOU STILL CAN!!! It’s too late for those of us that frequent the comment section, but there is still time for you to save yourself! Please! Flee & warn others! Go! NOW!!! *adds a bit of an Arnold Schwarzenegger accent to the now part* lol

    1. It’s a pretty solid shooter RPG. It can take a bit getting used to but it has some fun action and exploring that can easily consume your time. It lacks visual polish here and there but overall looks good and is engrossing. You can play stealth or just firefight it out all day. Mass Effect 3 and this provide great shooter/RPG experiences, but the former is better right now for being much much cheaper and having online co-op. People need to add me.

      1. Nintendo Commander Quadraxis

        Compared to DKCR difficulty, how does this one measure up, excluding they are different genres?…

        Electron games are off limits from my part until they get purified from corruption…

        1. I may have possibly started on the harder difficulty, but it’s pretty easy to mess up and die all through the game. Going all stealth is always a challenge, but the game is realistic enough to satisfy me beyond that. Your health regens, but one solid spray from a CPU can take you down. There was one case early on where a guy headshot me with a revolver from quite a distance and insta-killed me. I was like “whut”.

  6. Does this fix the freezing issue? It seems if I load a game in quick start, then at some point exit back to the main menu via close software on the home screen, my console freezes.

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