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Co-Founder Of Sledgehammer Games Says Call Of Duty Advanced Warfare Won’t Be Coming To Wii U

Michael Condrey, the Co-Founder of Sledgehammer Games and developer behind Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare, says that the highly anticipated game won’t be coming to Wii U. Condrey says it was Activision’s decision and that the team are concentrating on the Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and PC versions of the game. Condrey also confirmed that Treyarch won’t be making a version.

221 thoughts on “Co-Founder Of Sledgehammer Games Says Call Of Duty Advanced Warfare Won’t Be Coming To Wii U”

    1. this is it. it’s over. ubisoft said yesterday that they won’t develop any more core games for the wii u and that all of their games will be family games on wii u from now on, and now this?!. i don’t like call of duty, but i know that this is going to send the wii u even lower. nintendo has officially lost all meaningful support and unless they can release an impressive game every few weeks, wii u is absolutely dead!

      1. If you knew anything about Nintendo, you would know that Nintendo has never relied on 3rd party support. Never in the history of Nintendo. Third party games do not make or break Nintendo consoles. Nintendo’s future is soley in thier own hands, as it’s always been. Wii U will be just fine as long as Nintendo continues to create amazing games.

        1. Be that as it may, but Nintendo needs to third party support more than ever.. There is always a game draught with Nintendo. We got Mario Kart 8 in May and now Hyrule Warriors is Nintendo’s next big game, and how long do we have to wait? Nearly four to three months. It shouldn’t be like this at all. I’m not bashing Nintendo, I love the big N as much as the next guy but the lack of games is starting to make me want to go and buy another console to satisfie my gaming needs.

          1. I agree completely. I’m really thirsty for some games and I’m starting to calculate how long it would take to save for another console. I love Nintendo games more than most games on other consoles, maybe I’m just nostalgic like that from my 80’s childhood, but my Wii U is pretty lonely between releases. In fact I’ve been reliving my Gamecube days in the meantime with my kids.

            If I got another console (because I just like games and not because I’m a traitor) I could enjoy Arkham games, the Metal Gear series, and/or others like Sunset Overdrive. None of these titles alone make me want to drop $500, but cumulatively they are becoming very enticing, especially during Nintendo droughts.

            It can be infuriating to be a Nintendo only household, but darned if it isn’t satisfying when you finally do get that new game!

          2. As much as I’d like to agree with you, you do need to get a hold of yourself, Activision and Ubisoft has barely been of any help to nintendo at all but you’re right, a company cannot rely only on first party titles.
            But going crazy for waiting the next game for 3 or 4 months? Man do you really enjoy games that little before you start thinking about the next one?
            I’d wish I could play more than 4 hours a day but I can’t because I have a job that keeps me busy all day long, games that people usually finish in 2 weeks flat I’ve been able to finish them at roughly 5 months.
            Start truly enjoying games instead or get a hobby, it will suit you better than waiting motionless or breaking down for only 3-4 months.

        2. I had a Wii last gen. The reason I bought a wii u instead of xone and/or ps4 was because firstly, the amazing 1st party games., but also the enticement of opening my gaming realm up to 3rd party titles. And for a while, I really enjoyed 2k13, mass effect 3, and zombiu (glitches and bugs be damned), along with nsmbu and nintendo land. But as time went on, the Batmans and Assassins Creeds stopped coming and now all we have is 3rd party support thats worse than the wii had.
          I’m probably not going to end up selling my wii u, but i’m coming closer and closer to the decision every day. PLEASE NINTENDO LISTEN TO YOUR FANS…come on, at least a Madden game!
          On the brighter side, I can’t wait for the new Starfox and Smash Bros

        3. Kudus. I totally agree. I have a PS4 but ask me if I play it. No. The games that are on the PS4 that catch my interest are already on the Wii U and I am not going to pay full price twice for a game so I have to wait and enjoy the only system worth playing now. The Wii U.

      2. Not true. The NES, SNES, N64 and even the GameCube had great third -party support. Sure Nintendo exclusives are great and sell well but the Wii U needs third-party support, every console needs both first-party and third-party software. Nintendo needs to get the core gamers they lost to Sony and Microsoft back because it is the core gamers that will buy games like Call of Duty and the rest of the third-party gang..

        1. @ PokeCavern

          Wii also had great 3rd-party support.
          Based on what I have:

          Ubisoft– Red Steel, RS 2, Rayman: Raving Rabbids, No More Heroes, NMH 2, Prince of Persia: The Forgotten Sands, & Tenchu: Shadow Assassins.

          SEGA– Sonic & the Secret Rings, ” Unleashed, ” Colors, “: & SEGA All-Stars Racing, SEGA Superstars Tennis, Super Monkey Ball: Banana Blitz, House of the Dead: 2 & 3 Return, “: Overkill, MadWorld, NiGHTS: Journey of Dreams, & The Conduit.

          Capcom– Resident Evil: The Umbrella Chronicles, “: The Darkside Chronicles, Sengoku Basara: Samurai Heroes, Tatsunoko vs. Capcom, & Okami.

          Bandai Namco– Tales of Symphonia: DotNW.

          X-Seed– Fragile Dreams &The Sky Crawlers.

          Aksys– Guilty Gear XX Accent Core & Castle of Shikigami III.

          Majesco– A Boy & His Blob.

          SouthPeak– Mushroom Men.

          D3– OneChanbara: Bikini Zombie Slayers.

          Codemasters– Heatseeker.

          Tecmo– Rygar: The Battle of Argus.

          Square-Enix– Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles: The Crystal Bearers.

          Atari– Ghostbusters.

          NIS America– Sakura Wars: So Long, My Love.

          Ignition Entertainment– Muramasa: The Demon Blade

          Konami– Silent Hill: Shattered Memories.

          *cough* EA *cough* Dead Space: Extraction.

          Activison– X-men Origins: Wolverine, Transformers, & “: Revenge of the Fallen.

          There are more titles from some of the 3rd parties I listed, & many 3rd parties who supported Wii are absent from my list. Also, I never went online with my Wii, but there were/are many 3rd-party/Indie WiiWare titles. Either way, I spent & found plenty, & I still want Klonoa (Bandai Namco) & Arc Rise Fantasia (Ignition Entertainment).

      3. Keep dreaming. If you look at the Charts the Wii U is outselling the Xbox one and if the PS4 is not careful it might start outselling it too. I have a Wii U and I don’t play niether call of Duty and Assassins Creed. Not everyone is sheep following the flock pretending to like an over glorified shooter.

    2. What sad … call of duty black ops have more players online than killzone shadow fall and activision don’t give a shit about nintendo fans.…/cod-black-ops-2-wii-u-has…/
      CoD Black Ops 2 Wii U has more players than KZ Shadow Fall – System Wars – GameSpot
      So, just a couple of reminders here:PS4 has sold more than Wii UKillzone Shadow … See More

  1. Nintendo is my Blood Reborn

    Fucking really? Even CoD thinks it’s too good for Wii U

    that is like being mocked by a homeless man, it’s a new low

    1. I love BOII but I bought Ghost just to play once and get tired of it(that game really REALLY sucks)… Don’t care about another CoD as long as I can keep playing Black Ops II so…

      1. this isn’t about whether you want it or not. this is about nintendo’s reputation going further into the toilet. they can’t even get call of duty anymore. this is embarrassing and will only further paint a picture of the wii u as a failure. the more people see it as a failure the less people will ever plan to buy it.

        1. Just becouse this CoD game is skipping wii u, doesn’t mean future games will. Once the Wii U hits an installed base of about 15 million, activision will not be able to resist the temptation of making a few extra bucs.

          1. you know whats funny is that nintendo’s install base is 3 million higher than xboxone and we still get shitted on.

          2. The WiiU isn’t even halfway through for the 15 million though, and if Nintendo doesn’t get their shit together anytime soon, it’s not going to end very well for the WiiU.

        2. A fanboys dribble. Your not following the latest news my friend. If you ever bother to check the chartz you will see that the Wii U is outselling the Xbox one globally and it is outselling the PS4 two to one in Japan. The 3DS is outselling everything. P.S. I don’t play Call of Duty or Assassins creed . over glorified yearly rehash of garbage.

      1. Who cares. Nothing new, and this happen to the GameCube. No one supported it and it didn’t do so bad. First-party doesn’t look bad on the Wii U, I’ll keep supporting my library on it.

      2. finally someone else agrees. but that’s not the reason why I’m not relying so often anymore. Back to working on my project with new ideas going on, still this news doesn’t surprise me, I kinda saw it going to happen after the last few saying they have no word of it coming to the wii u.

        1. I hope your project is going well…

          To be honest, once Zelda, Metroid, Fire Emblem Crossover, X and a few new future titles have been released, nobody except traitors or civilians would remember these games…

          To me, once I have Metroid, nothing else matters in Nintendo almost…

            1. Nintendo Commander Quadraxis

              I’m going to buy Bayonetta 2, Deux EX Human Revolution and a few other non First Class games later on, so your argument is invalid…

              1. I was talking about the way you said how when those Nintendo games release, no one would care about these games. You have to be kidding. First off, if that’s going to happen, then Nintendo better let people know that the Wii U actually EXISTS. Whatever happened to Mario Kart 8 getting advertised all year? I saw like 3 ads on the TV and then never saw it again. I saw an Xbox One ad 3 times in the same day in comparison. The Wii U has lost all of its support and you act like it’s ok. BS. I didn’t get a Wii U for the same reason you did. I do want to play the exclusives, but I definitely do not want that to be the only thing I play. If Nintendo wants the Wii U to stay alive, then they NEED THIRD PARTY. Those PS and Xbox fans could really care less how many exclusives the Wii U gets. 2 years into this gen and Wii U is already showing signs of failure. And now we have CoD ditching the Wii U. Unbelievable. You’d better hope and pray Watch Dogs sells really well on the Wii U because Ubisoft is literally the only developer that even gives a crap at this point.

                1. Nintendo Commander Quadraxis

                  I think you and many people in here takes everything too literally, you need to think more outside the box…

                2. Nintendo Commander Quadraxis

                  And if anything, the Wii U is doing better now and I don’t care about Watch Dogs the overhyped crap…

                  I told you many times before, I don’t buy things that don’t interest me at all or anymore…

                  Only idiots blames others for not buying something they don’t even want…

                3. If your a Nintendo fan I am Santa Claus. Watch dogs is going to flop on the Wii U and bad. Now that UbiSoft has pissed off the base. They be lucky to move one unit. I was going to buy watch dogs but now I am not going to. If your not happy with your Wii U trade it in. we won’t miss you or need you. There is nothing on PS4 and Xbox one but over glorified shooters and yearly rehash of Call of Duty and Assassins Creed. Fuck them I don’t play this trash. Be happy with your shooters, I have Super Smash Bros, Bayonetta and Hyrule Warriors on my system. Games I actually enjoy not garbage I have to pretend to like to follow a riduculous group of sheeps. Bah bah bah.

        2. These fucks never wanted it on the Wii U. Even last year when it came out on the Wii U they didn’t even bother to announce it until the game was almost out. Fuck these mother fuckers.

      1. I know that times are tought but don’t tell me you can’t dish out $50 for a used 360. Don’t worry about the pussy games of the third party. let them play there pussy games. I guarantee that MicroSoft or Sony will drop out of the console race long before Nintendo. Than these snakes will come crawling back to Nintendo if Nintendo will have them. I wouldn’t.

  2. Nintendo is my Blood Reborn

    Sigh, well I should be used to this, at least it was just CoD, never cared about it anyway

    We have better, Hyrule Warriors and Super Smash FTW

  3. I personally didn’t buy the previous two games so not hurt by it too much. Is a shame for those that do enjoy playing them on a Nintendo console. Maybe next years COD will make an appearance.

  4. Finally! I was waiting for this moment for so long! Any way, we have full of games that are better than COD. It was a very good experience with Call of Duty on Wii only (not on Wii U unfortunately). COD Wii/Wii U RIP : 2008-2013. And sorry for you.

  5. i dont get it, with so many people always asking whether there will be a wiiu version of a game (any game) how can developers not consider puutting their game on the wiiu

    1. Because in relation to investments and common business sense, it really isn’t that many people asking for it (and it’s not up to the dev but the publisher, Activision).

      1. and you keep believing that consumer support plays a key role on decisions with regard to bring or not games to a particular system

        tsc, tsc, tsc, silly you

        read more, study more, think outside the box you live

    2. Saying that you’ll buy it and actually buying it are two different things. The CoD games that were released on the Wii U didn’t sell well at all. On the Wii, CoD started out fairly strong in sales, then with each consecutive release they continued to fall.
      This shouldn’t be surprising to anyone: people didn’t buy the game on WiiU, so they aren’t going to focus their time and money to make a version for it.

      1. yeah like not releasing dlc at all on bo2 or ghost didn’t effect the sales at all. they sabotaged there own sales of there own games just to damage the reputation of the wiiu. 3rd party always had bad blood with nintendo and now its truly showing, the truth is microsoft and sony are paying third parties to either, “releasing a gimped version of the game” or “not releasing the game at all”. fuck sony! ,fuck microsoft!, its all about wiiu for first party and a pc gaming rig for third parties, getting any thing else is fucking pointless and a waist of money.

        1. You’re an idiot if you think that a company purposefully tries to sabotage their chances of making sales on a console. The bottom line for them is all about how much money they can make, regardless of where it comes from. Why would they put time and money into DLC for a game that didn’t well?

          1. Is this reality ?
            If it truly is, I would like to take this chance to show you my gratitude for blessing this website with common sense.
            I sincerely thank you.

          2. your a dumb fuck them not releasing the dlc hurt there sales no if and or buts. why the fuck would i get the wiiu version that has no dlc when pc xbox and ps3 does and its bullshit yes it was sabotage just like ubisoft with the watchdogs delay.

                1. Then IDK about you if you actually graduated from critical thinking school or not. XD This is a no brainer to understand because I can understand both worlds of intelligence and stupidity.

  6. Thank Goodness. Now nintendo fans can spend money well earned on Xenoblade Chronicles X, Bayonetta 1 nad 2, Hyrule Warriors, Zelda WiiU and Starfox WiiU.

    1. Only ones from that list coming out this year are Bayonetta and Hyrule Warriors and let’s HOPE that Wii U owners and other Nintendo fans support the titles.

      They don’t have a very good track record overall. I’m not exempt. I only have a handful of games on my Wii U, but that’s because I own all of the systems so it doesn’t bother me either way that third party titles are skipping the platform. I support the exclusives on the Wii U at least.

      1. That’s true for that list but we are getting Hyrule Warriors, Bayonetta 1+2, Super Smash Bros. for Wii U, and Captain Toad Treasure Tracker. That’s four games within a four month period (Sept.-Dec.) and that’s really decent. Also Nintendo said they had plans for at least one game per month releasing in 2015. So Nintendo has finally got on board with pumping out games on Wii U (finally after about 2 years). I guess you can count Sonic Boom as well but I’m not sure how well that game will do. People at E3 didn’t like it too well. Hopefully Big Red Button can fix their game in time.

        1. Yeah. I didn’t like Sonic Boom or Bayonetta when I played the demos at E3. I’m still getting Hyrule Warriors, Bayonetta (just to support the title anyway), and Smash for my Wii U this year though.

            1. Nothing special about the gameplay stood out to me. That’s all. Just stylized and gratuitous violence in addition to the ecchi themes which I don’t care for.

              A lot of others who played the demo liked it, so I’m not saying it’s badly designed game. I just didn’t enjoy it.

      1. I almost never see steam sales for newer cod titles and even if they do they are only like 10$ off which sucks compared to other deals on there. This is dissapointing its not coming to Wii u and now I have to resort to buying it on pc but at least it will look better than all these “next gen” consoles lol.

        1. Nintendo Commander Quadraxis

          Well there is still a small possibillity that Treyarch is developing it…

          But still, why would I buy these subspecies’ machines when I’m 1/3 PC Master Race?…

          Every online multiplayer game on the PC is far superior anyway…

          1. Unless you upgrade your PC, that thing will break apart trying to ruin MGSV. XD Upgrade it and then you shall experience the true Master Race where the magic number is 60… And by that, I mean framerate…

            1. You one of them God’s special children?
              You do not need to upgrade PC for every single game that comes out.
              Well, unless you buy the 150$ graphics cards.
              But if you do that, you do not deserve to use the title Master Race.

              1. Hey now, I didn’t say it was required now. I’m just saying you will get a better experience. You don’t have to upgrade, but it’s recommended. If you want to run MGSV at 15FPS then by all means, be my guest. Lol.

  7. Well I guess I will play call of casuals on my ps4, I guess they need it more than the wii u. But it’s still a multiplatform :/

      1. EstocZero, Nintendo Assassin

        Need I remind you that, even with Call of Dildos, Advanced Gay-wear, the PS4 will eventually be overrun by systems that have better graphics?

        I feel bad for saying this, but graphix whorez might actually help save Nintendo…the Wii U can easily support nearly 1080p 60fps with proper game development, unlike the PSWhore and Xbox Done.

        Hilariously enough, when I went to buy a new gamepad for my PC, I chatted with one of Best Buy’s customer service guys, the one that helps people find what they’re looking for, points out the best product, etc.

        When I asked him what game console he would most recommend, not based on budget, but on performance, he, without hesitation, pointed me in the direction of the Wii U, then gave a long list of specs and reasons why it is much better not only in budget, but in overall performance, power usage, efficiency, innovation, and first party games.

        He also said he was personally very excited for the new first party games coming out for the Wii U, and that, even though he wasn’t ever a Nintendo fan, he planned to buy a Wii U because of the massive potential he saw in it, and that he hoped more 3rd party developers would stop being whiny crybabies and actually learn to program differently than the lazy programming they do for underspec’d systems.

        This was from someone trained to know about this kind of stuff, and from someone who I later found out was very close to getting his degree in software development.

        Just throwing that out there, in case Nostalgia Wanker or Sosorry Nobody Luvs Mii wanted to read this while rotating their bare buns on their respective cacti.

  8. Who cares? Us Nintendo fans only buy Nintendo games. So for any third party companies out there who are reading this remember .we won’t buy your games.

  9. good, end of story

    now let’s hope the owner of this place stops posting “cod aw is not coming to wii u”

    so sick and tired of her/his pointless posts

  10. Wait WAT?! This is unreal… they have never skipped Nintendo’s home consoles…

    Also, the Wii U logo exists on their website… wtf is this?!

      1. Because CoD has heavy brand recognition with Xbox and will have a much higher attach rate than Wii U owners. Heck, a good proportion of Wii U owners are multiplatform gamers, so those guys would more likely buy the game on the Sony or Xbox platforms because either that’s where most people play them or because the game will run better on their hardware, cause they are more powerful than the Wii U, in the end. So not only do they have an already lower attach rate, but not even all those people will buy it on that console, so they don’t bother. The Wii U will need 10 million more console sales before we see more third party games, it seems like, at the very least. Then they’ll have a chance at making sales and consider the platform

      2. Because Xbox One has the potential to sell more. Why do people continue to bring up the fact that WiiU has sold more than XboxOne when it was released a year earlier? XboxOne may not be selling as well as PS4 but it shows more promise in the future for revenue than the WiiU does, especially in regards to 3rd party games.

        1. EstocZero, Nintendo Assassin

          Kinda hard for a system to get an amazing amount of sales when it has been cited by several to literally blow up in people’s living rooms with little more than a couple of hours of use.

          Just saying.

        2. Please. The Wii U has sold more and it currently selling more on week to week bases. Sorry to deflate your hopes but the Xbox is last on the totum pole this generation. Don’t believe me check out the VgChartz. Also the Xbox lies about how much they sell as they count units shipped not units sold.

          1. You do realize the Wii U has a year head start and is only a few million units ahead of X1 right? 1st party games have the potential to possibly outsell some third party games on X1, but comparing its third party sales? Don’t make me laugh. X1 is basically a third party system. It’s pretty obvious third party will sell better there. And some third party games on Wii U don’t even manage to break a million. Stop damage controlling.

  11. Before everyone freaks out, don’t forget that he didn’t mention the game for 360 and PS3. I think he meant that Sledgehammer would not be porting it. Treyarch has a dedicated Wii U team that ports it and handles all information. Besides, a friend of mine as @ActivisionUK if it was coming, and they said yes. This is his twitter. I couldn’t find the direct link to it, but it is at the top of his tweets. He screen shotted it.

            1. Merely days to weeks ago. You said it like if it happened 5 years ago. lol He’s still a fucking asshole trying so hard to mask himself and fails in every turn. Its not and never convincing, even a baby earthworm can see through his obvious BS nice guy acts.

            2. Nintendo Commander Quadraxis

              That’s how most humans think today and is the reason to why they have “forgotten” the crimes those stupid nazis did and now we are seeing things going that way again in Europe…

              That’s why I’ll never forget all the traitors I’ve met in my life, one day they’ll pay in some way, preferably by the hands of mother nature…

    1. sasori obi the kenpachi puppet master

      it funny how cod advance warfare will trash battlefield hardline and the last of us remastered.

      1. And its also funny how GTA5 beat the living shit out of COD with just 2 versions in one day. It embarrassed them so much that Activision grew the lowest and most pathetic nerve to attempt to lie about COD Ghosts “beating” GTA5 by saying “IT SHIPPED $1 BILLION WORTH OF COPIES”, not sold and never addressed how much and how fast. So keep trolling moron.

      2. Brittany Spears sells more records than Propagandhi. Doesn’t mean she’s a better musician. Just means most people have terrible taste.

  12. It’s also coming to PS3 and 360 but he didn’t talk about these versions.
    So it’s still possible that another company is bringing it to Wii U.

  13. The glory of owning a PS4 and PC.
    To be honest, I think what he meant was that Sledgehammer is busy making the PS4, Xbox One and PC versions of the game whilst Treyarch are busy making the PS3, Xbox 360 and Wii U ports.

  14. Wii U definitively exposed, you know the console is a failure when it can’t get the best selling game LOL

    1. And the definitive clown and social reject exposed, seriously dude… you stalk DreTre and now here? I’m guessing you really have no life ;)

    2. I actually feel sorry and pity for you Nintendo Fans. I knew the Wii U sucked but not has hard as a thai skank…

      1. I just feel sorry for your parents… it must have been hard to try and get you into “Special” school ;)

  15. Can’t say that I care.
    This year will be busy for me anyways, and I still haven’t finished either of CoD’s on Wii U.
    Finally went out and bought a 3DS, going to have some catch up to do over there as well.

  16. all you guys like myself wasted money on the wii u. not saying it doesnt have great games coming but it all about the third party support that makes the difference. I couldnt care less about this news because i can simply buy it for the xbox 360 or the ps3. what about people with only the wii u they will simply have to wait for next gen console to lower and leave nintendo. I have tried being optimistic but there no excitment, no buzz for different selection of games to choose from for the wii u.

  17. If CoD was coming to Wii U, here are the games I would buy first:


    Fantasy Life
    Pokemon Ruby
    Final Fantasy
    Smash Bros.

    Wii U:

    Hyrule Warriors
    Bayonetta 1 and 2
    Smash Bros.
    Toads Treasure

    After I finish beating all of those games, I would maybe consider renting CoD…maybe..
    But of course by then we would have ten more amazing games to buy on Nintendo consoles…

    1. deepsouth you only got three wii u games coming this year. the last two on your list is coming next year mate.

  18. sasori obi the kenpachi puppet master

    i hope they bring advance warfare to the wii u. advance warfare was the game i wound be buying around november- december. please slughammer convince them that wii u owners want to play cod. many people i wii u want a new cod espicailly me because i tired of dealing with orbital VSAT, Warthog and VTOL Warship. i really hope the make a wii u port for wii u cod fans like. i was even going to buy cod advance warfare over any nintendo game in the november-december. #wii u need more cod players.

  19. sasori obi the kenpachi puppet master

    dedicated cod players on wii u aka TheMrHuntinNoobs. it really sad this is a 95% chance of not coming to wii u. i hope treyech devs convince Activision to let slughammer make a wii u port. many of us black ops 2 and ghost players are just as hype as the the xbone and ps4 owners to try out the exo suits, new score streaks, cool garnades , cool new futuristic weapons, stages and new modes and returning modes and the camping that they made epic trailers about.

  20. Is Ubisoft and Activision in competition who can come up with the most AC or COD in one year? Every time I turn around either a new AC or COD.

  21. … Well, it looks like the Wii U’s third party support is officially gone for the rest of this generation. ._.

  22. What happened to the days when Nintendo made the best hardware? The Gamecube was the last beast machine Nintendo put out. Everything is gimped now with the excuse being “it’s not the hardware that makes a game fun”. While this statement is true, Nintendo was also always the leader of the pack in terms of hardware. Self imposed limitations for the sake of creativity is a cop-out when you can impose those limitations behind closed doors without gimping third party development. I mean with that excuse Nintendo should just return to the 16 bit era and start producing for Super Nintendo again. I’m sure the games would be super fun. Just look at Shovel Knight. But clearly that’s ludicrous. So I’m hoping the next console from Nintendo is, if nothing else, truly revolutionary (here’s hoping for the Fusion).

  23. I think it’s time for Nintendo to stop sitting on their asses and actually get third parties to put games on their consoles instead of saying the same old “it’s up to them, not us” excuse over and over. And if that’s how they truly feel and they’re not even going to do anything about it, I am done with them and their systems. Bottom line.

    The first party games are always great, but you can’t always rely on them to help a struggling console. You need third party games as well. Nintendo please pay developers to put games on

    Understand that what I’m talking about is from a standpoint where I’m like “I have a Wii u, but I don’t want another console or PC to get more games. I want my Wii u to have a bit of both.” That’s where I’m coming from.

  24. Click bait as usual. It’s hardly news when a 3rd party multiplat is not coming to the Wii U, but we still get useless news like this. third parties got together and strong-armed Sony into using x86 architecture for the PlayStation 4 because they could not keep up with the financial demands of using PowerPC architecture. Obviously Microsoft followed suit. As a reward for doing so Microsoft and Sony get all of the support that they want from 3rd parties. When 3rd parties went to Nintendo with the same hustle Iwata basically told them that will give you all the support that you need to develop games on the Wii U, will even produce some of the titles and take the financial burden off of you(i.e. Bayonetta 2 and Devil’s Third,) but we aren’t changing our architecture just for you.

    That is a short explanation as to why 3rd-party multiplats do not come to the Wii U. It’s not because of the install base, it’s not because of the sales, and it’s not because of the horsepower of the console either. That being said, Nintendo should have had a better contingency plan in place. I applaud them for not allowing themselves to be bullied, but you still have these huge gaping holes between releases of 1st party games and you have nothing to fill it with. Nintendo still needs to forge more 2nd party partnerships.

    Oh and if you are reading this jtz, there is my legit criticisms about Nintendo, not your bullshit minuscule problems.

            1. *facepalm* What does PS3 have to do with the Wii U? PS3 costed way more than the Wii U when it launched. And the 360 went after a different audience than Nintendo did. The issue here is that games aren’t selling well on the Wii U and that’s why it has no third party. If the PS3 continued to sell like it was when it first launched, do you really think it would be where it is now? And unlike the Wii U, the PS3 was actually advertised alot. Sony risked putting a ton of money into that and the effort made it start selling. Whereas Nintendo is sitting on loads of cash and slowly watching their system die rather than telling people it exists. Gaming is NOT the same way as it was during that time so it’s kind of pointless to compare. If it was, all the casuals that bought a Wii would be sitting in their living rooms right now with a Wii U. But they aren’t. Because 1: They don’t even know what it is. 2: They gave up on Nintendo. 3: They went to smartphone/tablet gaming. The Wii is probably what ultimately cost Nintendo at least like 50% of their loyal fans and they all just decided to give up. The other 45% went to the 3DS. And the remaining 5% went to Wii U. It’s even gotten so bad to the point that some 3DS owners don’t even want the Wii U…

              1. Let me level with you here.
                Ps3 may have cost way more, but that doesn’t excuse the fact that it preformed badly at first and that was also one of the contributing factors, including its difficult complex Cell architecture. The entire thing fixed itself when Sony decided to buy exclusives and drop the price, and probably quite a lot of other factors. Thing is, it did make a sale, but it fuck them over in the long run.
                Now the Wii U is in some similar situation, and I doubt that gaming has changed, maybe a little, but not by much. Honestly that is my two cents, so you can agree to disagree and we can leave it at that, because I doubt neither of us will convince each other due to the reality that no one can always agree on everything. I should know, because I’ve agreed with you on quite a few things, this is just one of those subjects that we can’t agree on, considering that you facepalmed and might have given yourself a headache.

                1. The Gamecube only sold 21 million units, so nintendo support was lost before the Wii. The Wii did not hurt Nintendo, it helped them. Possibly saved them. The original Playstation is what took most of Nintendo’s fanbase away, the Wii brought alot of fans back to Nintendo. When the Wii launched it had TLoZ Twilight Princess. It also had Metroid Prime and Mario Galaxy. It sold out everywhere at launch becouse of this. The casuals were not on board at launch, they came later. The Wii was an amazing gaming console.

                  When the Wii U launched it literally had nothing. Shotty ports of old games. An average Mario sidescroller. It sold horrible becouse of this. If the Wii U launched with Mario Galaxy 3, Zelda U, and a Metroid game like the Wii did, we would not be having this conversation.

                  And by the way, Nintendo isnt just sitting there, slowly watching thier console die, like you said. They are investing in it. They are doubling down on the Wii U, throwing in all thier chips. Nobody really says anything about nintendo selling almost 5 million Wii U’s in 2014 alone. And we havent even seen the holidays yet. The Wii U could possibly sale as high as 6 – 6.5 million units this year alone. Nintendo has never needed, or will they ever need to depend on 3rd party games.

                    1. Ok, so i was a little off about the sales. There is a lot of misinformation about Wii U sales out there. I read that in Nov. 2013 the Wii U had about 2.6 million units sold. That would have meant that they would have sold close to 5 million in this finacial year. However that is incorrect as I believe they had closer to 4 million sold…anyways my point still stands..

                  1. I get what you’re saying, but I’m not talking financially. I know Nintendo isn’t done for if the Wii U doesn’t succeed. I’m talking about the console itself. Like you said, GC only sold 21 million, and I just don’t want the Wii U to repeat that. I am only frustrated because of how the situation is with third parties and the Wii U might end up in Nintendo’s history as a failed console when I really don’t want that to happen. All I want for is the Wii U to succeed and get more third party games. Yes, that aren’t dependant on 3rd parties, but that is something that I would like to see more on the console and be able to play along with their own games. :)

                2. Ok, since you put up a decent argument, I see that you aren’t like some people here, and I respect the fact that you managed to do so without any name calling insults. And for that, I give you credit. :) I see that you and me both view the situation differently and I respect your opinion. So, I’m not going to argue about it, I’ll just take what you said about your opinion and leave it that. Thanks. Glad to see someone civil on this site. Lol… :D

  25. Ok now I’m pissed of this is really the only 3rd party title that I like! I’m a diehard fan of nintendo, but their about to lose a lot of fan boys! Nintendo better beg them to make this for the wiiu!

  26. Even though I have half of the intention to skip this game if it still sucked as usual, but this is just alarming to hear and one by one, games like these are skipping Wii U with no sense of turning back and it both frustrates and scares me that this will put Nintendo and Wii U in a bad position. They started off okay in the beginning but despite selling 3+ million in a couple of months! 3rd parties are either hoping on the hate train and just leave with the most BS excuses they can think of like not making enough money off of intentionally gimped and delayed games without good explanation or they just have a bad blood with Nintendo for years and just don’t want to do anything with them period. I just hope either Nintendo better make new good partners right now like buying Capcom or start digging themselves out of this halfway mess themselves the old fashion way as they always do.

    1. Capcon isn’t going to allow themselves to bigger bought dude. They have other plans. In all honesty, I think Nintendo should get their fans to focus on other games rather than their own. Maybe have sales on those games and advertise them some more to show people that playing 3rd party on a Nintendo system can be fun. Then developers will start putting their games on Wii U when they see Nintendo’s interest in promoting 3rd party.

      1. Except its the 3rd party’s job to advertise their games, not the publisher of a system. Besides the point, what have they done besides cutting DLC, gimping and delaying Wii U from the very beginning and even making collector editions for other systems and put a solo game port on Wii U?

        Honestly, I can’t take this shit no more. I’m about to just hop back on my iOS gaming again and maybe stick with my 3DS. I’m tired of all of this biggest console dick contest BS.

        1. Join the Master Race instead. Nintendo Commander, Valve Glados, and plenty of others are enjoying it. I’ll be joining too hopefully in the future. After you get a PC, you won’t give a care in the world if another game gets denied from your platform because you’ll be able to play the superior version anyways.

            1. You won’t regret it! For me, I’m willing to spend over $1000 for mine since I want a lot of advanced things in my PC. All my years of research will finally pay off and I will build a gaming PC! After that, I probably won’t need anymore consoles. Wii U for exclusives, 3DS for exclusives, and PC for everything else. Man, that is such a sweet combo!

                            1. Nintendo Commander Quadraxis

                              Because the are Xbot made haha…

                              Your threats mean nothing just like Nintendo is my Blood did, compared to Sasori, nostalgiaww and the rest of the mongrel apes, I’m the definition of darkness in this World…

                              1. XBots didn’t make shit because they’re not engineers. They’re fanboys. lol And I’ve been thinking of replacing my iPad permanently for Windows 8 and having iPhone 6 5.5 inch as my tablet on the go.

                                …are you sure you’re the real commander or just some jackass mimicking him as well as me? lol

                                1. Nintendo Commander Quadraxis

                                  Microsoft Realm or Xbots, all the same to me…

                                  So you finally exposed yourself of not being the real Stranga…

                                  1. Nintendo Commander Quadraxis

                                    I might have misinterpreted your last sentence…

                                    And no, I’m the same old Commander, I become more the more hostile my enemies get…

                                    1. You know there aren’t very many good games for tablets, right? Lol. I’ve already been through several tablets. We even have an iPad now. It’s just not a good gaming platform.

                                        1. Dude, if you look on Steam, there aren’t many games that are compatible with Windows 8 except mainly the newer ones. That’s why I’m getting Windows 7 for my PC because it’s been supported far longer and makes things easy since I’ve used it for years. Windows 8 isn’t that great. (Also, you know Windows is from Microsoft, right? I thought you despised them. Lol)

                                          1. Actually, I’ve seen videos of older games like Modern Warfare and even Black Ops 1 running on Surface Pro 2 which does have its framerate drops and they were all made during Windows 7 and I think you also forget the “system/OS requirement” that states “Windows XP/Vista or higher” meaning the game are compatibility but may come with a chance of technical problems.

                                            And no, I only despise Microsoft for what they’re doing to the gaming market, influencing greed and trying to combine PC/consoles together when its meaningless and were meant to be separated for a big reason: Competition.

                                            1. Eh, whatever you say man. For me, I am staying with 7. It’s much easier to do things since I’ve used it for several years and know where everything is. But it’s interesting since you say if W8 is supported by older games I might think about it. But sometimes when I look on Steam, it shows that some games are supported by Windows 7 and Vista only, but on other games, it shows Windows 8 at the bottom. So I’m not sure if I want to take the risk.

                                              1. If the requirement says “Windows Vista/7 or above”, then chances are that the game will run okay on newer OS versions. Even Mac with its own new OS updates, some of their games still run.

                                                  1. How much are you planning on spending for that thing? You may as well wait for the Steamboxes if you plan on switching to PC gaming.

                                  2. It’s because CoD doesn’t sell well enough on the Wii U.

                                    Seriously, why are Nintendo fans so THICK SKULLED. It pisses me off. When a franchise sells like SHIT on a console, the developer is not going to waste their time making more games from that franchise on that console!!!

                                    Seriously. Some people on here and online in general need to fuck off. Bitching about 3rd party support does shit and your reasonings are selfish. Third party developers aren’t “required” to make fames for Nintendo platforms. They shouldn’t feel “blassed” to make their games on the Wii U and they sure as hell don’t “owe” you nor Nintendo for anything. They are in this business for proft and profit alone. Get your heads straight.

                                    Why not go out and buy a Wii U and then buy the goddamn 3rd party games that you will be supposedly miss so much!

                                    If you do that already, I applaud you. Seeing as it hasn’t been working out for you in regards to third party support. I suggest you buy a PS4 or Xbox One for your third party support. Third party games sell well on those systems so it makes fucking sense that third party developers would want to fucking make their games for those fucking systems…

                                    1. Nintendo Commander Quadraxis

                                      Again, why should anyone buy a game they don’t even want to?…

                                      Only idiots buys things just for support or other nonsense even though they don’t even want it…

                                  3. I think it`s a bad new. But worst for sony and Microsoft players. They always knew they will never receive a Super Mario 3D WORLD or PIkmin or Nintendo Land or Mario Kart or Rhytm Heaven Fever. Neither a Project Cars with a Game Pad to play. So do as I did, go get a PC and Play the renegades with more memory, cheaper prices and full keyboard and mouse support, because no one deserves to play these games with a conventional controller. It’s so boring.

                                  4. Oh well. I have never really bought a Call of Duty game, anyway, so I really don’t care either way. Sucks for the ones that own a Wii U & wanted the game on the console, though.

                                    Now sickr can stop updating us on this game. The next article he posts about Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare better be an article saying the game is actually coming to the Wii U as Activision has hired someone to make a port of it for the Wii U if it’s not Treyarch.

                                    1. Nintendo Commander Quadraxis

                                      I like CoD to some extent, because of it’s online multiplayer and it plays great only in the PC, why care about lesser versions…

                                      It’s the milking of it that annoys me…

                                  5. I’m sorry for those who enjoy the call of duty series. Me personally I never cared that much for cod. But I have to disagree with this whole they don’t get third party games! I have no games to play! Nobody has very many games to play. The industry is so shaky for developers one or two bad games can ruin you. Every console has been lacking in content. Whether it’s lack of exclusives for x box or ps4 or lack of a few more third party developers for nintendo. These companies are picking and choosing which games to port to. It’s all business it’s not that the wii u is a bad console, they simply believe more x box one players will buy it than wii u owners.

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                                    finally got the bravery to go ahead and give you a shout out from Austin Texas!
                                    Just wanted to say keep up the fantastic work!

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