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The Nintendo 3DS Has Sold 16 Million Units In Japan Since Launching In 2011

This week’s Media Create sales figures revealed that the Nintendo 3DS has sold sixteen million units in Japan since the handheld launched way back in 2011. Sales of the device have slowed in recent months due to the incredible adoption of smartphone gaming in Japan, but the handheld with a fantastic library is still holding its own.

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54 thoughts on “The Nintendo 3DS Has Sold 16 Million Units In Japan Since Launching In 2011”

        1. What’s when they were released got to do with it? Nothing!! The PS4 is selling very poorly in Japan right now. The fact that until recently it was being outsold by the PS3 shows how poor the sales are.

    1. You’re still going on with this? Stop, just stop. Look, I know I’m amazing and all, but I don’t need you to worship me. You’re trying to make me look bad, but you’re failing really badly. 0/10. Try harder next time.

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  1. Nintendo Commander Quadraxis

    Excellent, excellent. Now maybe we can deploy our full forces and finally take out the Sonyans for good…

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        1. Ohhhhh, that’s like 0.04% of Wii U owners then. Stop the press, here comes the headline news for the day.

  3. A million or two away from eclipsing the Gameboy advance. Poor Vita, 3DS has out sold its total world wide install base by 8 million in Japan alone.

    1. What are you talking about? This is nothing compared to US sales. And we should be more concerned about the Wii U. Who really cares how 3DS is selling at this point? It’s already a success. Nintendo needs to switch focus to the U already.

      1. If Japan sold 16 million alone and if 3DS sold a total of 45-50 million worldwide in 3 years, then America and Europe apart should have sold at least 17-20 million.

        And yes, Wii U needs help more than ever with a bunch of 3rd party dicks ditching it before it launched without even trying hard enough to deserve their cut.

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  5. yet no third parties are making games for it.
    this is why they’re losing money because they don’t know where the market is the strongest. hint is on the 3ds!

    all i’ve been buying is indie games on my 3ds. some third party games will be nice. i have cash insided my eshop i guess they don’t want it.

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