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Amazon Confirms It Has Acquired Twitch today announced that it has reached an agreement to acquire Twitch Interactive, Inc., the leading live video platform for gamers. In July, more than 55 million unique visitors viewed more than 15 billion minutes of content on Twitch produced by more than 1 million broadcasters, including individual gamers, pro players, publishers, developers, media outlets, conventions and stadium-filling esports organizations.

“Broadcasting and watching gameplay is a global phenomenon and Twitch has built a platform that brings together tens of millions of people who watch billions of minutes of games each month – from The International, to breaking the world record for Mario, to gaming conferences like E3. And, amazingly, Twitch is only three years old,” said Jeff Bezos, founder and CEO of “Like Twitch, we obsess over customers and like to think differently, and we look forward to learning from them and helping them move even faster to build new services for the gaming community.”

“Amazon and Twitch optimize for our customers first and are both believers in the future of gaming,” said Twitch CEO Emmett Shear. “Being part of Amazon will let us do even more for our community. We will be able to create tools and services faster than we could have independently. This change will mean great things for our community, and will let us bring Twitch to even more people around the world.”

Twitch launched in June 2011 to focus exclusively on live video for gamers. Under the terms of the agreement, which has been approved by Twitch’s shareholders, Amazon will acquire all of the outstanding shares of Twitch for approximately $970 million in cash, as adjusted for the assumption of options and other items. Subject to customary closing conditions, the acquisition is expected to close in the second half of 2014.

41 thoughts on “Amazon Confirms It Has Acquired Twitch”

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    1. Hey… at least it wasn’t Youtube or Google that bought them, plus, you don’t want Twitch to be bought by the second biggest and best company in the world?

          1. That makes no sense. Seriously just read that back to yourself and think about that for a moment.

            It isn’t apart of Google, it is owned by Google. Meaning anything that is done with Youtube would have to be through Google now. So no, Youtube can’t buy anything itself anymore since it sold all rights to Google, it would be Google doing the buying not Youtube.

            Once a company is sold, the past owners no longer have any right to use it anymore for acquisitions, as it is fully owned by the new buyers, hence the buying part. So any new acquisitions made would all be made by Google and Google alone since Youtube isn’t its own company anymore it is all under Google’s roof.

            1. Unless Google is treating Youtube like Disney is treating Marvel: letting them do their own thing. But considering how shitty Youtube is these days, I have to agree with you that Youtube isn’t in control of shit anymore as it’s ALL Google now.

      1. I’m ok with this, as amazon has lots to offer twitch as far as cloud services, promoting the sales of games, learning market trends, they may even bring it to Wii U (amazon dues have its app on Wii U already)

        1. They might because Amazon seems to like the Wii U seeing how the sales on Amazon with the Wii U are pretty good.

    2. Nah I don’t think so. Twitch turned down the $1B offer from Google for a reason, they really try to do what’s best for their site. If they accepted Amazon’s offer, they probably have the same ideas about how to make Twitch evolve. Plus, Amazon is one of the fastest growing companies right now, the funding from these guys is gonna be welcome.

    1. Better. Google owns Youtube, a competitor. Google would have shut it down to promote the use of the Youtube Live Streaming. Amazon will probably keep it running but for all we know, added fees might be thrown in to gain profit. But I can’t say that surely.

      1. Amazon will probably make Twitch a new feature on their own Android Media Box or something, don’t see them making a subscription service.

    1. Why don’t you get a job then and stop ruining your dads computer with your incompetence. Maybe then you can afford better internet and a better computer.

      … and just maybe own more games than old Wii ones and CoD on your Wii U. I don’t even want to get started on that, buying a Wii U specifically for CoD… Just disturbing.

      Only if we all still lived in the triassic period where only the smart and strong survived, Sasori wouldn’t know what to do with himself other than fap endlessly until he was eaten by a dinosaur or something.

      Ugh I just made myself gag, I wish I actually never thought of that..

    1. Amazon is going to do a better job than Google to be honest, they made a better media box and a have a better service

  2. Yay! Amazon bought them! If Google bought them, they’d most likely be dead since Google has Youtube, which as far as I know, is more successful than Twitch. Or they’d be dead because Google could eliminate one less competitor for Youtube to deal with. Just like EA has done with small developers that their greedy asses bought & buried.

  3. What do you guys think would happen if yahoo decided to join in on this and offered more money and ended up buying twitch? Yahoo is kind of dead at this point so if they would ever do something like that then I feel it would be kind of random.

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