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Mario Kart 8 Version 2.0 Now Available To Download

Following Nintendo’s scheduled maintenance this morning, Mario Kart 8 version 2.0 is now live and ready to download. For eager Karting owners who simply cannot wait to check out the Mercedes DLC pack, you can head to the eShop and select the free downloadable content, which is approximately 12.5MB in size.

Choosing to download the Mercedes DLC pack will automatically start the download for Version 2.0, giving players access to statistics, an on-screen TV map, and an in-game shop displaying the newly announced and future DLC packs with Link and Animal Crossing characters. However, if the Mercedes cars are not of interest, simply start up Mario Kart 8 and Version 2.0  (approximately 136MB) will download automatically, updating your game.

The update will also add a teaser for the new DLC characters: Tanooki Mario, Cat Peach, Link, Dry Bowser, Animal Crossing Villager and Isabelle – no doubt serving to taunt players. If you do opt to pre-order the bundle, the selection of eight different coloured Yoshis and Shy Guys will reportedly be available to play straight after pre-ordering. For a run-down of what’s in the update and the Mercedes DLC pack, check out the bullet-pointed list below.

Version 2.0:

  • Displays an in-game shop menu on the main start screen, which will take you through what’s included in the new DLC packs arriving November this year and May 2015.
  • The in-game shop menu will also give you access to the Mercedes free downloadable content, if you haven’t already downloaded it from the eShop.
  • Displays statistics on the main start page, giving players access to the number of coins they’ve collected, win-loss record play, favourite courses and characters, number of boosts and super boosts, etc.
  • Adds the ability to display an on-screen TV map both on the main TV screen and on the GamePad for off-TV play. To enable this feature simply press the select button (or (-) minus button) on the Wii U GamePad. Currently no other controller has this feature enabled, though you can still select the map via the GamePad and use another controller if you so desire. 
  • Changes the default menu option after a race to select “Next Race” with the “Watch Highlight Reel” following after.
  • Enables a system memory function – even when your Wii U is powered down – in order to save your favoured vehicle customisation.
  • Increases the maximum player race or battle rating to 99,999 from 9,999.
  • Improves stability for online races and battles, as well a number of other fixes for overall player enjoyment.
  • Mercedes DLC pack adds three vehicles, including the Mercedes-Benz GLA, 300 SL Roadster and the Silver Arrow.

88 thoughts on “Mario Kart 8 Version 2.0 Now Available To Download”

  1. Sadly the game still isn’t good. The items are so imbalanced, it makes other racers look better. The DLC is a good option.. at a good price so no complaints there but this game is not enjoyable. You can’t win with skill. Items ruin your chances of victory! Blue shells, green shells, anything and when YOU trail behind you only get coins or single mushroom. The game is so incomplete and battle mode is garbage.

        1. Nintendo Commander Quadraxis

          Mario Kart has never been primerally about skills which is why some complain, having skills only adds to the fun of brutal mayhem as it’s supposed to be and not a boring common racing game where nothing happens…

          1. thats not true.
            mk on the snes was just about skills.
            whe you play the classic course from the snes in mk8.
            you get a little taste of it.
            because the course is very smal.
            most just a space (except curves) for two karts.

    1. Your opinion, stop forcing it down people’s throats, if you don’t like the game stfu about it, don’t play it…

    2. Dude, that’s how the game is played. There is a “chance” system for everyone who is in last place to catch up with a good item.

      Imbalanced or not, this game is fun and you’re just confessing to everyone that you hate this game merely because of items and I bet you complain the same shit for every Mario Kart game in existence so do us a favor and cut the whining. You win some, you lose some. Get over it.

    3. I guess you haven’t watch any good players online. Go watch a few good japanese player footage and then say skills are irrelevant. There are people who consistently end up in 1st place 70% of the game even in 9999 ratio bracket.

    4. Speaking Truthfully (and without bias... Now with FACTS!)

      While you’re right about the items, the game does so because player skill can far out beat the AI. On Thwomp Ruins I can lap the CPU in last place. I’m usually so far ahead not even two consecutive blue shells can stop me (and yes it has happened). I do agree the items magically bounces and the RNG seems to heavily favour the CPU players, i can see this being balanced by the fact that you a far better than the CPU. Plus the difficulty scales. I’ve noticed in races with my wife if I let myself fall to 5-6 the CPU lets up, she is normally able to take first and then I can wreck havoc on them from behind to take second (This is how I get my battle fix, hopefully Nintendo will give us an actual battle).

      And while your opinion is always welcome, please when you state that the game “isn’t good”, note that it is purely your opinion, because the online community in Miiverse, the sheer number of active players online in game and the sales history for this game greatly proves you wrong.

    5. … You can win with skill, and if you lose a lot, you’re worse than others, simple as that… that’s my experience, at least, I win games by taking turns near perfectly

    6. This update has f$&ked this game up. I don’t know what they did but they have screwed the balance up. Since this update I have basically lost every single race I’ve played! Including where I’ve joined a room with no one higher than 2000 points (I was 8000). It’s bullshit, before the update it was bearable but their weighting scheme is now f$&king overkill. I’m down to 7000 points and I don’t think I care anymore about this game.
      Also since the update the global games seem even more laggy than before, granted expect some lag but when you race along side someone who gets a star that lasts and entire f$&king lap!! WTF. Green shells that just don’t stop, this update has totally f$&ked this game up. Screw you Nintendo, you can f$&k your $16 for a DLC pack that would not make the game new and interesting while the weighting of the game play is f$&ked.

  2. Finally! Now I have a reason to get back into this game! I’m going to try out all 3 new cars with Lemmy later!

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  4. Sweet, can’t wait to play. Today is Nintendo Day at my house Mario Kart and Pokemon, getting the new mega stones for Pinsir and Heracross. Busy but fun day. Wish that paid DLC could come out sooner tho. November is a long time away, but I’ll be patient! Ty Nintendo :)


    Seriously though the VR points are so screwed up now, I worked so hard for max VR for freaking nothing, you lose once now and you lose a massive amount of VR points.

    Played in a room I won 4 times out of 6 races and the two I lost took away 24 points of my VR and when you win now, you don’t get shit really. This is messed up, let me guess to make people who suck feel better… Lovely.

    Other than that though the Mercedes cars actually don’t look that bad or out of place, they are actually kind of cool. My favorite is the 300SL Roadster.

    1. Sigh… sorry for the outburst, just took a god awful amount of time for me to get to 9,999 and I win a lot, so losing so much in just two loses is unsettling to me. Getting to 99k is going to be impossible now..

    2. Word em’ up got put into the baby lobby 300-2000 pointers, red shell screwed me over 4 races lost 100 vr, online still shit if everyone wanted to know can’t join friends and tournament still, ToonLink™ add me fool

  6. Hopefully, with this update, they fixed the glitch where the savefile is deleted. It’s rare to get, still I got it once ;_;

    1. Ouch that sucks, I would hate to have to get all the characters, stamps and complete each cup and trial all over again.

    2. I DID TOO!!
      OMG!! I WAS WTF!!??
      Its a good thing MK8 didnt really consist of a lot of content so winning it back didnt take much…but still a major concerning glitch.

      1. 3 Stars on all cups, unlocking every characters’ stamp, beating every staff ghost and 2000+ coins collected? To me it would take way too much ;_;
        You can imagine I haven’t played a lot of Mario Kart 8 after that, considering I was afraid the same thing would happen again (and take into consideration that it happened not long after the game released :\ ).

        1. Oh your saying your entire game erased??
          The usual bug only deleted the save game data and didn’t effect the time trails and MKtv data and online (rarely).

  7. Lol I tried to update it but it says I don’t have enough space even though my hard drive is plugged up. Wtf? I don’t have my Gamepad either so I can’t change the settings to move the data right now. *kicks table* I’ll check back when I get home… D:

    1. Maybe it has to be on the system memory? I don’t know, never downloaded DLC on the Wii U until this but just taking a wild guess.

    2. This is more of an update thats why… therefore this needs to be where memory is not very edited or physically moved and where memory is usually stationary:
      System Memory.
      Maybe you should move or erase things on the sys mem, i recommend just moving em to the hard drive (if the data that is movable of course)

    1. Nintendo Commander Quadraxis

      They have probably been notified about your butthurt since Drybones is still not in the game ans so felt the need to increase your level of butthurtness further…

        1. Not only that but they are also teasing you with Dry Bowser by not giving you the character til May of next year.

          1. The character model is there in a track so it may come at some time… just like the Yoshi colors… they were all in the game already (in tracks) and are being added without a sweat. Maybe even colored toads will come soon as well.

    2. I couldn’t tell you, mine worked fine. I download it from the eShop, started MK8, it installed and that was it. So if you did that, I have no idea what else to do.

      1. I’ve tried restarting the app, and the system. I guess when I get home, I’ll try to delete and redownload the update!

        This is it! Dry Bowser is going to make a comeback bitches!! Ninte do heard my Months of bitching and moaning and decided to finally grant me my wish for a nominal fee!!!


        1. Unfortunately for you, you have to wait for next year, in May, to get Dry Bowser. lol I’m glad I don’t have to wait that long for Link.

      1. Didn’t work. Apparently I’m fucked because I got too excited and purchased my DLC bundle and free DLC before updating to MK8 2.0?

        I’ll troubleshoot tonight. :(

      1. Shit. I downloaded the DLC before updating… God I hope this isn’t going to be rocket science updating this thing…

        I’ll see if I can delete the DLC… Then update, ..ugh..

        1. Yeah. But don’t you have that “auto-update” option on? I had mines turned on and my game was updated and ready to go before I started it. :) That feature comes in handy.

          1. I DO have auto update on! Maybe it hadn’t had time to update? Thanks for your help. When I get home after work, I’ll start working on it… I’m kinda hoping it “magically” fixes itself while I’m at work.

        2. I downloaded the DLC before updating as well, so it will be fine.
          I had to enter and exit the game, check my downloads, then restart the game. It did about three forms of updates (DLC download, update download and installation) and it works fine now. :)

  8. Nice!! Will definitely download this later. Also, does anyone know if the item hit lag has been fixed with this update ?

  9. Wow, that’s something I haven’t seen from Nintendo! You’re able to pre order downloadable content, I really hope that they do more of this in the future with there big tittles!

    1. This is a huge welcoming implemention I’ve seen done with DLCs. Properly priced and preorder option? Yes please. :3 I hope other dickhead companies like EA and Ubishit take notice because this is DLC done right.

    2. Funny thing: the simple bait of getting many colored Yoshis and Shy Guys now is effectively seducing me into pre-ordering a DLC that will not be available into May next year.
      Nice mind-game there, Nintendo. Well played.
      Where did I drop my credit card now?

      1. @swa Hey guy, you should learn some grammar or get some sleep. How can something be available INTO some specific date.
        Also you should stop replying to yourself, that is a thing only mental, very high or dangerously sleep deprived people do.

  10. Unrelated, but anyone else who uses the gamepad as their browser know if you can change the button options? I usually have it chilling in my lap and ZL & ZR get pushed way to easily and it makes you go to the open tab next to it. No way in hell am I holding the gamepad up in the air at all times while browsing.

    1. lol i hate that… even with normal games it’s annoying. IDK… maybe you should put a flat surface on your lap like a school book or binder, followed by the Gpad

      1. Lol I’ll give it a try, I wish they would update it so web could just turn the option off for using the buttons

  11. I only played this game online a few times and never cared about returning, because everyone online was cheating SO bad! I thought I was good at this game until I played online and witnessed the other “impossible to catch up to” players. I still can’t figure out how others drive so fast and flawlessly?

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  13. Awesome update! Two DLC packs for €12 is a bargain in my book. I know this is going to sound ridiculous, but seen as we’re getting Super Mario 3D World DLC in the game, I have a feeling that we will get something related to the Mario Kart level in the game in some shape or form (If anyone understands what I’m saying lol) :P

  14. Is anyone else having issues getting the map to appear on the main screen? I turn it on directly from the WiiMote and use the nunchuck combination. I know I’m supposed to just hit the “-” button, but it’s not having any im

  15. Is anyone else having issues getting the map to appear on the main screen? I turn it on directly from the WiiMote and use the nunchuck combination. I know I’m supposed to just hit the “-” button, but it’s not having any impact. I’d very much appreciate help. Thanks!

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    1. Which controller are you using? The minus button works for the Wii U GamePad, but could vary depending on controller.

      Actually, scratch that, I’ve just consulted the in-game manual for it. The on-screen mini map can ONLY be switched on or off by using the Wii U GamePad’s minus (-) button. Apparently no other controller has that function yet. So if you’d like to use another controller for gameplay, but would also like to use the mini map, make sure you do so by using the minus button on the GamePad first. Hope this clears things up a bit! :)

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