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Miyamoto Says Nintendo Is Focused On Core Rather Than Casual Gaming Market Now

Mario creator and game designer Shigeru Miyamoto has stated that Nintendo is no longer concerned with the casual gaming market. In a recent feature with Edge Magazine, Miyamoto explained Nintendo’s current stance was its particular need to focus on the dedicated core fan-base. Since the shift to mobile gaming, the casual and “passive” market – that Nintendo profited from in the days of the Wii and DS generation – is no longer there. Here’s what Miyamoto said on the matter:

“[These are] the sort of people who, for example, might want to watch a movie. They might want to go to Disneyland. Their attitude is, ‘okay, I am the customer. You are supposed to entertain me.’ It’s kind of a passive attitude they’re taking, and to me it’s kind of a pathetic thing. They do not know how interesting it is if you move one step further and try to challenge yourself [with more advanced games].

“In the days of DS and Wii, Nintendo tried its best to expand the gaming population. Fortunately, because of the spread of smart devices, people take games for granted now. It’s a good thing for us, because we do not have to worry about making games something that are relevant to general people’s daily lives.”

Though Nintendo has yet to come fully forward with their Quality of Life (QOL) initiative, bar from the knowledge it will focus on fun, it appears the company is stepping in the correct direction. Let us know your thoughts on Miyamoto’s statement in the comment section below.

288 thoughts on “Miyamoto Says Nintendo Is Focused On Core Rather Than Casual Gaming Market Now”

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          1. Me too :/ oh well! I think his comment is interesting. I think he basically said they re done trying to cater to all gamers needs and are going to focus on their core group of gamers.

        1. Raves hardly exist in south florida anymore it sucks. Going to Electric Daisy Carnival in orlando in november though which I highly recommend, electronic music and carnival rides and $10 for UNLIMITED water refills. EDC also goes to New York, Vegas, and maybe a few other spots. Vegas passed, this year already, I think that’s the biggest.

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                      1. yea I am lol I watched WWF from when I was like 2-3 till about 04-05. I still watch wrestlemania if they have good matches. My friends and I actually went to the one live in miami to see the Rock whip john cena and it was a beautiful moment and nod to the oldschool fans. There were some cena chants but every time the whole stadium erupted with CENA SUCKS!!! CENA SUCKS!! And the Undetaker and HHH match was sick, Taker has been my favorite ever since Ultimate Warrior left WWF back in the early 90s. Still love Warrior, may he rest in peace. Your dad sounds awesome!! I can’t wait to have kids and whoop them in games lol. Oh and I’m 30 but a kid at heart, my friends always forget how old I am. I’m responsible though and all lol. There’s a huge difference between childlike and childish. Don’t ever let the world turn you into a lame boring piece of shit, not that you need me to tell you from what I can tell.

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                                    1. im actually 20, and that sounds like hell of a ride and a experience. I couldn’t be homless do to things.. I would probably be so fucked unless i could find a place to take care of myself. My life has been a total rough and trauma efficient piece of shit and it definitely made me different form most people. I really don’t care to talk about everything though….. it makes me pissed and everything and it’s to much anyway,

                                      Your story sounds interesting and gives hope to change things around.

                                      Yeah my later high school was drug city, speaking of that lmao.

                                      1. Damn that sucks, and no problem totally understand if you don’t want your personal business on here. Whatever it is that caused you to be different is understandable. Everyone goes through some shit, some worse than others, like being born and wheelchair bound or something, and people are cruel and judgemental and can push people to dark places in their mind. I’m glad my life experiences helped if even in the slightest in giving hope. I struggle with hope at times myself but as the grateful dead said, Keep on Truckin’ my friend.

                                        1. Yeah, at least i don’t have cancer and i can walk and stuff. In short mother nature has fucked me over, over and over and over badly for no reason or action.

                                          A lot of people have told me, or my mom or whatever that i ‘m the kid that had to deal with the most out of any kid they know in there 40 years. Some kids my age to would say your a mess dude. Though mostly nobody knows everything because i don’t say anything, people will just know if something just happens and like i have to say something or siblings to there friends casually in conversation.

                                          This is like the most open i ‘ll ever get because i don’t like to sound like a complainer and don’t want sympathy.

                                          I wouldn’t want some life ending disease or anything though, that would be worse.

                                          1. Sounds like hd it rough indeed. Going through hell I’ve realized makes you stronger though so hopefully some day all your hells will bring you to a better place. Glad you don’t have cancer or anything lke that though. Is there a way to message each other on this site instead of constantly replying? I use my gamepad for browsing since I have no computer and some times it’s hard to get to the reply button, can’t explain why but the browser is just weird on some sites like facebook too.

                                            1. hmmmm i don’t think you can message each other on this website. Yeah i hope some day things will get better which they kinda are but things keep on happening…… everything that happened through my life has fucked up my brain. I realize i’m not normal but all my bad experiences truly took a toll on me, no matter how strong i was, the damage has been done.

                                              Mother nature fucked me over quite a bit.

                                              1. Mother nature can be beautiful, but also a malicious bitch. And when others around you have it way easier it fucks with you. Like did I do something in my past life to deserve this? Do you have a 3ds? If so we could message there for private convos. Life scars are certainly not easily forgotten.

                                                1. Yeah i do but i don’t use it that much ill maybe add you later because the damn thing has a friend code. You can add me on wii u too if you want but let’s not like message and talk about this kinda stuff on wii u because people will able to see it, like my brother and stuff. Whenever i boot the damn thing up again ill accept it. I haven’t touched it since i beat shovelknght. I usually don’t add people i don’t know or care to add anybody unless i know them. I actually only knew one person who had a wii u and they sold it lmao!

                                                  1. Haha I didn’t know if you had a U. I’m on mine, my 3ds is in florida so I won’t be able to get my friend code til wednesday. What’s your NNID? And if we are friends on wii u does that make us 3ds friends too since miiverse is connected? Most people I know with Wii U are my age, who have been on nintendo for 25 years plus. On miiverse though it’s like 8 year olds lol. And yea I’ll definitely keep the drug talk off their to respect your brothers, totally understandable.

                                                    1. im pretty sure it’s just iceazeama lmao. Nintendo keeps fucking banning me and my retarded mii. I used to trash talk so bad on there lmao but don’t care to anymore. They crossed my name out too….

                                                      1. lol that’s great hopefully I can find you gonna check now, no capitals? It’s case and space sensitive

                                                      2. Found you pothead lol. And TOTALLY AGREE ABOUT TOAD’S TURNPIKE! It was hands down the hardest track in the series in mirror mode, practically impossible to beat it without hitting a car, but that made it awesome

                                                        1. LMAO i totally have the best mii ever, It’s SOO fucking funny playing as him in mario kart online in the ladybug kart so everyone can see me.

                                                          Yeah seriously nintendo fucked my description over, it said. Favorite pokemon is oddish the weed pokemon. lmao that’s actually what the pokedex says!! NINTENDO IS JUST STEREOTYPING!!!

                                                          1. lol great move Ninty, going against your own words. And yea your mii looks great lol. I used to have a stoned looking one when I had long hair lol

                                                            1. Throw me a cheeseburger damnit!!! Ill try to catch it. If it sounds like it hit the floor, it’s probably nothing.

                                                              1. Gonna be busy the next few days so might not be on here too much, going to the renaissance fest tomorrow my friend said, and water tubing sunday I think.

                                                              2. Did you change to Bad News Ema or is that another imposter lol can never tell. Either way good races earlier, had to run though cause my friend had to drop me off at my parents and get his girl friend from the airport.

                                                                1. That was me lmao. How did you find me on there is there a join friend race or something?

                                                                  Gosh i really fucking hate how there is no voice chat, it felt so weird not to be able to communicate. Nintendo is so behind on all the online features.

                                                                  1. When you go online in kart, go to friends and if your friend has a checkered flag next to their name you can join them if their room isn’t full, and if they aren’t in a locked tournament. And yea I hate that voice chat is limited to a room you create for friends only, and also you can’t chat during the race, only between. It’s your friends damn it, let me talk! I know a kid who whines about everything in the game cause I win, and he only wins when they give him triple red shells and everything needed to take me out and I’d love to tell him to stop bitching lol. He’s never been as good as me or my friend, we’ve been whooping him in kart and smash since either 64 or gamecube at least, he just can’t accept we’re better lol. New name is great by the way lol are you sticking with it?

                                                                    1. Yeah that’s fucking dumb, hasn’t nintendo ever heard of party chat or muting other people?

                                                                      If there was online voice chat during races you would probably here me saying “huh REALLY bitch” everytime i got hit with a cheap shell or got screwed by a player knocking me off the cliff. The other day i probably said it 5 time in a race lmao and over 20 times overall. I see you use fast characters, it’s probably the best strategy in this game. Once your in 1st in this game i feel like you safe since 2nd place always gets like a banana. With a fast character you would get very far ahead. I hate heavy characters though because there control sucks so i don’t use them.

                                                                      I don’t know if i will keep the name i kinda like it lmao but the whole point of it is if i see bad news for nintendo BAD NEWS ZEAMA will be thanked by sickr haha,

                                                                      I freaking loved smash when i was younger more so, me and my friends used to play that shit all the time. Though the best memories was playing smash 64 with my brother when i was really young. Everything is so magical when your young lmao.

                                                                      1. Mute is such an easy option and people who complain about having to mute arr selfish. Nobody gets chat cause you’re too lazy to mute? It’s probably a one time option that would save so why are they complaining. Lol yea I can curse up a storm when I get like five to seven hits without even being able to move after the first lol. And yea I love my speed, although my acceleration is trash so I gotta hope I don’t get four straight coin items and left defenseless otherwise it can get nasty. I started off with Ludwig and then moved to Morton Jr. I always mained Yoshi in the original two games, DD I used paratroopa and Diddy, Wii I used my lightweight Mii, then in 7 is when I started using heavy. Actually I used King Koopa too almost as much as Yoshi, especially in battle so I could ram people and take a balloon. Especially right after the count down on blockfort and double decker if the other player was either spun out or dumb enough to charge at me lol. I love 64 Smash, still has the best throws by far among other things. And yes indeed things felt way more magical as a kid. I miss it lol. My brother and I were partners in games back in the day and it was awesome, lots of great memories.

                                                                      2. Donkey Kong Country 1 and 2 are among my favorites that we beat, the music and boards were so fucking great. Krazy Kremland for fucksakes, how awesome of a video game map was that.

                                                                        1. Yeah dkc 1&2 are amazing, i actually played 2 first on gba. My brother got it from a friend or something and that was me and my sisters favorite game and we would always talk about “did you beat that, uhh so fucking hard” or would just talk about certain things in it.

                                                                          Yeah things were awesome as a kid, though most of my best childhood games were on the nes or n64.

                                                                          1. I remember me and this kid everday at school in 3rd grade asking which DK coins we had found since internet wasn’t big yet and game magazines weren’t always available. Super Mario Brothers was how I started. My dad got it and the NES for my older brother, but me and my other brother ended up playing it more and became long time gamers. Bubble Bobble was one of my favorites, Marble Madness was great too, which that was on VC. The Ninja Turtles game was fun except we could never figure out what to do after the underwater bombs area lol. Everyone I knew was stumped after that. I played it again in high school on an emulator and finally was able to get past being older. Ever play Darius Twin on SNES? That was great lol. Gradius 3 as well though that got tough at the end.

                                                                1. And don’t worry about making fun of hippies, I used to like them but today being a hippie is just another trend I realized and most are full of shit and just say Namaste and thank the universe for the light of the holy sun and dumb shit and take psychedelics cause that’s what hippies are “supposed to do” and a lot are trustafarians. Sorry I’m responding out of order but it won’t let me reply to your last comment

                                                                  1. I totally agree with that. Hippies just try to be hippes, but not because it’s who they are. It’s totally a trend. It’s like they WANT people to notice they’re hippies when there just trending fags who want to fit in with a group. Stupid fake losers.

                                                            2. Nintendo Sub-Lieutenant

                                                              Everybody get s cool nicknames except ME. Why? ;_;
                                                              Am I really that invisible? And I don’t want a nickname based on how hard it is to notice me. That would be an ass move.

                                                                1. Nintendo Sub-Lieutenant

                                                                  That loser gave all you guys cool nick-names.

                                                                  Lord Zedd got Drug lord idiocity. Because he deals in super crazy ways that the cops cant understand. So they think he’s in idiot… When he’s really a genius.

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                                                                  I don’t know who the queer or witch is. Probably has something to do with casting spells or being unique.
                                                                  He’s not very good at being descriptive. Probably because he’s in middle school.

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                                                                2. You never watched Ned’s school survival guide? A nickname happens, you can’t ask or make for one for yourself.

                                                          2. Good, now we might see some more third parties coming back because Nintendo is pulling their fingers out of their asses…. GTA V Wii U anyone?

                                                            1. I would love for a Wii U GTA5 so most idiots can shut up about Nintendo being only for kids which ironically most kids play M rated games these days should they shouldn’t be. lol

                                                            2. Even though every one has played it, they should pay Bethesda to make a special version of Skyrim for the Wii U (with special Zelda content) and a version of morrowind for the 3DS. And they should work on T and M rated games of their own. They should also do a Mario HD collection that has updated versions of 64, sunshine, galaxy, and galaxy 2. With support for pro controller, Wii remote, and gamepad. ….that would ster up a lot of gamers…..then fallow up with a Zelda HD that had ocerina of time, majoras mask, twilight princess, and skyward sword.

                                                          3. Good shift Myamoto-san… Casuals have abandoned Nintendo after WII games. This gen belong for hardcore gamer .

                                                            1. Yeah it only took them a shitty worthless gaympad, treating us like kids, making wii u for kids. dumbing down all of there games.Making so many garbage casual games that nobody wants. The list goes on and on and it took the 2 years out of wii u to figure this out?

                                                              uhhhh yeah great nintendo, just keep your word for once. Which might be true because that midget bastard didn’t say it or that fat pizza faced cunt reggie.

                                                              1. The gamepad is a awesome idea, BUT they should have made it more tablet like, include multitouch and a digital pen, then give it analog triggers. But the focus should have bin E-M not focus on E and let platinum focus on T

                                                                1. Let’s mediate and pray for iwata and reggies falling. maybe we will have a spiritual calling on the answer to all of our questions as well. Like why wiitards are the way they’re.

                                                              2. Not to mention all the baby sitting they do with all online features… it’s the reason why we don’t have many/decent online features

                                                            1. Except that success has been turning to rousing failure the past couple years. They NEED to do this if they want to keep up.

                                                                1. Umm…haha 3DS a failure??, just because it hasn’t enjoyed the same success as the DS does not make it a failure. The only thing it fails at is staying in one piece o.o mine is falling apart, but I might just be a violent gamer.

                                                            2. More like let’s abandon the market that got dominated by smartphones since we cannot compete anymore and let’s try to go back to that market where we could make some money in the past.
                                                              The past is the past, the circumstances change, it is not possible for Nintendo to keep printing money out of the casual gaming market, smartphones are widely available and enough for casual gamers, they got beaten. Do some reality check. It is all business of course.

                                                            3. Actually they only made EXTRA money from casuals. This Gen they mainly focused on casual and children (not going to lie I still got a lot of those games, simply because they are not found on my Xbox) but its good that their turning their focus to the customers they actualy care. Now if they well just let up on their rules about blood and gore, and buy platinum and Sega….

                                                            4. Short term success. Long term failure. The Wii us why the Wii U has been such a failure in sales. It’s starting to come around, but the core gamers felt betrayed by the Wii, which is the worst console I’ve ever owned. Not saying it didn’t have some good games, but it was showered with dog crap casual game left and right that no gamer wanted. You think the casuals have any loyalty to Nintendo? Where are they? Why isn’t Nintendo successful with the Wii U since it has a bunch of casual games? Oh that’s right, they left for the next big thing in mobile gaming. Candy Crush and all that nonsense. Yeah, those people were going to keep Nintendo afloat.

                                                              1. Nintendo is seriously retarded. That’s like me saying fuck you to anybody truly loyal to me and selling out to them over some retard that benefits me, and that person never cared for me like the other person. That’s nintendo.

                                                          4. “[These are] the sort of people who, for example, might want to watch a movie. They might want to go to Disneyland.”

                                                            lolwut? That’s….that’s a really stupid thing to say.

                                                            1. He’s just saying that these are casual people that are looking for casual entertainment. There is nothing hardcore about watching a movie or going to Disneyland. That’s why they do it, because there is no challenge.

                                                              Playing hardcore videogames is a challenge and casual people occupy their time with movies and trips to the amusement park rather than playing hardcore games.

                                                              That’s what he basically said.

                                                              1. Hokay – from what is posted there it seems like he’s making a blanket generalized statement which is inaccurate, but I guess either the rest of the article provides more context to the comments.

                                                          5. Good! Nintendo should spoil their loyal fanbase! It’s when they cater to the Nintendo fans that they make their best games!

                                                            I’m even more excited to see what Nintendo has in store now that they have officially confirmed that they will be stepping away from the “casual” market and stepping back into the “core.”

                                                            Hopefully this means their next console will be more powerful and a real competitor against the Sony and Microsoft console. The casual catering worked for the Wii, but thank god for iPhone apps, because they really stole a lot of Nintendo’s customers. Had the Wii U been a success, I fear Nintendo would have stuck to pleasing the casual market.

                                                            1. I’m so glad that fucking fail wii u failed. It looks like nintendo MIGHT of finally of learned there lesson. We all have wii u to thank, if that thing was selling then woahh would us non wiitards be in trouble.

                                                              1. Your actually right. Though you put it meanly XD

                                                                The Wii U still could succeed in it’s own right, however. It will just succeed catering to the hardcore Nintendo fan base is all ;) Which is how it should be all day every day anyway!

                                                                      1. *Almost ;) It essentially was ended by Nintendo in 2007 which was… 7 years ago. That’s about 3 years shy of a decade.

                                                                        3 years is a long time!

                                                                        1. My grammar is just awful today. I do realize all of these mistakes but i’m just typing so fast and don’t care to check.

                                                          6. Look even the wiitards are happy even if they were damage controlling nintendo’s selling out, downfall and just being overall cocksucker social rejects to the company.


                                                                  1. haha i see but it doesn’t fit. He should be holding doritos and be drinking mountain dew. It’s just not the xlard way.

                                                                    1. looks like he’s fapping and we can bet that when he’s not holding a doritos and a mountain dew, he’s holding his…

                                                          7. This is good news but I hope it’s not too late, half of my family left Nintendo because they couldn’t take it anymore

                                                            1. Most people have left nintendo besides the wiitards, but it’s never to late for change. Old fans of nintendo are still fans despite not even being with the company anymore or just stopped gaming all together. They will come back, that’s IF nintendo isn’t fucking lying again.

                                                                1. Yeah they’re at heart. A lot of them left gaming i think and most still follow nintendo in disappointment. I don’t blame them, nintendo are as much of sell outs as, eminem, metallica, korn and every other artist/band that are sell outs.

                                                                  1. Nintendo Commander Quadraxis

                                                                    If our empire are sellouts then the other 2 are a buffeet of bargain deals made to sacrifice themselves to the mainstream garbage…

                                                                    1. Say what you want but nintendo is. The others are some what mainstream garbage now……. mostly xbox. Gaming i think is overall crap now. Compared to the 6th gen.

                                                                      1. Nintendo Commander Quadraxis

                                                                        It might be in some aspects but overall they still do their own thing…

                                                                        The other 2, specially the infectious disease known as the Xbots do whatever it is their slaves tells them to do…

                                                                        1. No that’s a good thing listening to your fans *cough not nintendo cough* though i think you mean is that, (especially xlards) is that they obey what they do even if some of it is mainstream garbage that is trash, (pretty much everything on xbox) unlike before it wasn’t like that at all. (the original xbox wasn’t that bad but it was still the worst)

                                                                          1. Nintendo Commander Quadraxis

                                                                            I just want them destroyed as soon as possible so that gaming can be restored to its true purpose…

                                                                            1. Nintendo Commander Quadraxis

                                                                              Well this base is all about wars between fanboys, fans, trolls, haters and the innocent civilians caught in the brutal cross-fire…

                                                              1. Actually a lot of people came back to Nintendo and left the Xbox One until Sunset Overdrive is out.. seeing how that’s the only game on the console ;)



                                                            I HAVE A GAME PAD A PRO PAD 4 WII REMOTE PLUS 4 NUNCHUCKS BY MY TV

                                                            NOT A FUCKING DERPSHIT 4 PAD THAT STANDS IN THE WAY OF VIDEO GAMING PROGRESS LIKE A AIDS VIRUS

                                                            NOT NEXT GEN CASUAL 4 GENS RUNNING NO CHANGE FANBOY SCUM 4

                                                            1. Jesus. This site is still full of idiots…look, a controller doesn’t mean much, it’s all about how the game plays, and the experiences you have while playing the game. It’s great that the Wii U has a screen on its controller, it’s great that the Ps4 has a touchpad, they serve to enhance gameplay, or make it more accessible, and you know what, it’s still great that the Xbox One controller hasn’t attached any new form of control scheme on, because in the end, it’s all about the game and how it plays, and an added control scheme really doesn’t make a difference, all games could be played regardless of the controller, and I know this because I have yet to see a wii u game, or ps4 game or xbox one game that couldn’t be controlled with the GameCube controller or first dualshock.

                                                          9. THANKING U NINTENDO FOR THE MOST ADVANCED CORE GAMING SYSTEM ON THE PLANET

                                                            TWO SCREENS CHECK

                                                            SCREEN INTO SCREEN CHECK

                                                            GYRO 9 AXIS CHECK

                                                            15 X HIGHER MOTION THAN DS4 CHECK

                                                            TOUCHVSCRREN CHECK

                                                            STYLUS CHECK

                                                            POINTER MOUSE WORLDS GREATEST FPS CONTROLLER CHECK

                                                            3D MOUSE AND MOTION CHECK

                                                            WII MOTION PLUS CHECK

                                                            SOUND FEED BACK IN CONTROLS CHECK

                                                            MANY TWIN STICK PADS ALL BETTER THAN DUALSHOCK 4 CHECK

                                                            GAMEPAD-PRO PAD-GAMECUBE FIGHT PAD-CLASSIC PAD PRO


                                                            1. I love this guy xD he’s been around forever under a billion different aliases all commentating on how backwards the ps3/360 are and how bad duelshock is xD

                                                                1. Awww, sounds like a troll is getting a witty cranky ;)

                                                                  Oh well, I’ll just go back to my palace of PC gaming whilst you peasants fight it out

                                                                  1. nerd and your a fraud. I bet you don’t even have a pc since your a wiitard and clearly not a good non pathetic nintendo fan.

                                                                        1. Seriously dude, you might want to put your ass out there because the fires seem to be burning your butt, I’m sure it must hurt ;)

                                                                            1. Well you’re pretty much giving a fuck seeing how you’re replying ;)
                                                                              You fancy me or something?

                                                                    1. Nintendo Sub-Lieutenant

                                                                      Most of the people he’s probably talking about never really liked Nintendo. They just liked the idea of the Wii. I’m glad they’re gone. They gave Nintendo a money pile to sit on anyway. That means they have more freedom to experiment than any company in business today.

                                                            1. Casuals/hipsters/”trend & fad” consumers just go with whatever is “hot” at the moment and most convenient, and phones playing games is a lot more convenient and popular right now than $300-$400 boxes you hook up in your living room. They mostly need to focus on the dedicated gamers who have no problem spending hundreds of dollars on a console and hundreds of dollars on games because ultimately they’re gonna be long-time customers and steady revenue if you treat them right while being actively invested in the advancement and future of video games as opposed to only wanting to play whatever game is trending that month.

                                                              tl;dr: Core gamers stick around and buy more games, casuals could leave at any time to follow a trend.

                                                            1. A REAL GAMER FROM ZX 81 TO WII U ,CALLING OUT THE BRODUDE FILTH

                                                              ITS ALREAY HAPPENING YOU DOUCHBAG CORE DOESNT MEAN BRODUDE YOU STUPID CHAV

                                                              XENO IS MORE CORE GMER THAN ANYTHING ON PS4 MARIO 2D 3D IS CORE GAMING MK8 IS ARCADE CORE GAMING

                                                              HAVING A BLUTOOTH POINTER MOUSE IS CORE GAMING ,GAMEPADS TOUCH SCREEN ADVANCES CORE GAMING

                                                              ZELDA IS CORE GAMING BAYONETTA IS CORE GAMING


                                                              1. You need to chill out. All he said is he’ll believe it when he sees i, and you somehow get out of that that he is a dudebro and go off on him. Grow up. I am not a dudebro, but I have the same mindset as him. Nintendo has some core games coming up, but I’d let them to keep it up. They said when the Wii U launched it was going to favor the core gamers, and it didn’t. Hell, with all the droughts up until recently, I’m not even sure they went after casuals. Nintendo can make statements all it wants, but actions speak louder than words. The games you mentioned are good, but it’s just a start. They need to keep it up. Back to my original point, chill out. No need to berate someone based off one sentence and make wild assumptions based on said sentence.

                                                                1. Yeah. Exactly. I’m 18 btw. I’ve only owned Nintendo systems my whole life. I was so impressed by the Wii that I bought a Wii U day one. I remember the hype before its launch date saying that it’s gonna focus on core gamers and have awesome third parties. And it did for the first few months. I finally got to experience assassins creed, batman arkham, and darksiders. But after this years e3 of watching what everyone had to show. I wanted to be able to play it all. But because I’ve stuck with Nintendo all these years, and now all the third parties are shunning the system, I can’t. No Kingdom Hearts 3, Assassins Creed Unity or Rogue, The Witcher 3, Dragon Age Inquisition, No Mans Sky, Shadow of Mordor, Legend of Korra, Valiant Hearts, Scalebound, the list goes on and on. I have played xenoblade chronicles. It was amazing. Will be getting the sequal. I just wish Nintendo made more of those games and also got third party support. I am not currently seeing those games though. So I am not currently believing it.

                                                                  1. To add to that I’ve never played a first person shooter. Or any shooting game. They dont really appeal to me. Destiny would be the first to actually appeal to me. And this is an honest question, what is brodude?

                                                          10. A REAL GAMER FROM ZX 81 TO WII U ,CALLING OUT THE BRODUDE FILTH

                                                            COD = CASUAL BATTLEFIELD= CASUAL ANYONE SAYING OTHERWISE IS A BRAINWASHED BRO DUDE FUCK

                                                            1. First off, it’s dudebro, not bro dude. You sound ignorant saying it wrong. Second, while I may not enjoy those games, people are allowed to have differing tastes in games.

                                                          11. Good and it’s about time they do. I can’t wait to see what the next year holds if they have one game planned for every month and it is all going to be core gamer focused.

                                                          12. Pingback: Miyamoto dice que Nintendo ya no está enfocado en el público casual | Atomix

                                                          13. F-Zero U confirmed.

                                                            Wave Race U confirmed.

                                                            1080° confirmed.

                                                            Eternal Darkness HD confirmed.

                                                            Shadow of the Eternals confirmed.

                                                            Space Firebird sequel confirmed.

                                                            Captain Rainbow global release confirmed.

                                                            Doshin the Giant HD confirmed.

                                                            Nintendo/SEGA contracts for ShenmU, a new NiGHTS, Virtua Fighter U [VF Kids 3DS], Skies of Arcadia U, House of the Dead U, more ATLUS Wii U support [Ogre Battle/Tactics Ogre exclusivity] confirmed.

                                                            Capcom IPs Resident Evil, Ghouls n’ Goblins, MegaMan, Monster Hunter, Street Fighter, Ace Attorney bought confirmed.

                                                            Nintendo/Square-Enix contracts for Final Fantasy IX HD U, Bushido Blade 3, Parasite Eve III, FF Tactics U confirmed.

                                                            Nintendo/Namco contracts for a ‘Tales of’ U, Ridge Racer U, Soul Calibur VI U confirmed.

                                                            Nintendo/Aksys contract for Guilty Gear Xrd U confirmed.

                                                          14. It’s like the beginning of the Nintendo Enlightenment. xD They’ll become the ultimate company if they keep up with this mentality.

                                                          15. Miyamoto found the perfect words to explain passive gamers, something that sasori could not and failed miserably. it’s a shame that my lord was quoted by Miyamoto as a passive gamer.
                                                            forgive us sasori.

                                                          16. That’s what I have been saying. And What Nintendo should have done since the launch of the Wii U lol. But ever since E3 they have gone back to the core, the real question is, can they STAY focused on the core, or will they drift back to the casuals?

                                                          17. I think that Nintendo is doing the right thing with this because, a lot of my friends don’t really play Nintendo and I think because of what Miyamoto is doing that it might bring more hardcore players back to Nintendo.

                                                          18. Good. Once Nintendo manage to change there image and people realise that Mario and friends might look child friendly but are actually home to some of the best games ever created, Nintendo will be back in the game. Hopefully on there next console they keep up with the hardware of their competitors and third party support should return with a vengeance.

                                                              1. do not worry about hollowgrapej’s comment. if he was a core gamer and if did not ask for a successor to the Wii, why the fuck he owns one?. Just enjoy your games!

                                                                1. Because I like to play Nintendo games. Just because I like the games doesn’t mean I like the system, but I still think the Wii U is ok.

                                                                  1. hey, no worries!. just replying your last comment what i wanted to say it’s that people asked for a sucesor to te Wii, believe it or not.
                                                                    Normally, i do not like to generalize my point of view. I think the Wii is cool, it was nice to have all the content i enjoyed on the nes, snes, genesis, n64 in one console.

                                                                    1. The wii had some cool games like Super Mario Galaxy, but I don’t think I really enjoyed it as a normal system. It lacked a lot of features and the motion control was used way too much. I didn’t enjoy playing normal games with the controller, but it’s alright playing stuff like Wii Sports where it actually uses it pretty good.

                                                            1. Flip flopping again, don’t you? you said wii was a disgrace for nintendo and now you say this..yesterday i wrote sasori is the worst flip flopper now i see there’s a tie between you and him.

                                                              1. Where on Earth did I say the Wii was a disgrace? I said I didn’t like it as a system. It still had some good games though. Why do you think I bought 20+ Wii games last gen?

                                                            2. Valve Admiral GLaDOS

                                                              No one asked for a Ps1, Ps2, Ps3, or Ps4, in fact no one ever asks for a new game system in general at all until its invented.

                                                              1. That’s not what I’m talking about. I’m talking about people that want them to make something different and not focus on Wii related things.

                                                                1. A related name and a related thing are two different things altogether.
                                                                  I could explain more but I rather not type up an essay.

                                                          19. Does he mean from now on? Because every nintendo game I have on the WiiU and 3ds seems pretty casual to me. Mario Kart 8 has an incredibly small learning curve and I’m tempted to think Smash Bros won’t be any more competitive than brawl. Pikmin 3 was easy, every new super mario bros game ive played to date has been easy. I don’t see many new ideas or challenges at all outside of the zelda franchise honestly, and link between worlds was still incredibly easy

                                                            1. The general business definition of “casual” doesn’t equate to “it’s easy”, even if said definition is indefinable at best. The Walking Dead is some of the easiest stuff you’ll ever play but no one in their right mind would call it a casual game.

                                                            1. He didn’t say hardcore. He used Nintendo’s own terminology, “core”. I believe it refers to people who are genuinely, seriously interested in video games.

                                                              1. My personal belief is that most the industry has forgotten about this middle ground gamer that really grew the industry during the 90s. One that like to play games a good amount, but has other interests or obligations in life and wants to play in short or medium bursts (kind of games you could play for minutes or hours and get as much enjoyment out of it). Ones that are around for the long haul of video games as a hobby, which are the same kind of people who use to fill the arcade.

                                                                But core gamer signifies someone who plays video games all the time. Most of the industry has been a real turn off the last decade cause they have really turned there backs on this large demographic, who is now buying stuff like Shovel Knight not cause of the nostalgia graphics but cause its something that fits well.

                                                          20. Miyamoto’s still as sharp as ever. Guy doesn’t pull any punches… whether or not you agree doesn’t matter. Like the guy implies, apathy is death.

                                                          21. if this means an overpriced 500-700 dollar machine! count me out! one of the good things about nintendo is they made affordable consoles! Also free online! i do not care if i am a nintendo fanboy! i will not pay over 400 for a console!

                                                            1. Don’t be surprised if they start charging for online play or ease it in by starting it as an optional subscription with a few benefits. They’ve already considered it. And in case you forgot, 3DS started off as an overpriced, faulty by design PoS.

                                                          22. Aw… That seems a bit bitter…

                                                            But I’ll admit, they hit mainstream with the Wii. It’s different now, so I’d say Nintendo’s made a smart decision to focus on hardcore gamers again. Lets be honest, games aren’t fads to gamers.


                                                          23. Or in other words: Casual gamers, Fuck off¡

                                                            Kinda sad and not at the same time, is not that I will miss the Wii sport look a like games, but I think some one will.

                                                            1. Not entirely if Miyamoto’s definition of core gamer is the same as Iwata’s (” I personally think the definition of a core gamer is much wider, namely, someone who has a much wider range of interests, someone who enthusiastically plays many types of games that challenges different creative directions. “) BTW, Captain Toad says Hi.

                                                          24. It’s about damn time Nintendo woke the fuck up and went back to making games for the core gamers now I’m excited.

                                                            Sony have a renewed focus on core gamers with the PS4.

                                                            Microsoft finally dropped that pile of shit known as Kinect and Xbox Entertainment to focus on core gamers.

                                                            Now Nintendo has realized that the casual market is garbage and now are focused on core gamers.

                                                            It feels good to see the big three going back to their roots again now I can’t wait to see what the next Nintendo home console and Xbox will be like with the focus on core games.

                                                          25. It’s about fucking time, enough of the Wii X (Sports, Party, ect.) bullshit and non-challenging sequels (Paper Mario Sticker Star, New Super Mario Bros. U, ect.).

                                                            On a side note, I wonder if this means that the Miis will not be involved in the next console.

                                                          26. Pingback: Mer attityd från Nintendo | Frispeltv

                                                            1. That would mean Nintendo re-acquiring Rare, then bringing back the Rare that was able to dev games like Golden Eye & Perfect Dark. Nintendo sold Rare because the 2nd party was already in decline around the 6th gen.

                                                              But I prefer a 1st Person Adventure Shooter like Metroid Prime, or a 1st/3rd Person Action Shooter like Devil’s 3rd. Never liked the Golden Eye game & never played Perfect Dark. I thought Turok was boring.

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