Nintendo America Now Selling Refurbished Zelda Nintendo 3DS XL Consoles

If you’re thinking of picking up one of the gorgeous Zelda themed Nintendo 3DS XL consoles for cheap, then you’re in luck. The official Nintendo of America webstore currently has refurbished Zelda themed Nintendo 3DS XL consoles for sale for $150.

Thanks, Kim


  1. Wow looks horrible i might pick it up just to see how you nintendrones game on it

    1. Incorrect. By the time an eBay auction ends for these, the price will be well above $220. I know cause I’ve seen it many times and bought one myself.

    1. No, it says on the website that it isn’t included. But it is the same price as Nintendo’s other refurbished 3ds xls so I will probably get it

    1. 80 million units from the PSP is considered a failure? What does that say about most of Nintendo consoles then?

      As for the Vita, its struggling but it still has life in it. If Sony gives up then we can all call it a failure.

  2. Meh. The only special edition 3DS XL I care about is that awesome Smash Bros. edition that was announced for Europe. I sure hope it releases in North America.

  3. I wanted this after I got my xl now I want this still :( but I don’t see the point anymore. Is it on 4.5??

    If only 3ds had the vita screen it would be even better.

  4. Bleh! If it isn’t the Ocarina of Time 3DS, I don’t care since I already got the Link Between Worlds 3DS.

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