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Hyrule Warriors Costume DLC Won’t Be Retailer Exclusive

Hyrule Warriors DLC: This mashup of Dynasty Warriors and The Legend of Zelda already includes a large amount of content. Nintendo plans to support the game for the long run with more content to help players expand their adventures even farther. That program kicks off when the game launches on Sept. 26. People who buy the game will receive access to a free download that adds a new mode, a new weapon and the option to select music to add to the Hyrule Warriors experience.

As detailed in a recent Nintendo Direct, consumers who pre-order the game at select retailers will receive a free download code for a set of alternate in-game costumes for Link and Zelda. Additionally, anyone who registers the game with Club Nintendo will receive a free download code for a set of alternate costumes for Ganondorf. All of these additional costumes will become available for purchase in the Nintendo eShop in the near future. Further details on timing and pricing will be announced at a later time.

38 thoughts on “Hyrule Warriors Costume DLC Won’t Be Retailer Exclusive”

    1. Its like theyre finally realizing how lucrative DLC can be. The only problem: dont announce it like a YEAR BEFOREHAND! “3ds themes coming soon, amiibo coming soon, smash OST coming soon” GIMME SUMTHIN NOW!!

      1. They just need to learn from EA. Only have their servers up for a year or two so that you can buy the new version and make everything on disc DLC. They can make the big bucks!

    2. You mean the three costume DLC’s that probably won’t even take past $10 to get altogether? Yeah… Sigh. :( How Nintendo has fallen. XD

            1. So you expect developers to spend a lot of time and hard work to add new content to a game for free? It’s a very expensive for developers to add new content to games, and with the amount of content Nintendo is adding to Mario Kart 8, it’s well worth the price. Id pay $20 for both DLC’s, Nintendo is doing DLC right with Mario Kart 8, selling it for a reasonable price, and it actually being worth getting unlike how EA does DLC where its small things being that are rushed to be released as soon as possible and over priced to earn quick money. Nintendo actually has their customers in mind. Keep in mind that Nintendo isn’t doing Hyrule Warriors, so the DLC isn’t as fair.

          1. I meant if you were buying them separately. It’s true that it’s a lot of content, but what if we become the next EA with season passes and everything? (For the record, I do like EA though)

    3. 2 things…

      1= Nintendo are not developing this game (although Mr. Aonuma is the supervisor) so I think it’s more understandable that Hyrule Warriors has DLC. I was never a fan of paying for skins myself but oh well…

      2= Nintendo has fallen? Mario Kart 8’s upcoming DLC… nuff said. lol

      1. Well, I can definitely see what you mean on the second ;) I still think they should call the next one Super Smash Bros Kart or Mario Kart 9: Smash Attack. Maybe even get in a few third party characters for variety.

        1. third party characters, while I understand that you are thinking in Smash terms, i do not want. Although the arcade version of Mario Kart has Pac-man, that is only because it is a collaboration with Bandai Namco. I believe that in order for the game to stay Mario Kart, it will have to be mainly Mario characters with other Nintendo franchises sprinkled in over time.

          1. Right, but I don’t think they even need to call it Mario Kart anymore. Just call it Smash Bros Kart and import all of the characters from the new title. Maybe add in a few extra Mario characters and then the game would be set!

      2. Nintendo is publishing the game. Publishers set the marketing and pricing so they are very much the responsible party for this paid DLC. Developers are the creative minds and programmers behind the game; although publishers can take over creative control if they feel like the project isn’t going in the right direction. They supply the money so they are the only exception that make all the decisions in the end.

  1. 15 bucks for the Mario kart 8 dlc?! Lol where the hell did you see that. The other day it was buy them at 7.99 a piece or both for 11.99

  2. Hey this is a good news
    What the hell, stop complaining
    Tecmo koei/koei tecmo or team ninja whatever, put a lot of content to the game
    A few bucks wouldn’t hurt
    I’m playing the japanese version of the game and I’m having a blast playing it
    There’s a lot of things to do in the game
    So shut up already I will tell u now
    You will enjoy the game

  3. What’s the source for this? I’m not seeing in any other place. It was something expected for happening, but it wasn’t mentioned on any Nintendo Direct that I know…

  4. The key thing in announcing and having a DLC in a game and not to get stoned and be voted as one of the worst companies is that; Don’t have a prerelease specific game DLC announcement. Second, don’t have a day one ready DLC. Third bundle it with game modes and not just maps and skins. Fourth there should be a time gap in between DLC releases And most importantly Don’t be EA.

  5. I’m glad they confirmed the DLC will be available on the eShop later down the road. I can wait for the Twilight Princess & Skyward Sword alternates for Link & Zelda, and I don’t mind paying a few bucks for them, either. In the meantime, I will enjoy the Ocarina of Time alternate outfits I’ll get for free from Gamestop til then.

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