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More Exclusive Titles Are Being Planned For New Nintendo 3DS System

Nintendo Japan has confirmed that the company has more titles in the works for the recently announced new Nintendo 3DS console. The first of these games is a Wii port of Xenoblade Chronicles, but more titles will follow. The new exclusives will take full advantage of the new CPU and visuals and will utilise the second circle pad. However, older Nintendo 3DS titles won’t get a visual boost.

Thanks to those who sent this in.

121 thoughts on “More Exclusive Titles Are Being Planned For New Nintendo 3DS System”

    1. friedriceandkamehameha

      It’s actually not a bad idea on their part. The 3DS has lost a good amount of steam. It’s doing well, but not making the strides it was. They were gonna have to jump ship sooner or later and this probably acts as a nice stop-gap for then to get more time before their real next handheld. Like the gameboy color from the gameboy

          1. Gameboy Color was a new handheld, this isn’t. Stop comparing the two.

            As I’ve said handheld gaming was just getting good around that time but it was moving slowly, color was the in thing. So the Gameboy Color coming out 9 years later after the Gameboy was Nintendo’s take on a new handheld at the time.

            This isn’t a new handheld, this is a upgraded 3DS.

            1. “This isn’t a new handheld, this is a updraded 3DS” it has exclusives and better graphics and a new style of desogn, I think that qualifies as a new system it is not a break between new systems, if it were I don’t think there’d be exclusives… now DSi that was an in betweener, new functions and designs, but same graphics and no exclusives…

                1. Okay, but stil New 3DS is a new system and has bigger differences from DS & DSlite to DSi & DSixl making it so in order to use most of the functions exclusives are needed like how they can now do a portable port for games like Xeno blade Chronicles…

                  1. It’s not a new system, it isn’t worth an upgrade unless of course you WANT xenoblade, which isn’t really a system seller either. This console is an inbetwener and there’s still major games that will be real eased for the 3DS so I will wait for the (4DS or whatever they decide to call it) instead of buying this because you know they will release it as the REAL new system. Nobody in the UK recognises this system as new because at the end of the day it’s still a 3DS.

        1. Sure it is I mean its the way this game is played. Plus the new system is better in every way and it only costs 200 for the xl version plus gamestop right now is giving 75 trade for the 3ds and 100 for the 3ds XL.

          1. I just can’t pay that kind of money…at least not yet. I’m the kind of guy who goes to the 5 dollar bin at Gamestop. You know, I actually got 5 for 14. Pizza Delivery Boy, Tornado Outbreak, NHL 2009, The Legend of Zorro, and Hail to the Chimp yesterday. It was a bargain and that’s why I never get new games. It’s easier to wait until they’re low priced.

        2. How is it not right? The Handel’s life span has been 4 years and they’re upgrading the system AND it costs the same

      1. It’s more like the game boy to the DS.
        It has a loading time of a second or two in MH4U compared to the 3ds which has take me ten seconds sometimes. It doesn’t slow down the actual gameplay as well unlike the 3ds.

    2. Call it a rip-off if you want but the 3DS was released back early 2011, it’s not like it hasn’t been around for long. Nintendo is known for updating it’s handheld consoles regularly, followed by rapid drops of support on the old consoles. The repetitive purchases we make of there consoles is earning them a lot of money. I suspect the old 3DS will end up out of dev’s eye’s in around 8 to 9 months, for it’ll be around 5 months before it reaches us Westerners.

    3. Considering the iPad gets a new versions every year in ok with upgrading my 3DS every 4-5 years, and though not every change is their (Bluetooth, multitouch on both screens, OLED screens, better cameras, higher resolution) but all the key changes are their (better 3D screen, NFC, second circle pad, colored buttons, the addition of new buttons, more ram, customization, micro SD,) those changes alone well allow for far more games to be made, and for more FPS games to be ported over/made also more bottons mean more RPG as well, with NFC they could even bring phone payments to the system

        1. I’ve been saying this all day to people, it defeats that purpose of what they are. I definitely do not want this to become a trend like it is with phones and tablets now.

              1. I won’t deny it I suppose. Still, I’m used to quality experiences. I’ve clocked in over 110 hours on Smash Bros so I already regained my value 20X over in that game. I’ll admit that Sega and Microsoft never hook me with their games like Smash Bros. That being said, I want Nintendo to continue to rise!

          1. It’s not a trend, it’s a consoles lifespan, this is how long a console lasts until it’s sales start to drop and stay dropped. Stop complaining :/

          2. ok so here begins my rant….. issue #1: the reason the GBC was released almost 10 years later was due to the sluggish rate at which technology evolved. which is far from the case in today’s world. which brings me to issue #2: get used to having to upgrade every year because it’s going to become the norm. with technology evolving at an exponential rate you can’t even begin to think that a piece of technology can be relevant for 5 to 6 years. the reason phones get better every year is due to the development teams understanding this. which brings me to my final issue. issue #3: I’ve heard a million times over people being ass hurt about having to upgrade they’re consoles handhelds and stationary consoles. look people it’s been almost 5 years with the 3ds. that’s just a long a life cycle as the original ds…..if that were the case no one would ever upgrade and all the great 3ds games we enjoyed would have been shoehorned on to gameboy, and the same for home consoles we’d all have Magnavox Odysse’s. so at the end of the you mat hate it but it’s been lining the pockets of the industry since the beginning, and honestly not upgrading stifles any form of progression.

    4. It’s time for an upgrade. Original launch was march 2011.

      Apple does it yearly for more expensive devices (x2-3 more), there are apps which only play on the newer and that’s just accepted.

        1. Exactly, also who the hell said Apple or any of these other tablet and phone makers doing this all the time was okay?

      1. Do you even understand the definition of hypocrite? Tell me any other comment that he has said before that contradicts his current statement

      1. Yeah… I intentionally held out on buying a 3DS for quite a while hoping I could catch the latest. I think i’d be pretty bummed out though to only have it for a week before getting this news. Hopefully we get a good trade in promotion or something…

  1. Stupid idea. Developers aren’t going to use the extra power besides Nintendo themselves because there will be so many more normal 3DS units they can sell to instead. It’s the DSi all over again.

      1. *Slightly* more powerful internals, a better battery, a *tiny* extra stick and a tiny redesign. I’d say it’s just like the DSi. Developers will obviously find a much larger market opened up to them by just sticking with slightly weaker graphics and one analog stick. Do you really think they’ll find either of those to be of much use?

        Also, I’ve been testing out the graphics on the 3DS, and no, it isn’t very lacking in power for pretty much every 3d game concept that would fit on such a small screen. Nintendo’s functional shaders really help out here performance-wise.

    1. So you complained about not having the circular pad pro attached and now that it is you’re complaining about buying it? Hypocrite Nintendrone much?

      1. Err, if you were so stupid that you haven’t realized it yet, Nintendrones = Nintendo Fanboys. Nintendo Fanboys = People who don’t say a single negative thing about Nintendo. So I dot see how you got the idea that he’s a Nintendrone, lmao

  2. Wow… look at all the hypocrites bitching about this even though they’ve been wanting Nintendo to do something like this… *facepalm*

    1. I for one am okay with this being a new model, although I was not someone who complained abou the circle pad pro. What I’m not okay with is that this will have exclusive games that the original 3ds and 3ds xl can’t play, that’s what sucks.

    2. Hypocrites? Nope.

      The only thing you are right about is people asking for those improvements but no one asked for them to be in the 3DS and 1/2.

      They asked for them to be in their actual new handheld.

  3. Although tge new version looks really ramped up, I feel like they’re middle fingering the people that had the older models. Considering that I bought my XL yesterday:(

    1. Sorry, Mr. L. That’s really lame… Missing out on exclusives, because Nintendo wants to make a quick buck? Unfair- if you ask me.

      And sorry about these loonie trolls. Dark Horse’s comment was uncalled for. This site’s comment box is notorious for it’s trolls.

  4. I feel this does more harm than good. It’s going to make consumers hesitant to buy a console as the next upgrade is always right around the corner.

    Consoles should NOT go the way of the cell phone market.

  5. How much of us are willing to buy a “new” 3DS to get access to games that should be released on all 3DS systems? I’m just saying it’s kinda risky on Nintendo’s part. Those better be some good damn exclusives, don’t wanna repeat of the Wii U after all.

    1. It’s not a matter of want, it’s a matter of can’t. The New 3ds is two times as powerful as the normal (No joke you can find out yourself). They can’t release games that take advantage of the better hardware on a system that can’t play those games.

    1. Hey everybody the videogames guru is talking…now seriously, i’m starting to think that you have an obsession with sickr.

    2. As if you had the money to… Why do you even try when you have just about fucked yourself in every way possible when trying to give yourself any credibility?

      Maybe if you weren’t so stupid, you’d be better at lying.

    3. Why the **** is the trolling running so rampant on this site? It’s pretty sickening, to be honest. People, he makes a fair point – the exclusives will all be first party and either ports or just really lame. Anything that Nintendo publishes of value will definitely expand to the old 3DS because that’s where most of their target market is right now. Simple logic. It’s the same reason Pokémon B2W2 were for the Nintendo DS, and not even DSi exclusives.

  6. If you want the new features and new games then upgrade, else, don’t. They make new stuff in order to stay up to date. That’s capitalism right there, creative destruction. Old stuff is replaced with new stuff if it doesn’t happen like that then the system “company, economy, etc” collapses.

    1. Really? You are fine with buying a new console every 2-3 years?

      What if you had to buy a DVD player every 3 years, in order to watch newer DVDs? That would be a lot of extra money, that you could of spent on other things.
      Your old DVD player would simply become obsolete, because of capitalism. It’s a really dirty move that Nintendo is pulling here.

      I don’t know about you, OC70PUS, but my DVD player is, I’d say, about 9 or 10 years old. And it works fine! That’s why I’m upset with Nintendo’s decision here. They are making DVDs that don’t work on brand new costly DVD players.

  7. Well, for over 2 years everyone has been complaining about the lack of a second stick. They finally announced a new version with a second stick and everyone complains…. So if they don’t listen to consumers it is bad but if they Do listen it is worse? Wtf?

    1. It’s because nintendo fans can be idiots sometimes. Me personally, I think this is a great move on nintendos part. It’s like the psp3000, and how it had better specs to it’s predecessors.

    2. People complained about Nintendo not adding a 2nd stick from the start. Of course people are going to complain if Nintendo does it 3 years too late, after everyone already has spend their money on older 3DS version. The complaints are justified, as this isn’t an optional upgrade, you are forced to buy a system you practically already own to be able to play future games/certain exclusives.
      I would have understood this whole move if this was, like, their next-gen handheld, but the regular 3DS released only 3 years ago in 2011, and 3 years is definitely not enough to be considered a “generation”.

    1. same here, they actually adding cool features to it, I’ve own my xl for almost 3 years so its that big of a deal to me.

  8. Wow, I can’t understand Nintendo right now, pay 100/150 € extra just to have slighty improved graphic games… that’s really, really lame… just have a new hardware or an add-on to increase the power (a la 32x, N64 extra Ram). I hope they release something like that for “normal” 3DS owners.

  9. Lucky me! Planning wanna buy nintendo this week but I keep make a lot of research in Google when they gonna release new nintendo since Fusion code name keep bugging my head. So damn surprise! My dream came true! I been waiting for u! I got vita, but nintendo caught my attention! I think nintendo make new nintendo after I keep bugging at google!

  10. Extremely disappointed with those decisions from Nintendo. I’ve been buying their systems for years, since I was a kid basically, as early as my wallet allows it, and that’s how they thank me ?! This company owns the most mythical characters of the whole industry and yet doesn’t give a single fuck about their fans. Incredible. I think I’m out Nintendo.

  11. this will be supported vastly more eo than DSi ,and as i never got a 3DS im all in now

    il buy the biggest best 3ds games then add the new 3DS titles to my collection with boosted graphics controls and crisper 3D

    il glad i waited and this along side wiiu exclusives will take nintendo back into profitability

    vita is dead sony are going broke and ps4 is a fucking pile of shit with a 4 gen outdated controller

    il be buying a xl version of NEW 3DS and using it on late shift at my new job as a shift setter when the machines are running i can sit down for hours playing AAA games

    phone gaming and vita is for chumps

    1. Okay, but I can’t take you seriously with your horrendous grammar and use of words like ‘chump’. Nevertheless, I’d like to point out that the graphics aren’t better (nor crisper) per se, and that the old 3DS would’ve been just fine at about half the price.

      On another note, this is just an observation, but I think you have a lame job. Maybe you have it better, but your job in general just sucks. Have a nice day!

      1. your mad about this 3ds so you take it out on his job? lol. if his job is so bad why is it that he can afford this new 3ds without complaining like you?

  12. i bet cpu -gpu and bus and ram all have been over clocked by 50% just like DSi that plus the buffer ram boost and main ram boost will seriously boost performance

    1. Sorry, but it that’s kind of irrelevant when it comes to hardware like the 3DS line. Yes, there will be some exclusives pushing for ‘stunning’ graphics, but there won’t really be many games for this kind of platform that will use so much inefficient rendering/logic anyway.

      Also, the processor is entirely different, and I can’t remember the memory off the top of my head. Still, I’m pretty sure that the upgrade won’t be much of a game-changer.

  13. it doesnt have two sliders for 3d!! the right one is for 3d and the left one is for the sound volume..
    this sucks tho, i got my xl like 3 months ago.. i will keep my xl until it either breaks or the *new* 3ds gets some great exclusive games!

  14. No one mentions the return of Pokemon Gen 7 rumors…

    – Generation 7 inQ4 2015 (seems illogical for me), 2016 or 2017 probably as exclusive to New 3DS?
    – Generation 8 on an unannounced new Nintendo handheld?

  15. Get ready, guys. Majora’s Mask 3D will be exclusive to the New 3DS. Just watch. For people like me that wants Majora’s Mask 3D & plan to buy the new 3DS, this won’t be a big issue. It sucks for those that won’t upgrade, though.

    1. I’m relatively sure it won’t be. OoT3D ran ridiculously smooth on the 3DS, and Majora’s Mask will be roughly the same at the graphical level. There aren’t many ‘diehard-will-buy-new-console’ fans for many games, let alone MM, so Nintendo knows it stands to gain more profit by opening up the market to people with old 3DS’. Of course, I could be wrong, but that’s my logic.

      tl;dr: nintendo knows they can make more profit by letting old 3ds owners play mm3d, and they dont need the gfx power.

  16. I don’t think it’s just the second analogue stick that is getting people angry, It’s the higher Cpu and RAM that is pissing people off. They released the 3DS three years ago. That is way to short of a time to do such a major upgrade. Many people have just bought a 3DS or 3DS XL, It sucks that they are going to be obsolete in less than a year. With the New 3DS Coming ( I hope they change the damn name) New games that cannot be used on the original 3DS and XL will come out. People who bought the 3DS are practically getting slapped in the face by Nintendo for buying their product. Nintendo should have a good trade in program or discount for people who have 3DS handhelds, or else this could bite them in the ass big time.

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  18. I dont see why they didn’t make the 3ds more powerful in the first place. It really bugs me that all these new types of DSs are always being created, and they don’t make reasonable trade in deals for the old 3ds users. If I would have kept upgrading from the 3ds to xl then to the new 3ds or xl, it would have cost me about the same as if i bought an entirely new 3ds before the price drop. How about a 30-50$ trade in?

  19. I’m happy that this is going to be released as next May will be my 18th birthday and I was originaply going to be given a PS4 (I only want one for KH3) but as Nintendo have said that thus will be released next Spring it means I can have one of these instead.

  20. Complain if you want but the adjustments being made are going to make this new system worth every cent. I am a
    poor college student and have had my 3ds XL for almost a year and I can’t wait! Just gotta gather up the money. Nintendo took our criticism and is now giving us what we have all been wanting.

  21. I love my NEW 3ds! Worth every damn penny. Transferred all my games and saves via computer, and sold my old XL, got $56, and got another AC charger for $10 (pocketed $46) Definately worth the upgrade.

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