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Super Smash Bros For Nintendo 3DS Launch Time Announced

Nintendo has announced the launch time for Super Smash Bros. for Nintendo 3DS. In a new email sent to its subscribers, the publisher confirmed that the upcoming hand-held version of the fighting title will launch at midnight on October 3rd. It will be available in the Nintendo eShop and in stores. The latest trailer for the game confirms that Shulk from Xenoblade Chronicles will be featured as a playable character.

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  1. Isn’t this pretty much expected? I mean, they couldn’t of said anything, and people would always expect midnight.

  2. When Nintendo announced a Japan-only 3DS Direct, one phrase immediately came to mind — RPGs. Yet what happened was entirely unexpected. Not only was new 3DS hardware announced, but it’s a substantial change that can — perceivably — extend the life of the portable a fair amount.

    I’ve said that the 3DS has been a system that’s reached a tipping point, where it needed a boost — perhaps through a revision — to give it a little more life. Nintendo’s ‘New’ 3DS and 3DS LL — which is XL in the West — has truly surprised, however, in the sheer scale of what it’s offering. When you combine all of the features together you’re left with a fairly drastic overhaul, and one clearly designed to re-invigorate the platform and bring together key features that have been somewhat ‘bolted on’ to the original models.

    When you add the physical hardware features of the ‘new’ 3DS models together, what you get is a system that’s integrating various add-ons and customer demands into one cohesive piece of kit. In that respect it’s all smart thinking by Nintendo — each feature on its own is relatively minor in terms of its practical impact, yet considered as a whole it produces a highly attractive system. It seems likely that Nintendo’s keen to bring the two models closer to parity in sales with these different benefits, rather than the clear gap between the original model and XL / LL. Both systems look attractive, but a quick straw poll in my family and friends actually shows a clear preference for the smaller model, a marked change considering the wide adoption of the XL in that same group.

    A key benefit of the new model also brings us its one potential source of contention. It has a faster CPU, which will mean quicker downloads, loading of Miiverse and general use of the operating system. That’s a big positive, yet it seems to be the case that the port of Xenoblade Chronicles coming to Japan appears to be exclusive to the New models. Utilising the greater CPU power is clearly vital for that game to work, then, but could be an issue in future. I’d suggest that the number of games exclusive to the new hardware will be minimal, as they have to be in order to make any business sense. Splitting the 3DS ‘family’ in that way is arguably acceptable with rare cases, but there’d be no sense in releasing a major new title that only works on the later hardware, therefore minimising sales. I suspect that Xenoblade Chronicles example will be a rarity, but it’s something to watch with interest.

    What these new models can ultimately do, however, is give the 3DS a vital boost to sustain some momentum in the next 2-3 years. The XL performed well when released in Fall 2012, and a similar bump will be anticipated this time — October in Japan, 2015 elsewhere. The effect should filter down, too; the new models look set to come in at reasonable pricing similar to the current systems, so I’d expect the original 3DS, 3DS XL and 2DS to drop prices accordingly. The family will surely be tiered sensibly in pricing, making the current models an attractive budget option for those less concerned by the ‘New’ extras.
    More software must follow for the whole family of systems, of course, to accompany to boost in interest from the New models. There are exciting possibilities that there could be more occasional links between 3DS and Wii U, too, with the New systems matching the home console’s controllers in terms of button and stick inputs — minus clickable sticks. Wireless transfers between the systems and PCs should be useful, while Micro-SDs modernise the storage a little more — even the basic screen is being advertised as an improvement (resolution is the same, though); it all points to a system that’ll feel more capable and modern in its approach.

    Certainly in the case of various commentators in the Internet, there’s a real sense of optimism around the new hardware. Nintendo marketing teams will need to do a strong job of promoting the range and distinguishing it from what’s come before — the company has form, though, courtesy of the DS family going from ‘phat’ to Lite, DSi to DSi XL, while the Game Boy and Game Boy Advance evolved a great deal. Like with any bold hardware move, of course, there are risks, but these models fulfil and exceed our expectations in terms of what I felt was needed as part of a 3DS ‘refresh’ to push the platform through to the end of its generation.

    1. It’s a half-next-gen, like Game Boy Color was to the Game Boy, and hopefully normal 3DS games will be forward compatible (like maybe Pokemon games when played on the New 3DS will have improved framerates and 3D available in all or at least more scenarios).

      1. “It’s a half-next-gen, like Game Boy Color was to the Game Boy”
        Why does everyone say this? It’s simply not true. The original Game Boy was released in 1989 as a part of the fourth generation of consoles. We didn’t see the Game Boy Color until 1998, almost 10 years after that. The fact that it could play GB games doesn’t mean it was a “half-next-gen” portable console.

        1. Don’t bother, people are doing everything in their power to justify such a dick move. Been saying the same crap all day to people as well, they just don’t get it.

        2. The original Gameboy could play many of the games for Gameboy Colour, just not in colour, hence the reason why people call it “half next gen”.

          1. There was no increase in power between those models, they just had a new design and new functions. This is the first time Nintendo has released a new, more powerful model of their previous console/portable within the same generation (not counting things like N64’s expansion pack and the like).

      1. Wow, and here I thought he wrote that whole thing himself -_- all credibility was lost after that. However, it was a good read, just not his read.

    1. Yes, because you’re just that kid who plays nothing but Call of Duty all day so we don’t expect you to have good tastes in game ;)

    1. With the reveal of Shulk and his face being exactly the same from the leaked roster, the leak has pretty much confirmed itself real. With that said… Snake, Lucas, Ice Climbers, and Wolf were cut or atleast not unlocked? Who knows if they still have a chance in the future as DLC. ROB, Wario, Ness, and Falco were on the leaked image, so that practically means they’re returning. Ganondorf was spotted in a recent trailer for Smash, on the leaked images and seen in leaked gameplay footage. Ganondorf by far the most confirmed.

      1. That’s because I already owned BO2 (my last COD purchase) back in 2012 before the whole Nuketown BS and a friend of mine gave me his copy of Ghosts because its a POS which is still is. Both games lacked DLC and was never thoroughly patched of its usual multiplayer problems.

        And speaking of hypocrite, do you still love or hate Nintendo because you can’t do both based on how you talk about them. lol

          1. You call me blind when its them that lied about the DLC in the beginning which is why I avoided the Ghosts port. STFU about what you don’t know about me. A hypocrite like you wouldn’t know jack shit.

        1. Yea you can, it is called being unbiased, having an actual intelligent opinion that isn’t clouded by a narrow and shallow point of view. There are plenty of things I have hated that Nintendo has done but it doesn’t stop me from loving them.

          I guess you’ve never been in a real relationship have you? You aren’t going to like everything a person does either but it doesn’t mean you still can’t like them.

            1. Zzzzzzzzzzz everything you say is so old now, it is always the same… I get it, you’re in denial.

              It is called an example of something, do you not know what an example is? Relating a similar situation to that of what you speak of?

              You said you can’t love and hate something as if were a fact for everything, so I responded directly to your initial comment about gaming and also gave an example of how that isn’t ever true but as usual you just focus on what you want instead of owning up to your own moronic comments.

              Sure just act like that was all I posted, was the part about a relationship… Real mature.

              You are clearly a waste of time and energy, your head is so god damn thick nothing anyone says is ever going to deter you from the way you think about things, no matter how right someone else is and how wrong you are.

              So have fun living in your own little delusional bubble. I’ve lost interest.

  3. The Fired Nintendo employee said the roster leak wasn’t of the whole roster. This is the Leakers full roster.

    .) Mario, 2.) Dr. Mario, 3.) Luigi, 4.) Peach, 5.) Bowser, 6.) Bowser Jr., 7.) Rosalina, 8.) Wario, 9.) Yoshi, 10.) Link, 11.) Toon Link, 12.) Zelda, 13.) Shiek, 14.) Impa, 15.) Ganondorf, 16.) Pikachu, 16.) Jigglypuff, 17.) Charizard, 18.) Mewtwo, 19.) Lucario, 20.) Greninja, 21.) Donkey Kong, 22.) Diddy Kong, 23.) Dixie Kong, 24.) Samus, 25.) Zero Suit Samus, 26.) Ridley, 27.) Kirby, 28.) King Dedede, 29.) Meta Knight, 30.) Pit, 31.) Palutena, 32.) Dark Pit, 33.) Marth, 34.) Ike, 35.) Lucina, 36.) Robin, 37.) Captain Falcon, 38.) Olimar, 39.) Ness, 40.) Lucas, 41.) Fox, 42.) Falco, 43.) Wolf, 44.) Little Mac, 45.) Villager, 46.) Wii Fit Trainer, 47.) Rob, 48.) Duck Hunt Dog, 49.) Mach Rider, 50.) Ice Climbers, 51.) Mr. Game & Watch, 52.) Chorus Boy, 53.) Shulk, 54.) Sonic the Hedehog, 55.) Snake, 56.) Mega Man, 57.) Pac Man, 58.) Mii Fighters, and 59.) Random Character Select button..

    1. Do you have a source to provide for this ? It seems like it can be legit, but without some sort of picture, or website link, or gameplay video, I’ll find it hard to believe.

  4. Why oh why is Shulk in the game? Not that I mind much, but Xenoblade Chronicles is one of those games I can’t understand the appeal of. And why hasn’t other veteran Smash Bros. fighters such as Ness and Ice Climbers been announced yet?

    1. Ness is coming, so don’t worry. That leak we saw was real, so expect all those last bit of characters to end up in the game.

      1. With or without the leak people should have known Ness ain’t getting cut, he’s far too unique a character, plus he’s one of the last two from the original not announced, never doubted him for a second.

  5. Not removing the original twelve? People seem to forget those twelve rather easily. There’s one I haven’t seen in anything besides the leak.

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