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Sony Claims It Has 78% Market Share For Home Consoles In Japan

Sony Computer Entertainment Japan and Asia President Atsushi Morita claims that the company has a 78% market share for home consoles in Japan. The 78% includes the PlayStation 3 and the PlayStation 4. However, they wouldn’t mention the handheld space where both Sony and Nintendo are competing against smartphone and tablet gaming which has proved a massive hit in Japan.

149 thoughts on “Sony Claims It Has 78% Market Share For Home Consoles In Japan”

      1. No, I mean I want a PS4 in general. Lol If I get a PS4, I will never ever bother you guys again about third party. I will only say positive things about the Wii U. XD

              1. For a best option to play most third party games you do need to spent at $1000, now compare that to a $400 ($500 where I live) system, but at least you can still use a cheap one to play at least indie games! Personally I want both a PS4 and a near high end PC gaming rig, btw I have both a 3DS, Wii U and steam account.

                1. To play games at the PS4 level, you dont need much more than about 600$.
                  Though to be really able to take some out of the games (minus pisspoor Ubisoft ports) you need that around 1000-1200$ rig.

                  Though this is all expecting you have a monitor already.
                  Though if you have a low end PC already, upgrading that to decent levels could go as low as 400$.

                  And games + free to play games can more than make up for what you spend opposed to PS4 (minus Ubisoft games, Ubisoft for some reason thinks their pisspoor ports are worth the same price as console games.).

                2. you can actually pick up a great pc for around 500 dollars not with monitor and such but you can run all the games right now at max on a 670gtx card almost with i5 and 8 gb of ram

          1. I swear to god I am telling the truth. You see HollowGrapeJ (me) basically has two sides. Third party and first party. You see my third party side is about 70% of me since that’s what I mainly play and it’s missing right now. I only have 30% of me left right now and it’s not enough! That’s why I’ve been playing the living f**k out of Assassin’s Creed on my Wii U right now since it’s the closest to true third party I have. I’ve been playing Nintendo games since I was like 8 or something and I never got to play Sony and PS games much, so that explains why I want these games so much! Idk whether I’m just addicted to Assassin’s Creed or just third party in general, but I think it’s really great! I’ve been playing Nintendo games for so long that it’s nice to have a break! I will need to get a PS4 to complete my third party needs and then with my Wii U as a side console, I won’t ever have to worry about missing a game. I’m sorry if I’m taking all my anger out on the Wii U, but when you take away my third party, you make me upset! Lol!

            1. I salute you but sometimes, you just gotta calm down about some things and don’t get too worked up. If there’s something you don’t like, move along and if there’s something you never tried before, go for it or don’t. XP

            2. Honestly, you should just buy a PS3. I did shortly after the PS4 launched as I was also fed up with the lack of 3rd party support on Wii U and it was the best gaming decision I’ve made in ages. There’s so many great games that you won’t be able to play on PS4 as it’s not backwards compatible so I don’t think you’ll regret buying one over a PS4, especially not at the current price. I’ll definitely get a PS4 at some point but not for at least a couple of years when the price comes down substantially.

              Currently playing through Tomb Raider after finishing GTV V (paid about £10 each on ebay) and loving them both. Gonna pick up Last of Us and Stick of Truth next. There’s so many other games to get through in between the games coming out for Wii U over the next couple of years :)

              1. I would, but I don’t plan on spending any more money on consoles for awhile. I’d like to just get the PS4 for current gen third party and then once I’ve settled in with that, I’ll get a PS3 sometime later. :)

          1. Bro, I’m not a grown man with a full time job. Lol. I’m a teen that has to scrap up money from allowances and stuff. What takes you a week takes me months to get.

          2. Since when is 400 dollars a week minimun wage? lol. First of all 400 dollars a week is 10 dollars an hour, not 7.50. Second of all we dont live in a tax free society, so to actually bring home 400 dollars after taxes you have to make roughly around 14 dollars an hour, give or take depending on what state you live in. And last, it’s not easy to drop an entire paycheck on a video game console when you have important stuff like food and power to pay for.

            lol, sorry no offence, just had the urge to correct you! ;)

            1. I can afford all the games I want, what I can not afford is wasting time on video games with a job, wife and 2 kids. My 3.5 old daughter is already obsessed with Mario so I can’t even start my console without her invading it.

              1. Since the video game industry has been going downhill with an American video game console on sale, fuck Microsoft. They’ve been nothing but bad luck for the gaming industry. The last time the video game industry went to shit, it was because of a United States of America company known as Atari. When Microsoft, another United States of America company got into the video game industry, it’s been slowly going to shit ever since. Coincidence? Maybe… But I don’t think so!

    1. I Didn’t like the ps4 :'( I was playing it today at a GameStop and I didn’t find it interesting. But I can say that the looking was very nice and realistic. Not for me though .

    1. wouldn’t you be? let me also point out that the buttons are freaking tiny on that thing. i held one, it was weird and i felt like an ogre! lol

      1. Not in japan of course, but I can see why sony is making this claim since they are still counting every piece of hardware they sell. A little Misleading though.

      1. Wii U has been doing better than the PS4 in Japan since MK8 launched, and if I remember correctly, before that too!

  1. This is why I hate sony. Total Bullshit. The wii sold 12 million the ps3 sold something like 8million.
    Wii u is at 2 million ps4 is at 600 000. Sony just talk sh-t/

      1. They are using combined sales of the ps3 and ps4. Which is only legit if you imagine Nintendo did not sell any Wii consoles in Japan.
        The only reason the PS3 is not dead in Japan is because the ps4 is doing so badly.

        1. No. The PS3 is not dead in Japan because Sony doesn’t just drop support for an older system once the new one comes out unlike certain other companies.

          Either way, home consoles have been on a huge decline in Japan for a while.

          1. If they’d quit being so desperate to be on par, or close to, PC, they could make their new consoles backwards compatible, stop supporting their last gen consoles, & actually help their new consoles sell even more. Hell! Since KH3 & FFXV will be on the PS4, I would have bought the console in it’s first 3 months if it was backwards compatible with PS3 games.

            1. The new console doesn’t need any help selling. It’s one of the fastest selling gaming consoles in history with over 10 million already sold through before the first year is over.

              If Sony made the PS4 backwards compatible (putting in an incredibly complex and outdated processor in the system), it would have doubled the price and Sony wouldn’t be experiencing the success they are having now.

              They made the specs close to PC specs because that’s what the people who make games wanted. Both Sony and Microsoft actually sat down with developers before and during the console development period to find out what they wanted to work with. That’s why we have consoles that have similar architectures to PC’s. It has nothing to do with desperation.

              Stopping support for the last gen would also be a slap in the face for consumers who own those systems and do not plan on upgrading right away to the new gen.

          2. It is not sony who is supporting the ps3 it is publishers who dont want to lose money based on just the ps4 market.
            Look at last weeks sales of the Last of us in Japan. 30 000 copies> What Japanese third party is going to risk millions of dollars to sell that little. 30 000 is less than the windwaker hd sold to a similar sized market.. however, the wind waker also sold a ton digitally in Japan because it is only 2gb. THe last of us HD is a huge download.

  2. I don’t have the data, so IDK, but ai do know Sony did everything right with the PS4 launch… That said, without software, it will lose momentum just like WiiU did.

    Does anyone know if Sony has a similar software drought like Nintendo did, or is their game selection decent?

    1. yeah they are I own a PS4 and Wii U and their having a game drought, but they are also getting third party support, I know a lot of Sony’s 1st/2nd party games don’t come out till holiday this year, and that continues into next year also. But then again I mainly bought a PS4 for third party and RPG/JRPG’s so it doesn’t really bother me.

  3. Just wait until the xbox one is released there and will outsell everything, but of course you nintendrones still live in your dreamland.

  4. I… think they are lying. Isn’t Wii U outselling PS4 in Japan? 3DS certainly is outselling both PS4 and Vita combined in Japan.

    I see no way in which the PS3 and PS4 is outselling all of Nintendo’s consoles.

    1. They arent, but knowing SONY, they are probably still counting sales from PSP, and anything related to PS. Its just PR bullshit.

  5. What a load of shit Sony. Don’t get me wrong, I always knew you were shit, but now you are completely twisting around the facts to make yourself look good. You compare the PS4 AND PS3 to the Wii U. So, while the Wii U has been outselling the PS4 week to week in Japan, the PS3 has an install base of about 10 million already in Japan, compared to the Wii U’s 1.8 million.

    Know what would’ve been fair? PS3+PS4 compared to Wii plus the Wii U, but that wouldn’t look good on their part.

  6. People forgot to read the “claims” part. I claim a lot of things beautiful women, riches, healthy life but I only got one of them and I am thankful.

  7. Yeah… I’d like to see the numbers. I also wonder what systems they are taking into account here. All industry accounts seem to point to Wii selling more units than PS3 and, likewise, the Wii U over PS4 thus far.

    If they’re comparing PS3+PS4 against the Wii U alone, that percentage might be feasible. That would be like Nintendo saying they have 89% market share with Wii+Wii U versus the PS4 by itself.

  8. How did they come up with 78% in market share?
    It would have been more truthful if they’ve said,we still have 78% of PS4 in stock.

  9. Sony says this and yet, PS4 is lacking behind Wii U for some reason. lol IDK why that is but their failed Vita is doing better than their successful PS4 in Japan. Its like the country is their own little parallel dimension. lol

            1. lol I forget with all the cursing I see in the comments section that there might be kids, and I figured with crap already being part of it, people wouldn’t mind the second part. sorry if I offended you lol

                1. BS. I haven’t said a single cuss word in weeks. Don’t pay attention to Ridley. He’s always lying to make me look bad! Lol.

          1. Crapcum, eh? Naw. That’s too generous. Cum has life in it. Capcom, on the other hand, has life but it’s slowly dieing. Oh wait! Cum is roughly the same thing! Nevermind! Crapcum it is! lmao

              1. Cum=… Oh wait. You’re only a kid. I can’t tell you that cum is the stuff that comes out of a guy & goes into a woman to make a baby. *covers mouth* Oops.

                1. Pfft, I was joking. You didn’t get the “:P” at the end? Lol. I just wanted to see your response. I know everything about that adult related stuff. Probably more than I should. Hahahaha! The internet sure is great.

                    1. I knew about it back then too. Lol I was a little kid and I had a female friend that one showed me a book with *coughcough* sexual positions. And she asked me did I want to try them with her. Lmao I was like WTF?! We can’t do those! O.O Lol. Of course, back then though, I didn’t really care about it. I definitely wanna do it now though! XD Ahem, but, being the awesome responsible teenager I am, I will not. I’ll wait. Haha.

                                1. Good! Lol. Anyways, I quit with the girlfriend business like 2 years ago. The way things are are going right now, one of them would’ve probably convinced me to do something I shouldn’t do and then 9 months later there would’ve been a surprise and then the mother of HollowGrapeJ would’ve kicked him out the house because she doesn’t want any babies and then BAM. Life ruined. o.O

              2. They may base it off software sales. In fact, thats the only way to truly tell who has control of the market. I would like to see sony’s software sales in Japan compared to nintendo’s.

              3. Will when you break it down games like Zombi U, Legends and Just Dance helped PS3/ps4 tittles what they are today. Nintendo is still saving the gaming industry. I wonder what Ubisoft plans on doing with Wii U’s version of Watch Dogs Revenue? Make AC9 for PS4? Also it amazes me how super smash bros Wii U and 3DS’s revenue is going to be used to make another streetfighter for other consoles expect Nintendo’s. Sony should be bowing down to Nintendo for helping with their upcoming software tittles.

              4. It would seem Sony Entertainment is embarrassed of thier PS4 and Vita sales in Japan. I’m thinking Sony will be looking for a new country to call home pretty soon after this display of desperation is realized.

              5. Sony vita is a fucking piece of shit. Song made such good systems, but yet the vita is an utter failure. Nintendo u suck too, u said u learned ur lesson from 3ds? U obviously fucking didn’t. Fix ur third party u dumb fucks

                1. The Vita is far from a piece of shit, but the Vita division is ran by a bunch of fucking idiots that think that all we want is indies. A bunch of fucking morons.

                2. How about they don’t? Having 3rd parties on the Wii U just ends up pissing off a lot of Nintendo people when said 3rd parties screw the console out of other games because they’d rather make games for the twins, which is cheaper. Ubishit & Crapcum wouldn’t be getting the heat from us right now if they weren’t screwing us over on the Wii U front.

                  1. Ubisoft and Capcom aren’t the only third parties in the world. You can’t just give the bird to everyone else because of a few devs. There are still talented game devs out there that can probably put good use to the Gamepad for all we know.

                    1. True. The only ones that are screwing Nintendo over are just Ubishit, Crapcum, & Electronic Assholes. The others that don’t support Nintendo aren’t stabbing Nintendo in the back like the other three. And least they don’t claim to be supporters than give us half assed games or something.

              6. Okay… i don’t feel like replying to each person here, but half of you are being stupid and not taking into account SOFTWARE SALES. Some people are bringing up the Wii as if that discontinued POS would be contributing to the market share at this point in time.

                Stop being fanboy turds.

                  1. Do you think they are referering to half a decade ago, or this present point in time? Wii’s market share depleted once it was discontinued and software stopped being made for it. Its contribution to hardware/software sales nowadays is almost nothing.

              7. I’m honestly confused with the claim, from sources we had seen on this site on the past, the Wii U seems to have been outselling the PS4 some weeks. But more confusing is, that the Wii definately sold more than the PS3 past generation, so how come PS3+PS4 got a bigger market share of consoles?

                A very specific percentage too, honestly, if it’s just a lie to make themselves look good, that is very very dissapointing and makes me lose respect for Sony.

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              9. I wonder how Sony calculated this marked share value, I
                don’t think they sold more PS3 than Nintendo sold their Wii system
                and I don’t remember to see the PS4 selling more consoles than Nintendos Wii U. Maybe at the release, but in the last month Nintendo almost always sold more Wii U consoles. So how?

                1. It is just like when Sony said they had sold over 100 million consoles this gen.. but no one could work out where the number had come from..

                  I dont even believe they have sold 10million ps4s to be honest. Think they are closer to 9 million. Just they like adding a million or 2 here and there.

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