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Super Smash Bros For 3DS Scores Highly In Famitsu

Japanese gaming magazine Famitsu has revealed this week’s review scores, and in the mix is Super Smash Bros for 3DS. The upcoming brawler – which is due for release in Japan this Saturday, September 13 – has received an impressive score. From four reviewers, the 3DS version garnered one 10 and three 9’s. It’s certainly a great start for the game, despite the publication being renowned for awarding high scores, while we wait for western review scores next month.

Super Smash Bros. for 3DS (3DS) – 10/9/9/9
Daylight (PS4) – 8/6/8/8
Escape Adventure: The Black Fog of Demise (3DS) – 7/7/8/7
Aqua Moto Racing 3D (3DS) – 5/6/7/6



      1. If Smash 3DS gets 0 I’d love to know what you’d give The Last Of Us and it’s five minutes if gameplay stretched into fifteen-twenty hours. At least the “baby game” is playable and enjoyable, Last Of Us was just a monotonous bore (game play wise).


      2. Please don’t post a stupid comment just to do it. The Last of Us was pure gameplay aside from some cutscenes…about double what a Call of Duty game has…which isn’t a lot. You didn’t even play the game


      3. People hate TLOU because 1: They thought it was overrated. 2: They decided to be ignorant and call the game crap just because they didn’t enjoy it. 3: They’re fanboys.
        That’s all I can think of. :|


      4. I’m also going to review a couple of games for the PS4 and Vita…………………………. Sorry but, I can’t seem to find any games for the PS4 and VIta. Oh there’s one, oh….. its a game from the “last generation.”


      5. I’m sorry, I meant to rate myself.
        N00b/Excellent Intelligence

        I am officially stupid, I deserve to be shunned for being retard and zeroes and be a faggot.


      6. At least Smash is 100 times better than Battle Royale, and I am mentioning this game because I can see that you are a PS FANBOY


      7. Brawl was also on a home console while the 3DS version is on a handheld… I bet you Smash Bros for Wii U gets a 40/40 or at the least a 39/40, because one of the Famitsu reviewers accidentally inputs one of the scores wrong ;)

        Smash Bros is meant for home consoles.

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    1. How is this bad anyway? Its scored a lot higher than we thought or are you one of those same pissies that raged over GTA5 not having perfect scores in some review media? lol


    2. 37 isn’t bad. -__-”
      That’s like saying an A- is bad.
      But according to your logic games that score below a 38 are bad…
      Not to mention this is the first handheld Smash Bros… So a 37 is quite a good score.

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    1. I’m wondering who’s gonna review the game. IGN’s Nintendo editor Jose Otero did say he’s not a big Smash fan, and the only other Nintendo Editor, Audrey Drake, already got employed by Nintendo, so my only guess would be Greg Miller (highly unlikely though) since he’s a Smash nut o.O

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      1. It won’t be Greg, he doesn’t review anymore. The only other Smash Nuts are tim and the Italian meatball but they dont do reviews.


      2. It is obviously going to be Tim Gettys because he is obsessed with Smash Bros. Though he is only the Associate Producer of the IGN video team, so I’m not sure how he’ll be able to do the written review, unless they just make an exception for him…

        He can at least present the video review…


    2. “6.7 its to hard… dont understand controls… nintendo is not even trying… but i will play it every day untill wii u version gets out” something like that i guess (¬.¬ )

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      1. I think they get games assigned like through a schedule. If one person is busy reviewing another game, then they have to find someone else qualified to review a game. They can’t always get someone who is a fan of a particular franchise to review a game.


      2. Well i said “6.7 so it deosnt mean bad it means okay, almost good (*´︶`*)╯tehe” would be their reply, so they dont hate nintendo i guess


    1. Holy crap. I just realized his name is Sasori, which means he is named after the Akatsuki member from Naruto!

      Why would he soil the name of such a cool character?!


      1. Sasori was such a badass character. It saddens me to see all the Naruto bashing just because a commenter is named after a villain.

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