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Could Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate Be Coming To Wii U?


Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate could be coming to the Wii U if these images are to believed. They were snapped at an event in Connichi In Germany and clearly show the Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate logo next to the Wii U. This is clearly a rumour for now, but if anything is announced it’s likely to be at the Tokyo Game Show.


Thanks, FBT, ThisanmU, Federico, Mario101

93 thoughts on “Could Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate Be Coming To Wii U?”

        1. I’m so fucking excited. This needs to happen. MH3U is amazing on the Wii U. I’ve watched videos of MH4U on 3DS and it pales in comparison to an HD version. I understand that it’s an unfair resolution and screen size comparison but honestly if you play your 3DS at home anyways, why aren’t you buying a Wii U? You just need a monitor in your room and then you can hook up your Wii U. The experience is so much better in HD.

      1. if its a dedicated port it may be doing good but your right. i remember saying that monster hunter 4 should have been on the wii u first/only, that would have been a system sellerin japan but whats done is done – This Is Gamer, Peace Out

        1. Obviously u never read reports from capcom mh developers. They have already specified many times that mh is meant to be played on handheld. Reason why it was in wii u was because the game engine used for 3ds did not have direct online capability and it was too late to put it in. So they create an exact wii u copy with HD graphics just to get 3ds online n reach the masses.

          If you still cannot figure out what capcom says, let’s view it from another perspective. Thank 3ds because of capcom overlook in this issue. If not, you wouldn’t have mh on your wii u to play with. Look at mh4 mh4u, engine changed n online capability working as intended. Wii u copy? Where? Wait long long.

    1. I’ve sorta promised myself something, if Capcom releases a Wii U version of MH4U, then I’ll buy it, but if not, I’ll hold off for a little while…

        1. Inferior is very subjective. If capcom loses you n dozens of people who thinks 3ds is inferior so be it. But capcom loves numbers. The number of 3ds sold vs wii u sold. So wii u sold much lesser n is superior and 3ds sold millions more is inferior? I see….. Like what I said again. It is very subjective. When u going to say wii u is superior then u have another group of people who comes in and shout “inferior wii u, ps4 is king! Mh should be ours”. Lol. Very subjective lol. Numbers dude. Numbers. Capcom’s loves sales numbers

    2. Maybe but it isn’t like the Wii U didn’t already have MH3U on it. Sadly that didn’t help it much, the game sold well but it didn’t push that many units.

      1. Yes it sold well maybe. But it’s very subjective too. Putting in the number of people in a job that reaps the benefits far lesser than the same job for a 3ds, a sane company would rather put the same amount of resources on a new mh5 for 3ds instead where sales are positively guaranteed.

        Please do not say porting is easy. I have done porting from a ps3 to ps vita n that alone cost months of quality check, additional content because Sony insisted there must be a difference, n testing. Resources aka money needed to spent too. Would rather it to be on a new project instead n get new group of gamers who could well spend the money.

    1. Kudos for owning a WiiU to play it on, first of all.

      Personally, if it is true, and works cross-save like 3U, I plan to get BOTH.

      What would be even better would be if both versions had not only local AND online cross-play, but you could also tranfer individual hunter files rather than complete save files, so TWO players could play back and forth between both platforms simultaniously.

      For example … One player might play on WiiU exclusively, while the other tranfers back and forth from 3DS to WiiU and back without messing up the first players game or locking them out of play because the save file is on the other system, or overwriting it when transfering back.

      … that may be wishful thinking that will never be fulfilled though, especially if this rumor isn’t even true.

      1. You can actually do this with monster hunter 3u. If you make another user account on your wii u(meaning they have their own mii and their own password,etc); you can make them their own save data on the Wii u(it’ll be completely separate from your MH3U save files). Then go to your account on the Wii u(not the user mentioned above, but your original account) and transfer that data to the 3ds. Now you can have the original user play on either 3ds or wii u while the new user pays exclusively on Wii u. You can even transfer the new user save data to the 3ds but ONLY DO THAT WHEN THE ORIGINAL USER HAS TRANSFERRED TO THE WII U OR YOU’LL ERASE THE DATA. Hope that helps! I’ve done it to play MH3U with my nephew who didn’t have the game. As long as you pay attention to which user is logged in on the Wii u and which data you’re transferring you’ll be able to transfer back and forth and play together with no problems.

    2. Why not BOTH?

      I love being able to play on the big screen at home, and then switch over to 3DS and play on the go in 3D, and back again with 3U. The CPP feels great with that game on 3DS, once you use it for a while.

      I wonder how well it will play and feel on the *NEW* 3DS XL with the better 3D screen and analog nub. I hope a good grip add on will become available for NEW 3DS. The rounded, game controller shape of the CPP feels SOOOOO much better during extended play sessions in games like Monster Hunter than the thin slab of the system normally.

        1. It lacked online play, which sucked … but when played using the CPP, the game was Waaay better than TRI in the Wii. Not just for the extra content, but even the rehashed stuff just worked better, and gameplay felt smoother. It was a great, well refined game. I played over 300 hours across 2 characters on 3DS before getting a WiiU and that version, doubling my playtime already.

          My save file is currently on my 3DS for streetpass guild cards, and because grinding for mats from anywhere within or outside my house is really convenient compared to having to set up near the WiiU to play.

          After playing in HD Online on my WiiU for hundreds of hours, I still think the 3DS version is fantastic, and use both regularly.

          That is my personal assesment.

        2. Same thing a Sony fan would say. Neither would the mh3u on wii u the greatest. It would be best on ps4. Why not both wii u n 3ds? They would cry out why not vita m ps4. It would make sooooo much sense with the best portable n best console graphics. Why on wii u pathetic specs?! Lol

          Nope. I’m not a Sony fanboy. I love my 3ds XLs and the new nintendo xl to come. :)

    3. Definitely. I’ve never been a fan of the way Monster Hunter plays on the 3DS so ig it’s coming to WiiU I’ll definitely be picking this up.

      1. Director of Capcom: “I’m so sorry to lose you as a customer.”

        Capcom sexy secretary: “director-San, the reports just in. We got extremely great sales on 3ds, king of portable just by japan alone!”

        Director of capcom: ” please help me send Matt-San to the door. We have more monster hunter games to create for 3ds. We have no time to waste on cries of a console that’s .. Wait what’s the sales again? To the door please!”

      1. Take Note of what? Of course it is 4 Ultimate. It is still WAYYY too soon for MH5 to be announced.

        … though you can be sure it is already in Alpha development. The question will be … for what platform? Both WiiU and NEW 3DS sales will need to pick up for Capcom to stick with Nintendo on this franchise. I’m sure there sre many at Capcom who would LOVE to make a MH game that takes full advantage of the PS4 Hardware …

        … but that would make me sad, because I can’t afford to buy another Game platform. If it’s not on Nintendo, I don’t get to play it.

        On the other hand … a 2nd generation WiiU exclusive MH5, that pushes Nintendo’s system to the max would be Amaaaazing!.

        1. Capcom planned to sell 2.7 million copied of MH4 on the 3DS in 7 months. They would 3 million in 4 days. End of discussion where the next monster hunter is going. Five is going to the new 3DS and possibly Wii$U.

        2. I like your positive view on mh5. But if it’s going to be second gen wii u that’s not tested for its sales, capcom would rather choose ps4 instead if they have no other viable alternatives.

          If u notice the trend, capcom is not going to risk their neck on some untested grounds.

          Most japan companies have reported l

  1. Something I wanna point out: those stand you see in front of the banner is for Smash 3DS, which you can see a banner for to the left. In the area behind the Monster Hunter banner is a Wii U area where there is banners and stands for Bayonetta 2 and Hyrule Warriors.

    This is very likely the case that it will come to Wii U, which I expected from the start!

        1. Nintendo Commander Quadraxis

          Good, I hope it’s true because then I’ll only get it for the Wii U…

          I have to say, I got somewhat bored playing the Smash Brothers demo…

          It was basically Brawl with new characters and items…

          Probably because I got no real challenge regardless of any of the 5 characters I chose…

                  1. Ridley 2 Big 4 Smash? More Like 2 Big 4 U Wiiklings 2 Control! Leave Him 2 The Masters!

                    I’d do the same but I don’t want to wait for the Wii U version. I want to play it now, so I’ll get the 3DS version on October 3rd to tie me over til the Wii U version. Hopefully that connection between Wii U & 3DS rumor is true to give people an incentive to get both. If it gets people to buy both versions along with a Wii U if they don’t have one yet, that would be awesome.

                    1. Ridley 2 Big 4 Smash? More Like 2 Big 4 U Wiiklings 2 Control! Leave Him 2 The Masters!

                      The rumor of the characters gained by connecting the Wii U & 3DS versions, I mean.

                  2. Director of Capcom: “I’m so sorry to lose you as a customer.”

                    Capcom sexy secretary: “director-San, the reports just in. We got extremely great sales on 3ds, king of portable just by japan alone!”

                    Director of capcom: ” please help me send Commander-San to the door. We have more monster hunter games to create for 3ds. We have no time to waste on cries of a console that’s .. Wait what’s the sales again? To the door please!”





  3. Just want to ask… I played the MH3 demo on Wii U and I didn’t like it… but the game appears to be more than popular, so my only question is, was the demo just sort of a bad demo… is this game worth checking out fully? People seem to really love it

    1. I think MH3 wasn’t that good but MH4 looks like it has a little bit more action on it! Watch the trailer (trailers may lie) but it gives that “more action based” vibe.

        1. Look up gameplay of any monster hunter game….it’s very hardcore tactical and free combat that varies on what wep you choose. The great sword for example is very sluggish but powerful…it’s a game where you have to learn your moves and the monsters moves, you can’t go in and Rambo it.

    2. Monster Hunter is not a game for Everyone. You either can’t stand it and just don’t see the appeal, or think it’s the greatest thing ever.

      It is good that the demos exist, but you really don’t get the full effect of MH untill you have grinded 30+ hours into creating a new weapon/armor set and then start wiping the floor with monsters that used to feel unbeatable. It is not a casual game. It is a 300+ hour life-investment game. It is also at its best when playing with friends, vs solo (though it is still good alone).

      Play the demo over and over until you kill every monster with multiple weapons. If you start to feel really good when you start to master more than one favorite weapon and learn the dance around the enemy’s movements … you should probably give the game a shot.

      However, if the idea of fighting the same monster in the same handful of environments over and over never feels fun to you … That IS the game. It is a game of grinding epic boss battles of increasing difficulty, and creating ever more epic gear to defeat even bigger and badder monsters. There is almost no story. Just kill monsters.

      Many don’t like it. I totally understand why, and don’t blame them. Many love stand still and click style MMO-RPGs, and I think they look annoying as heck and no fun. To each their own.

      Personally … I LOVE Hunting Monsters for hours, weeks and months on end. (I’m in a break period right now while I play other games like Mariokart 8).

      To each their own. Play the demo again. If you still think it sucks, the game is just not for you. Nothing wrong with that.

    3. Ridley 2 Big 4 Smash? More Like 2 Big 4 U Wiiklings 2 Control! Leave Him 2 The Masters!

      Yes. It was a terrible demo. The game is better if you can make your own weapons & armor instead of relying on preset crap.

  4. It seems I came late to the party :( I’m another Platinum that didn’t get a code for smash it might be late but if someone was kind enough to share a code with me that would be cool!

    By the way I hope monster hunter 3 makes it to WiiU the game looks amazing on 3DS!

  5. if it comes out, i’ll probably get it
    but still i have my eyes on the bundle with the new 3DS XL.
    hope that comes in europe.

  6. I wouldn’t be surprised if it did eventually, but something like this looks like a mishap on the poster designer’s part…

  7. I hope they do this. I played mh3u on Wii U and some friends on 3ds, we do local play during weekends and me doing online play when my 3ds buddies aren’t here. This will be the end of my MH life if this game won’t be coming to the Wii U anymore

    1. CAPCOM is too stupid to do it
      when they announced the 3DS version they have ruled out the Wii U version
      Because they make a version of Street Fighter for Xbox when the
      Wii u have installed 1,800,000 in Japan?

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  9. Please do this, it will give wii u another must have game, and i really wanted it on wii u. Just add features to it that can combine to the 3ds version so people have a reason to get it.

  10. We’ll see, I say it might have been a mistake but anything is possible I suppose.

    I just say this because Capcom specifically said they are not releasing this game on any other platform than the 3DS even after MH3U was already on the Wii U. It was in response to people asking for it on other systems, even the Wii U. I guess it isn’t the first time developers have lied through their teeth though, so it wouldn’t surprise me if they did…

    Sigh, as great as this news is, if it ends up being true, can Nintendo make me regret my purchases anymore than I already do… I just bought the collectors edition not too long ago and now all the sudden this pops up.

    They are killing me.

  11. If MH4U comes to Wii U, I will be really happy! I played MH3U a ton, and so IF this game was announced for Wii U and released at the same time or not too long after the MH4U 3DS release, that would be epic. However, a graphical update of significant standard would not be bad at all – in fact I’d say the MH series could really do with a graphical engine update and even the gameplay engine. It’s been pretty much the same for a long time I think.

  12. if capcom wanted to milk Monters Hunter they will prepare a vita + PS4 version of the game as well as a Wii U version. Business wise it makes sense to do it. The vita start selling in japan and MH franchise will move units in this country. If done cleverly and add content the 3DS does not have, it will sell very well.

  13. The display above is a typo by the printers. It should say 3ds on the monster hunter 4 side and wii u on the back which would be avertising an actual wii u title. (hyrule bayonetta etc).

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