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Is Super Smash Bros Wii U Coming On November 21st?

We’ve heard a number of release dates for Super Smash Bros on the Wii U and most of those are scheduled for sometime in November. We won’t know anything until Nintendo decides to official grace us with an actual release date, but signs seem to be pointing towards November 21st, which is just before Black Friday 2014.

Thanks, WhiteEagle.

189 thoughts on “Is Super Smash Bros Wii U Coming On November 21st?”

    1. One thing that is immediately apparent to me from the demo, it’s better than brawl but not as good as melee. At least it’s moving forward.

      1. Definitely better than brawl, and I lost my melee copy so I haven’t gotten to play in a few years to compare, but it’s definitely better than brawl. I don’t like how the bananas work though :p

        1. Um. I actually think this game is better than Melee and Brawl. I don’t like how Melee isn’t as responsive as this game. Melee is amazing though, don’t get me wrong. Brawl has the worst speed in my opinion. Melee and this game feels nice. Xbox for life.

          1. “Xbot” Commander, this goes to show that you never played Melee. lol Melee movement was way faster and the sense of combat was crazy. Its considered the best of the series. This new game is a mix of both Melee and Brawl (without its BS tripping and stuff)

          2. This game is really responsive, definitely giving it that, I’ll take your word for it being more so than melee. Brawl was my least favorite and still is compared to the demo lol.

          1. I hope so. I want those and 64 games already. Mario 64 and Sunshine either on VC or HD remakes damn it! On top of all kinds of other goodies. Melee of course. Just really really want Mario 64 lol.

            1. N64 on Wii U is long overdue. They should consider having another team dedicated to porting more VC games over while the rest can focus on their HD development without neglecting the other games and requests.

              I really want to play Melee again with my old friends.

          2. It will definitely be training money for Nintendo if they release some NGC virtual console games. Id buy the Heck out of that

            1. Commander, I’m new to Smash Bros, can you give me some basic tips for the 3DS version? Like I have literally NO idea how to score combos and how CPU Mega Man can make the flame move thing. And when I try to attack the CPUs off the stage they always manage to get back. Is there some way to attack them such that they can’t do that?

              1. Nintendo Commander Quadraxis

                I suggest Charge Attacks, specially Forward + A attacks if you get the chance…

                Dodge more holding R and moving left or right, grab opponents with L and send them the opposite way, gives more throwing Power…

                Flame move thing…

                Mybe you mean just the Up + A move…

        1. I play with the items off so I haven’t had a chance to check out the items. I don’t even think I’ll bother actually since I’ll never play with the items on anyway

            1. Sry for the late reply. When you’re selecting the stage hit x. It’ll turn the stage into final destination mode with no items

      1. People are already complaining about Villager being OP. lol.

        Who would’ve thought, out of all the characters, Villager would be such a beast.

          1. That attack is hard to land though, I’ve yet to hit anyone with it myself. I feel it should be powerful, If you get hit by a standing tree, that’s your fault. lol.

            No doubt it will be super hard to pull that off online.

        1. Ridley 2 Big 4 Smash? More Like 2 Big 4 U Wiiklings 2 Control! Leave Him 2 The Masters!

          At level 9, the Villager was able to use the damn Gyroid to get back to the stage easily. To KO the Villager, you have to make sure his damage percentage is pretty high before trying to KO him/her. Otherwise, it’ll just fly back to the cursed stage.

          1. I 1v1 a lvl 9 Villager and I almost defeated him in a sudden death. But he got me. Lol but I’m pretty impressed with how good I did. I was using Villager too and I know how to play with him! :)

  1. Perfect timing!!! 1 week before black Friday too. Expect MK8 to sell nearly if not 1m+ in the coming months aswell.

    If there is a Smash U U Bundle, then even more U sales. Last year 3D World had no bundle however since this month, there are new 3d world + mk8 bundles in stores too.

    Anyway, My next retail purchase after Smash 3DS(preordered) will be Bayonetta 2/1.

    1. Don’t forget Pokemon. :3 November and Christmas belongs to Nintendo and I’m also glad you didn’t mention that specific POS Ubishit game coming in November, 6 months later for a fucking Gamepad map. X( You should know what I’m talking about.

  2. I dont hace muy 3DS with me to test the pisted condes :( anyone willing to share a conde with me to my Email?

    Please been hunting since yesterday with no luck!

  3. UBisoft may as well kill Wii U’s version of Watch Dogs. If this is true, Ubisoft knows damn will they don’t have a chance to sell with Smash Bros. Wii U.

    1. Facepalm. There are still Wii U owners waiting on the game you know. You’re basically encouraging third parties to stay away from Wii U with comments like these.

      1. They are still going to stay away anyways because most third parties are making horrible marketing choices when it comes to Wii U.

        1. Either way, it doesn’t matter. Some people that only have a Wii U still want the game. It’s unfair if they don’t get their version.

      2. They basically delayed it and suspiciously released it too close to 2/3 other big Nintendo games in the same month…over a fucking map on Gamepad so what happened to the whole “taking advantage of Gamepad” as their excuse to delay the game? It was all yet another huge lie to make Wii U hinder in its support. Let that fucking game and Ubishit die slowly as Nintendo makes a comeback themselves.

        1. Some people are still going to buy it regardless so it doesn’t matter. Also, you don’t know if all it is is just a map. And you probably never will considering you aren’t getting the game. It could be used like it was in Zombi U for some of the hacking for all we know.

          1. Nope. buying that garbage over Bayonetta 2, Pokemon and Smash Bros. 4 is not intelligent at all. If soft suckers want that “game”, wait until 2015 when the hype calms down.

            And yes they delayed it over a goddamn map. If that was the case, then game should’ve been available from May. This is disrespectful of Ubishit lying once again about why they’re doing this specifically to Nintendo fans and its people like you who makes us look stupid and why these 3rd party assholes are still giving us second hand garbage. So I hope you feel proud of yourself bending your ass over so far that they’ll take notice and advantage of you people.

            In the mean time, I’ll be spending my money elsewhere on products that earns my worth and attention. Smash Bros. 4 + Bayonetta 1/2 + Pokemon OR/AS + Sonic Boom + Hyrule Warriors > Watchdogs. Period.

            1. Me? Bending over backwards? LOL! I’m not even going to buy it when it comes out! I’m just saying there are people that haven’t played it that still want to get it ! And you called it garbage so that automatically means you’re opinion is invalid! OWNED!

              1. Yes it is garbage for one theoretical reason: If GTA5 and Watchdogs were to come to Wii U in the same moth, guess which game people are gonna go for first and mostly?

                Exactly. Watchdogs is a poor man’s GTA game just like Saints Row was before the third game completely fucked it up.

                1. Doesn’t mean it’s garbage. That’s just your opinion. I know someone that hates GTA V. And he owns a Wii U. Try telling that to him. Lol.

                    1. No it isn’t. Your opinion is invalid.
                      And he hates the whole GTA series because he thinks it’s stupid, mindless nonsense with violence and unnecessary swearing.

                        1. Look man… Watch Dogs isn’t the best game ever made, but it’s far from crap. Just because there are better games doesn’t make WD bad. It’s just a good game. Ok? Compare it something like Spy Games Elevator Mission (a BS shovelware game for the Wii which I bought for $10 and still ended up selling that POS back to Gamestop) and you’ll be begging to play something like Watch Dogs. Lmao

                            1. You’re just mad that you can’t punch anyone. Lol you’re not even supposed to do that. Even on GTA I don’t do that. Mean to people on the street for no damn reason. XD

                              1. Doesn’t matter. If I can willingly punch anyone in real world in terms of self defense, the same should apply in a sandbox game. Mario 64, a 1996 game, did punching so WTF can’t a 2014 M rated sandbox game? Its a joke.

                                1. If you could punch, you still wouldn’t buy the game either way so it doesn’t really matter. You would just find some other reason as to why you can’t play it. XP

                                  1. Its not that doofus. Its the fact how we’re being treated and lied to too many times over. If Watchdogs would’ve came on time and look half as decent as the 2012 build on Wii U, I would’ve bought it, same for Rayman if it stick with it original release plans. But Ubishit has gone as full blown stupid as EA and I’m not wasting a nickel on those assholes just for them to keep serving BS or did you not get the fucking picture yet? Oh wait. I’m sorry. You don’t give a shit about standing your ground for Nintendo fans sake. So why bother?

                                    1. Well of course not. I’m not on anyone’s side. I don’t care about Xbox, PS, or Nintendo fans. I only look at the games I want. And plus, I’m getting a gaming PC eventually so whatever happens with the Wii U and Nintendo fans is not my problem. Lol. I’m just gonna enjoy my 3DS, Wii U, and PC games while you guys fight. :)

                                    2. And plus, if Watch Dogs looked like it did in 2012, that would only be on a high end PC, not a Wii U. Lol.

                                      1. I said if it looked half as decent as that on Wii U with full support and on time release, I would’ve given it a chance. Ubishit had its chance and another chance and them fuckers threw it away blaming Nintendo fans for problems they manipulated and caused themselves with a book of lies.

                                        1. Haha. Lol. I want exactly talking about their actions, I just meant the game (Watch Dogs). But yeah, they have been stupid as of recently. Even when I get my PC I won’t be able to get those next gen graphics they showed at E3. :( At least I can get GTA V though. Lol that game freaking rules. Even on PS3 It still looks amazing.

                                          1. I just wished GTA5 would’ve been on Wii U. I guarantee that people on that platform will buy it. At least a good 2-5 million somewhere which would’ve been proof that maturity is needed on that platform and people will realize Ubishit is full of it when they say “we don’t buy mature games” which is exactly what a typical Internet Nintendo troll.

                                            1. Yeah, it sucks that it isn’t coming. I would’ve bought it. The Wii U is perfectly capable of playing the game and they wouldn’t even need to use the Gamepad if they didn’t want to. But I think it would be awesome if it could have been used. Developers can do SO much with the Gamepad but they ignore it. This is definitely a bad thing to do! With how everyone hypes up graphics and crap and with the Wii U but being powerful as PS4/X1, they have to use the Gamepad to make it stand out from the other versions. But they don’t. They just slap on a map and call it a day. Lmao.

                                              1. Reggie wanted it on Wii U. :( Sadly, he’s technically no longer in charge with the American branch due to Iwata takeover.

                                                Why do you think I’m pissed off about Watchdogs being delayed over a map?

                                                1. Lol Ubisoft screwed over Nintendo fans with that one. XD How do they know all Nintendo fans are even going to use the Gamepad? They could’ve just released it on time and made the Gamepad do extra stuff in an update or something. Lol too late now though. It’s going to sell badly.

                                                  1. And deliberately releasing it in the same month with Pokemon, Bayonetta 2 and possibly Smash Bros. 4 plus Sonic Boom? They wanted it to fail so they can be excused from making Wii U games. So be it. Nintendo hates them now anyway so its only their loss in the end.

                                                2. Nintendo Commander Quadraxis

                                                  Sorry but if you can’t attack people with your fists and legs then it’s garbage…

                                                  I just get rid off Everything human on the screen if I play such a game because they annoy me…

                                                  Specially cops and criminals…

                                                  Like in Deus Ex HMDC, I killed every Police Officer and Criminal in both the US and China…

                                                      1. Omg Nintendo Commander! I estimated my savings from now all the way to $1000 and I may be able to get a PC in only a few months! I’m SO happy right now! Won’t be long until you see me join you in the Master Race! ^_^ *dances in comment section with glow sticks in hand*

                                                        1. Nintendo Commander Quadraxis

                                                          Excellent, you saved yourself from corruption!

                                                          Now the only thing left is to avoid becoming a PC Master Race slave and instead become a PC Master Race warrior…

                                                          1. Oh don’t worry about that. There are still plenty of Wii, Wii U, and 3DS games I want as well. I just can’t wait to play games like Starcraft and World of Warcraft as well as the superior version of third party games at awesome silky smooth frame rates! Good thing I’m not a graphics whore! I could care less about maxing out games. I’ll turn down my settings to achieve the best game rate. One of the best things about PC! Yes! Can’t wait!!!

                                                            1. Nintendo Commander Quadraxis

                                                              You have to get Starcraft 2, all 3 games, well the third is yet to be released, it has absolutely everything…

                                                              Gameplay, skills, story, emotion, graphics replay value, music etc etc…

                                                              It’s my favorite game tied with Metroid…

                                                              1. Good to hear. I am definitely getting it! Hehe. It’s funny what’s happened over these past few months. I went from wanting an Xbox One to wanting a PS4 to wanting an Xbox 360 to wanting a PS3 and then back to wanting a PS4. LOL. I want to get a gaming PC and that is the choice I’m sticking with. I watched a bunch of videos about building PC’s and It looks easy. I’ll be building one for $1000 and I’ll upgrade it sometime in the future. PC just has so much stuff I want and the better frame rates and also better graphics can make the experience so much more worth it. It’s definitely the definitive experience to me! I’ll still probably pick up a PS4 in the future once it has enough exclusives I want, but for now it’s Nintendo and PC for me. Best combination EVER! Also, I bought Sonic Generations back when my mom had a crap laptop, and since Steam can be accessed from any PC I’ll be able to experience that game in a while new way. Lol. XD

                                                                1. Nintendo Commander Quadraxis

                                                                  Great, whenever I have money to spend, I’ll upgrade my PC too and then we’ll play together on some games, probably one FPS as FPS on PC is the real deal and I miss to knife and gametroll noobs and pros online…

                                                                  1. Yes. FPS is definitive on PC! With the mouse and keyboard controls you can dominate! And plus, FPS are usually the games they always try to push graphics in too which means you get the better looking version as well as smoother frame rates. Frames are important to those fast paced games! Also what FPS you want to try? I been thinking about getting Battlefield but I’m not sure. I don’t really like how I keep hearing about glitches and stuff. :/ Might get BF Hardline since they’re working to get glitches out of that though. And I am considering CoD too. May get Advanced Warfare!

                                                                    1. Nintendo Commander Quadraxis

                                                                      I’d rather choose CoD over Battlefield since the Electrons are incharge of it and Battlefield is too boring compared to CoD…

                                                                      CoD is like the “Smash Brothers” of the FPS games…

                                                                      1. NC how long have you had your PC? I’m curious. Was it always a gaming PC or did you upgrade from a normal desktop?

                                                                        1. Nintendo Commander Quadraxis

                                                                          My current one I’ve had only since March because I badly needed a new computer for studies and I found it on a bargain deal in a swedish store and was pretty cheap to have good specs…

                                                                          So it’s a gaming computer but it’s not that good if I want to play games from 2013 and up on higher settings…

                                                                          It’s mostly my graphics card I need to upgrade and my processor…

                                                                          But I think that buying entirely new computer parts and then assemble them myself is better…

                                                                          It all depends on how good I do in school since we get paid here every month unless we have bad grades, then we have to make up the points to get money again…

                                                        2. Ridley 2 Big 4 Smash? More Like 2 Big 4 U Wiiklings 2 Control! Leave Him 2 The Masters!

                                                          Or maybe Ubibullshit DOES know it won’t do well against these titles & is the entire point of releasing Watch_Dogs for Wii U during that time frame. If the game doesn’t sell very well in it’s first months, Ubisoft will say exactly what we all know they’ll say: no more mature titles for the Wii U as they aren’t buying our games, anyway. We’ll just ignore the fact we ourselves are to blame since we pretty much threw it under the train just as it was passing by.

                                                      2. Will Nintendo will advertise the heck out of Super Smash, when is Ubisoft going to do the same thing for Watch Dogs? Ubisoft isn’t going to spend money advertising to get people to buy somthing they know want sell on Wii U because of Smash.

                                                      3. The website fantacalciopac will give one new code FOR FREE in the next hour.
                                                        Don’t write in the guestbook or the admin will cancel everything

                                                      4. My little brother has a birthday tomorrow, and the one thing he wants is SSB for his 3ds. If anyone is willing to send me a code so I can give it to him for the Demo, he would be so very happy.

                                                        If willing can you send it to me? My email is

                                                        Thank you :)

                                                      5. Oh I really hope so for 2 reasons: For the game to do successfully well before Black Friday and to put that POS Watchdogs port in its place and really make Ubisoft look fucking stupid for releasing a late game around another bigger game and delaying it just to cramp a fucking on-screen map which the Gamepad delay reason was another huge lie. That delay, according to the “Gamepad” advantage (not) was nothing more than intentional hindering of Wii U’s success so fuck you Ubisoft.

                                                        And then there’s Bayonetta 2 releasing next to Smash Bros. which kinda worries me that the game too will be overshadowed but then again, Black Friday and Christmas will help boost it.

                                                        1. Ridley 2 Big 4 Smash? More Like 2 Big 4 U Wiiklings 2 Control! Leave Him 2 The Masters!

                                                          It’s gonna be because of those greedy assholes that Nintendo won’t do something like this again. And even if they do, it’s going to be even more limited than it already is with only 1 code per Platinum member instead of the 4 they gave us this time around.

                                                                1. LOL. There’s a running joke (that’s true) that developers always avoid the release week when COD releases. Nothing can fight against it except for GTA, everything else gets overshadowed

                                                                  1. Wow, that’s a WHOLE LOT of games coming out. My wallet’s already crying. Anyways if I were to make a list of my most anticipated games it would be this:

                                                                    1. Freedom Wars
                                                                    2. Far Cry 4
                                                                    3. Alien Isolation
                                                                    4. Smash Bros
                                                                    5. Sunset Overdrive

                                                                    The joys of having all consoles and a PC: no need to get jealous over other platforms’ games and miss out! ^^

                                                      6. just wanted to add the release date is ridiculous, we did not get anything for 4 months (may to september) on wii U,before that we got DKCTF in feb and now we go lot of games coming out at the same time on different platforms. Watch dog Wii U, assassins creed, call of duty, smash bro, GTA V, Dragon age inquisition, bayonetta 2 being end of October will suffer from it. In some extend Hyrule warrior will suffer as well.Bayonetta 2 and Hyrule warrior should have been release end of August to make a very good sell. I don’t even mention watch dog wii U, cause I think ubisoft sabotage it on purpose. well done Nintendo for the magnificent release planning for EU and USA.

                                                      7. Does anyone know if fantacalciopac got any codes today?, they have given away 11 codes but there is always someone faster than me :( I hope to get a code tonight. I really need a code :'(

                                                      8. It would be retarded to launch it the same day Pokemon Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire are coming out, the public’s interest is already low enough thanks to the idiotic 3DS version’s existence, releasing the Wii U version the exact same day a major Pokemon release happens is a death sentence.

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