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You Can’t Post To Miiverse Or Use Internet Browser While Playing Super Smash Bros On Current Nintendo 3DS

Those of you hoping to use Miiverse or browse the internet while playing Super Smash Bros on the current Nintendo 3DS will be in for a shock. These features will only work if you have the new Nintendo 3DS which launches next month in Japan and sometime next year in the west. However, you will still be able to save in game screenshots to your Nintendo 3DS SD card.

 “Miiverse cannot be run while this software is being played, so posting screenshots to this community is not possible. When using this software with the New Nintendo 3DS or New Nintendo 3DS XL, Miiverse can be used while playing.”

230 thoughts on “You Can’t Post To Miiverse Or Use Internet Browser While Playing Super Smash Bros On Current Nintendo 3DS”

      1. It’s pretty stupid… I noticed this when playing the demo that it cant do what the article says but i just thought it was because it was the demo… turns out you can’t for the full game. :/
        It’s possible it has to do with hardware issues but overall I’m a bit disappointed by this. :{

        1. The demo was pretty good but something just didn’t feel right and idk what. Here’s my take on it. Controls pretty nicely, looks great, feels smooth. Circle pad is controls pretty good, gotta push it twice to dash. Since its a demo you can’t map the layout to how you want but when you get the game I would recommend changing layout to personal taste. The controls are not going to take a long time to get used to but its different so yeah. Was pretty fun. The veterans (Mario, Link, Pikachu) felt way better than they did in brawl. Villager and Mega Man were alright but gotta learn them more. I prefer Mega Man to villager as of now.

            1. It’s a handheld, no one is used to play Smash in one, so get used to it and stop whinning, I don’t see the problem, I don’t play Smash since like 2009 so I didn’t even remember how to play and even use a Final Smash. Had to learn again, like if I was new! XD

                1. I don’t see your point… I want to play smash bros in my 3ds so badly, on my way to work for example, and definitely it won’t make me feel “less gamer”

          1. So, your problem is not being used to play Smash in a handheld console, where it has never been released before? WHAT A SHOCKER! :O

            Sarcasm over 9000… >.>

    1. Little by little Nintendo is screwing over the early adapters, the next thing you know they’ll be saying that the new 3ds games will no longer works with the older model 3ds just you wait..Nintendo again dropping the ball like they did with not having a second analog stick when 3ds first came out, Kid Icarus was almost impossible to get use to playing and anyone who says “nah the controls were fine and didnt bother me” are indenial…lol

      1. You do know Miiverse wasn’t a thing when 3DS released?
        The game still works on older models, and I’m betting that 99% of the games released from now will work on older models, even if they’re going to have this kind of “limitations”.
        As for the second analog, that could have been a thing from the get-go.

              1. Kid Icarus needed a second stick for the camera there is no way around it, call it any way you want, that game had a huge flaw..

                1. I think it need to be played with a thumbstrap like the one that came with the first DS. I’m not buying KIU until I find one.

        1. No im not, i just hate how tedious it was controlling the camera, aiming was fine but the camera was terrible, it really needed a second stick.

      2. actually the controls ill admit took some getting used to but i beat the game on all 9.0 difficulty using no second analog stick im not in denilei adapt to games very fast!

          1. Eh, I’m kinda on hollow for this one, I used 5.3 but I didn’t go all the way, for some reason I didn’t like how it felt to me and the controls are “meh”. I got as far as after beat medusa and hates came in, the online was ok too, my weapon of choice was raptor claws. I lost all interest after that, gave it to my nephew instead of it collecting dust because I had no one to play against.

          2. I played the game 2 weeks before public release and i’m 3rd in the kid icarus world championchips and all my weapons are max stars!

      3. You would have preferred that they limited the capabilities of the new smash game so enough of the ram went unused that you could use miiverse simultaniously?

        Nintendo has realized the error in limiting the original version of the hardware so much. This just shows that they are actually using 100% of the existing hardware to make the best game possible. However, because the new hardware has additional power and ram to spare above and beyond that, it is able to do both. No one is getting screwed over. We are just getting a better game, that is playable on all versions of the hardware, rather than requiring an upgrade like Xenoblade.

        1. No the fact that you denied that the control SUCKS is being in denial, oh and i did beat the games with that shitty control..

          1. Except they don’t suck.
            There’s no denial there, and anyone can “beat the game” with them, so that proves nothing.
            It’s just a plain and simple fact that those controls worked great for the game.
            If you couldn’t get it to work well enough for you to do well beyond the campaign, that’s your issue.

    2. Well then ill have to buy the new 3ds no problem ;) l have a wii U though ! By the way, I have one extra code for that smash demo. It’s $100 though if anyone interested ;p




    1. As expected with a generic sci-fi shooter its getting mixed review across the board mainly because it lack contents. Activision sure wasted 500 million for mediocre game, probably ill pick it up when im bored and its in a bargin

          1. It’s already recorded in Guiness World Records as fastest selling media in history. So yeah bathe in your stupidity, Nintendrone.

            1. Whatever you say, but you really should plug in that tampon now… words are flowing out of that wide mouth of yours, just like your heavy flow and wide set vagina. Nintendrone? Really? Look at you on a Nintendo site. Only drone is you who is sent by the trolls. Who says the one bashing on you is a Nintendo fan and not some Microsoft or PlayStation fan bashing on a game that they don’t like?

      1. Understandable, I’m not surprised that Nintendo needed to upgrade their hardware with the New 3ds and XL, since I think they realized that if smash on 3ds can’t run the browser/mii verse while playing, then we’re getting to the limits, (ALSO has anybody thought that maybe this increase in power might make GBA games able to be done on the 3ds virtual console? They haven’t released any yet, because Nintendo says that the original 3ds and XL weren’t powerful to run GBA games with save states at a perfect framerate.)

        1. Which Btw, Nintendo likes to make their virtual console games run pretty much how it would on the original console, so that’s why they require more power to give it true-to-original framerate and graphics (tbh you could, maybe, run n64 games on the new 3ds via emulator, but it would run like ****!)

        2. Actually, “Ambassador” systems had a few GBA games, such as one of the Wario Ware games, available to them, as I’ve seen in my friends list as their “Now playing” status on their friend card.

          Not to mention, I’m pretty sure the 3DS is twice as powerful as a GameCube.

          So the virtual console thing isn’t about hardware (afaik), and I’ve never heard Nintendo say that either.

        3. False. My original 3DS has no problem running GBA games on the virtual console. I have 10 of them from the Ambassador program, and they run just fine. No, they don’t have save states, and no, they don’t need them either. Unnecessary.

  2. I’m okay with this. They’re squeezing as much as they can out of the system to get the game running so well, so it makes sense that they wouldn’t want you pushing the device too far. As long as there’s some way to put screenshots on Miiverse, I’m fine.

  3. It’s not an arbitrary restriction. My guess is that Smash uses all 3DS memory near the max and the extra memory in the New one makes it work better.

  4. I know everyone will say “It’s only because Nintendo wants to make money with New N3DS, NIntendo will die, etc.” Buy Smash uses all of the RAM on the 3DS (Really looks amazing) I think is something more technical.

  5. It makes sense, so I’m fine with this. Games having exlusice NN features, along with extra buttons, is better than games being exclusive to the new one!

    1. Same, I rarely ever use any console or handheld internet browsers anyway, I have computers all over the place for that. On top of all my consoles being connected to the same TV my gaming computer is, so all it takes is one button to switch between them all.

        1. Meh, I don’t know about Master Race, I started gaming on PC in the early 80’s and I will still tell you it is far from master race anything. PC has a lot of disadvantages just like other gaming systems do.

          The only real advantage is just raw power but a lot of the time you never are even able to use it all anyway because PC’s unlike consoles are always so vastly different from one another, not including that a PC will have hundreds of processes running in its background that have absolutely nothing to do with gaming that use your hardware up as well. In some cases the more you have can actually cause conflict, as it is very hard to optimize and utilize a PC to the fullest because of that. Especially multiplatform games have a real hard time and the only games you see really utilizing PC’s well are generally only made exclusively for them but even then these factors still play a role.

          Sometimes it is a real bitch to be honest, I’m not going to lie, some games just don’t run as well as they should given a PC specs, no matter if your PC is way above the recommended requirements shown. At times your left messing with settings endlessly or sitting on forums for hours listening to everyone complain about the same thing or having to go through all these ridiculous steps just to fix something, sometimes having to go as far as messing with your registry just to alleviate a simple issue with a game.

          That is why I just game, I don’t prefer any actual platform over one or the other, they all have their advantages and disadvantages. If PC was perfect, every game on it was to use the hardware 100% and every game on PC never had issues, I guess then people could call it a master race platform but it just isn’t that.

          You’ll understand once you get a gaming PC. Just keep that in mind when your building one, you’ll want to build an up to date system but there is really no need to go overboard if the sole purpose of that PC is gaming, it will be outdated within a couple months anyway and you’ll be upgrading your PC constantly regardless. The only reason my gaming PC is decked out and I have things like 128GB of RAM is because I use it for a lot of other media type projects that require extremely heavy usage of my hardware, things like recording, production, working in photoshop alone can easily use 64GB if you know what you’re doing as well as graphic design or even movie effects.

          Games on PC never fully utilize half the hardware some of these morons put in their systems that they only play games on, they mainly do it for bragging rights. Even to date the only PC game to come close to using 16GB or RAM fully is Star Citizen. One game…

          New CPU’s and GPU’s are announced every couple months also and as far as RAM goes I would only recommend getting 32GB at max right now, which is still a bit overkill for gaming only, since it will be a while before games are using that much RAM completely. 16GB is enough but I only suggest 32GB because I think by the end of next year or in two, games will be using that much RAM more often, so I’d suggest 32GB just to be on the safe side for at least a little longer but it isn’t needed. 16GB will be fine for nearly 99.9% of the PC games out there right now.

          That is if if you want a top end gaming PC, if you aren’t aiming for the best experience possible and just want something better than consoles, then you really don’t need that much crap either.

          1. Nintendo Commander Quadraxis

            I think it also depends of what empire puts the most effort to optimize their games…

            Compared to Blizzard, the Ubisians and Electrons are put to shame because Blizzard is one of the few big western ones left that puts quality over graphics and bragging rights…

            1. Of course that is another factor as well but just generally speaking in a PC’s sense, they aren’t easy to optimize for because of all the different hardware available for them.

        2. Nintendo Commander Quadraxis

          Once you join us for real, you’ll realise just how pathetic the Xbots and Sonyans are when they talk about how “powerful” they are…

          They are nothing more than cattle that has bred for too long…

          1. I’ve realized it doesn’t matter who owns what, every camp brags about power. Ever since the Wii U has released, I’ll see many Nintendo fans jumping on the same wagon as the rest of these idiots who constantly go on about power and 1080p as if it means something… Main point with my whole PC speech, it doesn’t matter how much power something has if it is never being fully utilized anyway and power doesn’t automatically make good games. Some people are so stupid I’ve seen them arguing about how the Wii U is more powerful than a PS4 or Xbox One.

            It probably would be far worse if it actually was. I don’t mind people talking about power, we all buy new hardware for that specific reason because it’s more powerful than the last. I do mind though when people compare it or use it as some selling point as to why their system is so much better than another.

            When everything, I mean absolutely everything, comes down to a person’s personal preference.

            1. Console wars are so stupid. 99% of the time it’s just opinions vs opinions. Lol and then someone tries to write up a huge list of games on their system to justify their argument even though they probably won’t even be buying half of those games.

                1. *facepalm* No you fool. XD I wrote that list of PS4 games to tell you what I would buy. I didn’t try to use it as an argument. Lmao.

                2. Ridley 2 Big 4 Smash? More Like 2 Big 4 U Wiiklings 2 Control! Leave Him 2 The Masters!

                  What Hollow said. Besides, that’s something Shuhei & Namie do. We’ll leave that crap to them.

                    1. Ridley 2 Big 4 Smash? More Like 2 Big 4 U Wiiklings 2 Control! Leave Him 2 The Masters!

                      Correction: We’ll leave that BULLSHIT to them.

                      There we go. Much better.

    1. Nintendo is my Blood Reborn

      Yeah, just like how Sony should’ve made the PS1 more advanced than the PS4.

      It’s call advancement in technology danntheschmuck

      1. How is this in anyway comparable? I’m sorry but that example just looks completely retarded.

        The PS1 came out in 1994 for fuck sakes. That type of technology was even non existent in computers at the time.

        The 3DS is just halfway through it’s life cycle and there is already another 3DS. You people act like Nintendo never had second analog sticks or more than two trigger buttons before or like they haven’t already tried to do this with the DSi… I’m pretty sure they knew damn well what they were doing when they made the 3DS and the New 3DS, just like when they made the circle pad pro also…

        To make matters worse you bring up Sony. Sony has done a similar thing with the PSP. You know what they didn’t do? Alienate older PSP users by only making exclusive PSP games work with the newer model that had a faster clock speed.

        You can’t defend this crap when Nintendo is the only one doing it, out of all three companies.

        What makes it even worse are these upgrades in the mew model are so minimal and still don’t even get close to any of the other portable devices out there, that squash even the new 3DS in terms of hardware. So yes, Nintendo could have easily done this with the first 3DS. Anyone who thinks otherwise is just trying to make up excuses for themselves.

        What will piss me off is if this New 3DS cost more than a PS Vita, when the PS Vita’s hardware is above and beyond what this new 3DS even has still and considering the XL now already cost as much as PS Vita, who knows.

        I’ll still sadly be suckered into buying one cause no doubt I’m going to want to play the “new 3DS games” and Nintendo has already stated they are already working on a bunch of others for it. Still I’m not going to make excuses up just to justify my purchase of it.

          1. It is confusing having to differentiate the same product with “new” at the beginning all the time.

            I would pay money just to sit at these meetings they have at Nintendo…

            1. Why compare prices? I never even hear about the PSVita anymore. 3DS is what dominates right now compared to the three companies. If the New 3DS is going to be around the same prices as the current 3DS but make things smoother than compared to the originals then it sounds like a fair trade off if you’re willing to upgrade.

          1. It was released in Japan in 1994…. Do your homework…. I do mine.

            You already make yourself look foolish enough as it is. It may actually do you some good.

              1. Let me ask you, what does that change about anything I said? Even though Japan doesn’t matter to you for whatever reason, it doesn’t change the year it was released.

                It doesn’t matter if it was in December, the year was 1994, which is what I said, was it not? Clearly I already knew that anyway considering you didn’t and you had to look it up. Trying to make me look like some dumb ass when you had the year wrong… Telling me to do my homework… So way to go on that one, you sure showed me, didn’t you…

                Typical, don’t just admit you’re wrong and that I was right, just try to twist it as if it was 1995 just because it was in December. So I guess, according to you, if it released in January 1995, people can still say it released in 1994.

                SUPERB LOGIC!


        1. Ridley 2 Big 4 Smash? More Like 2 Big 4 U Wiiklings 2 Control! Leave Him 2 The Masters!

          Considering the point (advancement in technology) Nintendo is my Blood Reborn was trying to get across, it’s a perfect example. The Playstation 1 is to the Playstation 4 as the 3DS is to the New 3DS: the technology has advanced since the original released, so they couldn’t have added what the upgraded systems have now to their originals back in the year they first released.

          1. What are you talking about? It’s only been a few years since the original 3DS’s launch. It’s been what, over a decade since PS1 launched? How can this simple upgrade not have been available back then? Back in 1990, of course the technology was limited and there was only so much you could do to upgrade consoles. Nintendo could’ve made the 3DS much more powerful back then. The technology was there. But of course they go dig out some old GPU’s and then make slight upgrades to it later and everything thinks it’s new. Lol.

            1. Ridley 2 Big 4 Smash? More Like 2 Big 4 U Wiiklings 2 Control! Leave Him 2 The Masters!

              xD You don’t know how some technology works, do you? A few years is ALL it takes for certain technologies. ESPECIALLY if skilled technicians are working on the stuff.

              1. I don’t know how technology works? *facepalm* xD The technology in the 3DS wasn’t even up to date. It can barely display better graphics than a GameCube. Are you kidding me? XD

  6. Not exactly the end of the world, but it does kinda irk that we don’t be seeing the New 3DS models until some time next year, long after the game

  7. good thing i’m getting the new 3ds! if only it came out sooner than 2015, oh well. i had minre since launch so im ready to upgrade.

  8. It won’t really affect anyone, I mean who uses the 3DS internet browser for cheats and stuff I have a phone for that.

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  10. As you can even see from the visuals of the game, you can tell that it’s pushing the 3DS to it’s limits so that’s understandable. I guess that’s also the reason why the game takes a little while to close from the 3DS menu and goes to a “black-out” screen during the process.

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  12. These “small” things are just the beginning. Watch Nintendo screw over their fans more and more, slowly but effectively. So much for “Nintendo cares about their loyal fans !!!!!”. It’s only been 3 years since the original 3DS came out and they’re already pulling shit like this, giving exclusive content to an supposedly “updated” version of their handheld. I don’t know about you, but it much rather feels like it’s an entirely new console. Making people buy a system just to release its successor merely 3 years after is a serious case of over fuckery, imo.
    Sorry, but this feels extremely ridiculous to me. This isn’t the Nintendo many people used to love.

    1. What the fuck are you going on about?
      Nintendo’s loyal fans have been getting fucked over for years now. Get with the times dude.

      1. I do realize that, don’t you worry. I just think this whole situation concerning the “new 3DS” was kinda the last straw for me. Like, I tried giving Nintendo so many chances because they’re so dear to me, but yea, no more of that from me, tbh. Unless they actually manage to get their shit together, which, sadly, seems unlikely to happen as long as they keep Iwata.

        1. Something definitely needs to change. The Wii’s “success” warped Nintendo’s philosophy on what their fans and gamers want. They thought we had all become a bunch of casuals that want regurgitated NSMB games.

          Well they’ve got one more hardware cycle before I’m switching and pumping my money into another console or a different hobby all together. IDK, maybe I’ll just go handheld only. Keep with their Handheld IP’s and skip their consoles.

          And no more day 1 purchases for me. I’m waiting and getting a “Deal” and the remaining fan base can pay top dollar and wait a year for games.

          1. I feel pretty much the same as you.
            I’m gonna see what they’ll do with their next home console, hoping it will turn out decent. I was still on the fence about getting a WiiU, and honestly, chances of it actually happening are becoming smaller and smaller.
            Also, agreed on the day 1 purchases. Bought the 3DS on day 1 (hell, I even skipped school for it back then, lmao), just to see a huge price drop only a short while after. Took a damn long while until good games arrived on it as well. I don’t regret buying it, not at all, even bought an XL later on, but buying it on day 1 certainly wasn’t the smartest decision. At least I got the ambassador certificate + games, and a limited shirt from Nintendo, lmao. But yea, just glad I didn’t get carried away and bought a WiiU at launch.

    2. It will be four years by the time the new 3ds is released. If you knew anything about Nintendo, (which you obviously don’t) you would know they release a new handheld every 3-4 years. In one case just two years. I don’t consider Nintendo giving thier fans new hardware with amazing new games “fucking over thier fans”. No, quite the opposite.

      1. And that is exactly what Drybones just said. They’ve been screwing you over for years. And the New Nintendo 3DS continues that tradition. XD

        1. And how is giving us new hardware screwing is over grape? I think by NOT giving us new handhelds, then they would be screwing us over. Why am I even trying to argue with trolls anyways……

          1. Except it’s NOT new hardware. It’s an upgrade to the 3DS which does everything the 3DS does and more. It’s screwing off the early adopters because not only do they not have these features, but there are also games that are being made exclusively to it that you cannot get. This isn’t the new handheld. They’re going to announce the new handheld eventually and if it plays 3DS games, then those NEW 3DS owners will also be ripped off. :P

      2. Oh, is that so ? Then tell me, when was the last time an updated version of their consoles got its own exclusive games.
        Any game that was playable on the 3DS XL was playable on the regular 3DS.
        Any game that was playable on the DSi + DSi XL was playable on the regular DS (5 exceptions, but none of those games are worth mentioning because I don’t think anyone has even ever heard of them, unlike it’s the case with Xenoblade coming to the new 3DS).
        Any game that was playable on the Gameboy Advance SP + Micro was playable on the regular Gameboy Advance.
        The only case where an “updated” version of a console had exclusive games its original version couldn’t play was the Gameboy Color… Which released 9 years after the original Gameboy.
        So what exactly is your point ?

        1. Dude, I have never seen a single DSi exclusive game anywhere and as for that, I only saw a couple and they suck. Gameboy Micro was just a novelty while DS with GBA slot was still around so its sales didn’t do so well and it was more of a farewell model in case anyone wants one. XP Gameboy Advance series never tried such things and Gameboy Color was an overdue update of the series, like you said which came 9 years after the Gameboy launched.

          This time is the 3DS being 4 years after its last hardware revision and some title take advantage of the new CPU speed for framerate and ‘sorta’ multitasking improvement. Calm down because its not them screwing you over when the system is there whenever you’re ready to upgrade for improved experience. If Microsoft can do that for Xbox 360 when it has hardware setbacks or Sony with their PSP series, why can’t 3DS?

          Ya people are being ridiculous over this and yet, nobody here talks about iPhone or Galaxy phones doing the same shit a lot more often. See where I’m getting at? Hypocrites are everywhere these days.

          1. You seem to have missed the entire point, so I won’t bother going much into detail:
            The fact that there will be games for the “new 3DS” that won’t be playable on the older versions of the 3DS is what makes the whole situation incredibly ridiculous. Nobody is complaining about Nintendo bringing out improved versions of their handhelds, it’s about them bringing out a supposedly improved version, when it actually seems like an entirely new handheld, as it will have games you won’t be able to play on previous models, making it seem like it’s not just an improved model, but actually the handheld of their next gen, which would be acceptable if the original 3DS hadn’t come out merely 3 1/2 years ago.
            Also, why would anyone here complain about phones on a video game related website ? wtf ?

            1. If it had came with those features back in 2011, it would’ve been a lot more expensive then it is now, at least $300 counting its 3D screen being the most expensive part of the device.

                1. Chances are that these “exclusive” games could be compatible but like Smash Bros. 3DS as confirmed won’t be paused and used during Web Browsing and Miiverse due to memory usage. That might be possible and if so, then you guys can still enjoy it, just may have a few drawbacks.

                  1. No.
                    Nintendo has already confirmed the “new 3DS” is going to get games you won’t be able to play on your current 3DS models, Xenoblade Chronicles being one of them.

                    1. Which comes out next year and during that time, there’s a chance that (by popular demand) the cop game can be compatible for older 3DS models just without some sorta of paused multitasking like Smash Bros.

                                  1. If the games aren’t going to be any different, why aren’t the exclusives coming to the normal 3DS?

                                    1. I can’t tell why other than the game itself holding and displaying more details but the visuals will be the same. If they can make DKC Returns from Wii work on 3DS, then I’m sure it shouldn’t take much effort to make Xenoblade work too. Maybe take out a couple of things or use up as much memory as possible to make it functional.

                                      1. DKC Returns isn’t even that big of a game. Of course it can be ported. Xenoblade Chronicles is way bigger.

                                    2. People act like the 3DS would’ve costed like $600 or something if it had all those features. Lol and the technology excuse is really dumb. The Vita had better technology in it and that didn’t even come out that long after the 3DS. “But HollowGrape! It’s because of the 3D!” *looks at $40 price difference between 2DS and 3DS* Even if it would’ve costed more than the original 3DS, I highly doubt it would’ve surpassed $350. That would just be Nintendo being stupid.

                                1. Sir Ethanial of Grahamshire

                                  The only reason Xenoblade is exclusive to the new one is because the original 3DS models don’t have the processing capability to run them. They’re what, like, a little better than Gamecube in terms of processing? Maybe even less?
                                  From what I’ve heard, Xenoblade is a pretty big game, and besides, the 3DS one is just a port.
                                  Besides, the Miiverse thing isn’t even a big deal. You can probably take photos like in Brawl and they’ll be viewable in the photo channel or whatever. Just post them from that.
                                  Honestly, it seems way less like a scam than the fact that in 2011, they just couldn’t make that much cpu in such a small frame, as well as the fact that they probably didn’t expect something as huge as Smash to come to the 3DS. Heck, they didn’t even reveal that they were making a new Smash until 2012, if I remember correctly, and they didn’t talk about it being on 3DS.
                                  The Miiverse thing is a bummer, don’t get me wrong, but at least Smash is on 3DS at ALL.
                                  I can’t tell you how many systems they’d sell from Smash alone if it was Wii U exclusive or New 3DS.
                                  New 3DS just looks like a DSi type thing. No big deal.

                                  1. I don’t mind the improved Miiverse features or those kinda things, what’s pissing me off is the fact that it’s going to get exclusive games I won’t be able to play on my earlier models of the 3DS. Since when do upgraded models get their exclusive games ? Exclusive features, yes, but not actual GAMES. To me personally, it pretty much counts as a system of a new generation if it’s going to have games you won’t be able to play on previous models, which, sadly, is the case here. And 3 1/2 years are, in my opinion, not enough to end the generation of a gaming system.
                                    So it, very unfortunately, is not just a DSi type of thing. I really wish it was, but it isn’t.

                                    1. Lol wouldn’t you be pissed if Sony released a brand new PS4 model 3 years that’s had its own exclusive games? That’s BS! Lol.

                                      1. Ridley 2 Big 4 Smash? More Like 2 Big 4 U Wiiklings 2 Control! Leave Him 2 The Masters!

                                        This is a handheld console, not a home console. It’s not the same thing.

                                        1. Nintendo and Sony are the only ones making them though? If Vita does something like this in another year or so, then I apologize. But until then, I’m looking straight at Nintendo for this BS. :P I’m still getting one anyways. Just not day one.

                          1. One of the main problems is that this isn’t a new handheld in they way you’re trying to describe. You’re right in the sense of how they release their systems time span wise but they always released a completely new piece of hardware with completely new games, not a half ass one besides with the DSi. The Gameboy and Gameboy Color aren’t even comparable either when they had a ten year span between the two.

                            I love how them throwing “New” in front of it makes you people feel like it is completely new, it is still outdated compared to every other handheld and it is barely bumped up from the previous 3DS.

                            If this is their idea of a true successor to the 3DS, which I pray it isn’t, It fucking sucks in that sense, seriously. As I said I’ll be buying one but it doesn’t change how I feel about it. Even worse, it makes me very weary to even buy the actual successor to the 3DS at launch because of these garbage attempts to milk their fans.

                            It doesn’t help them either, when they promised they weren’t going to pull another DSi when they announced the 3DS, but then they are doing it all over again.

                            All I know is when they release a completely new handheld it better be the best there is, there is no damn reason at all it shouldn’t be…. and people wonder why Nintendo has so much money left in their reserves, just look at their hardware in the past years, compared to everyone’s.

                            They buy the cheapest CPU’s they can get, I mean who the hell even uses IBM CPU’s for anything anymore really? They buy the cheapest amount of RAM they can skate by with and even VRAM for that matter, their screens are always the worst compared to others, their GPU’s are always significantly weaker than their competitors also, yet they have all this money stored away for what? When people who are losing money out the ass like Sony can provide their fans with far superior hardware at their own cost… It is kind of insulting.

                            All I’ll say is Nintendo isn’t going to be able to do this forever, continually making systems that are so much less than every other product out there or barely any better than the ones they previously released. The only thing saving Nintendo right now is their games, it sure as hell isn’t their hardware.

                            It just annoys me, because if anyone else did this, it wouldn’t fly at all but as usual for some reason a lot of people are so lenient when it comes to Nintendo, they can make the same bad choices and mistakes everyone bitches and complains about on other system but they just take it when Nintendo does it, hell even worse, sometimes Nintendo does the same shady crap and people literally commend them for it instead.

                            I’ll just end it here, I’m sick of writing about this and if you know me, it was much longer than this but I deleted 2/3 of what I wrote. I’m just wasting my own time at this point responding to you people trying to defend this crap

                        1. Its not a successor if its still relatively the same thing. Stop being such a fool. If you think Nintendo has done a lot worst at screwing customers and not EA, Microsoft or even Sony with PSVita, you are a bigger dimwit than I thought.

                          1. Weird that they’re treating it like it is a successor though.
                            Also, you have no idea about what I think about EA, Microsoft or anything, so please, do everyone a favor and stop assuming shit like you actually know everything about people, because you do not.

                            1. Sir Ethanial of Grahamshire

                              They even said it’s just the same thing with upgraded CPU, though..
                              The only system exclusive is a port of a game that’s already been on the Wii, and that’s just because of system limitations.
                              If New 3DS ends up having troves of exclusives, I’d totally agree with you, but it’s just an upgraded version that plays the same games, just a little better.

                              1. There’s much more to it than just the upgraded CPU. But that’s not even what’s bothering me so much about it, it would have been perfectly fine if they just went the “DSi way” and simply improved hardware, without giving it any games that aren’t playable on previous models. But the fact that it will get games you won’t be able to play on the regular 3DS is what truly upsets me, considering it’s merely been 3 1/2 years since the 3DS originally launched.
                                And no, it’s not only Xenoblade, they’ve already confirmed there will be more games coming exclusively for the “new 3DS”.

                                1. Ridley 2 Big 4 Smash? More Like 2 Big 4 U Wiiklings 2 Control! Leave Him 2 The Masters!

                                  For all we know, it will only get 5-10 exclusives. That’s hardly a number to cry over.

                                  1. Yea, because they’ve confirmed it’s only going to be 5-10 games, right.
                                    I’m just waiting for the days Nintendo is going to announce huge titles (not like Xenoblade isn’t huge enough already) for the new 3DS on, I wonder what kinda excuses people will make up to make themselves believe the shit Nintendo is pulling is acceptable.

                                    1. Don’t bother trying to reason with Ridley. He’d be fine if MM3D came to N3DS as an exclusive. He’d be fine if 20 games became exclusive to it! Lol even though it’s clearly obvious Nintendo should be putting those resources towards the Wii U instead of trying to be greedy and pump out EVEN MORE money from 3DS owners. ;P

                                      1. Ridley 2 Big 4 Smash? More Like 2 Big 4 U Wiiklings 2 Control! Leave Him 2 The Masters!

                                        Of course. I’ve had a 3DS since it’s release. I didn’t wait 3 years into it’s life to buy one then bitch when a better version comes out.

                                        But I am the consumer, after all. After years of supporting them, they owe me everything I want! Self entitlement is such a great thing! *sarcasm*

                                        MAJORA’S MASK 3D FOR NEW 3DS!!! Just to piss off the cheap little whiners.

                                        1. Not sure if you’re referring to me in the first paragraph, but even if not, I’ll just go ahead and let you know that I’ve also had a 3DS since launch. + an XL for over a year now.
                                          I swear, I’d be willing to bet that if Microsoft or Sony did the same, your opinions concerning the matter would be much different.

                                        2. Ridley 2 Big 4 Smash? More Like 2 Big 4 U Wiiklings 2 Control! Leave Him 2 The Masters!

                                          The first part was to the people that waited so late in the handheld’s life.

                                          As for Sony, I wouldn’t mind as long as it came late in the console’s life like say close to 4 years like how it is with the 3DS. As for Microsoft, I don’t care enough about their multimedia game console to really care either way.

                                        3. Lmao “cheap”. I bought my 3DS six months ago. It’s not really the fact that I bought it late, but it’s the fact that this is a HALF ASSED HANDHELD. Why would they even do this? If they’re going to make another handheld, they should’ve just went to their next generation one. WTF is the point of releasing 3DS 2.0? It gets its own games too which makes even less sense. It does nothing but screw all the early adopters since they basically got handed the beta version. If you want to use power or technology as an excuse, turn I’ll ask this again. Why didn’t they just make a next generation handheld? They could’ve just made a new one entirely and made the exclusive games there. Then I could understand that. But instead they release some kind of sub generation handheld. That’s really stupid. I suppose it was to be expected though seeing as how Nintendo likes to screw up their hardware decisions every freaking time.

                                      2. Pretty much this. I seriously wouldn’t be surprised AT ALL if MM3D ends up on the “new 3DS”. I almost believe it’s even more likely to turn out that way rather than the game coming to the regular 3DS.

                      1. A Little bit concerned about how Nintendo is quickly killing the 3DS in favor of the “New” 3DS.

                        Worried that in the next Nintendo Direct we may see the announce of the “New” Wii U.

                      2. I can understand why, it looks pretty spiffy for even what the 3DS is capable of and it runs smooth on top of that.

                        I wish this much effort was put into Pokemon, because that game runs like ass sometimes, even with no 3D at all. I hate horde battles or even group battles, the frames drops are awful.

                      3. Yet people forget they did this with the GBC back in 1997 and it had it’s own exclusive games and a better cpu and ram. And guess what no one felt alienated then so why now?

                        1. Let me ask you when did the Gameboy release and when was the Gameboy Color released? At the time that was their new iteration of a handheld, handhelds weren’t capable of much better around that time other than having color.

                          No one is saying Nintendo hasn’t tried this before either, so no one has forgotten anything and a better example would be with the more recent DSi.

                          Not systems that had a ten year span between them, during a time period that can in no way be compared to now. Not a single person would be talking about this, if Nintendo had released this “New 3DS” ten years after the 3DS was released…

                          So again using the Gameboy Color as an example, is such a moot point.

                          1. How!? the DSI while it did have some improvements the amount of exclusive of games it physically had was almost non existent, other then that there was DSI ware and the quality of those games was laughable at best. And you seem to forget that the Gameboy color games were much larger then regular Gameboy games and a lot of said games couldn’t be played in a normal Gameboy oh yeah there was color but what about the features like linking oracle of seasons and ages? or the extra dungeon in links awakening DX, that one is prime example of a game you could play in an original game boy but if you couldn’t access the extra dungeon. Why? because there wasn’t enough ram on the Gameboy to even render it maybe the entrance but nothing else.

                            1. I think the 10 year difference was enough to explain why. I mean seriously… Just ignore that I said that though…

                              The CPU was the exact same also, it just had two modes in the Gameboy Color, the RAM was the same as well, the Gameboy could also use 32kb. The VRAM is what doubled and some of the cartridges increased their space.

                              Even worse you could actually still play Gameboy Color games in the Gameboy Pocket, they just would not have any color. So how is this comparable and why would that alienate anyone being ten years apart and it still works in the older system.


                              Let me know when you’re playing this new portable Xenoblade in your old 3DS and get back to us, then you’re argument would actually have some backing.

                              1. Wow.. you are pathetic I wasn’t saying that the Gameboy color was next gen, what I was trying to say was I didn’t use the dsi because the differences were so far and few in between the original ds and the dsi I didn’t bother comparing the two. honestly I can’t wait to see what they can do with the new 3ds last I checked the 3ds couldn’t use NFC heck the improved 3d could be a benefit to some of those games. but hey you know I guess some people just don’t want bigger games go figure.

                                  1. Obviously, that wasn’t the point but since you just can’t admit your wrong in comparing the two, of course you’d bring that up when it still changes nothing.

                                    The entire point of what I said was to prove your comparison has no foundation or is comparable to now.

                                    The DSi may have not have had any exclusive games worth mentioning for it, but it is still a better comparison in terms of the hardware differences and with time periods. That doesn’t make a damn difference whether or not the games were worth playing.

                                    You also say the comparison is few and far between but your comparison actually is, the Gameboy and Gameboy Color were barely any different, hence the fact the Gameboy could still play many Gameboy Color games.

                                    The DSi had more upgraded in it than the Gameboy color did, in a more relative sense to the New 3DS. The DSi’s ARM9 processor put into it was twice as fast as the old DS, it had 4x the amount of RAM than the old DS also which only had 4mb and it had cameras added to it. So how the hell is that far and few between? When it had more changed in it than the Gameboy Color you’re trying to use as a comparison.

                                    You still keep ignoring the fact the Gameboy Color came out ten years later… TEN YEARS! Did you read that? Let me type it again, since you keep blatantly disregarding that it came out TEN YEARS later! So what are even trying to prove here? Do you also need to read what the definition of alienate means?

                                    Also the 3D in itself has not been improved, it is only how its viewed that has been improved, now you can view it from basically any angle and won’t do that horrible doubling effect when you move your 3DS just slightly out of the viewing window.

                                    You might be okay with what Nintendo is doing but it still doesn’t change that fact that is exactly what they’re doing is alienating old 3DS users.

                                    You asked why people felt alienated, I told you why. Instead you keep trying to put words into my mouth, when did I say I didn’t want bigger games? That has nothing to do with anything I said, I don’t want half cocked systems, that is what I don’t want. I want Nintendo to actually make a new handheld, not one that is still a 3DS but slightly better.

                                    1. wow okay yeah two camera’s really make that much of a difference besides the fact it used a slightly different os then the original ds it was still not much to go on. I mean heck yeah the hardware is obviously vastly different but I still believe my point stands it dosen’t matter the time period if people weren’t ailenated by the Gbc or the Dsi (see I included it this time) then why would they be ailenated now? especially the dsi considering it came out at the same time frame as the New 3DS seems to be coming out so how come nobody was ailenated then but now it’s a problem. I would think people would have been ailenated by the dsi personally what with it’s bigger price tag, online store that had the variety of a dollar store, and the fact It didn’t even really needed to exsist because every ds game barring the very few that were exclusive to the thing could be played on a ds lite or classic ds. so what’s your answer to that?

                      4. Yet everybody forgets about the GBC back in 1997, and it had it’s own exclusive games plus a better CPU and RAM then the GB yet no one felt alienated then so why now?

                      5. Well, since the game uses so much memory on the current 3DS, I guess this was expected in a way. Oh well, I’m planning to upgrade the 3DS soon and give my 2DS to my sister which will be the last system I’m giving her since she destroyed it in the beach. XP $130 down the drain for her system.

                      6. Michelle, you are not using your brain. Nintendo needed to update the 3ds, or release a new handheld altogether. They are always working on thier next gen system, (miyamoto said this) so the fact that it’s not released simply means it’s not ready, and wont be anytime soon. So did you really just want to keep the same 3ds system for the next 3-4 years? I know I didn’t. I’m glad they updated the hardware, and now we are going to get better looking games, with a better 3d effect. And not to mention the Amibo scanning capability. And on top of that, you can still play your entire library of 3ds games on the system.

                        And have you even thought for one second that maybe there are games being developed (Monster Hunter 5) that would not be able to run on the current 3ds hardware. There could be several games being developed as we speak that you have no idea about. Maybe Nintendo was getting pressure from outside developers to release updated hardware. Maybe Nintendo was tired of scaling thier 3ds games back becouse of hardware restrictions. You just don’t have enough information. To simply say that Nintendo is intentionally screwing you over is childish, arrogant, and honestly a little selfish. And for drybones and grape to say they have been screwing us over for years is nothing short of trolling. Nintendo is not forcing you to buy thier products. The current 3ds will be supported for years to come, so it’s not like you got ripped off, even if you choose to buy an older 3ds today. With the massive library of awsome games, I’m sure you will get/got your money’s worth.

                      7. My opinion? I’m okay with this.

                        Sm4sh 3DS maxes out all the hardware resources on the 3DS. It’s amazing just how much optimisation had to be done in order to get the game running so smoothly and at 60fps, even when the 3D slider is at max. It’s a credit to the developers, not so much the original 3DS hardware designers. Some games lag horribly on the 3DS. Pokémon X & Y with the 3D effect on was one of those, especially during battles. Hopefully it won’t be so bad with ORAS, but we’ll see.

                        The need for revised hardware is more a necessity than a flight of fancy. Hopefully the extra power in the newer models will allow these other games to run more smoothly.

                        1. I agree. Pokemon run on low fps even in 2d and in 3d it impossible to enjoy anything in that game. Smash demo feels super heavy home button tales back to menu with big delay, if you close 3ds with smash and open it later it will restart unlike any other 3ds game. But game runs smooth and fps is great. I’m still pissed about pokemon damn it drops fps like shit!

                      8. Pingback: Smash Bros. 3DS no permite subir capturas de pantalla a Miiverse o utilizar el navegador. Solucionado en New 3DS |

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                      10. Ridley 2 Big 4 Smash? More Like 2 Big 4 U Wiiklings 2 Control! Leave Him 2 The Masters!

                        I love how people like Namie are acting like Nintendo is holding a gun to people’s heads & telling them to “Buy the updated 3DS, or we’ll kill you!” You don’t need the New 3DS unless you want the exclusives going to it. If you don’t want those exclusives, fuck the New 3DS. Keep playing your old 3DS til it breaks or comes close to dieing for good THEN upgrade to the New 3DS. Also, the 3DS will be out for very close to 4 years in Japan, so it isn’t like Nintendo is pulling a Sega on it’s fans.

                        1. Except it’s not just the exclusive. It’s everything. Literally EVERYTHING about this 3DS is better than the original. The original is pointless now. The reason why people are mad is because they should’ve done this from the start. It should’ve had all these features and been powerful back then. And don’t give me the technology excuse because the Vita came out a year or so after the 3DS and it’s still more powerful than this thing. “New” … :/

                          1. Ridley 2 Big 4 Smash? More Like 2 Big 4 U Wiiklings 2 Control! Leave Him 2 The Masters!

                            It’s not an excuse because it’s true. I don’t give a flying fuck how powerful the Vita was after being released after the 3DS. This is the 3DS, not the Vita. The Vita could have had the ability to make you coffee & it still wouldn’t matter about what the 3DS is & isn’t capable of.

                            1. Ridley 2 Big 4 Smash? More Like 2 Big 4 U Wiiklings 2 Control! Leave Him 2 The Masters!

                              And I repeat from my first comment: Nintendo is not holding you at gunpoint to buy it. You don’t NEED it unless you want the exclusives. It’s just like a new iPhone. You don’t NEED to upgrade to the new one unless you want the exclusive features it has.

                            2. Whatever. Just let Nintendo sap all the money out of you for all I care. At this rate, we’re never going to get what we actually want if you keep agreeing with their stupid decisions. Yes, it’s perfectly fine to make weak ass hardware and then give it a slight upgrade in 3 years. The example I’m trying to make with the Vita is that they planned AHEAD and made it more powerful than it even needed to be. The 3DS’s max resolution is what? 240p? 480p? What is this? 2001? It’s almost 2015 for gods sake. It’s really insulting that Sony (who is losing money over the years) can provide their fanbase with actual up to date hardware. Nintendo has so much money it’s almost like they don’t even know what the hell to do with it. They always cheap out on strong components to put in their systems. And for what reason? They got all the money they could ever need right now! Why is the Wii U only slightly better than last gen consoles in terms of specs? It’s like they hopped into a damn time machine, went back a generation, and found the cheapest possible hardware they could ever use. And then jumped back to the present. It’s stupid.

                              1. Ridley 2 Big 4 Smash? More Like 2 Big 4 U Wiiklings 2 Control! Leave Him 2 The Masters!

                                Tough shit, I guess. This is why people like Dumko, I mean Donko, are so pissed off. They act like power will make their console better. In reality, it’ll just make their bills more expensive in the long run. If you really think power will make your life better, you really should stop supporting Nintendo & just save up for your PC.

                                1. The only reason I still have a Wii U is so I can get the games they have. It’s not “all about power”. It’s about how Nintendo PURPOSELY makes their hardware weaker than the competition. The decisions they’ve made have been so stupid that they even forced people like Namie to stay away from their hardware. At least “Dumko” actually owns one so he has pretty much every right to be disappointed. If people just keep sitting there accepting the BS Nintendo keeps doing they’re never going to change. If it weren’t for the games, Nintendo would be dead right now. I dare you to snatch that Mario, Zelda, etc from their systems and see how long they last. Nintendo had utterly destroyed their image with the Wii. In fact, when people talk about Wii, the first thing that comes to mind is “underpowered”. That’s just sad. They made good money, but you would not believe how many fans they probably lost with that thing. That explains the Wii U’s low sales. Those loyal fans are nowhere to be found. They left. And the ones that can be found are the guys over at the 3DS and even most of them don’t even want anything to do with Wii U.

                                  1. Ridley 2 Big 4 Smash? More Like 2 Big 4 U Wiiklings 2 Control! Leave Him 2 The Masters!

                                    If a Nintendo console being weaker helps the environment by not being an energy guzzler, I’ll be happy for the console to always be “weaker” than other consoles. When the world suffers an energy crisis, you can thank Sony & Microsoft for helping with it.

                                    1. Yes, of course. Blame it all on Sony and Microsoft. Everything is always their fault. Nintendo did nothing wrong. Nintendo is never wrong!

                                      1. Ridley 2 Big 4 Smash? More Like 2 Big 4 U Wiiklings 2 Control! Leave Him 2 The Masters!

                                        *facepalm* Whatever you say, Namie/Shuhei/Donko/Flip Flopper. If you want to believe I’m a Nintendo fanboy to make yourself feel better, go right ahead.

                                        1. I didn’t say you were a Nintendo fanboy. I’m just saying the way that you constantly trash the other two companies doesn’t really make it any better than anyone trashing Nintendo. I defend all companies and I like the games they all have. So whenever I see someone talking negatively about the other two consoles, it pisses me off. No offense. I just want these stupid consoles wars to end. Neither Wii U, PS4, or XB1 are better than each other. It’s just a matter of opinion. The only reason I always bring up the flaws that Nintendo has is to show you that they are not perfect. But then you always bring up something about Ubisoft or EA when everyone knows they aren’t perfect either. No one ever said they were. There’s a difference between criticism and hatred.

                                        2. Ridley 2 Big 4 Smash? More Like 2 Big 4 U Wiiklings 2 Control! Leave Him 2 The Masters!

                                          I have no problems with Sony or their Playstation since I had some good times on the PS2. I do hate how they are becoming more & more like Microsoft, though. Speaking of Microsoft, fuck them & their Xbox brand. This industry has been going to shit ever since they got involved. I’m not saying it’s their fault, per se, but it certainly does look & feel that way.

                                          1. Ridley 2 Big 4 Smash? More Like 2 Big 4 U Wiiklings 2 Control! Leave Him 2 The Masters!

                                            Uhm… What part of “this industry has been going to shit ever since Microsoft got involved” did you not get? >.<

                                          2. Ridley 2 Big 4 Smash? More Like 2 Big 4 U Wiiklings 2 Control! Leave Him 2 The Masters!

                                            They should have stuck with what they do best: monopolizing the computer industry.

                                            1. Yes, they should have! Because then I’d be able to play that Master Chief Collection on my future PC! Also, I wasn’t talking about their actions. I just mean the systems themselves. I think the Xbox 360 is really awesome. I really like the controller!

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