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Bayonetta 2 Scores Highly In Famitsu

Japanese gaming publication Famitsu has awarded Platinum Games long-awaited Bayonetta 2 with a fantastic score. The publication is renowned for their generous marking so it will be interesting to see how the game fares when it’s reviewed by western publications. The game was awarded 10/9/10/9 by the four reviewers which equates to a 38/40 score.

Thanks, Mierda

104 thoughts on “Bayonetta 2 Scores Highly In Famitsu”

        1. Nintendo so far is the only gaming company with first, second and crossovers scoring games in the 10/10, 9.5/10 and 9/10 range. Sony needs to step up big or go home.


          1. Because Sony had rejected the funding offer. Bayonetta 2 wouldn’t exist at all if it weren’t for Nintendo saving the franchise, thus funding and publishing this game (including the HD enhanced original).

            1. i agree with you…
              but i realy prefair eternal darkness then bayonetta.
              i dont know what happend to eternal darkness. is the franchise still by nintendo or is it free now.
              because the franchise belong to nintendo at last year but then…

              how nintendo dident help to get the game fixt.

          1. This game is shaping every time better and better Im tired of not getting anything cool on PS4 ! lm definetely thinking in selling my PS4 and get a wii U soon with a copy of Bayonetta 2.

            1. Uh… I’d recommend not doing this. I mean, Playstation’s vice CEO said there were going to be 150 games announced for the PS4 until March. This console is gonna crush everything this gen.

    1. Smash Bros sell 1 million , Bayonetta 2 and Fatal Frame coming next week in japan.

      Omgggggg omggg omggg I’m crazy of hype!!1Nintendo is on fire bitches!!1

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        1. This game got ugly graphics
          Ugly gameplay n ugly characters
          It deserved a big fat ZER0
          The games unbalance n it doesn’t run 1080p 60fps it deserve another two big fat boiled eggs
          Babies games eat shitcrapoop in the assball

        1. Nintendo Sub-Lieutenant

          Just post the link to it after making a page break SHIFT ENTER.
          But make sure your link ends with .jpg or .gif or else it wont work. It has to be a direct link to the file for photos. With youtube, you can just post the youtube link and it should be fine. I usually trim off everything after the & sign in the YT link because of my mild OCD. Have fun making this place a more fun or annoying place to be!~

        1. I’m sure you’re right he already exposed himself as the church of sasori only to make us look bad. he’s Obinna the Nigerian and i can bet he’s saying those blind fools who follow him on youtube that people who visit this blog are stealing his information.

  1. Some people these days are so childish. Why slagging a game of just because its not to your liking? If you don’t like the look of the game don’t get it. Simple.

  2. I already knew it was gonna pull in some great review scores so no surprise here. I can’t wait till October 24th to get my Bayonetta on. My money is ready


      1. So you want to do a showdown in front of your friends on twitch?
        Wow, you’re so insecure and butthurt that you need to get a bunch of buddies behind you just to fight an internet argument.
        THAT is SAD.

  3. Cap'n Nintendo Beard of the Nintendo isles

    Ahoy scallywags, me and me ship The Heavenly Luck, were scouring the seas for action and lo and behold, we foundit, can I get a yarg from me crew?

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  5. LOL thanks “mierda”, at first i was thinking sickr was frustrated due to the Bayonetta news XD, like: “scored highly in famitsu… DAMN IT” XD

  6. Operation Platinum while have this wish come into fruition soon if these scores are any proof.

    Rodin will totally be my main in the online mode since he’s the closest thing to a “Scary Black Man” in the franchise.

    1. Don’t you mean yourself? The Nintendo bashing, MLK racist comment (plus you’re black so, disgraceful), drooling over a Red Ring box, pathetically disguising yourself and now this?

      You’re a POS all over the place. lol

  7. Ridley 2 Big 4 Smash? More Like 2 Big 4 U Wiiklings 2 Control! Leave Him 2 The Masters!

    Ugh! The Wii U games coming late in the month are fucking killing me!

    1. Ridley 2 Big 4 Smash? More Like 2 Big 4 U Wiiklings 2 Control! Leave Him 2 The Masters!

      Screw it. I’m sticking to my plan of getting the SSB 4 3DS for both me & the wife’s 3DSs. I’ll just get Bayonetta 1 & 2 on November 1st.

    2. Ridley 2 Big 4 Smash? More Like 2 Big 4 U Wiiklings 2 Control! Leave Him 2 The Masters!

      SSB 4 3DS & Hyrule Warriors should keep me pretty busy & entertained til then.

          1. Ridley 2 Big 4 Smash? More Like 2 Big 4 U Wiiklings 2 Control! Leave Him 2 The Masters!

            Nothing but watching television, socializing with friends online when nothing is on TV, playing video games when I’m in the mood or when a great game has my attention which will be the case soon when I can download Hyrule Warriors for Wii U, or watching my son when the wife is busy. Even if I could work, though, I doubt I’d be able to find a job. My wife has yet to find a job that would make the pay worth the drive. I should really try to get back into writing, though. I’ve got so many ideas swirling in my head when I’m bored that I could probably write a number of novels if I really put the time & effort into it. I’ve mostly done nothing but socialize on the internet or play Pokemon, trying to get as many as I can before Omega Ruby releases, because I just don’t feel like doing much else. I need an extra hobby, or another console, to tie me over while I wait for new Nintendo games & 3rd party exclusives for Nintendo.

            1. You should try to focus on your personal life, help your wife and even yourself to make a better living. I’m 25 and still struggling to start my own living due to going through some bad times after high school, scarce jobs and the near economy fallout didn’t do me some good. Although, now I got a new job in Miami starting at $14 compare to my old job at $8 I worked for almost three years so things are looking up a little better for me for now.

  8. ps4isforthesheeplewhocanallgoandplayashinyfps

    bayonetta+samus=morphball > ps4+knack+everyone elses fps’s



    that is all

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