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Shovel Knight Is Nearing A Solid Release Date For Europe And Australia

Yacht Club Games has informed fans of the impressive and vastly successful Shovel Knight that it will be nearing an Australian and European release very soon. According to the developer’s recent blog update, the Wii U and 3DS versions have completed the final testing stages and are almost ready to hit Nintendo platforms overseas.

Fans of the valiant Knight in North America have been able to ready their sword for battle since late June, while bug and patch fixes has kept Yacht Club Games working at full speed in order to deliver a top-notch game. The developer says as long as “no unforeseen issues arise”, they’ll be able to provide a firm release date for European and Australian fans in the near future.

“Final Testing has drawn to a close! We’ll be shipping up and shipping it out the door! If no unforeseen issues arise, then a solid release date will be coming into focus soon!”

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