Here’s A Nintendo 3DS Modded To Play Smash Bros With A GameCube Controller

An intrepid Nintendo 3DS owner has managed to get a GameCube controller working with Nintendo’s current handheld in an effort to play Super Smash Bros in their preferred way. There doesn’t seem to be any instruction regarding how the individual achieved this, but it’s an impress feat nonetheless.

Thanks, Bilbo


    1. Same for PSVita. Too bad it hasn’t had a single good exclusive for years except Persona 4 which is also on other platforms anyway.


      1. No! I- … I mean, “Dale” would never be commenting on a computer website like this where anyone could steal my- …I mean, “Dale’s” identity and information. Clearly this is Boomhauer.



      1. Nah. It looks like he has a grip cover for it. The circle pad is definitely still there.

        I’m actually getting some of those covers myself. I hope they work well because the CP gets rather slippery sometimes.


    1. Yes, it defeats the merits of a handheld, but SSB is really a console game, and many of us are accustomed to a certain console button layout ;).


  1. The Gamecube controlerl that appears in the banner, it’s an original control? created by someone? or a 3D render? I think it’s a 3D render, it’s to plastic and has a lot reflections. But who knows..


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