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Sakurai Explains Why Circle Pad Pro Support Was Dismissed For Super Smash Bros 3DS

Super Smash Bros creator Masahiro Sakurai has explained the reasons behind why the brawler for the New Nintendo 3DS will support the C-Stick but not the Circle Pad Pro. As we reported earlier this month, the Circle Pad Pro would not be supported on current 3DS models, despite it being a mirrored device for additional circle pad support.

However, the game’s director has addressed such concerns in his new Famitsu column, saying that the C-Stick support was enabled due to the increase in power from the new models, along with it fixed internally on the device rather than a peripheral control.

“Supporting the CCP requires the use of some of the CPU’s processing load. From the information received during the development of Kid Icarus: Uprising, this is a quite large load at around 5%. Kid Icarus: Uprising and Smash both use the maximum capability of the device, so we had to abandon the idea of CCP support. With the New 3DS, we were able to support the C-Stick as the processing power is increased and it is not a peripheral device.”

68 thoughts on “Sakurai Explains Why Circle Pad Pro Support Was Dismissed For Super Smash Bros 3DS”

        1. Yes, but you aren’t sharing said shit, are you? If you were, I would tell you to get checked out at the doctor’s.

      1. Different type of power and game. Apparently, Smash seems to be more CPU heavy that Revelations, RE is a slow game after all with basic zombie AI. The game was definitely working the GPU, but the CPU side could be a different story.
        Smash is a fast pace game with multiple AI and a lot of game object collisions (physics).

  1. It makes sense that if it was going to hinder the game’s performance on the system, then why have it. Thank You Sakurai for the explaination, even though you didn’t owe one to the fans. The effort you put into making every game you make the best it can possible be.
    If there was a Gaming Hall of Fame, then Sakurai would definitely be one of the first inducted as he has risked his own health multiple times to deliver stella game after stella game.

      1. Did it push the system to it’s very limits? If so, then good point, if not then Sakurai was right not to add circle pad support…

        1. You’re talking to the guy that first meantioned Resident Evil in the first place and not me for questioning him right???

    1. He’s obviously lying to justify the fact that they’re intentionally hindering the old system, just to help push the new one, you cock guzzling fanboy.

  2. I didn’t know the Circle Pad Pro actually used part of the 3DS’s CPU so that’s nice to know and makes sense to cut CCP support. I don’t think the C pad had any real significant different in Smash Bros though, as far as I know at least.

      1. sherlockwillfightbilbo

        Also for back aerials. If you do a back aerial attack with just the circle pad, you lose your forward momentum. By using the second circle pad/C-stick, you can keep your forward momentum while striking backwards at the opponent.

          1. The clergy of the Church of Sasori has declared and exposed the hypocritical ideologies of the Nintendo fanboys on this site. On one hand you criticize Sasori for having an opinion in which in no way does he have any hatred towards any specific individual/personalities here just a one sided viewpoint toward Nintendo yet you guys attack him individually with racist comments and hatred remarks.. It’s disgusting..

            A gaming Martyr…

  3. Wow this clown makes a bs excuse yet is exposed by Capcoms effort to push the 3ds even further and include cop support. This guy needs to lay off the rice.

    Comment edited for unnecessary slander

  4. Wait, but.. Doesn’t KI:U support the CPP for lefties anyway? :S So you can move with the right stick and aim with your left hand using the stylus?

  5. That is a translation mistake, what he actually want to say was:

    “We already fool you to buy that shit, now we need to fool you to buy the new shit (pointing out to the “New” 3DS XL)”

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  7. Sm4sh for 3DS is using more CPU Power than any Game ever before. Or does anyone know a Title that has to deactivate multiple System Services in Order to be playable on it? I don’t. And if CPP needs some extra Power, then it can’t be supported at all because the Game alone already broke all Walls of Possibilities.

  8. See, there is always a behind the scenes reason why developers do what they do. People always complain however without knowing the full story…

  9. I know a lot of people are firing at Sakurai and the big-N for not supporting the CPP and making the N3DS more powerful respectively. But honestly I think that what they did with Smash Brothers 3DS creates for other developers potential to push the 3DS to its full capacity—more detailed graphics with 60fps gameplay even in 3D! Just imagine what more RE:R could have been if they had pushed the 3DS like that! Of course, the obvious trade-off is no access to the Internet Browser and Miiverse during gameplay and resetting the 3DS everytime the game is closed but I’m sure a lot of people will agree that that’s a small price to pay to enjoy a much beefier RE:R (Capcom please bring RE:R2 to 3DS/N3DS this way!!) or maybe MGS3D and other future potentially more resource-intensive games on the handheld all in 60fps even in 3D!! Doesn’t anyone agree?
    Either way, Smash Brothers 3DS is one, if not the best game I’ve ever played on the 3DS. I can’t wait to get the full game when it releases Friday. The big-N should brace itself for a huge midnight rush into the eshop on launch day.

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  11. Funny he would mention Kid Icarus Uprising which didn’t even use the CPP for anything but adding left hand controls instead of making it work for the camera. So the CPP would have just been used for lefties instead of adding something like using it for Smash attacks.

  12. I’m sorry but i’m not buying this bullshit sakurai. I dont mind that it doesn’t support ccp, what i do mind is him giving a bullshit excuse and straight up lying to the consumer. Don’t underestimate the consumers intelligence nintendo. Just be honest instead. It will work out better in the long run.

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