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Nintendo Unveils Secret Super Smash Bros Characters For 3DS & Wii U

smash_bros_combatNintendo has unveiled three new characters for Super Smash Bros on 3DS and Wii U. In celebration of the brawler’s western release today, the publisher has taken the liberty of revealing secret characters, which can be unlocked within the game. Fans hoping for the reveal of favourites will not be disappointed as Earthbound’s beloved Ness, Falco from Star Fox, and – of course – the gold digging Wario are all back to fight in the battle arenas.

All three characters will also be unlockable in the Wii U version, rumoured for release this November. You can take a peek at all of the official 3DS and Wii U screenshots on Nintendo’s “secret” site, here. Let us know if you’ve been fighting in style today on Super Smash Bros for 3DS in the comments below.

Thanks, Gamertimeus

66 thoughts on “Nintendo Unveils Secret Super Smash Bros Characters For 3DS & Wii U”

    1. agreed i thought they were announcing undescovered characters, I got so excited from the title, “yes there is a mewtwo or dixie kong or ridley or someone new and hidden! nope… let the pitty party commence ;(

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    1. Ness all the way lol. I think you can customize him to be similar to lucas though. Like instead of PK Flash you can change it to PK Freeze.

        1. Yea that does suck, I also noticed speaking of Ness, they ruined his Yo Yo smash attacks! And Yoshi’s up smash and runnig attack! Stop nerfing my mains lol.

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    2. I thought Lucus was better than Ness. But i’m not complaining since I like playing with Ness too. I thought all three of these characters were already confirmed by Nintendo btw.

      1. Technically we knew the full list of characters when the Japanese version was released, however this is Nintendo’s official reveal for those secret characters, plus there are some nice screens of them in action. :)

      2. Ness is better, but takes more skill. Lucas was for people who couldn’t take advantage of Ness. Lucas is cheaper, not better.

    3. Oh, Nintendo… taking the old and pretending it’s something new and exciting, as per the usual.

      Honestly, if these characters got left out, I wouldn’t mind one bit. Come on, they had their fun in the sun… give them a rest and let other characters into the spotlight for once! Then again, fans would go crazy if they left out so-called “Fan favorites” (Mewtwo’s proof of that), so I suppose we’ll always be treated to such repetition if the fans have anything to say about it…

      1. if fans had any say in it. dr mario and dark pit would’ve been alternate skins.dixie kong, ridley, mewtwo and iceclimbers would’ve been in. not to mention Most of us wanted the3ds version and wii u version to be seperate entities.

        1. Don’t forget that Ganondorf would have been given a more unique moveset that is modeled after his abilities in the Zelda games, too, if we had a say in the matter.

    4. Sometimes I fell like Nintendo is stuck in the eighties, a time when the internet did not exist…

      News alert Nintendo, anything released in Japan the rest of the world knows about simultaneously!

      Biggest facepalm of the year….

    5. And just a thought…

      Even if there was some way we didn’t know about these characters, Why the hell would you want to spoil it for us the day we purchase the game??? Why go through all that trouble coding and programming to make the characters a “secret” that have to be unlocked within the game, just to reveal them the day of purchase…. a mean what the hell are you guys smoking..

      Who is in charge over there, a circus ring leader?

      1. You do realize that on the site, they are still secret, it gives you a spoiler warning and the don’t have icons, only blurred out pics with no name

      2. That is a good point, I do know I have seen people on miiverse saying they don’t mind being spoiled as long as Nintendo is the one showing the characters. Their logic, not mine.

    6. I’m loving Smash Bros 3DS, but it’s really hard for me to wrap my head around the controls. I’m like a Smash noob right now, because my brain switches back to Gamecube controller controls every once in a while and I end up just button mashing just to figure out what buttons do what.

      It’s actually kind of irritating. This game is just a reminder that I CAN’T WAIT FOR Smash Bros 4 Wii U.

    7. I was one of the people who avoided looking at spoilers. Karate Kid, Dr.Pepper and Aunt Jemima c’mon! #fingerscrossed

    8. you idiots really need to shut up its just secret characters to the people that don’t know plus they did this with brawl dojo and nobody complained but since this is today’s gaming community they will literary complain about everything

      1. Why would Nintendo reveal ‘secret’ characters to begin with? Nintendo needs to stops spoiling there own games. They think it’s smart marketing but it really isn’t. Spoiling secret characters is not going to get more people to buy your game, it’s just going to piss off the people who already have it..I know some of you say, “Oh it’s just a fighting game, it’s ok to spoil the game”, sorry but that is bullshit. I don’t want ANY of my games spoiled. Unlocking a new character and NOT knowing who is going to be revealed is an exciting moment! I miss that in Smash…I love playing through video games for the first time becouse of the unexpected. That is why your first run through a game is alwasy the best. These unexpected moments are gone from Smash becouse Nintendo thought it would be wise to release every ounce of information about the game before release….There is no reason for it… Nintendo is my favorite video game company, but sometimes i swear they are just so…..stupid.

        In this case however, everybody already knew about these characters…

      1. They are revealed officially, I doubt Nintendo even wants to acknowledge that leak and Sakurai wanted to show the “hidden” characters after the game was released internationally.

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