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Captain Toad Treasure Tracker Could Be Delayed To 2015 In North America

GameFly, the popular video game rental service, has changed Captain Toad: Treasure Tracker release date from late 2014 to March 2015 in North America. The rental chain has a decent track record of being correct in the past. Captain Toad: Treasure Tracker has been officially delayed in Europe and won’t be coming until 2015.

Thanks, Ahmad

114 thoughts on “Captain Toad Treasure Tracker Could Be Delayed To 2015 In North America”

      1. JTZ from tribe of Judah

        Please understand when we developed Wii U in 2008, we didn’t think of 2014 and or think about Sony and Microsoft and just focused on PS3 and 360.

        1. Please understand that we actually take our time properly developing game consoles and games that actually work and don’t send out an orgy of false promises with overhyping AAAs that’ll gradually fail most expectations plus our more eco friendly and affordable consoles don’t have technical failures on launch or blow up in living rooms trying to run games at the appropriate resolution without cutting corners to get there.

          Sorry but Sony and Microsoft have miscalculated some steps of their own. PSNow, Xbox DOne’s Kinect/$500 launch, DRM, too many AAA overhyped disappointment after effects.

          1. I agree with the games part. Nintendo makes some of the best games around. So awesome. Totally disagree with the console part though. Lol.

    1. when this game got delayed for europe i knew it was going to be delayed here in till 2015 oh well we still got smash wii u! right? please!

  1. This game is what you nintendrones are loking forward to? This discriminates against lord sasoris taste. Xbox is what lord Sasori wanted us to play and you should too.







      1. lord ghost : king of the federation

        why do you rite in caps. just because the game get’s a better score doesn’t mean its a good game.

  2. JTZ from tribe of Judah

    I planned on playing it because it’s different. Plus it looks like it takes good advantage of the Wii U.

    1. advertize a game months away from release IDIOT and its been shown many many times at gaming events including trailers TWERP

    2. JTZ from tribe of Judah

      You know Nintendo is stupid not learning from lack of advertisement of Pikmin 3 and following the same route which is why Wii U sales suck now. Nintendo is stupid in some areas.

      1. Same can be said for how Sony manages their own PSVita and PSNow service. Oops. Too much? lol How about Microsoft with their royal consumer fuck over with their DRM and Kinect/NSA stunt plus $500 launch? Have they not learn shit from Sony’s PS3 or their own mistakes either?

        1. So because other companies have their own problems its TOTALLY fine for Nintendo to screw up shit right? They TOTALLY can’t differentiate from other companies and get a good reputation right?

          1. Look who’s talking about me excusing Nintendo’s faults when everybody else stupidly crucifies them over some things other competitors and 3rd party does for a living that screws consumers for cheap profit margin but much worse.

            1. JTZ from tribe of Judah

              “Look who’s talking about me excusing Nintendo’s faults when everybody else stupidly crucifies them over some things other competitors and 3rd party does for a living that screws consumers for cheap profit margin but much worse.”

              Actually if Dumb Nintendo hyped up WIi U 1st party games like crazy on TV and the Wii U, it wouldn’t had made a difference if Wii u had games or not. PS4 doesn’t even need games to out sell Wii U. So what’s Sony doing right that Nintendo is doing wrong? I’ll tell you, one company prefers to focus on a handheld and the other a home console.

              1. Using the same lame ass portable>console excuse that I just debunked when Sony did the exact stunt last gen when PSP was hot and PS3 was not at the beginning. Try again loser. PS4 sold because of the hype alone. Nothing more, nothing less. Wii U had a solid start like 3+ million around Christmas which is less than 7 weeks but drastically dropped thanks to not only Nintendo’s piss poor marketing but the 3rd party spreading negative attention and lies of its capabilities WHICH they never bother to test themselves without reason besides EA’s stupid asses flipping out on Nintendo rejecting Origin which everyone but fanboys hate. You act like they’re destroying their own system. That’s what Sony is doing to Vita you idiot. It’s called “momentum” and they’re building and holding it up. Wii U is having is chance with several games this year in case your dumbass self missed the party. Oh and guess what? As long as Wii U is still far ahead of Xbox DOne because Microsoft royally fucked up harder than Vita, GameCube, Wii U and Virtual Boy COMBINED, then you shouldn’t be bitching and just try to enjoy what they offer instead of whining your ass off over irrelevance and BS.

        2. JTZ from tribe of Judah

          At least Sony is smart enough to focus all their energy on the home consoles over the handheld. When is dumb Nintendo going to stop favoring their weaker console?

          1. And yet, here you are failed to acknowledged that Sony did the same shit last gen. PSP sold more than PS3 and they didn’t put enough focus on its PSN when it got hacked and taken down a few years ago. Got any other good excusable stories to use?

      2. What do you mean “lack of advertising”?
        Pikmin 3 is OUT???
        How is that in NO top 25 games list? Does it suck so hard?

        Why do i even ask… ofc it sucks hard… i just guess that it’s like pikmin 1, just worse, instead of being better then pikmin 2…

        Damn moronic bastards at Nintendo… I wonder if the Wii U will ever get a single decent game… Until now, the old games were always FAR better then the new ones.

      1. Because Hyrule Warriors and Bayonetta 2 and Smash Bros are the only thing I’ve been able to think about. This game is getting overshadowed. Lol.

        1. Just because you forgot about it doesn’t mean it’s over showdowed. Why would Nintendo advertise a game coming next year. Sony and Micro don’t even do that. Nintendo isn’t the odd one out. Common sense is a thing, you know?

          1. This delay hasn’t even been confirmed yet, so it’s still technically releasing this year. So shouldn’t they be advertising it by now??

    3. No, they just need to stop developing SHIT.
      I Disable every kind of commercial i can, i have not seen one in YEARS, and still i know about good games… before they get ruined by nintendo.. i.e. Smash Bros, Zelda, Mario…

      WHO would care about this idiotic game, even with commercials? You play a freaking toad? What is this? The year of the troll? Year of the stupid character? or just year of stupidity?

      Who wants to play a Toad?
      Who wants to play a Duck?
      WHO wants to play a housewife in a fighting game?

      Those people are the reason we don’t get real good games anymore, and i hope anyone who likes the new Smash Bros, Zelda and Mario, get cancer.

  3. I wanted this game, and it would’ve sold GREAT around the holidays being family friendly and slightly cheaper than most console titles but i’m okay with the delay. My wallet will be hurting enough with the games I just bought and the ones I still need to get within the next couple of months lol.

  4. Wouldn’t surprise me. In fact with the loads of games I’m already interested in in November I would ok with this game being delayed.

  5. I’m interested in this game becouse im curious to see the level design of all the different levels. Knowing Nintendo, they will release footage of every single level in the game before the game itself releases. I’ll try to avoid spoilers about this game that Nintendo will throw at us.. If I can avoid the spoilers I will buy the game. If not, well, I wont…

      1. I was expecting it to be great. I wasn’t excited in that “this may be something new, bold and risky” way that only a new, untested IP can bring.

    1. lord ghost : king of the federation

      LMAO that guy is a lazy good for nothing reject. he plays videogames as a living and makes over 20-30 vids a day on a simple game.

      1. You are just butthurt, you call this guy a lazy good for nothing reject while you sit around making hour long video rants about the most pointless shit in the universe. Also nothing but videos of you playing Call of Duty…

        Super hypocritical eh? Seriously though, how many Call of Duty videos can you make?

        I think you’re just upset no one cares about your videos or what you have to say. Let alone you aren’t making over $300 a day like this guy, I know you wish you were him, then maybe you could finally buy that Xbox One you’ve been having wet dreams about.

        Plus, there isn’t anything wrong with making money off the things you actually enjoy.

        At least people like this guy and he plays more than one tired ass game, which is more than I can say for you.

  6. JTZ from tribe of Judah

    Its actually a good thing the game is delayed. Nintendo is dumb in some areas when a software or hardware device is currently being developed. Maybe this time they are thinking if “online” since they were too stupid to think of that during the development of Nintendland, Pikmin 3, Tropical freeze, and 3d world.

  7. JTZ from tribe of Judah

    Y’all know how dumb and slow Nintendo is, what ever they are doing in their R&d to prepare for 2020, the product will launch like it’s 2014. A delay for Nintendo can be a good thing maybe they are just realizing that the software will need today’s features.

  8. JTZ from tribe of Judah

    I hope that goes for the Nintendo fusion and don’t make it just more powerful than the PS4. That idea was stupid to begin with.

  9. It really doesn’t matter whether it’s delayed or not, we will have a lot of new games this holiday, if nintendo do really wants this game to sell well they should delay it till next year.

    People will choose Super Smash Bros U over this game.
    Personally I’m buying all of them so

    1. JTZ from tribe of Judah

      They can delay Super Smash Wii U. There is no way it can compete with3DS version. I mean sure Wii U version has better controls and graphics but what else? Quite stupid to do that in the first place hype up the 3ds version and the Wii U version is better….at least supposed to be.

      1. Nobody would have really bought the 3ds version if came out later, would still sell great but less would buy it. The wii u version, will have more stages, better control options( being the big issue withe 3ds version, it can’t handle hardcore play), online will, be better, for a lot more players, more music ect. The 3ds version is good, but wii u version is what fans really want

        1. JTZ from tribe of Judah

          Oh please I know whatever future video game or next generation hardware is going on in their R&D won’t have the features needed 6 years later whenever the product debuts. But you say I know nothing. Look at wii U has all the features to sell back in 2008.

  10. Yeah, I’m only interested in Smash Bros and I’m sure I will find another code in that website called fantacalciopac or something.

  11. I hope it IS delayed. I can’t afford anymore games this year. I’m already not going to be able to get Bayonetta 2. Smash Bros. on Wii U is already going to hurt me.

  12. Oh no it better not be. Also, since when does a game rental place have the newest up to date info? We never said oh no! Blockbuster says such and such is delayed back in the day. Wait till the Nintendo Direct this month, then we shall see.

  13. i love it when complain without a reason just because its nintendo and even when we don’t have all the facts yet and i love how you ” nintendo haters ” literary visit a NINTENDO cite every time a new article comes LOL! yup some haters i bet you lobe nintendo but just trolling XD

  14. So everyone here loses their minds of Gamefly, fucking Gamefly, hypothesizing of Captain Toad being delayed even though it’s not officially confirmed or denied yet? People, calm the fuck down because unless more RELIABLE sources says otherwise, don’t go assume and talk shit just yet.

  15. When Nintendo delays games: Oh they’re just perfecting it, I love Nintendo, herpy derpy!

    When third parties delays games on Wii U: AHHHHHH there’s a fucking conspiracy going on they hate Nintendo screw them gimped bastards!

    1. You have it all wrong. 3rd parties delaying games isn’t the problem. It’s that they delay the games for no good reason like mouths after the other versions of the game and without DLC or sometimes whole modes. Or delay they game so that other platforms get it the same day as the Wii U versions even though the Wii U version was complete aka Rayman Legends.

      1. Well one of the reasons for delays could be to optimize the gamepad for the game, but other than that fair enough

    2. With how things have been going with Watch Dogs for Wii U, some of us can’t help but wonder in the case of Ubisoft. As for EA, it’s all but clear they have it in for the Wii U.

  16. Nintendo Commander Quadraxis

    I guess the new Elite Recruits from earlier this year have not gained their full power yet to decrease delays…

    *Cybernetic Sigh*

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  18. What a piece of crap… HOW does Nintendo manage to make even WORSE games?
    Just who in the world wants to play this generic idiot character toad?
    There are a million toads that all look the same, they are BACKGROUND CHARACTERS.
    WHY does Nintendo waste money on this instead of making good games with Mario instead?
    Still own a Wii U… Still only 1 game… wish i never had bought that…
    There is not a single hit on this console…
    The Mario was not the best of the series, the Mario Kart is much worse then 8 or Double Dash, The Zelda has nothing to do with Zelda, the Smash Bros are now fighting housewifes and idiotic animals…
    Really don’t get what idiots spend money on this garbage.
    If you want better games, you can play them for free online.

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