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Nintendo 3DS XL Vs New Nintendo 3DS Speed Test

YouTube channel RedSunGamerTV has pitted the original Nintendo 3DS XL against the soon to be released, New Nintendo 3DS. As you can see from the video embedded above the New Nintendo 3DS seems a little more speedier than the Nintendo 3DS XL. You can also watch a download speed test between both systems in the video.

59 thoughts on “Nintendo 3DS XL Vs New Nintendo 3DS Speed Test”

    1. so … the download speeds were limited by the speed of the system?

      or … nintendo is deliberately uploading slower if it detects an older system? … crippling the experience for the sake of giving preferential treatment to a new system.

      i believe the first statement to be the true answer … but then i have to wonder why the speed of the system would be a limiting factor … downloading doesn’t seem CPU intensive … so, i’m confused.

      1. In this case it matters. You are right in a sense of downloading not being so CPU intensive, but you have to keep in mind the 3DS processor is not some beast to begin with, so any small upgrades will help.

        RAM can also help increase how fast something writes, as that was upgraded slightly as well. It works with the CPU, and the smaller amounts of RAM limit how well a CPU will work.

        Memory speed is also a factor in how quickly something can be written. So all in all, this leads to the small speed increase that you see here.

        Obviously the wireless chip can play a role too, just like with any computers ethernet port some support higher speeds, and this new 3DS could just have a more improved wireless chip in it.

        As far as your assumptions go, I highly doubt Nintendo is doing that, plus they aren’t that savvy in the network department as it is. I honestly don’t think they would go through the trouble to give the illusion of faster speeds on newer 3DS’s. It has faster speeds generally because it is faster altogether.

      2. If you’ve been using computers since the beginning of their existence, you would know exactly what I’m talking about. Nowadays you won’t notice it much on computers per say, because most CPU’s now are all very fast compared to how slow they used to be, let alone the measly amounts of RAM computers used to have also.


      Well, they didn’t up the speed of the OS and entering the eshop…at least I don’t see it. He did press on the eshop slightly before on the New 3DS than on the XL… This “New” 3DS is really only here to attract imbeciles to buy an another 3DS…not a successor, a 3DS. GG WP.

      Though,I have to give one thing to Nintendo. They really know how to take advantage of stupid people.

      1. No, again this is a dsi like product. Its more for the hard core gamer. It well also have its own exclusive games, as well as a new browser that only the new Hardawar can use. If a user is looking to upgrade to a XL then this is the better system to get. Also their are people who still dont have a 3DS at all, and the new Hardawar well allow for better mmo, as well as fps, and better 3D adventure games. So for the players that want those games…


          Yes, for hardcore idiots. I agree on that. Why would anyone intelligent be buying the pretty much same product they bought during the last 3,4 years when an even newer one will come out 2 years from now? Nintendo deliberately did this shit with exclusive games on this new one so that retards would feel like they should buy that and it’s actually Nintendo being great by making a half successor which isn’t even much more powerful when they have to downgrade Xenoblade Chronicles which was on the Wii, and we all know how powerful the Wii was.

          1. dude, we know, but you don’t have to bash it 24 7, in other words, just shut up and leave it be, you, I, and many others are powerless to even say a damn word because they themselves are hard heads. The guy showed that the new 3ds is faster and powerful then the normal.

            1. ĐONKO, GOD OF THE NEW WORLD

              Consumers are all powerful. not powerless. One is powerless, yes. But if I can teach people to think objectively and not be blinded by their childhood and the fact that Nintendo was once on top, I win. And if we were outspoken and showed Nintendo that we won’t settle for less by not buying their products or told them that in other ways, you can bet anything that they would fire Iwata and other clueless monkeys and get some competent people there.

                1. Thank you, exactly what I’m talking about, it does not matter if you tell them or not, they are gonna do it anyways, so that “you win” just made you a fool donko. As I said before “Some genius you turned out to be”.

      2. Those so called “imbeciles” more than likely have a valid reason, mine being the fact that my 3DS is broken and I’d rather for this and get all of its improved features and exclusive games instead of getting my current one fixed and upgrading later.

  1. I’m assuming download speed is increased because they finally added wireless N support??? This should also help online gaming….

  2. This video reminds of how much Nintendo needs to simplify the eShop, I hate all the processes you have to go through just to download something and isn’t the most informative shop. The size of the games should be displayed before having to actually download them.

  3. That’s nice, but I don’t know if it’s “replace my hardware” nice.
    Truly, this is not a next Gen handheld, just the “DSi” of the 3DS world.

  4. This is going to be REALLY helpful seeing as how I plan on downloading my games after I get the New Nintendo 3DS. And I love that the regular 3DS has colored buttons. That’s a nice addition. Since this one has a glossy finish, I suppose getting those faceplates would be a good idea. I’ll admit that I didn’t like the idea of this at all when they first revealed it, but now it just seems like a brilliant idea. Good thing I held off on buying many 3DS games because now I will wait for this and then get a bigger SD card for downloading. Now all there needs to be is different colors like blue and green and then I’m good to go. Lmao.

    1. I wish I could deal with the smaller screen, after having the XL though, I can’t go back. I’ve always wanted a lime green handheld and they have those lime green face plates… Sigh…

      I’m sure they only did that to make more money from newer XL bundles… -_-

      1. If the resolution is unchanged from XL again, then I’m going for regular. I like that my screen is bigger, but I envy seeing how much sharper games look on my cousin’s original 3DS. And plus, those colored buttons. I can’t refuse those! Not exactly sure if those have been confirmed to be on the XL yet, but I definitely like them. But seriously, we need more colors! I don’t like looking at all that white. Nintendo plz gimme a shiny blue or green 3DS. That’s all I ask for. Lol.

        1. Yes, the resolution is unchanged in these new ones also between the two. I can understand that, in my case though I can notice pixels on a HD TV. So there isn’t much I can do either way to make 3DS games look better to me, XL or not, so I just go with the bigger screen.

          The XL has colored buttons but they aren’t as colored, only the lettering is colored.

          I’d kill for them to start making clear shells again, those look the best in my opinion. I love seeing all the circuitry. I want a transparent purple one like in the old days :(


          1. Hm… Well I guess in that case I ought to go for XL again. I just held my XL in my hands a minute ago and I forgot how comfortable the thing is! o.O Whenever I can’t find the color I want, I usually always go for black since it looks good enough. And transparent looks good too.

              1. Agreed! Unfortunately, when I got my Wii U, only white was available. Black was sold out everywhere and I just said screw it. Give me white. That was a big mistake. The black one looks superb and to make matters worse, every time I go in the stores now, it’s on the shelves. Sitting there mocking me… -.-

                1. LOL… Well you can look on the bright side, at least you probably can’t see scratches with white.

                  One thing I absolutely hate about the Wii U, is the glossy finish. It scratches so freaking easily. For instance, I only wipe the console and controller down with a clean fiber cloth, hair line scratches everywhere! >.<

                  Only noticeable in the light but when you have OCD like me, it gets annoying.

                  1. Uh oh… Off topic, but I think my Wii U just quit working on me. It won’t get past the Wii U logo screen at all. It just sits there singing that annoying music over and over. I don’t know what the hell just happened but this is the worst possible time it could’ve given up on me. I had some games downloaded on there and literally all of my account information and all that stuff is on there. I had to get it repaired back around March for having a problem with the Gamepad and then after I got it back, not that long did the disc drive start acting up. It takes longer than usual for it to read a game. And then it gave me an error message ever time I tried to go to my internet browser. I can get it repaired again but honestly it’s not even worth my time and money anymore. I’d rather get a new one anyways. I’m gonna have to go Wii U-less for a long ass time… This was really unexpected. Wow, and I even bought the Mario Kart 8 DLC… Talk about bullshit.

                    1. Aw shit, that seriously blows. I really hope it starts working again for you. Although with problems like that, you should definitely look into getting a newer one.

                      Good ol’ fucking Nintendo account system. Another reason why they seriously need to change that crap already. As if it isn’t bad enough worrying if your console could fail, but to think you could lose all your games also!

                      I’ve read about similar problems with the disc drive in the tech forums, since before I buy anything, I always read about all the potential problems. Seems to be a issue for quite a few people.

                      My heart sinks when any of my devices fail. Especially since I take such good care of all my things.

                      Anyway, I seriously do hope it starts working for you again. It is really terrible timing with all these good Wii U games coming out.

        2. Lol. I am waiting the Green 3ds also. But I think we can be happy that Nintendo releases the New 3ds that its cover can be changed. BTW, I just want to know, why New 3ds XL cannot change its cover? And I agree that White 3ds does not have enough appeal for me.

          1. Most likely to sell the new 3DS XL bundles, the only bundles they make now are always with the XL. So it would make sense that the regular new 3DS can change face plates.

            No doubt there will be more new 3DS XL bundles in the future. Like the new 3DS XL Monster Hunter 4 bundle in Japan.

  5. Important to note that the new 3DS did every little thing just a bit faster, from booting up, to loading the eshop, to each individual step of navigating the eshop and obviously the download speed. If you use your 3DS a lot all these little savings of time add up in a big way!

    1. I do use my 3DS a lot… But IDK. For me personally, it will really come down to the software. If the new 3DS gets more games like Xenonlade Chronicles, and the old 3DS continues to get partially functional software, aye may upgrade. :)

      1. The only reason I’m buying one is because of the exclusive software.

        The only good things I see out of it, is for people who like to customize things more, people who may enjoy the small speed boost and for Nintendo to make more money from a system that really isn’t all that new.

        The speed increase is nice but it isn’t something to sell me on since the upgrades are so incremental. To be fair, you can’t expect much from a clock increase and small RAM upgrades.

  6. It’s new hardware. With 3D that tracts and traces you position to the new 3DS/3DSXL. This comparison was not necessary. It is poetry in motion.


    1. Oh yea, kinda forgot about that. Another reason I’m buying this new, the better working 3D is a must have for me. It kills me having to hold the 3DS so still, I love the 3D though… I can’t play games without it on and it pains me when they release games with no 3D support.

  7. I still have yet to see anything about the new 3DS that makes me want one (other than just wanting it because of being a collector). I mean, is this Nintendo’s final attempt at revitalizing the 3DS before it’s successor comes out? Like how they released smaller versions of the NES and SNES at the end of those consoles lifespans?

    Seriously, if this new 3DS isn’t the successor to the 3DS, I don’t see any point in it. Improvements or not. Who wants to pay full price for a 3DS just because it has some improvements?

    1. Damned if they do, damned if they don’t situation it seems.

      They should really just stop doing this period. Even though I’m putting up with it for exclusives and some small improvements, I still completely agree with you.

      What would suck, is if this is supposed to be the successor because it isn’t much of an upgrade, but it would also suck to see a real successor to the 3DS release a year or two after we get this new 3DS… Other than Nintendo benefiting from this mainly, I don’t see the point in releasing consoles or handhelds this way.

      It just doesn’t feel right. I know one thing, and I’ve always said this, it is going to confuse the shit out of the average consumer. This isn’t just a slimmed down or larger screen revision we’re talking about here.

      1. Ha ha
        I got me a 2ds for the moment plan on upgrading as soon as that new 3ds xl is released.
        Feel free to add me on the 3ds though 1822-1564-8236
        And pss yours along
        Also for wii u its bonerjams if u have that.

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