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Supposed Pokemon Omega Ruby And Alpha Sapphire Info Leaks Onto The Web

With the impending release of Pokemon Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire just around the corner it appears as though the leaks have started coming through. The information posted below should be taken with a grain of salt at the moment, but it does sound plausible.

  • The demo is coming to America
  • Mega Lunatone and Solrock with feature in the demo, and you receive one Megastone depending on the demo you get
  • Mega Flygon and Jirachi are programmed in
  • There are lots more megas that the leaker can not confirm just yet as they don’t know 100%
  • New Trick House is amazing
  • Mega Milotic is a high-chance, with Water/Fairy and increased SpDef
  • Shiftry, Ludicolo, Butterfree, Zangoose, Seviper, some more gen 5, Raticate, Torkoal, Slaking, Exploud, Tropius, Azumarill, Ninetales and Mightyena were all talked about as possible Megas sometime during development and may be in
  • Luxray, Arcanine, Farfetch’d, Dragonite, Eelekross, Luvdisc, Linoone, Cincinno, Steelix, Raichu, Politoed, Gliscor, Weavile, Rotom, Bisharp and Walrein Megas have not been really discussed that the leaker has heard of
  • Items (including Lunatone/Solrock megastone) will transfer to ORAS from Demo
  • Johto starters back, but some people say they have megas and some don’t
  • Character customization back in Pokecentres. Pokecentre in CoroCoro was the Elite Four one possibly.
  • Skintone back
  • More diverse encounters, so more like XY variety
  • Battle Frontier possibly back
  • Groudon/Kyogre still version exclusive atm
  • Contests revamped and very “beautiful”
  • Contests staying a secret, apparently will be very surprising and amazing
  • Canada will get demos
  • Pentagon currently stands for all Gen 6 Pokemon now, not just Kalos born
  • A lot more post-game
  • Gym Leaders will get roster changes from their RSE counterparts
  • No new double megas like Mewtwo/Charizard at this stage

61 thoughts on “Supposed Pokemon Omega Ruby And Alpha Sapphire Info Leaks Onto The Web”

  1. Dont forget mega jigglypuff

    I mean ive just pulled that line out of my ass randomly but hey, looks like it was ripped from a 12 year olds 4chan post so its just as plausable

      1. The leaker of the information works in a division at Nintendo (much smaller group) and actually presents some legitimate information, or what would seem logical. Can’t really accuse him of feeding us false information until it’s made certain that he was lying about the whole thing. Sometimes, you just have to give people the benefit of the doubt, you know? I’d hate to say this guy is lying and then him be telling the truth all along. :)

  2. Nintendo is My Blood Reborn

    I can believe Mega Raticate
    if you noticed, Charizard, Blastoise, Venusaur, Beedrill and Pigeot, or otherwise known as the first 5/6 in the order of the Nat dex have megas, although Butterfree was skipped, next Pokemon after Pidgeot is Rattata line.

    Mega Raticate makes sense if Beedrill and Pidgeot have megas.

    Another is Mega Walrein, my theory is that each Member of the E4 will use a Mega
    Sidney will use Mega Absol or possibly is this leak is true, Mega Shiftry.
    Pheobe will use Mega Sableye (or Dusknoir or Bannette since she has those too)
    Glacia would use Mega Walrein
    and Drake would use Mega Salamence (I would say Mega Altaria but another character uses that one)
    And of course, Steven Stone is confirmed to use Mega Metagross.

    1. Pretty solid theories you got there. If you hadn’t explained it I would’ve thought you were just hoping for walreins mega, but it makes a lot of sense.

  3. Nintendo is My Blood Reborn

    I guess we will be able to tell in 4 days if this is true or not, if the demo does have Mega Solrock and Lunatone, this leaker has much more credibility

    1. I would so hope this one becomes true. Though a proper evolution is always preferred I could settle for it getting a mega…It needs some stats buffs after all. Mightyena is such a good design with terrible stats :/

  4. Nintendo is My Blood Reborn

    If Mega Feraligatr is confirmed I predict it will be like this:
    Water/Dragon (This I am preparing to put money on)
    Sheer Force or Strong Jaw

  5. All I want is to be able to use my Garvedoir, Ninetales, and Azumarill in contests again. I spent more time in contests than battles, so it really was disappointing when they took it out in 5 (that dance show thingy did not count) and 6. So I’m really hoping this leak is true. 😊

  6. We’ll see if this leak is real or fake when the games (er, I guess I should say demos for some of these) come out.

  7. It does not sound plausible. We already know there is one demo for both versions of the game. It’s simply the “Pokemon Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire Special Demo Version.”

    The pentagon is the Kalos logo. A different one was found by hackers that will probably represent Hoenn born Pokemon.

    No way customization is back, and it’s highly unlikely this many more Megas are left in the game, since, like in XY, they are revealing most of them, leaving about a handful as secret.

      1. Nintendo is My Blood Reborn

        Wait wait, Mega Slaking? Very odd to say the least, unless it’s ability is still Truant, I know this is fake.

        That would make it way too strong.

      2. Because not only would they have announced it by now, the character models for Brendan and May (now Orlando and Anna) are actually more detailed than in XY. In XY, trainer customization was “leaked” because in trailers, parts where the protags were performing actions had their clothing remain static, and in one instance, his hat glitched off, implying that the clothing was just put on the model, and not built with it. In ORAS, this has not been the case. Footage of the game shows the clothing moving with the character models, like Orlando’s hat swaying side to side, or snorkelling gear being attached around it. It’d be a lot harder to do this if they did have customization options.

        1. XY is like the prototype……thus no post game. I feel more time was spent on remakes than new games. We’ll have to wait and see though.

  8. Nintendo is My Blood Reborn

    Then again… Why wouldn’t they reveal Mega Butterfree along with Mega Beedrill? I mean if anything they would reveal Duos at the same time.

  9. Why have Mega Solrock and Lunatone if you can’t Mega them both in doubles! They need to make double mega evolution for only certain pokemon in doubles. Like Mega Solrock and Lunatone and MEGA MINUN AND PLUSLE!!! Farfetch’d (hehe) I know but I would love that. I don’t expect it to be a thing though

  10. Thank You GameFreak.
    Thank you for giving this treatment to Pokemon that “need” it instead of just focusing on popularity picks.
    Beedrill, Pidgeot and the rest of the underrated listed above needed this very badly.

  11. On a side note, the ability No Guard on Mega Pidgeot sounds good on thin paper, but in reality it’s just a double-edged sword.
    I mean it can spam Hurricane to no end, but at the same time it is just going to make itself 100% vulnerable to Thunder, Blizzard, Stone Edge, etc.

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  14. This already has one point against it considering Mega Solrock and Lunatone are not featured in the demo and even if they are we now know the mega’s are region specific and not version exclusives.

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