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Here’s The US Bayonetta 2 TV Commercial

Nintendo of America has uploaded the glorious television commercial for Bayonetta 2. The game is scheduled to be released on October 24th and has received some excellent reviews across the board. Those of you that purchase Bayonetta 2 in the US will be eligible for the free copy of the original Bayonetta which comes packaged with the game.

56 thoughts on “Here’s The US Bayonetta 2 TV Commercial”

    1. Nintendo Second-Lieutenant Haruhi

      I like how, they only showed her naked once from super far away, there isn’t any blood splattering… If I was a kid, I’d be totally saying “Hey mom, I want this game!” And then after I start playing it and the endless undressing insues… The room is gonna be full of WAT. But I’m not gonna care cuz Bayo.

  1. Nice commercial. If the advertising is decent like this and aired enough the sales might not be too shabby. I know i’m buying day 1 but I hope the numbers for this are good enough to let them see this was the right move and inspire others to follow suit as well as get Platinum and Nintendo making Bayo3 and other games on WIi U.

      1. How can you say that if you haven’t played 2 though? Plus if the game is getting praised as one of the best action games of the year and one of if not the best action game series period then even if I don’t like the game I think it’d be cool to have on a Nintendo platform. They never get those kinds of wins lol.

          1. I have no idea lol. I’m just saying years down the line if they had a good idea they should go for it on Wii U or whatever Nintendo platform is out. DMC and MGSR get all these entries on Ps & Xbox and everyone goes crazy for that stuff but it skips Nintendo platforms like every time. I just don’t think they should get Bayonetta going strong on Wii U and then move it to the other consoles if they have a great idea for a 3rd…

            1. They probably will have plans to make the next one multiplat. Unless Nintendo pays for exclusivity. I don’t think they even have plans for a third one though. This is probably the last one.

      2. HollowGrape try the demo you can tell this one is more action packed plus this one has demons and new robot suit to try.

  2. lord ghost : king of the federation

    i saw a commericial of bayonetta 2 on adult swim. i doubt people who will see the commerical will actually get a wii u. people will just buy the game to play on their buddy wii u or wait for a port.

    1. because you play the games you bought for the xbox 360 you don’t have and play those games on your friend’s console, does mean most of the players will buy Bayo 2 and do the same as you.

    2. You do know that the game is never gonna be port to other consoles right? -__-, i mean everyone have said this alredy for two years both platinum and Kamiya have alredy said that it’s nintendo’s call to port the game to other console which is as likely as zelda and mario for the Ps4

    3. I can’t stand this game, it’s againts my religion views why nintendo wants you to kill angels?
      Nintendo and it’s fans should listen to God he will guide them to stop making and supporting this kind of games.

      1. How is this game offensive to your religion or any religion for that matter? The game is not even about christianity it only uses angels, witches and demons for styling purposes besides the game is like mash up of diferents mythologies and folklore, for example Balder is name after a nordic god.
        Don’t be so serious about it i mean the game is not serious about it
        Not to mention like i said early the game is not about christianity it just the “Rule of cool” like Devil May Cry

    4. Why wouldn’t they get one? It convinced one of my friends from college. He thought the wii u was a game pad for the wii lol.

  3. If only the enemies in this game looked more interesting, I might have been tempted to buy iy. But man…….having blocks with faces on them as enemies (and all of those boring robot-like enemies) makes the game look VERY boring.

    That’s the thing about Xenoblade Chronicles that made me hate it from the very beginning. Stupid, idiotic, futuristic, robot-looking enemies. Ugh! So unappealing. (- _ -)

    1. You missed out on Zenoblade, the enemies were amazing and varied. Your too quick to judge.

      So what did you want in Bayonetta, cookie cutter zombies and skeletons? Nah, the enemies look cool to me, not to mention original.

      1. Well, I just hate enemies that don’t look like something that could possibly be alive. I get no satisfaction out of beating up giant blocks with faces on them. The dragon looked cool though.

        I have a similar issue with Pokemon. I don’t like Pokemon like Nosepass, Magnemite, Metagross and LOTS of others. Like, how can they be alive?

  4. lord ghost : king of the federation

    meh, i saw the commercial on adult swim
    am sock how adult swim was humiliated hope my cinemax afternight does not go the same route

  5. Horrible job, they should show ign 9.5 and gamespot 10 perfect score, people gotta be fire in Nintendo bad advertising still people don’t know that Nintendo gaming is free online because bad advertising, people gotta be fired.

  6. I am extremely excited for this release! I preordered two copies of Bayonetta 2. One for my brother and one for yours trulely. I even ordered the Prima hardcover strategy book as a complimentry item. The book should have some fantastic artwork in it. Just over a week to go…

  7. – The game it’s great
    – The gameplay was improved
    – The game is been advertising
    – It got critical acclaim
    – It Reach amazon’s best sellers
    Is it safe to use the IT’S HAPPENING phrase now? I said Yes, IT IS HAPPENING absolutly HAPPENING

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    1. Well they were the only ones with faith in the game and after the critical acclaim the game is getting it makes sense for them the advertise the game

  9. Hey, please don’t complain about the commercial! Just enjoy that there is one! Always hoped, but never expected that Nintendo will do one!! A step in the right direction! Now we need more of this stuff all over the world!
    And I can’t imagine, that this is shown on Disney channel… Can’t wait for my First Print Edition!!

  10. I’m so sick of these shoddy videos from youtube showing off Bayonetta 2 gameplay! The fucking resolution is horrible even at 720p!

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