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Sakurai Teases Two Versions Of New Game Mode For Smash Bros Wii U

Super Smash Bros‘ game director Masahiro Sakurai has thrown down the gauntlet and teased fans once again in his daily Miiverse post. The creator of the upcoming brawler for the Wii U has shown two differing versions of a new game mode, but has blurred out part of its official names. According to the post, Master and Crazy modes are found under the games and more section of the fighting title. While strong evidence in the pictures liken the modes to Master Hand and Crazy Hand, exactly what type of game mode they will be is under heavy scrutiny.

Many players have speculated the hands could be part of two boss battle modes, which appeared in Super Smash Bros Brawl, though whether any other bosses from previous games in the series will make an appearance is pot luck at this moment. We know for certain it’s a solo mode, however is adventure mode hiding in that pixelated text? Or could the game’s director be purposefully taunting fans in lieu of this video, which features recorded dialogue of Master Order and Crazy Order? Let us know your thoughts on Sakurai’s remarkable tease in the comment section below.

“Pic of the day. Now, what mode is this…?!”


78 thoughts on “Sakurai Teases Two Versions Of New Game Mode For Smash Bros Wii U”

      As for the pic… i think it’s a set difficulty for the boss battles…
      “Master [MODE]” or “Crazy [MODE]” Master is obviously worth less while crazy seems to be worth more (as the crazy hand picture has a horde of coins).
      There could also be Master/Crazy [ORDERS] in which it would be like a difficulty setting but facing certain bosses first.
      I just hope somewhere in the games life, Sakurai will add PLAYABLE BOSSES just as my theory predicts! :D Then no one will complain about characters being to big to join the fight. (Ridley)

  1. Heard someone one Miiverse say th Japanese text on this picture (which wasn’t pixelated) apparently translated to “Master Side” and “Crazy Side”.
    That could mean that there are basically two varieties in this mode, not two different bosses to fight. Basically an easy and a hard setting, I guess.

        1. Trust me the controls most definitely do justify the price. It’s just not the same with the circle pad and cramped buttons and lack of buttons and C-Stick. Plus the small screen. Playing the 3DS version gets very frustrating sometimes. Everything about the Wii U version will be better. If you really enjoy smash, it’s an injustice to only have the 3DS version. And on top of that, as good as anyone plays on the 3DS version, I guarantee their skill level will raise even slightly on the U version due to the controls.

        2. If you can’t afford it at the moment, I totally understand, but I highly recommend picking up the U version when you can. Christmas is coming anyway and hanukah so there you go :p

      1. I play the game a little each day, and I like the 3DS controls, I think they are fine! I hope for everyone’s sake that the wiiU version is just as fun!

        1. Nintendo Commander Quadraxis

          I’ll make it clear to everyone, I did not say that I hate the 3DS controls, I just think the home console controls are the definitive versions no matter how good the 3DS controls are…

    1. Sounds like you fell off the hype train recently and got hit by a different one :/

      Either way hope you enjoy at least one version of the game man.

    2. Other than the TBA game modes, I’ll be buying it for local multiplayer, better controller support (controls/flow), better online, and superior graphics. Local multiplayer is the heart of smash bros, and I can’t wait to play this game with my little brother. And there is also aimiibo support, TBA 3ds connectivity, and more stage/ game options that we are all waiting to hear more about.

  2. The one on the left looks like it says Master Orders based on the shape of the blur, just can’t tell what the blur at the top of the screen says. Are these the two options in “Smash World”? It does look like two words at the top. Hmm…

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  4. I wish he’d announce that Break The Targets, Event Matches and a Story Mode of some sort will be in the Wii U version. Because I’ve never felt more cheated from a Smash Bros. game as I do with the 3DS version. Brawl was SO much better.

    1. For modes, yes. For plain old smash, 3DS is much better than brawl in my opinion. Even with the control set up. Brawl just feels too floaty. 3DS is much tighter. I feel you on the lack of subspace or something similar and such.

      1. YES! How could I have forgotten that?!
        Board the Platforms was both unique and challenging.
        I’m not sure why Smash Bros. 64 was the first and only time we ever had it, but it’s surprising that someone actually remembers that mode. XD

  5. Two new modes, GC Controller revival, Amiibo, 1080p/60FPS HD visuals, DLCS, hell this game is looking better in shape than I thought. :) I knew this port isn’t in danger of being overshadowed by 3DS. In fact, I’m starting to dislike the 3DS version due to the control setup with no option to change it and the screen viewing factor is too small and confusing to spot where your character is. Don’t get me wrong, I like the game but compare to the home console, I should’ve just saved that $40 for something else like PKMN ORAS.

        1. I hate to break it to you man, but Smash’s graphics aren’t good enough for graphic whores. They want to see real grown men muscles and shit. As well as realistic boincing boobs. XD

          1. You know how fucking boring, stale and overused “realism” is? That’s like the ONLY style those U creative bastard 3rd parties use lately and it’s getting sad that realism and shooters is the only shit they can come up with and people are beyond retarded to keep wasting money on the same recycled material repeatedly. lol And if you’re gonna say Mario does the same shit, don’t even go there. XD ONLY New Mario Bros. did that shit.

            1. Well yeah, but there are still some awesome FPS and other games that don’t use realistic graphics style like Bioshock and Borderlands. :D

                    1. No, I’m talking about Bioshock Infinite and Borderlands 2. Not Call of Duty and Battlefield. They aren’t typical boring FPS’s. Just take one look at the review scores of either one and you’ll see what I mean. There’s a reason why people like them.

                      1. Bioshock had the story and Borderland had their cel shaded style. As for BF and COD reusing their same old ass material, it’s no better than true FPS gems like Goldeneye on N64.

                        1. I’ve never played Goldeneye N64 and you already know how I am towards old games. LOL. But I played Goldeneye 007 on Wii and it was my favorite game. I even bought it a second time.

        2. Yea the controls definitely get frustrating lol. I’m running through to get 100% everything asap cause I know once the U version is out I’m hardly going to play the 3DS version.

            1. Maybe but I look at it like it Goku training under 100 times Earth’s normal gravity. Once he went back to regular gravity, it was like nothing and he was incredibly strong and fast. And after playing with these controls and mastering this version, playing on the U version will feel amazing and you’ll play even better with the added comforts and such. :p

            2. If you can deal with Kid Icarus’s controls, go for it. It makes my hand tired for playing too long and that’s why I don’t play it often. Kirby Triple Deluxe is a must buy. I can’t believe you don’t have it already. I freaking love the soundtrack. Sonic Boom… lol. I’ll just get the Wii U version.

              1. I’m curious about the new Kid Icarus since everyone is saying its a damn good game and the multiplayer is beast. I’ll get Kirby later since it’s no bigger to miss it out. Maybe I should’ve got Mario & Luigi 4. XP Sonic Boom in Wii U looks nothing to me. All of the trailers I’ve seen never impressed or showed me anything good unlike the 3DS that’s much closer to classic Sonic gameplay with Boom’s twist plus you can play as the new character Sticks there.

                1. I don’t know why everyone keeps saying that. Sonic Boom on 3DS is nothing like the Classic Sonic’s. It’s not supposed to be. It’s a spin-off. I’m getting the Wii U version because of the different gameplay, HD, local co-op, different story, etc. Sonic games on 3DS just don’t look right to me.

                  1. When I mean classic, I mean it’s in its 2D-ish plane and has plenty of exploration elements, speed run and a new character to play. Wii U versions doesn’t look as fast and barely has anything going on screen according to the trailers. It’s just a flashy Sonic game with no substance to make it fun or familiar to Sonic fans.

                    1. I don’t care if it’s 2D. I prefer 3D. And I also prefer the gameplay they went with on the Wii U version. Ryse of Lyric already has more characters than the 3DS version (in game, not playable) and as much as I like Sticks, I’m glad I can finally play as Amy again. And the HD really suits their character redesigns. The 3DS version just looks low quality to me at the moment. Just like how Lost World did.

                      1. What gameplay is different from 3DS when both does the same thing with grappling, running, jumping and homing attacks? Both versions have the same amount of playable characters just two are swapped: You got Sticks/Metal Sonic in Shattered Crystals and Amy/Shadow (maybe him) in Rise of Lyric and you actually rather pick that pink annoying ass Amy over Sticks, the new girl who’s probably kicked more ass than Amy in her entire life time? lol

                        1. Did you just completely skip over the part where I said in game, not playable? LOL. And no, the 3DS version does not look like the Wii U version. It only showed mostly platforming on 3DS version and even then the platforming sections with Amy on the Wii U version look a lot smoother and better. I’m not saying 3DS version is terrible, just that it does not impress me as much as the Wii U. I’m getting both eventually anyways because they play differently. As for Sticks, the only thing I saw her do was throw a boomerang. Lol nothing new, but at least we have a new character. And Amy may not be perfect,but at least she isn’t obsessing over Sonic on this game. Those fucking cutscenes in Sonic Adventure were embarrassing whenever my mother walked in. Lol.

                          1. WTF did you get the part from that I said 3DS is like the Wii U port? XD I know both games are different and have different stories and build dummy. lol

                            The boomerang is part of her character and gameplay, something new to Sonic series. What does Amy do or have? Oh yeah. A fucking toy hammer we’ve seen and don’t care about anyway. XD I don’t care Amy isn’t obsessing over Sonic in this one..that’s mainly because Sticks, her second but sorta true friend, is her latest distraction. lol Remove Sticks and it’s back to square one with her annoying ass. XD

        3. On the Japanese version of the pic, the bottom text isn’t pixelated. In Japan, I’m pretty sure it translates to “Master Mode” and “Crazy Mode.” Since that solves basically nothing, my theory is that these will be two different versions of classic, and Crazy Hand will be the harder final boss (more gold.) Or maybe the intensities go higher or are harder in Crazy Mode… who knows?

        4. Expect this to be something hauled from brawl with a slight cosmetic make over, he can’t be bothered to do more than that.

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