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Sakurai: Here’s Some More Information On Smash Bros Nintendo 3DS And Wii U

Super Smash Bros producer Masahiro Sakurai has put to rest some of the questions asked about Super Smash Bros on the Nintendo 3DS and Wii U in his weekly Famitsu column. Sakurai goes into detail about a number of things including Smash Run and how he decides on the Miiverse picture of the day. Here’s what Sakurai had to say.

Please tell us why Smash Run is set to 5 minutes.

Isn’t 4 minutes too short and 6 minutes too long? Kid Icarus: Uprising’s aerial fights were about 5 minutes, right? In Smash Run, because song use fits perfectly and feels good, I decided to use two songs tracks as a time length.

The approach for music is incredible. Why go to such lengths?

My games always have a sound test. Game music which creates a scene in a short loop and brings back many things, including the situation when it played, is really likeable, right?

Especially in a project like Smash Bros. where it is possible to bring everything together, that chance must be used to the fullest!! The required coordination for rights is tenfold compared to a normal software so that multiplies the efforts.

How many tips there are in total?

The truth is that is that the total can be updated. It is possible to add them without any notification, as this is a game with content that cannot exactly be “completed.” Though, if you add more tips, then there is translation work to be done, and with every country in mind, this is more difficult than it seems at first.

Updating the website with “pic of the day”, in what way you do the updates?

First I decide what theme to show, photographed at the desk, come up with a manuscript, and then I have to ask someone at Nintendo to update. Since I’m usually very busy, when I get the chance, I finish several posts in advance. Also, because of all the translations, I have to have the posts ready 10 days in advance.

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29 thoughts on “Sakurai: Here’s Some More Information On Smash Bros Nintendo 3DS And Wii U”

      1. I won’t hold my breathe, though. As good as Sakurai is, he does like to take a short cut every now & then in developing games.

        1. All developers do that but we hardly see Nintendo ever do that. XD Not saying they dont. They still do but its more of a rare thing unlike 3rd parties who do it unbelievably a lot.

          1. I know. I’m just still very aggravated with the fact Ganondorf is still a damn moveset clone of Captain Falcon. The custom moves would be a nice fix to that… if they actually worked online!

              1. Speaking of, the time he spent on putting in Dark Pit & Dr Mario could have definitely been used to work on Ganondorf.

  1. I do wish there were customization for Smash Run. Sure, he’s got the time down, I’m fine with that; what about other things like how many enemies get spewed at you? Countless times I’ve been trying to grab a chest but then out of nowhere a Giant Goomba spawns and knocks me all over the place and won’t let me grab the custom part that just fell out. And how about letting us choose the final battle? Just some thoughts.

  2. I hate almost every music in the game. All the remixs ruin the fun. I’m glad he left xenoblade’s music original.
    And the fact that you can’t change the songs for the 3ds version is mediocre. Can only favorite them…….. Like really?

    1. It’s an exclusive 3DS mode where you can defeat many enemies for various power-ups in 5 minutes (before you eventually have a final battle with your opponents). In other words, it’s the Smash equivalent of Kirby Air Ride’s City Trial Mode.

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