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Sakurai Teases “Secret” Fighter In New Smash Bros Wii U Screenshot

Super Smash Bros game director Masahiro Sakurai has been up to his old tricks again and teasing fans in a new Wii U screenshot. But while it may not be a secret to many of the brawler’s fans, particularly to those who had their eyes peeled on a leak just a few months ago, Sakurai is keeping the “secret” fighter under wraps for the time being. However, with a Smash Bros Nintendo Direct arriving this Thursday, we may just get to see the fighter in action in a new reveal video. Here’s the Miiverse screenshot, showing a NES Zapper as its huge hint, along with the director’s caption below.

“Here’s what’s happening behind the scenes in one of the secret fighter’s shooting moves. The object being held is called an NES Zapper. This is an accessory which was released for the NES outside of Japan. Now, this image is edited, but it’s a scene from the secret fighter’s reveal video.”




65 thoughts on “Sakurai Teases “Secret” Fighter In New Smash Bros Wii U Screenshot”

        1. His Final Smash will be to have sex with all the female characters and explode jeez onto the male characters, sending them flying off the stage in a white gooie mess… I’ve been watching too much hentai..

          1. I rather it would be him having sex with the male characters and jizzing on the male characters. His Vagina Blaster can put Samus’ and Mii Gunner’s Final Smashes to shame and take out the females.

      1. I’m just wondering why Sakurai is acting like we dont know about them. I mean…… he surly knows that there was a huge leak and even the company forced people to take it down.

      1. In Japan, any form of porn requires that the genitalia are censored out with blur or mosaic pixels, if I’m not mistaken. It’s weird, I know. But that’s just how it is over there.

  1. This is actually great news! It means that fighters who got rushed/old final smashes in the 3DS version may switch for the Wii U one since Duck Hunt appears to be getting a new Final Smash. Thumbs up guys! I guess we now know what about 45 of the 50 new things in the Wii U Smash Bros is.

    1. Too many “secrets” in secrets. And no, perfectly sober. :) No secret to the internet, but a secret to many who have yet to unlock the fighter. Or he’s a “secret” character to those in the know.

      And congratulations, the word secret has now lost its meaning. :D

    1. It is wild Gunman! Stand Back kid, I’m a crack shot at this. You mean you have to use your hands? That’s like a baby’s toy.

  2. It would be cool if the NES Zapper was like the Dragoon item, where you control where you aim and shoot once, but, have it so that the rest of the fighters are on the virtual T.V screen and the person that grabs the Zapper, controls the hand. That would be total retro fan service…

  3. I’m glad is mentionning a reveal video for Duck Hunt. I was waiting for it before the western release of the 3DS version.

  4. Sometimes Sakurai scares me. Wtf does he think there are people who don’t know this? I have a little cousin who doesn’t spend much time on the internet but still knows about duck hunt dog. We live in an age where everyone is on the internet though. Even little five year olds. Sakurai, snap out of it man, your starting to worry me!!

    Everytime I think Nintendo is advancing forward they do something silly like this that reminds me,.. yep thats Nintendo.

    1. My brother has actually tried to avoid the spoilers and didn’t get the 3DS version cause he found it too cramped after the demo. So there are actually people surprisingly who have done well to avoid the spoilers.

  5. Why are people saying this is Duck Hunt? Why would Sakurai tease about a character that everyone already knows is in the game? He already stated that both versions would have all of the same characters. Though I was hoping that the Wii U version would have more. Maybe this is a character from another Zapper Gun game?

    1. The one holding the zapper isn’t the secret character. The blurred out part in the picture is the secret character.

      It IS Duck Hunt dog, because in the game Duck Hunt, “you” hold the gun and shoot things and the dog goes to retrieve them. Only makes sense that the one holding the gun is a human being.

  6. It’s definitely duck hunt dog, but I get the feeling that they could announce a new stage along with this trailer!

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