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Stage Builder Returns For Super Smash Bros Wii U

For eager Super Smash Bros fans, the Nintendo Direct tonight has shown many new modes and stages. But it’s also confirmed the return of stage builder. As if the Wii U GamePad was built for stage building, you can create brand new stages in this mode by using the touchscreen on the pad. It’s certainly a big plus for fans of the franchise.

56 thoughts on “Stage Builder Returns For Super Smash Bros Wii U”

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                1. lol I was never sure if it was him or not cause I asked questions that couldn’t be answered so I was iffy but it was a good troll lol

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        1. Dudes can like other dudes you know… it’s the year 2014. However, I would prefer if people weren’t so crude online.

  1. Oakley The Orange (@OrganicOrange)

    MewTwo has been confirmed and will be coming in Spring 2015, but only if you buy both 3DS and Wii U versions!

      1. Yes and they will be coming out with MORE DLC that will be free for those who own both versions. If you don’t own both versions you will have to PAY FOR all the other DLC characters too. I bet each character costs $5 and there are probably like 7 DLC characters or more.

        Which means DLC characters will add up to the purchase of one game.

        Nintendo wants their money XD

        1. Hey if I can get everything for free for both versions by buying two different versions, then I’m cool with it. At least this deal beats the shit out of Capcom’s own con add-on DLC BS with their fighting games.

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  3. This Stage Builder actually looks cool for once and the best part is that YOU CAN SHARE STAGES!!!! :D Can’t wait to create the most epic stages EVAH!!!!

      1. I just hope there are not modes that require 2 players, I’m a solo player but I should still be able to experience the complete game.

          1. True, but I’m talking about stuff like Arena mode competitions like Multi Men Smash, Target Smash, etc. that has multiple people playing. I know I’ll need other people for Classic, Trophy Rush, and All Star (which doesn’t effect me), but I’m really talking about new Arena features. :P

      2. it said the special 8 player mode is not online minutes into the direct they did not specify the 5/6 player modes so those might be online.

  4. The only thing that concerns me is if we are still going to be limited to using only a few parts like in Brawl, or if this will be a big improvement in that department.

    1. You “draw” the stages as shown in the direct. So any shape you can draw can be used in/as the shape. For example an ant farm was drawn and used as the shape of the stage. There are also items/traps such as barrels that can be placed within the stage. Hazards, as shown in the giant Kirby stage (forgot the name) can also be “drawn” and added to the level. Stages can also be shared online. Hope this helps. :)

      1. Haha, thank you.
        That actually does sound a million times better than Brawl’s version of Stage Builder. XD
        Also, I think the Kirby stage was called “The Great Cave Offense” or something like that.

  5. All of this extra content and modes just goes to show how watered down the 3DS version is. I feel sorry for my niece.

  6. This is just fucking awesome. When I played brawl I always thought about how the next game would improve on stage builder and now we have this.

  7. Wow I can draw my own stages. No more squares. Prepare I’m going to draw some bad ass stages. I can’t wait for people to try my stages. I like that DKR stage! Epic. I don’t know if I’m more hyped on the 8 player feature or the stage builder.

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