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Analysts Expect Nintendo To Report Net Profit Of ¥6.8 Billion In Quarter Through September

Nintendo will be announcing its second-quarter earnings tomorrow and analysts expect them to reveal a net profit of  ¥6.8 billion in the quarter through to September. Last year the company reported a net loss of ¥8.02 billion, however this year they’re expected to announce that they’ve wiped out their operating loss. The Wall Street Journal says that Nintendo’s revenue is expected to fall to ¥106 billion in the quarter from ¥115 billion a year earlier. Here’s what they have to say.


  • EARNINGS OUTLOOK: While the figures for the second quarter are set to look more encouraging, helped by robust sales of high-margin software, analysts say the real test for Nintendo will be the quarter through December, including the holiday shopping season. Jefferies analyst Atul Goyal says it is possible Nintendo will lower its guidance for the current fiscal year due to weak hardware sales. While Nintendo forecasts an operating profit of ¥40 billion for the year through March, Goyal predicts a loss of ¥25 billion.
  • NEW SERVICES, APPS: The company has said it will launch a new healthcare-related service with more details to come before the end of the year. Some analysts also predict the unveiling of a smartphone application. Investors will keep an eye out for any information on these possible new offerings. But some Nintendo watchers say what the company really needs is a more drastic change in its strategy, such as making its games available through smartphones.
  • RESTRUCTURING: The company has so far been reluctant to embrace wider restructuring measures. Investors will pay close attention to any specific steps aimed at cutting expenses and streamlining operations, including potential job cuts.
  • CHINA STRATEGY: Analysts are hoping Nintendo will explain how it will expand its business in China as well as other emerging markets, where many see the biggest potential growth.

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156 thoughts on “Analysts Expect Nintendo To Report Net Profit Of ¥6.8 Billion In Quarter Through September”

  1. JTZ from tribe of Judah

    I see Ubishit wants to still flame Wii U is weak yet can’t get AC Unity to 60fps and 1080p. What a damn shame. They can’t get not 1 not 2 not 3 but 4 gigs to 1080p 60fps? MK8, Super smash, bayonetta are all 60fps using 1 gig. SMH. But the Wii u is supposed to be weak.

    1. The difference is that AC Unity will have 5,000 NPC’s as well as a beautiful environment to render. To get something like that to even run is a feat on it’s own. Smash and Mario Kart are great games, but they are far less demanding than something like Unity.

      1. JTZ from tribe of Judah

        Excuses excuses. Hollow J says PS4 is powerful so it should have unity running 1080p 60fps. Now all of a sudden you make a weak ass excuse because PS4 can’t get 8 gigs and 8 cores of gaming at 1080p 60fps? Really?

        1. You observed that too JTZ from tribe of Judah, with a very keen and highly astute mind. It is time Sony, MS and third parties started releasing games for review scrutiny in advance, unlike the destiny fiasco, or the Assassins creed unity ( “MS payola” xboxone assassins creed unity bundle ) parity close.

      2. JTZ from tribe of Judah

        Mario kart 8 far less demanding than AC games? Ignoring Mario Kart 8 breached over a million in like a week. Also ignoring that smash bros 3ds did too also got to assume Super smash bros. wii u will do the same thing since MK8 did it. But you rather play dumb like that didn’t happen. I’m back. Yes Jtz is back. All thanks to super smash bros. u that proved my ass wrong.

          1. JTZ from tribe of Judah

            What you mean not understanding? That 1gb can get 1080p 60fps that 8gig struggle at? Then he makes a weak ass excuse for the reason not. I mean Nano racing is very detailed game and it is not in high demand like MK8 is but it is at 60fps. What’s there not to understand? You just can’t accept that PS4 ain’t all that powerful as the hype says it is.

          2. 1 Gig WiiU. 10 60fps games. All those games are rated 9/10 and 10/10. Smash brothers WiiU, 8 players 1080P/60fps.


        1. Less demanding in regards to hardware. There’s really not much detail that needs to be put on something like mario’s or Yoshi’s character. On something like Arno’s coat though, Ubisoft has detail right down to the stitching of his hood. I get that’s just Arno, but the rest of the NPC’s are still very detailed. I’m not saying Mario Kart and Smash are bad games, they’re not. I’ll I’m saying is that Unity is a more demanding game. That doesn’t make a game better or worse.

          1. Super Mario Galaxy 1 and 2 say hello. Never again should you question the quality and greatness of Nintendo’s EAD. The makers of Mario and Smash. They would have made Arno 1080P on the 3DS new edition.


          2. JTZ from tribe of Judah

            ” Less demanding in regards to hardware” ” I’ll I’m saying is that Unity is a more demanding game” Either do you conflicted with yourself it’s still a weak ass excuse. 8gigs should be able to reach 1080p 60fps. Not 30fps.

            1. Whatever… AC games are boring, the controls are clunky and they have all of that story and history to work with but as a game it comes up empty… It just isn’t a smooth game and just.. well it blows frankly.

            2. There’s no conflicting words in what he said.
              1080p and 60fps are just numbers. You need to also take into account Image Quality and CPU usage.
              It’s like lifting a number of objects of different types. Lifting 100 sheets of paper isn’t as hard as lifting 100 sheets of steel. Using that example, steel(Unity) is heavier(more demanding) than paper(MK8).

              8GB of ram has little to do with 1080p/60fps. Also, Resogun(PS4) is 1080p/60fps. What runs at 1080/60fps has little to do with the how powerful hardware is, it depends on how “demanding/heavy” the game is and that depends on what the developer decided to do.

              I bet I could make a “light” 2k or 4k(2160p) android phone game and another “heavy” 1080p game that could make a gaming computer cry if I wanted to an d that still wouldn’t say anything about how powerful or weak either devices are.

              1. ““heavy” 1080p game that could make a gaming computer cry if I wanted to an d that still wouldn’t say anything about how powerful or weak either devices are.”

                It’s funny when it came to Wii U no one made excuses of it being weak. Yet when it comes to PS4 taking the responsibility of being the most powerful systems, excuses fall left and right. Where was the Wii U’s excuses back then? I got more attackers on me backing the Wii U then before I knew about Smash Bros. U.

                1. Now all of a sudden 900p, 1080p is just a number because Wii U can do 1080p with one gig. Now all of a sudden 8gigs dont determine the 1080p60fps . When it comes to Wii U, 1080p is more than a number and when it comes to PS4 now it doesn’t matter. Who’s got the next dumb excuse?

                  1. Dumb excuses? Why not actually read and listen to what others say, rather than throwing them out the window and making others seem like enemies? Get that console war mentality out of your head.

                    Like I said, I could make those games on Android Phone/Tab and Windows PC, I’ve learned programming in college and tried using Unity3D. As long as you have enough RAM the game can run 1080p/60fps, 1GB, 3GB, 8GB doesn’t matter. The frame buffer needed to render 720p/1080p is only several MB (hence why 32MB eDRAM is enough for WiiU and XB1). Most of RAM is taken up by things like texture, audio, etc.

                  2. I’d just add that it seems like “steel” or “paper”… pushing the limits just to push them, seems to take away from a game as opposed to adding to it. Just cause you can doesn’t mean you should.

                2. I’m not making excuses for PS4, I’ve never owned a Sony or MS console, probably never will. Weak and powerful are relative terms and in the grand scheme of things power doesn’t really matter much. All I was saying was your conclusion was flawed.

          3. Don’t waste your time trying to explain, it’s hopeless. The lack of common sense some of the people on this website bring into the light of day is quite astonishing. No matter what you say, they have the ability to give you a reply even more ridiculous than the previous one.
            Just a well-meant advice. (:

      3. lots of NPCs is not much of an argument

        hitman absolution had 100s (up to over a thousand) of NPCs simulated simultaneously and that was on the PS3/xbox360 in 60FPS at 720p

        according to the developer handling the logic of those NPCs took the CPU of the consoles just a couple miliseconds (about 5)

        needless to say that crowd density, viewing distance, LOD, decal density and lots of other things could be reduced for lower performance systems
        ubisoft just doesn’t want to.. or is not able to

        considering the piss poor performance of watch dogs the latter wouldn’t surprise me

        1. slight correction, it was 30 FPS on the consoles, but that was mainly due to the graphics pipeline, not the CPU pipeline

        2. It’s funny I didn’t hear nothing about NPCs last year when Pikmin3 wasn’t 1080p 60fps. I didnt hear about NPCs when 3d world was revaled at 720p 60fps? Where was the excuses then? Now when it comes to PS4 over hyped all types of excuses I ain’t never heard of occurs.

      4. dantheman…. how much stronger is the ps4 than the wii u, it isnt by a little. Ps4 should be able to do wonders and it isn’t. I got both like jtz said excuses

        1. if i had to take an educated guess i’d say that the graphics pipeline is about 3-4 times as powerful but the accuracy of this guess is hampered by lack of knowledge of the wii Us GPU

          CPU advantage depends very much on how well multitasking is implemented but i’d say that 150-200% performance advantage compared to the wii Us CPU are not unrealistic

    2. JTZ from tribe of Judah, I see what you did there. That Lebron, Wade, Chris Bosh analogy has me dying hahahahaha.


      1. JTZ from tribe of Judah

        Super smash bros. Wii U’s performance is letting people see the true light. It’s a damn shame Smash bros. Wii u exposed ps4 that it’s not all that fucking powerful like it’s cracked up to be. MK8 is running 2 players@ more frames than under drive. Don,t forget Wii U also has to work the game pad too. All at 1gb. Thank smash bros, for allowing us to see the truth.

      2. JTZ from tribe of Judah

        Yes it has 2 gigs. One gig is for the OS and the other is for gaming. So it has one gig tuning 1080p 60fps on some tittles.

        1. PS4 allows games to work with 5.5GB of RAM. The operating system has a dedicated 3.5GB of RAM. Seems like a total of 9GB, but games can take 1GB from the OS when necessary, raising what games can use to 5.5GB, yet straight away, games only use 4.5GB of RAM.

          & that’s on x86 architecture, which is resource-heavy to begin w/.

          Wii U’s 1GB of game RAM means a lot more considering its PowerPC architecture.

          1. x86 isn’t resource (RAM) heavy, you are probably thinking of resource hog MS Windows.
            What it does have is extra transistors to maintain backward compatibility on previous x86 processors, it takes up extra space on the CPU die. That doesn’t really matter unless if you are an electronics engineer.
            Also, the PPC arch makes little difference on the usability of the 1GB RAM for games.

  2. JTZ from tribe of Judah

    shit at 30fps they can put that on PS3. Where’s your power at hollow J. You said PS4 is powerful? So why isn’t it 60fps on a 1 player game on Ps4? Ubisoft bitch Unity is too powerful for Wii U yet Bayonetta, Nano racing, Zelda U run just fine at 60fps. I’m sure Zelda U will run 60fps using that 1gb. I bet you Ubisoft used all the PS4 and Bones gigs and still can’t get the game up to the hype. What a damn shame. All the 3rd party is just forcing all those graphics and resolutions into those consoles to the Max and still can’t get it at 60fps just to try to make Wii u look weak. According to hollow j shouldn’t be seeing 30fps since it’s more powerful than Wii u.

      1. JTZ from tribe of Judah

        Thank Super smash bros Wii U for showing me with 1080p 60fps, 8 players 9 controllers and very very detail and heavy content using 1gb.

    1. JTZ from the tribe of Judah, Sunset under drive on the xboneless is 900P/30fps. On a Console with DRM, 8 core CPU, 8GiGs of Ram. The WiiU with 2 GiGs Ram, a robust GPGPU, using 1/3 the wattage that the PS3 and xbox 360 pull, has Super smash brothers, 8 players running at 1080P/60fps.


      1. JTZ from tribe of Judah

        Thank you thank for the information about Sunset over drive. Do you see what Super Smash Bro.s Wii u did, it exposed the Xbox and PS4 tittles. Bwhahahahahahahaha. Oh that shit about Wii U being weak and yet PS4 nor Xbox can’t even be where the hype is at. And 5 months ago you had to pay $500 for shit that can’t do 1080p 60fps.

        1. JTZ from tribe of Judah

          The sad part Super smash bros. Exposed them with 1gb. That’s a damn shame one gig can get more 60fps then 4 gigs on supposed to be more powerful consoles.

          1. Imagine what Nintendo will do with a console of GiGs above 4 to 16 in Ram?I joyously shudder JTZ from tribe of Judah.


            1. JTZ from tribe of Judah

              If Nintendo had a 16 gig console it could probably last 5 generations. The foot print is so small it would take years before all 16gig were tapped.

              1. Doesn’t even the 3DS push some games at 60 FPS. My word what a thing… Really want to see what the New 3 will be capable of…Maybe Sunset and Ass Unity can run at 60 on that little handheld…PORRT IT!!!

          2. Come one people. Simmer down would you? We get that Smash and Kart runs great on the Wii U, but you gotta understand that there are a ton of games that run really smoothly on the PS4 and Xbox One as well. It’s already a fact that the newer consoles are more powerful than the Wii U, so stop making that argument. We should be talking about the quality of the Wii U’s games to the other consoles. That’s one department Nintendo will always win in.

            1. I’ve yet to see a game that I consider to “run really smoothly” on Xbone or PS4 compared to a Nintendo-developed Wii U game. I think the point I’d make is that those consoles are obviously more powerful at their fullest potential, but the software developers are lousy, lazy, and seem to not be getting even 50% out of those consoles while Nintendo gets near 100% out of their consoles. It was exactly the same with PS360. I find it hard to play games on those consoles because nearly always the framerate is choppy, and the loading times are often very large. When you’re used to Nintendo quality playing games on other consoles (or also third party games on Nintendo consoles) can be quite galling, at least for me.

        2. JTZ from tribe of Judah

          Sunset Under drive is a 1player game? Using 8 gigs and those 8 gigs only can breach 30fps? I guess the Xbox is maxed out. I keep reading 900p 60fps. Yet Wii U tittles I read 720p 60fps-1080p 60fps and 1 gig. Also MK8 can play 2 players and still be 60fps at 1gig. Yet I believe the 4 player mode is 30fps. You mean to tell me 30fps on mk8 with 4 players and Under drive 1 player at 30fps? And the Wii u only has 1gb. Hahahahaha.

            1. lord ghost : king of the federation

              dude there is nothing wrong with 900p. i even have a beatiful 1440 by 900p pc monitor and the display is awesome. 900p resolution is a great resolution.

                    1. I didn’t care that Super Mario 3D World was 720P. It still looked amazing and it ran at 60FPS. It’s by far my favorite Wii U game and easily the one I would recommend the most. I didn’t need any dumb specs to convince me to get it. I was sold by the E3 trailer alone.

                    2. And I have Pikmin 3. It’s graphics looks great, but it’s really boring. Not my type of game.

        3. lord ghost : king of the federation

          sunset overdrive is actually a great, fun unqiue game on the xbox one. also battlefield 4 is 1080p 60fps on the xbox one. forza 5 has amazing graphics. lmao have you heard of hd up scaling. again your just idiotic moron that depends on native resolution instead of the resolution your tv or monition that increase the size of of a game resolutions or console system settings. you forgot consoles have resolution settings lmao. also again 900p not a bad resolution but dont a expect 60fps on a open world game because both watch dogs and sunset over drive are that. mario kart is just a racing game just like forza horizon 2 and need for speed , drive club, and the crew so of course its going to have impressive visuals because that what car sims do best.

          also lmao do even say super smash bros beats any xbox one because its 1080p 60fps, because the character models are not very detailed. no wounder 8 players is that possible. honestly form the pics i’ve seen on mii verse most of the stages are not fully polished enough.

          1. apparently you hate smash bros so much.
            if i am not wrong, super smash bros was responsible for most of the bans your ass got. that explains the hate

    2. I am just about done with your bullshit. For the one millionth fucking time, the reason those games run well is because they were optimized and made SPECIFICALLY for the Wii U. Stop being a dumbass comparing games that aren’t even ON the Wii U. We already know that the Wii U is somewhere in between last and current gen in terms of hardware. So what? It can still produce great visuals and it has great looking games like Mario Kart 8and Bayonetta 2. And please, shut the fuck up with the gigs thing. PS3 and 360 didn’t even have a fucking gig and produced beautiful games like GTA V and The Last of Us. If you really want to be a graphics whore, go get a god damn PC.

      1. Mr. Ignoring man knows the truth of Wii U now

        Why you bring up GTA V Hollow J? I thought you said not to bring up games because its not on Wii U? Don’t be trying to make excuses for why Xbox can’t get 1080p. As for Battlefield getting it? Ain’t that more CGI than Gameplay anyway? And I thought that game was patched up like 1000 times.

        1. Here’s a little challenge for you then. Go out and give me a list of every AAA third party game running on Wii U at 1080P.

            1. Mr. Ignoring man knows the truth of Wii U now

              Oh salty. Why should I jtz have to list AAA tittles getting 1080p when it was the PS4 that was hyped up? I expect they PS4 to live up to its hype. No Nintendo didn’t hype the Wii U up. Funny when I thought Wii u was weak it wasn’t a problem. But finding out PS4 ain’t really all that hurts you.

    3. lord ghost : king of the federation

      dude have even seen any real gameplay of zeldau to considered it to be 60fps. 1080-900p=180 less, 1080-720=360, assassin creed unity looks beautiful. not all games need 180 hd pixels more to look beautiful. alot of xbox one games are 900p or 1080p so quit being idiotic buffoon.

      1. Mr. Ignoring man knows the truth of Wii U now

        Oh stop your bullshit excusses. PS4 was hyped up at unveiling now all of a sudden 1080p and 900p doesn’t matter. Ignoring sonyans made a big deal when MK8 dropped 1 frame at 59fps. But where was your ,”no big deal” comment at then?

        1. Man. These guys come on a Nintendo site and bleat out “damage controlling Nintendards!” Now they damage control their own consoles lack of parity with Wii U. “Huff huff, well err, 900 is just as good as 1080, 30 is just as good as 60. No in fact they’re better. Nintendards are loser babies who only care about 1080/60!”

          1. But before the PS4 debuted Yall sonyans only cared about 1080p 60fps. Now all of a sudden it doesnt matter. Another weak ass excuse

          1. yes, you did. when you started your xbox love anthem, you said 900p sucks, wii u has not 1080p games…
            in other words, your anti smash bros campaign has begun

  3. All Nintendo needs to do is unleash constant software. WiiU needs that monster hunter 4 Ultimate as well.


    1. JTZ from tribe of Judah

      Don’t worry about that I’m sure the 1gb is ready to handle 60fps on Starfox, Zelda U, Nano racing, Toad’s treasure tracker, sonic Boom, Devil’s 3rd, Splatoons and what ever other secret tittles we don’t know.

      1. super smash itself is 1080 p and 60 fps confirmed. To me its funny they keep saying put nintendo games on smart phones but I don’t see halo playable on the phone ;) or infamous second son ;)

  4. Just here to tell everyone about the biggest news of the year, which is the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Seriously, Marvel just blew everyone’s minds. Twice!

    For people too lazy to google it all, here are Phase 3 of the MCU!

    Ant-Man – July 7th 2015

    Captain America: Civil War – May 6th 2016

    Doctor Strange – November 4th 2016

    Guardians of the Galaxy 2 – May 5th 2017

    Thor: Ragnarok – July 28th 2017

    Black Panther – November 3rd 2017

    Avengers: Infinity War Part 1 – May 4th 2018

    Captain Marvel – July 6th 2018

    The Inhumans – November 2nd 2018

    Avengers: Infinity War Part 2 – May 3rd 2019

    1. JTZ from tribe of Judah

      2018? So you got to use 2019 games because Unity can’t get 60fps with 8 gigs and 8 cores smaller than the Wii U? 1gb can pull off what 8gb mostly struggle with at 60fps. That’s a damn shame.

        1. JTZ from tribe of Judah

          Oh forget it I thought you were some Sonyan trying to bring up game tittles not coming to wii u. Forget it. The Wii u is actually more next Gen then PS4 is. Because what 1gig can do that 8 gig struggle at.

        2. Lazara he talking about a lot of things that you might have missed. The new assassin creed is locked at 30 fps and yet it is on a more powerful system….. shame…..

          1. Yeah. A shame that Ubishit has gone into lazy 3rd party mode & doesn’t want to make an effort to give us good, finished, fully supported games on the Wii U.

    2. So many movies! Now imagine if they had the movie rights to X-Men & Spider-Man. The Avenger movies would probably take even longer to release.

  5. JTZ from tribe of Judah

    It would seem 8gb is far more superior than 1gb but I’m not seeing that performance wise. The spec sheet says PS4 is more powerful But the Wii u can get 1gb done at 1080p 60fps that 8 gigs struggle to do.

    1. It works like the iphone. No matter how many cores samsung puts in its phone, the speed still always lags behind a phone with 1G of ram. Galaxy has 3, so its reasonable to say that the developers REALLY need to take advantage of the software. Or the specs sheet is hiding something





      PS4 GPU HAS 512K CATCH

      WIIU HAS 32+2+1 MB TOTAL 35MB


      8GB GENERIC SLOW RAM VS A SUPER FAST CATCH BUFFER please educate your dumb ass self

  6. It’s becouse Nintendo has the best game developers in the world. People forget that games come first at Nintendo. Nintendo builds thier consoles around thier games, not vice versa like other companys. Sony builds a powerful console, and just crosses thier fingers that third parties will create great games for thier system. That is the complete opposite of how Nintendo works. This is the reason why Smash will run 60fps at 1080p. Nintendo developers could have easily run Unity at 60fps 1080p on the ps4. Ubisoft is lazy and thier developers lack creativity.

    Nintendo is back on top. I figured it would take until 2015 to expose the “next gen” consoles. Smash Bros. Exposed them a little early. Zelda U will expose them even further.

    1. No it didn’t. The PS4 is still the top selling console right now and it’s only going to continue to sell next year when the early 2015 titles arrive and especially when Uncharted 4 comes along. The Wii U isn’t going to sell unless Nintendo actually advertises it. They probably would have a lot more units sold right now if people actually knew what it was. The PS4 literally climbed its way right past Wii U’s lifetime sales in only a few months. And it did it without much to play either. It’s now getting to the point where there is about to be a lot to play and Nintendo definitely screwed up because they had a year head start. Yes, it’s improving now and has a lot of games coming, but people act as if it’s just going to sit there and let the Wii U collect sales. Lol no it has its games coming too. The Wii U will probably be #2 this generation in terms of sales. Unless the Xbox One just happens to outsell it as well over time.

      1. Yeah Hollow J as long as PS4 is on top sales matter just as like as long as Wii U wasn’t hitting 1080p 60fps on none of their tittles those numbers mattered. Let Wii U happen to outsell PS4 one week then all of a sudden sales wouldn’t matter.

  7. consoles dont work in that way theres no need for pc like memory there a EDRAM,CATCH company and custom tight chipsets

    generic pcs are HIGHLY INEFFICENT

    1. Mr. Ignoring man knows the truth of Wii U now

      And that’s why Hollow J PS4 needs more than 1gig to run Super Smash bros. Thanks ZX81!

  8. Well, I’ve learned to take both positive and negative reports about Ninty with a grain of salt… or a bucket of the fucking stuff as the case may be. Hoping for good news, though.

  9. edram fact

    720p buffer 7mb

    720p 2xAA 14MB


    1080P 16MB

    960X1080 8MB

    1336X768P AROUND 8MB



  10. wiiu custom edram memory









  12. wiius cpu cores each contain a graphics data burst pipe with 4to1 data compression sending data DIRECT to gpu compressed gpu can also read this compressed data

    wiius cpu cores each contain DMA DIRECT MEMORY ACCESS AS FOUND IN POWER7 CPUS

    Wiius cpu cores each have there own dedicated catch bus NOT ONE SHARED BY LIKE CHEAP PS4 JAGUARS CORES



    1. That is some wonderful education for the masses. Shin’ en understands the WiiU archtecture perfectly :-). Thanks

      ZX81. More please.


    2. I doubt 1/4 of the people here know what “bus” your talking about =v=

      But great work my friend, earned my upmost respect!

    3. Mr. Ignoring man knows the truth of Wii U now

      You may want to dumb it down for HollowJ she thinks PS4 is just more powerful because it has more gigs. All she will do is act like you never brought it up and then I bring it up she’s still try convincing me PS4 can handle MK8 with 1 gig like Wii U can.




    1. lord ghost : king of the federation

      dude some games have complicated engines soo not every game will be 1080p. 900p is a great resolution for game as well. 4k-1440p is great for movies. not every games needs 1080p but should be more than 720p at times, like titanfall being 729p.

      1. Try saying that for Wind Waker as its world was pretty much endless, along with Zelda U with a world with a greater extent than Skyrim, which is saying something, the Wii U is pretty much just as or more powerful than PS4 and Xbox1 (sorry Xbox 1, love ya though) (Wii U still da best doe)

      2. Mr. Ignoring man knows the truth of Wii U now

        Making another shitty ass excuse why PS4’s 8 gigs ain’t reaching 1080p 60fps huh? But when Pikmin 3 wasn’t getting 1080p 60fps where was excuse then?

        1. Pikmin 3 was actually supposed to be for the original Wii. Can’t quite remember what went wrong, but it was later upgraded to the Wii U. In other words, Pikmin 3 wasn’t built from the ground up on the Wii U.

      3. damage control, damage control XD
        since ssb for wii u is 1080p and 60 fps you are saying 900p is great, when YOU BASHED IT!!!, leave that smash bros trauma behind (strange case of butthurt) XD
        maybe you need a doctor, there’s the list of doctors you CAN call:
        Dr. Nintendo is my blood
        Dr. Lamatsucubo
        Dr. Valve admiral GLaDOS
        Dr. Nintendo Commander
        Dr. Heyitsguy
        Dr. Estoczero
        Dr. Stranga
        do not worry, they are known for being nice people, specially with xbots and narutards

        1. Mr. Ignoring man knows the truth of Wii U now

          May I also add Wii U is the only console 1080p 60fps at 8 players and 9 controllers too off 1gb.

    2. Mr. Ignoring man knows the truth of Wii U now

      Look what Super Smash Wii U did. Got a professional going back how the Wii U ticks! I love it! Comparing the hyped up supposed to be PS4 console to Wii U. And Wii U smash did this!

    1. Only time will tell, I only really care that Nintendo sell enough Wii U’s to justify putting great quality games on the system I love, like Mario Kart and the upcoming Smash Bros and Zelda and Starfox and…well you know where this is going…;)

  14. Again, it doesn’t matter what analysts say about Nintendo, good or bad, only time and numbers will tell the story, this and other analyst, um, analysis, is simply speculation. I could say that I expect the New 3DS to sell 1,000,000 systems in it’s first month in North America, but that doesn’t mean it actually will.
    Long story short, it doesn’t matter what I want, or what some Nintendo hater wants, whatever happens will happen, profit or loss, it will be straight up fact that we all must live with…

  15. Mr. Ignoring man knows the truth of Wii U now

    Oh I love it. Smash Bros. Wii U has got people actually going back what is inside Wii U vs. PS4! Amazing shit ain’t it Hollow J? Funny how PS4 tittles didn’t get people to looking between the two.

  16. The PS4 is a good console, but it has sold off of hype alone. It’s not as powerful as everybody intially thought, and the gap between the Wii U and Ps4 is smaller than anyone could have imagined.

    1. While you see that Hollow J, Someone who owns a PS4 can admit it’s not as powerful as expected to be. Interesting ain’t hollow J?

  17. – I hope nintendo won’t bow down to this analysis:” Nintendo should cut job (well they have outside Japan) and put well established Nintendo’s IP game into smarthphone (they are making small games for this market). ”

    _ it’s a shame Nintendo went to this DLC business which is a cancer for the video game industry.

    1. I doubt they will. In fact, they should get rid of the guy on the board that thinks they should put their games on Smartphone. We’ll leave phones with games like that Pokemon card game.

      I’m enjoying the DLC that Nintendo is doing right. Speaking of, they need to give us an exact date for the first DLC pack for Mario Kart 8 already. I want to know when I can expect to use Link & the Master Cycle.

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  19. These cheap bastards are so desperate to get Nintendo games on their smartphones. I got one for you & it suits you bastards perfectly: that Pokemon smartphone game. That’s all you suckers deserve.

  20. to add some fuel here! you guys know the review of bayonetta 1 on wii u ? that was completely edited! jesus it is as good as the second one (well obviously the 2nd is better some places but still) all the dips and such is nowhere to be found O_o it runs like buttered toast! and the light problem ? never saw any of it because i have tuned my tv to fit all the games i play! fucking liars all of them! and i’m playing on a 46″ wide screen tv!

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