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7.29 Million Wii U Consoles Have Been Sold Worldwide Since Launch In 2012

During Nintendo’s Quarter Two Earnings Report the company revealed that 7.29 million Wii U consoles have been sold worldwide since the console launched in 2012. However, with the recent Xbox One price cut it’s thought that Microsoft’s latest console will soon overtake the Wii U. Microsoft announced that the Xbox One sold 5 million units back in August. Sony has revealed that its PlayStation 4 has sold 10 million units worldwide.

Thanks, Michelle

172 thoughts on “7.29 Million Wii U Consoles Have Been Sold Worldwide Since Launch In 2012”

        1. I must say that you’re an idiot. Dreamcast, a failed console sold more than Wii U, and you consider this ok? Yeah, yeah..makes sense. Good, good.

          1. That’s the great thing about sales; they keep happening until they stop. What’s that? Wii U sales are still happening? Excellent! So shut the fuck up about numbers until the next gen comes out.

          2. I fucken love the dreamcast, definitely in the top 3 consoles of all time. Anyway, wiiU sales are bad, and anyone saying they’re good is lying to himself. However, wiiU is poised to pick up the pace with all the releases coming from now till the end of 2015. It’s looking like it has a fighting chance of not being a total failure.

            1. hey. for the first time you wrote something that isn’t about calling someone stalker. i was thinking that you were obssesed with stalk.

                1. Better? It sold terribly. You can check vgchartz to see how much it has sold compared to other systems. It sold a third of X1’s sales and X1 is selling pretty terribly.

            1. Actually it hasn’t. In the time period that it has been out, it has outsold the Wii U which has been out for 2 years, while others have been out for a year and PS4 has already well surpased the Dreamcast. Try again.

              1. Nintendo Commander Quadraxis

                Since you want me to explain Everything I say in detail, so can I demand from you…

                You never said during this time period so this is nothing more than damage control…

                Newton’s Third Law, what you demand of me now comes back to you, ipso facto, karma…

                1. Oh, good, that makes sense. By that logic Wii was a failure, because at one point it had less numbers sold than Dreamcast. Because logic.

                  You can repeat that as many times as you want, but if that was factual. Everyone would respect the karma, but then you go and see how many innocent people are dying, how many toddlers die at birth…

                  The only way you can believe in karma is if you believe in a god. It is absurd, but what would I expect out of a moron such as yourself.

                  1. Nintendo Commander Quadraxis

                    -Subject Noa (Donko): Oh, good, that makes sense. By that logic Wii was a failure, because at one point it had less numbers sold than Dreamcast. Because logic.-

                    Logic or not, you did not specify that you meant during the same time period from the beginning…

                    Once again, exposed and owned…

      1. Price cuts mean nothing when the only exclusive your system has is another zombie game that tries way too hard to be funny. Though that said the 10 million PS4s sold show you apparently can sell a console without games to play.

        1. Also the 5 million Xbox ones sold is false. It’s 5 million units SHIPPED to retailers, not sold. Last time we were told how many Xbox Ones have sold it was only 3 million and they’ve been quiet since.

          1. And my mistake, apparently they kept quiet about the units sold. Guess they didn’t want anyone to know they couldn’t even surpass Nintendo sales.

            1. And my mistake again, apparently the 5 million units sold was a mistake on microsoft’s part when they announced it and retracted the statement. This would be so much easier if I could actually edit posts but whatever.

              1. Are you talking about dead rising being the zombie game? Because I actually like that one and it’s coming to PC. Also, they do have Halo coming in and have Sunset Overdrive. Let’s be fair about this stuff. Not blind hatred.

                  1. Oh my bad, I didn’t even think of those as zombies. I just know I’ve played some Dead Rising 3 and the humor is in the clothing. The story is serious. (I haven’t beaten it though so it could get real strange, I don’t know)

                1. Was talking about Sunset Overdrive. Dead Rising isn’t an exclusive anymore since it came out on PC back in September.

          2. Xbox One is probably at 6.5 million by now. If you check Amazon’s best seller lists, the Xbox One is far outpacing PS4 and Wii U, especially with the $350 Sunset Overdrive and Unity Bundles.

        2. I’m repeating what I said months ago:
          The majority want Nintendo to return to what they were founded on, great, gimmickless hardware at a compelling price.
          Its a fairly simple industry…

          Make what people want = Sales.

          Force what people don’t want = Failure.

          The days of software driving hardware are over, the ridiculous and undeserved success of PS4 proves that hardware now drives software. Adapt or die.

          …And the PS4 does have games

            1. I know lol, I don’t bother trying anymore. It’s really not worth the effort when everyone here will never open up and see gaming as a whole, not just Nintendo

                1. I think an alliance with Xbox makes more sense than with PS4. At least the Xbox One (e.g Killer Instinct 3, Forza Horizon 2, Sunset Overdrive, D4, Fantasia, Master Chief Collection, Quantum Break) and Wii U (e.g. Bayonetta 2, SM3DWorld, Mario Kart, Smash) have killer exclusives. Sony is not selling on anything but pure vaporware hype.

          1. I am not sure it proves that… Playstation is a very good system and in some sense had a better marketing position.

            I don’t think it is an adapt or die environment at all.

              1. The Wii U isn’t in turn a bad system however, and I also don’t think the specifics of the tech specs are the only thing that made it sell…

                Playstation as a brand has a great marketing niche, and it calls to different gamers right now. The Wii U suffers from two things… Wii backlash, and also from Wii pedestrian gaming… people who don’t see the necessity to upgrade. It is balancing out it seems.

              2. It is a well-constructed system and has good UI. However, other than the two Infamous games, it has nothing substantial to offer for 2014. It is only 1% more powerful than Xbox One but it is lacking in exclusives. Xbox One has Killer Instinct 3, Forza Horizon 2, Sunset Overdrive, D4, Fantasia, Master Chief Collection, and Project Spark.

          2. Fanboys think that whatever Nintendo does is correct. Most fans want Nintendo to directly compete with MS and Sony, and Iwata is just walking around his office eating bananas like a stupid monkey he is.

        3. Part of the appeal as to why folks are buying the other systems even if you think they “have no games” is that you know the future looks strong for both of them. Outside of nintendo games, there literally is no 3rd party support for their system now and in the foreseeable future.

          Yea they have a few indy titles here and there, but so do the other guys in addition to big 3rd party games. The WiiU has truly become a “nintendo box”.

          1. And we have an intelligent commentor here!

            It’s such a shame really. If Nintendo bothered to put in the effort, make better hardware and get third parties to invest consistently on Wii U, they would literally destroy EVERYONE this gen. But nope, they never did, and never will… it’ll always be the second console, the one always viewed by non-Nintendo gamers as the casual console

            1. It really says a lot when devs are making/ porting games to the ps3 and xbox 360 in addition to ps4 and xbo, but are purposefully skipping the WiiU…

              1. I don’t think that is the case. X360 and PS3 have the numbers, PS4 and X1 are the future and have the PC architecture. Wii U has neither.

          2. Meanwhile the PS4 and Xbox have little to no exclusives and focus more on making 3rd party titles look exclusive. See Destiny on PS4, and AC:Unity/Call of Duty on Xbox One. I have every current gaming platform, I buy good games, not just Nintendo games. Hasn’t changed the fact that my WiiU library has 9 games, my PS4 library has 2 games, and my Xbox library has 1 game.

                1. Okay that’s fine by me but you should be playing way more PS4 games. Try out smaller games if you don’t want retail, Transistor, Resogun, Velocity 2X etc. You won’t regret it

            1. PS4 has little exclusives, but Xbox One has Killer Instinct 3, Forza Horizon 2, Sunset Overdrive, D4, Fantasia, Master Chief Collection, and Project Spark.

          3. “Literally” no third-party games?

            You know, this kind of shit is why literally now officially also means figuratively.

      2. Stfu sickr you really just wrote that, Xbox one had to price cut 2 times and is still in the 5 million and super smash bros hasn’t come out yet. Take those wild guesses elsewhere

          1. Exactly! And people cheering like their 7mil worldwide is a good thing. They forget WiiU had a whole year head start plus 2 xmas seasons to go through and look where they’re at now…smh

            1. ….. When wii u came out in the first year my friend thought it was an attachment for the wii. Not until games came out that ppl saw the difference

              1. The fact that people even thought of the Wii U as an add-on to the Wii is further proof that humans are the dumbest creatures alive.

            2. Dumbass. Can’t use the whole Wii U had a 1 year head start argument. PS4 beat Wii U in a year so why couldnt the Xbox One? Oh right cause nobody likes the damn thing. The 1st year of Wii U may as well not even be counted. Just say Wii U launched the same year as PS4 and Xbox One then you could say it did alright. Still had a horrible launch no doubt but point is the 1 year head start means nothing. If the PS4 could blast off to the moon then so could Xbox One but it didn’t. Just admit reality. Nobody likes the Xbox One.

        1. Xbox One w/ Sunset Overdrive, Halo Master Chief Collection, Killer Instinct Season 2 and Forza and Wii U w/ Bayonetta 2, Mario Kart, Captain Toad and Smash will dominate this holiday season.

      3. Sad that a good console is having such a hard time. Especially considering it already has a decent lineup. They should’ve called it the GameCube2, since it’s going through the samething. Let’s see how they look after Christmas.

          1. yoshida wii u is a great console. The specs on the wii u is weak but can hit the same numbers as games on consoles 8 x stronger. Super smash bros 1080p 60fps has better specs than killer instinct. Super mario 3d world was hitting 60fps just fine with 720p 1080p upscaled. I got my wii u for super smash and some will go for it this holiday because of that plus making money off the amiibo. I have a ps4 but the best games i played this year was on wii u

        1. Xbox One has Killer Instinct 3, Forza Horizon 2, Sunset Overdrive, D4, Fantasia, Master Chief Collection, and Project Spark. PS4 has Infamous 3 and Resogun. Sony’s library sucks this year.

      4. Xb1 was good until 360 sony wasn’t good until ps4

        And clearly someone is pissy over how shitty xb1 is and how shitty its selling

        Wiiu ps4 owner here.

          1. Like the PS3, the Wii U is slowly starting to get better just a few weeks shy of the beginning of it’s 3rd year. All it has to do is keep up with this momentum.

        1. lord ghost : king of the federation

          the xbox one actually has great game unlike the ps4.
          most of the ps4 games have barely beaten any xbox one in review scores. titan fall even trashed kill zone shadowfail. forza 5 and horizon 2 trashed drive club. sunset overdrive assaulted infamous second son. project sparks eliminated knack. rip ps4 rest in poop

          1. Wow. Are the PS4 really not good? Well I’ve kinda noticed this after seeing what they announced at E3. Almost everything was indie games. Only like Uncharted 4 and Little Big Planet was the only non-indie exclusive… but I could be wrong.

        2. Xbox One is currently the number one selling console on Amazon. A $50 price cut, Sunset Overdrive, Forza Horizon 2 and Halo Master Chief Collection are helping with momentum. Awesome titles like Killer Instinct 3 are a plus.

          Wii U Xbox One owner here.

      5. That’s an alright amount sold, but it could still be much better.
        Now here’s how I see it, every big First Party release for the system will increase hardware sales bit by bit and at some point, those bit by bit of hardware sales will lead to a relatively decent number of Wii U’s sold. NO ONE WII U GAME WILL CAUSE SALES TO INCREASE BY THE MILLIONS, MULTIPLE GAMES WILL DO IT THOUGH.
        What I have said above isn’t Fanboy, or Hater, it’s outright fact about how the Wii U can pass Gamecube in sales, also, MARKET THE DAMN THING, I’ve seen more PS4 AND Xbox One adverts during one 2 hour session of WWE Smackdown, then I have of Wii U adverts since the console released. Nintendo, you have money to burn, burn it using a method that will get the console known to many, advertse on Kids channels, advertise on Sports channels.If I’m not mistaken, Nintendo own a baseball team, correct me if I’m wrong, so use the team to get your console known to baseball fans…

        1. Man, I have seen XBox commercials on FOX, AXN and Cartoon Network channels here in Brazil! I can’t believe it (It’s really rare to see a videogame commercial here, I think) . I have never seen an WiiU commercial here, the last Nintendo commercial I’ve seen was mario from Wii, And zelda for DS..
          I hope Nintendo can change this situation as well..

          1. Indeed, adverising will get those in the public that doesn’t keep up with Nintendo Direct, E3, or these news sites to get to know the system and gets them to know what good games are availible on the system and impulse them into buying the system. No Advertising=Less Sales

            1. I’ve seen the Hyrule Warriors & Bayonetta 2 ads on Cartoon Network during the Adult Swim segments. In fact, I’ve seen the Bayonetta 2 ad on Youtube once or twice. Same for Hyrule Warriors if I recall correctly.

        2. You are not mistaken. Nintendo does indeed own a baseball team. They are the majority owners of the Seattle Mariners. To be more specific, Nintendo of America is the majority owner but still Nintendo no matter how you slice it.

      6. I knew it. XD Xbox DOne never sold 5 million from last Spring. But the better question is when exactly did Wii U hit 7.3 million? August? September? I doubt those are the exact numbers right now.

        1. lord ghost : king of the federation

          it’s called xbox one not ” Xbox DOne”. sales dont matter games and entertainment matter.

          1. Funny because thats not what you’ve been saying about Xbox DONE for months asshole. Don’t try it and BTW, Xbox DONE never sold 5 million units to customers exactly since Microsoft retracted that statement tell me which is failing harder: Wii U or some fucking overpriced and glorified DVR box from the 1990s?

            1. lord ghost : king of the federation

              “some fucking overpriced and glorified DVR box from the 1990s?” lmao the xbox one has blue ray compatible. good tv feautures just like the wii u gamepad tv function. xbox one is a 2013 technology not 1990s. xbox one is not even a dvr its a video game console. its not even over priced because it price is currently $349.99. i dont care about sales for neither of the console because a stock guy.

              1. 1. PS3 already did Blu-Ray and M$ has to pay Sony for that technology you idiot. lol 2. WTF cares about TV function on a game console? Its pointless and stupid considering TV has been around for more than a century and now TV/cable services are dying because the internet services like Netflix/Hulu are taking over. And BTW, the TV thing on Xbox DOne was ripped off from Wii U anyway originality found in that huge blocky POS. 3. Its not game console when Microsoft basically revealed that shit to be a fucking TV Cable box and still imply it as that at E3 while still trying to justify that BS DRM policy and allowing Sony and even Nintendo to destroy them in their own conferences THAT FOCUSES ON GAMING! 4. Yeah. Its not overpriced NOW because its sales are probably beyond pathetic compare to Wii U last year and GameCube plus Vita’s total sales performances COMBINED.

                Xbox DOne is a joke and a total embarassment to be considered a decent console of any kind even for some Xbox fans who are fortunate to have enough brain cells left to realize what a POS it is with its gimmicky voice commands that no one gives a shit about just like TV and a still forced crap of a camera happily used by NSA and the so called “exclusives” (Xbox never has a single one BTW) like Deadrising 3 which is shit, Ryse which is shit, Titanfall which becomes a snozefest in 30 minutes tops because its a familiar COD knockoff with no story and Forza 5 or should I say “4.1” is another lazy shit of a game with cardboard audience you see in a 90s arcade racing game, ALL END UP ON 360/PC ANYWAY. All you got is Halo 5 and its MasterChief collection which all 4 are on 360 already, is all Xbox got and may I remind you that Halo 5 is, of course, gonna be on PC regardless.

                Get a grip self-racist. Xbox DOne is SHIT with no substance to make it a “gaming console” anymore. Get over it.

                1. Mr. Ignoring man knows the truth of Wii U now

                  Don’t hurt his feelings guys talking about the Xdone. The loser console. I was thinking of getting one to replace my George Foreman grille.

          2. “sales dont matter games and entertainment matter”. months you used to say that sales matter. you’re such a flip flopper.

        2. This is the report for the quarter that ends in September. The next two will be interesting, as there are quite a lot of big games coming out / that have come out since the end of September.

          1. Its so hilarious that Microsoft retracted the statement of selling 5 million units to retails, not consumers and just plaingly say they sold millions. XD How stupid they think we are? 2 price drops in a year signals that it sold like crap.

        3. I’m guessing it did it in August because more than likely the Wii U probably hit 7.6 or 7.7 or possibly maybe even 8 million by now. We want know those exact numbers up until the 2nd quarter of next year

          1. I’m pretty sure it did par 8 million by now thanks to Hyrule Warriors launch and now Smash Bros. 4 is gonna boom its sales probably up to 10-11 million by launch and holiday season including Black Friday.

            1. I hope so. It’d be nice if some 3rd parties would come to the Wii U if they keep their word that they are waiting to see if the Wii U can sell a good number of consoles. Fuck Ubishit & EA, though. They can stay the hell away if they are just going to continue their bullshit.

                  1. Don’t say terrible things like that! They’re just guys that work in the video game industry. Not to mention, they are also HUMAN BEINGS like the rest of us. They’ve got families to feed and bills to pay too!

              1. But they never specify exactly when it hit those numbers. The last time we heard of solid numbers was before the end of June when it was near 7 million and I heard it sold well around the time Hyrule Warriors launch so its likely that it had sold 8 million or getting close to it. Meanwhile at Microsoft side, tried to lie about how many units Xbox DOne were to sold to consumers. They retracted their old statement and went on to BS about “Million of Xbox players enjoying their consoles” without giving a solid numbers since 8-9 months ago. It never sold pass 5 million to gamers and they said the same story twice this year, last March and recently now and both are BS trying to twist the truth of Xbox DOne’s actual sales. It didnt sale shit and its exactly why it dropped its own price twice this year. It SUCKS, even worse than Vita I bet.

                    1. No, dummy. XD Wtf? That would be hilarious if the Wii U was still at seven million by this spring. I’m talking about the Xbone. :P

                      1. It wont even make it there I bet and by the time Spring hits, Wii U will be around 13-16 million somewhere after Devil’s Third and possibly the next Zelda while PS4 maybe near around 18-20 million. Xbetamax DOne can stay at 5-6 million by next spring for all I care which I dont anyway.

                        1. I think you’re expectations are way too high. I can see a realistic possibility of about 9-11 million units by this spring for the Wii U.

                          1. Wii U is probably at or near 8 million by now and knowing Smash Bros. 4 hype being a very big thing, that game alone for Black Friday and Christmas will push its sales for about 3 million units possibly

                            1. If Nintendo made a Smash Bros bundle, it would be guaranteed to sell well this holiday! Smash is the biggest Nintendo game about to release this holiday, and Nintendo has to be seriously stupid to not make a bundle with it.

                              1. That depends. Smash Bros. 4 is 3 weeks away so there’s a chance the bundle could happen and if so, then its gonna be ridiculously crazy for Nintendo in a good way.

                                1. If Smash Bros doesn’t get Wii U’s moving, then I don’t know what will. I’ll just give up hope.

                                  1. It will. I know it. MK8 did it, Hyrule Warriors sorta did it and Smash Bros. 4 hype will push the system a lot further than all of the past Wii U exclusives hype combined.

                          2. The fact they’ve done another price cut practically screams that the Xbox One isn’t selling well compared to the PS4 & Wii U.

                            1. Of course it didnt. It never sold passed 5 million and Microsoft still tries so desperately to damage control itself to make only the biggest Xbot IDIOTS like Anubis to think its doing well and its ever been relevent from the beginning. XD Well the jokes on them this time because its even worse than Wii U, GameCube AND the fucking Vita combined. It can’t work for shit, game ports are usually underwhelming, nobody buys or cares about console that can stream fucking TV or force DRM/Kinect on their ass. On top of that, it has no exclusives period plus I’m not paying for free online play that PC, mobile and Nintendo does. Can’t say the same for Sony because they’re playing copycat again on what Microsoft is doing like they were gonna do DRM but removed it quietly and they also charge for online play which I may understand why. PSN sometimes suck ass due to it being constantly hacked all the time.

                1. The funny thing is with the fact that the console has sold so slowly in the past ~2 years, I have personally bought more games for the wiiu than any other console I have owned going back to the early 80s .
                  Part of that is how much I have gotten from the DDP in free eShope money, part of that is the cheep prices for 3rd party games like Deus EX,Resident evil, and so on. I also think that the games that have been coming out are , especially the past 6 months , are some of the best in any console generation to date. Poor sales leads to higher quality titles, like the GCN era.

                2. And if 1 million of these wii u owners bought call of duty (and played it online), splinter cell, ac 3 and ac4 Then we had cod aw and assassin’s creed this year as Well and maybe more 3th party games

                  1. And if Ubishit & Activision had properly supported said games you mentioned, people would have bought more of them. But why buy shitty ports on the Wii U when they can get the better versions on the PS3, XB360, PS4, & XB1?

                    1. What ? Cod bo2 and ghosts had pre-order dlc but there were not enough pre orders so they dropt the bonus, ac 3 had preorder dlc and the terany of king wasinton dlc, but Nowone bought the dlc, spliter Cell was the best console version with the best lighting and best framerate and it had less to non screen trears and all of this games were better, bo2 looks and runs mutch better than the ps3 version so… And now the same is happening with watch dogs, a year ago nu retailer got mail that watch dogs wii u vetelatie and deadsec were canceld because there were to low pre orders, and they traying to male the game good.

                      1. Yea, and all of those games you mentioned were already released on the other systems for over a year. Nobody wanted last years games. It was a silly plan to try and release all the old multiplat games. They should have just waited for the new ones.

                      2. >.< Sorry but Ubisoft never tried to make Watch_Dogs for Wii U good. They delayed it months ago because they supposedly wanted to make it use the Gamepad in a unique way but slapped a map on it instead. When it flops, they are going to blame the Wii U userbase when they know full well it flopped because THEY fucked it over with delaying it for a reason they lied right to our faces about.

                3. Too bad it isn’t even higher. But considering everything from bad marketing, not enough marketing, & not many games, it’s doing just fine as is.

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                5. The Wii U sold THIS MANY UNITS? Yet people talk like it’s a failure?
                  I don’t get it? It must just be trolls that talk that way. Closet Nintendo fans that come here just to bash Nintendo even though they’re a fan.

                  And the PS4 selling 10 million? Well, there’s 10 million people I’ll never get along with. I get SO annoyed with PS and Xbox fans.

                  1. 7.3 million in TWO years isn’t great, but it is a good start. Wii U will pick up momentum during the holidays…will probably sell 9 million by December.

                6. You can’t stop nintendo! Nintendo will always be here. So this holiday wiiu will sell like hot cakes because of smash bros.

                7. Well, 7.3 is close to gamecube numbers. Gamecube sold faster out of the gate, but slowed. Thats close to 4m a year. If the Wii U keeps these lackluster sales for it’s entire run, after six years it would be at 24m. Which is nearly identical to gamecube numbers. And believe it or not Nintendo will make plenty of profit off 24 million Wii U’s. And thats if sales Don’t pick up. Thats the worst case scenerio.

                8. I wish I could have bought a Wii U for my niece this Christmas. But I don’t have enough money (it would be different if she was the only person to buy for). Plus she doesn’t have an HDTV. And I’d hate to see her playing it on a standard CRT tv.

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