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Analysts Say They Expect A Decline In Call Of Duty Sales

Cowen And Company, an analytics firm, have stated that they believe Call of Duty sales to be on the decline. The company looked closely at Amazon pre-orders for the forthcoming Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare and found that it’s tracking 40 percent behind last year’s Ghosts and almost 70 percent behind 2012’s Black Ops 2. This is the first year that a Call of Duty title has skipped the Wii U.

“Advanced Warfare is now pacing almost 40 percent behind last year’s Ghosts and almost 70 percent behind 2012’s Black Ops 2,” the analysts note. “We continue to believe CoD will be down meaningfully vs. last year. With the franchise facing two consecutive significant year on year declines in sales, we think it is prudent to assume it has peaked.”

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106 thoughts on “Analysts Say They Expect A Decline In Call Of Duty Sales”

    1. Even if the series meets its demise, they’ll probably just create another IP they can milk for all it’s worth. But it’s nice to know people aren’t so happy to constantly buy the same game over and over again every few months. Too much of anything is not a good thing.

            1. I started really liking Assassin’s Creed after I played the third one. I only got to play a bit of the first one but it was kind of boring to me. Say what you will about it being rehashed and releasing every year, but I personally like the series. It’s the stories in the game that make it worth it to me.

                1. Yeah, I have my eye on AC2. It’s claimed to be the best in the series and I’ll probably get around to it. I’m just focusing on Rogue and Unity now. Especially Rogue with the fact that you can be a Templar. That one is definitely going to have one of the darkest stories in the series.

                  1. AC Unity I will have to update my PC to play. Rogue is also very interesting and you have to play it since it has an impact on AC3 (i just start) and AC4 (i will buy it soon) plus it ties with AC unity.

                    However I don’t have a Xbox 360 and I always play the franchise on PC hence why I won’t get it for PS3 and wait for the PC version (like AC liberation).

                    I personally prefer AC 1. Yes, there is less to do than AC2 and it’s repatitive but Altair, the setting and story do it for me. No going to give you any spoiler but I was gutted at the end of AC revelation (storywise). By the way the story in AC revalation is good :-)

                    1. I’m not sure about the first one because I only played a few hours of it. I was somewhere around the beginning and I’m not sure if it gets better on but it didn’t do it for me yet. And AC4 looks pretty good too, but idk about that either. Naval battles are fine to me, just not really a fan of that though. I prefer the more traditional gameplay on land.

              1. And the open world too. I spent about 110+ hours on AC3 walking around New York and Boston. I like the fact that it’s set up in America and I really like walking around blending in with civilians, and sneak attacking guards. I just find it fun to kill their groups walking around and watching civilians run away. Haha.

                1. I hope not. At the very least, give the IP away. Some people here might get happy if it dies but that’s going to piss me off.

  1. Ghosts was really bad. I mean, it was like they didn’t even try. The multiplayer is garbage — huge maps, spawn points in random spots so you easily die, just a big camper fest in there… and the main story was okay, but it was like they were going through the motions. Black Ops 2 was it for them. That was the peak.

    1. Of the “new” COD games, I think BO2 was the best, but of the “older in a way” games, MW1 definitely takes the cake and the sundae.

          1. Nintendo Second-Lieutenant Haruhi

            Gamers not living within the Kingdom will be looking for fun else ware soon. This is the best possible time for us to strike and strike hard! I hope that the advertisement will be abundant. Even more so than Mario Kart 8.

            1. Tbh, after COD goes away, yes, they will look for something else, but, if they don’t find something, say goodbye to a lot of casuals on home consoles. It’s a very slim chance that they would go to Nintendo, but if they did, it would be very good for Wii U sales, but probably not enough to win the console generation (if your into the console war thing).

        1. It already lost millions, about 7-10 million total sales and install base after MW2 (COD sales at its peak around 30 million) which is 5 years time span. In another 5 years hopefully, this fucking game will finally pull its own plug.

          1. If not for the casuals of last gen, I think Call of Duty would have seen a decline in sales during that generation.

            1. Its already seeing a decline. They lost about 10 million in fanbase and sales in 5 years and that was after MW2, as I expected. I hope it continues so Call of Duty can finally DIE already.

                      1. Yes, that one too. A lot of players have been saying that the game is fine now and that it’s been patched up.

                        1. Which shouldve been on launch day. Thats why I’m not buying shit from EA either: The greediest and most conniving lying motherfucker in the gaming market next to Ubishit, Microsoft and Activision.

                          1. They own some of my favorite games though… like Need For Speed. Although I haven’t enjoyed a NFS game now as much as I did with Underground. I also saw some gameplay of The Crew and it looked fun and reminded me of NFSU. Hopefully, Ubi doesn’t mess it up.

                              1. What last four games? The new ones coming out? Or are you talking about Wii U ports?

                                On Wed, Nov 5, 2014 at 9:09 AM, My Nintendo News wrote:

                                > thestrangablog commented: “They will. Just like they fucked up the > last 4 games.”

                1. Why do people complain when they see gaming news not related to Nintendo? I think the fact that COD pre-orders are down is fascinating news. I welcome all gaming news here. And honestly, why not?

                1. That’s what casuals do, they play the SAME EXACT THING, over and over again for a very prolonged period of time, until it’s literally impossible to play anymore of it, which is why flappy bird and stuff were so successful, despite its mehness

              1. the true story is that 30% of those sales would have been corrupted nintendo fans :P

                but I kinda look forward to this series dying. even though this could mean that other shooters get more players even though they lower the “quality”

                  1. Nintendo Second-Lieutenant Haruhi

                    Shooting is fine, I just don’t want it to be the main gameplay element. I want to solve puzzles and mysteries, and do a bunch of exploring. With little to no interaction from NPC’s. That would be a great shooter…

                    1. Yeah, I like certain shooters, like CS:GO, because they have actually good communities that don’t just move on to the next new game whenever it comes out. (CS:S still has a very large number of people playing it)

              2. There, you go.

                1.Wasn’t on the Wii U, sales suck.
                2.It was bound to happen because Call of Duty is boring FPS.

                They’re learning the error of their ways!!!! BWAHAHAHA!!!

                1. Not just because it’s brand is getting beyond stale, unoriginal and annoying, but with the Wii U versions, gamers were lied to from Activision over DLC from BO2 and they avoided Ghosts because of that and Ghosts is utterly garbage. I don’t care if AW is skipping Wii U now because I realize what a POS series it has become and its a sad thought because I really love COD4 and WaW and wish they were ported over to Wii U with everything in it so I can solely enjoy those. MW2 is debatable. I enjoyed it for a while and then it got annoying with its OPs and hackers.

              3. Excellent! You will come crawling back Activision. The path the industry is on now has been ongoing for a while but it will end badly for everyone if it continues. It’s not sustainable.

                1. A least open world can be any genre like FPS,action,rpg and others.If they moved to open worlds thats fine with me.Also more content for the games to fill the open world space cheers!!!

                1. True, especially since almost everyone lacks brain cells on that cancerous social network.

                  “Bigley joins the battle!”

                  “Bikini day!”

                  “I want Shrek and Charlie Brown in Smash!”


                2. In a way, yes, since we are restricted, because immature idiots who have whatever chance of freedom they have, decide they want to draw penises everywhere, even though there are a small amount of children on it.

              4. Mr. Ignoring man knows the truth of Wii U now

                Big deal. My Wii U with irs 1gb is waiting for Smash Bros. Like I give a rats ass about some war game coming out every 90 seconds.

              5. lord ghost : king of the federation

                i liked ghosts campign a little with the concept of ghosts vs federation. but honestly the multiplayer was not good. the maps were just to huge, and their was no ground war mode for that. the sub machine guns are too over powered and the heatlh bar is poor. score streaks are hit and miss, but the dog needs to done better. the white and black holigraph scope made the game a camping feast. extinction mode is just not fun.

                hopefully advance warfare wont be bad as ghosts. i had fun mw3 and black ops 2 but ghosts just was too annoying. i only loved the ghost mask which is currently my gravatar.

                  1. lord ghost : king of the federation

                    you stfu dipshit. “your dunbass COD masturbating ass” you sound very retarded and the statement idiotic and unnecessary. you sound like a desperate virgin on the internet.

              6. I’m happy about this. How long can they seriously just change a few things and make a bunch of money on it? They did, and they still will with this, but thank GOD it’s finally dying and even “analysts” are railing against it.

              7. I have yo admit I’m a bit sad, I loved getting to round 30 of zombies in CoD BO2 every time I go to his house ;n;

              8. This’ll be the first one I don’t get since cod 3…. and the reason isn’t because it’s not on Wii U, I have a ps3 and I will be getting a PS4, still won’t get it though, I’m done with cod. Destiny was cool, but got really old when I beat the main game… “Story” that should’ve been on the Wii U, it was pretty imaginative for a first person shooter…

              9. Just as I thought and hoped for. I want this fucking nuisance of a spamming franchise with NO THOUGHT OF REAL INNOVATION OR BREAK IN BETWEEN GAMES, to die a slow and agonizingly death.

                Sales are are gonna continue to suck for two reasons: It’s the same fucking games reskinned with different timelines like Madden is reskinned with a slight change in player roster and borrowing certain gameplay aspects from Battlefield 2142 and even Titanfall plus the side strafing from Metroid Prime in 2002. Also, Activision has the wrong idea of keep spamming this POS game by hiring their 3rd bitch Sledgehammer to make COD games as an excuse to have the 3 year development time fans have been asking for but they also ask to STOP SPAMMING THE FUCKING GAMES AND GIVE IT A BREAK!

                God I really hope this game crash and burn very soon, maybe in 3-5 years it will finally die.

              10. Well, now that they have chosen to neglect one part of the market and with the part of the market that play the most COD about to have a Master Chief collection and Halo 5 next year… yeah, COD is pretty much DONE this generation of console.

              11. The sad part is both black ops2 and ghost are better on wii u because of wiimote and nunchuck controls I own them both and I hate cod analyst are behind if they’re just saying that now

              12. Hopefully Time Splitters makes a good come back and makes it to Nintendo’s console… miss those old shooters. Robots running around shooting monkeys, ah the hours of fun we had.

              13. COD use the same models, and animations every year. The only thing they change are the texture pacts. In many cases they re-use the same textures as well. It’s an extremely lazy and cost cutting series. I fear for Far Cry 4 as well. Fary Cry devs since the original Far Cry took four years to develop the sequel. FC1 took four years. FC1-FC2 was four years. FC2-FC3 was four years. Now, all of a sudden they spit out Far Cry 4 in just under two years. And if you have played the game, or have seen gameplay, you will notice they are re-using everything from FC3. Gameplay mechanics, enemy models, animal models, skinning animation, healing animation, stabbing animation, weapons, vehicals,…. so much stuff is just Far Cry 3 with a paint job. I am VERY disappointed in Far Cry 4.

                I’m ready for new gaming studios to emerge. I’m tired of all the lazy developers.

              14. Aside from all the fanboy bs everyone is spewing, the general hype of FPS games in general is semmingly declining. Moreover, games (at least to me) are delcliningng in uniquenes and originality. We’ve practically seen it all, so I do expect sales for series such as call of duty to decline .

              15. Good. When it dies, maybe we can start seeing Medal of Honor & Turok return. And NOT the remake of Turok. That COD/Halo wannabe abomination of a “Turok” game should NEVER get a sequel.

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