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Here’s the Amiibo’s You Can Use With Mario Kart 8

Nintendo of America has rather handily revealed which Amiibo characters you will be able to use with Mario Kart 8. Most of these we already knew about, but added to the lineup in Captain Falcon, Fox McCloud, Kirby and Samus. The software update that will allow you to use Amiibo with Mario Kart 8 will arrive on November 13th.

  • Mario
  • Luigi
  • Yoshi
  • Peach
  • Donkey Kong
  • Link
  • Kirby
  • Captain Falcon
  • Samus
  • Fox McCloud

Thanks, Retrogaminglord and Maanwel

58 thoughts on “Here’s the Amiibo’s You Can Use With Mario Kart 8”

  1. You know what this means right? Captain Falcon playable in Mario Kart 8, the closest thing we’ll get to a new F-Zero game for a while.

  2. Captain Falcon and Fox’s amiibo will probably only give you karts themed after them.

    Maybe along with Kirby and Samus.

  3. Suck that the second part of the dlc will take too long but i think after smash i wont even touch mario kart 8 except for local multiplayer with my friends which we play almost every 2-3 since release lol,really fun game.

    I expected a free update for mario kart 8 and i dont think they will add only those amiibo features.Maybe put chat in online,improve costumize weapons races(so i can choose bombs and green shells only or other combinations like smash bros),or 1-2 free dlc holiday stages lol.

  4. They should’ve given you the Mii outfits for all the amiibo characters not already playable in Mario Kart 8. If Mario & Peach’s amiibo just give your Mii Mario & Peach outfits then i’ll be a little bit sad, considering we already have 3 versions of Mario & Peach in the game. I’d be happy for those that want those outfits though. I’d love it if Little Mac, Ness & other amiibo had some functionality with MK8.

      1. Lookup other articles. The amiibos will allow your mii racer to use skins corresponding to the amiibo you use. These aren’t for actual new in-game characters.

  5. Sounds like a fairly basic and not terribly exciting use, but it is cool that the figures will do things in games from various series, even when they’re this small. It all contributes to justifying the price tag.

    1. With any luck, if she’s a playable character, one of her vehicles will be designed after her gunship or something.

  6. Hmm no love for excite bike rider?..Oh well. Anyways, maybe Samus, Star Fox and Captain Falcon will be free to do download or we need to buy their Amiibos to be able to use them

  7. Fox, Captain Falcon, and Samus: “Well, we got nothing else to do so…”
    If their saying what I think I’m thinking….Yeah, I don’t know how I feel about this… Mario Kart to light-hearted for some of these serious characters. Why would I ever want to be Shulk in Mario Kart?????

    1. Though, considering there’s amiibos of existing characters in smash, I could be Kart skins or something. (Which I would be completely fine with)

  8. If this works the way I think it’ll work, that means it’s massively expand the content of games greatly at a cost effective way. Buying one or few figures for multiple games as a universal thing is brilliant. :)

  9. People are getting confused. The official site says “Dress up your Mii in racing suits based on each amiibo character’s look.” They won’t be their character but rather you can make your mii look like them.

  10. I like this idea. If Amibos even turn out to just be DLC, I think it is a brilliant way to sell it. If you buy a Mario Amibo for example, that unlocks the DLC to every game that uses a Mario Amibo. So when future games release, you wont have to buy another Amibo,(assuming you already bought them) or purchase the DLC, you just scan your Amibo and get the content and whatever other perks Amibo’s brings.

    This is actually a genius way to market extra content and DLC in games. One i’m sure will be copied by Microsoft and Sony in the future.

    1. Unlocks DLC for every future game? Are you serious? Of course that’s not how it’s going to work. Amiibos are their own thing and the DLC Nintendo puts in games are separate from that. Nintendo’s not THAT generous, Deepsouth. They are obviously going to find a way to sell the DLC on its on.

    1. Maybe, these characters really are skins for our miis. I think it would be really weird to wear the villagers skin. I don’t know why but the way I imagine it is creepy O.O

  11. OMG… this would be so amazing if you could race with Samus, Fox, Falco and co in a race. This is actually amazing and no matter what this will bring, I will play the crap out of this game XD But I would be cool if we could get a Double Dash feature for MK8 ^u^ I miss Double Dash so much TnT

    1. You’re damn right. Still tue best mario kart in my eyes. Along with the special items for each character like the big koopa shell, giant banana and the chain chomp.

  12. I betcha the Fox is compatible because he’ll be a future DLC character meaning Nintendo’s gonna try cross promote the new Star Fox game for Wii U with MK8

  13. mk8 should support all amibos because your mii dresses up like whatever amibo characters u have, im guessing its a full suit of the amibo characters u have except it shows the miis face and no helmet unless the character has one

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