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Nintendo President Satoru Iwata Addresses Concerns About His Weight Loss

Satoru Iwata has issued another comment on his health condition. During the Japanese version of last night’s Nintendo Direct, the Nintendo president addressed concerns about his weight loss and expressed his appreciation for those who have shown an interest in his well-being. Earlier this year, Iwata was re-elected to serve as the head of Nintendo’s board of directors.

“I have seen many comments from people concerned about my weight loss,” Iwata said. “While it is true that I have lost weight due to a major surgery, my weight has thankfully been stable now for 2.5 months and I’m progressing well. I am really grateful for everyone supporting me, the doctors as well as the hospital-staff.”

27 thoughts on “Nintendo President Satoru Iwata Addresses Concerns About His Weight Loss”

    1. Nintendo Commander Quadraxis

      You need to keep your own life to yourself and probably erase yourself considering your uselessness…

  1. lord ghost : king of the federation

    good work iwata. i wish i could reduce weight myself or slow the process gaining weight each year. the gym isn’t working for yet :'(

    1. Can’t just exercise, more than half the battle is eating well. Number one thing to cut from your diet is soda. I haven’t drunken soda in 2 and a half years. The only things you should be drinking are water and milk (skim milk) and the occasional juice, but make sure it is REAL juice and that the juice doesn’t have any added sugar. Drink Minute Maid Pure Squeezed Light Orange Juice or Tropicana Farmstand Peach Mango. Also, by drinking more water, you will improve your skin and by drinking more milk, you will improve your bone health, but to maintain strong bone health this also means you have to cut out salty food and some of your meats, because salt and meat cuts back on bone health. Oh and cut back on any alcohol if you drink it. I don’t because it is just empty calories.

      NEVER add salt to your food. It’s totally unnecessary and can make you bloated and your blood pressure higher. Red Meats are okay once a week and make sure to get them cooked well done, because you could get sick.

      Next thing to do is buy ORGANIC foods. Processed foods and fake chemicals (like the ones found in soda) cannot be broken down by your body. When your body can’t break these chemicals down, they get stored as extra fat. Shop at Whole Foods if you live near one. Their prices are higher (because the government gives tax breaks to corporations who use chemicals in their foods instead of local farmers who work hard to provide the best quality food… money talks.) Despite the inflated prices, you will be eating healthier food. So think of it like this. Would you rather pay more to look and feel better, or pay less to look and feel worse?

      Lastly, you eat a well balanced diet (like on the food pyramid) every day of the work week, do NOT eat any sweets at all. No mcandy, no cakes, no pies, no chips and queso, no ANYTHING that is even remotely fattening. You eat your non-processed grains, your white meats, your red meat (once a week), your fruits and your vegetables… then you eat some more fruits and vegetables, because they are SO GOOD FOR YOU.

      On Friday or Saturday, you allow yourself a little something special like a PIECE of chocolate cake or a SLICE of Pumpkin pie with a mug of hot cocoa, but the day after, you go right back to your routine. Weekends are when you can break your routine just ONCE so that you don’t go overboard and end up having a binge day (been there done that, it feels soooo good, but kills you a few hours after and the rest of the weekend).

      There you have it. This is how to stay healthy. I didn’t talk about working out, because it sounds like you already do that. I am a male who’s 5″6′ and weigh 130 pounds. Just last year I was 158 pounds, but lost 28 pounds doing exactly what I just told you and I’m in the best shape of my life.

      P.S. just in case you don’t know, CARDIO is the best way to burn fat. Start using weights AFTER you lose your desired weight, it was easier for me to do this. When you do cardio, you need to “kill yourself.” Run until you feel like your heart’s going to explode (unless your doctor doesn’t recommend this due to a heart condition or something), keep pushing yourself faster and faster. You lose more weight doing sprints than jogging. Sprinting for 20 minutes can lose you more weight than jogging for an hour and a half… so it saves time too.

    2. damage controlling again?
      wow, narutard months ago you wished BAD things to Iwata and now you’re praising him and i don’t think you go to the gym, i’m sure the haviest thing you lift is a spoon.

    3. hahahahahahahahahahahaha!,” the gym isn’t working” excuses, excuses, excuses XD
      you are a slave of the xbox, so your eating habits must be kfc, mountain dew and doritos.
      good work iwata?. you wished death to iwata. what’s happening? is the wii u popular in your hometown and you decided play it again. HYPOCRITE CONFIRMED!

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