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Here’s Splatoon’s Plot Overview

We found out during the latest Nintendo Direct that Splatoon will feature a single player campaign, but what we didn’t know were the details. Thankfully, the official Splatoon Twitter account have given us a brief synopsis of what the single player mode is all about.

Investigative Report from the Squid Research Lab. The protagonist, wearing the Hero Suit, travels through this underground world. The Octopus Army Corps, hoping to invade the Squid’s world, built this underground facility. Is it just me that feels the Octopus’ longing for the world above-ground from the blue sky projected onto those large monitors?

Thanks, Michelle

76 thoughts on “Here’s Splatoon’s Plot Overview”

  1. Cant wait for this,looks really good!All the ideas are fresh for me(dont know if any other game was copied lol) ,the music is awesome ,graphics are awesome,animations are good(yay for not cod animations lol),also single player has sold me this game.I want it now.

    Dam i hope the games i want come sooner like XenobladeX,this,witcher3,FF15,kh3!!! thank god at least smash is here and i enjoy bayonetta so much.

    This gen is the best and it has just began.

    1. Also forgot metal gear 5….dam thats something that would have been great with the wii u touch screen on builting ur base.

        1. Ah yeah! Zelda U comes out next year too! Battlefront 3 is another game I can’t wait to play. Good year to be a gamer. Hopefully Mass Effect 4 has a 2015 as well.

    2. I agree! This game is gonna be amazing and I can definitely see it becoming popular! :D Also all the games your excited for I’m excited for too! Except for Witcher 3. Don’t know about that game.

  2. Only thing that sounds a bit disappointing is that the Squid people might not actually be squid people. It says you are “wearing the Hero Suit,” which to me sounds like the parts of their body that looks like squid tentacle ears are actually clothing that allow the people to turn into squids and hide in ink and stuff.

    I would like it better if these people were just “squids” to begin with and didn’t have to put on a suit. Of course it’s a bit too early to tell exactly what’s going on, but so far, this is what it sounds like to me.

    Just a minor detail.

    1. yeah but toads mushroom top is also just a hat but it doesn’t mean its not a core part to the presentation of the character, the same goes for mario and luigi, they just don’t look like mario and luigi with out their caps.

      1. Oh good! I like that much better. I’m glad they didn’t do the typical Nintendo thing where you get your powers from your clothing. *cough *cough Mario, *cough *cough Samus *cough *cough Kirby *cough *cough Miis, etc, etc.

        I like to see interesting characters because they are WHO they are, not what they wear. Though Samus is still a badass on her own and Kirby gets the hats, because he uses his copy ability… they both still count.

            1. Nintendo Commander Quadraxis

              There is nothing called “Faith”, only primitive apes like yourself believes in such unfactual thing…

              1. and no life’s as your self only believe they can transfer in to a damn transformer when in reality your just a fatass who can’t lift one damn figure

                  1. because you have no life duhhh. The pathetic thing can’t read what i said. i suggest you self destruct now bitch. before you play Pre-tendo and think your fucking samus next.

                    1. Nintendo Commander Quadraxis

                      Of course I don’t have a life, I’m a cybernetic drone, we don’t have lives, it’s too primitive…

                      We have existence which is a higher version of your primordial garbage…

                      And I don’t “engage” in sexual rituals with my main enemy…

                  2. Exactly like i told you before. You are a fatass who can’t get a slice of ass so pretend to be a low life robot so you can escape from that reality. It’s time wake your ass up nintendo fake ass commander

    1. Question for you, do the special forces send in 64 people to do an op? No, they don’t. They focus on small scale assults that usually require an immense amount of teamwork and cooperation to be successful. I’ve always enjoyed smaller tactical approaches over a 64 player cluster. Just some food for thought.

    2. JTZ from tribe of Judah

      According to Hollow J last week she says 64 players is too cramped even though I brought up 64 players for online. Funny how when I defended the Wii U she responded but when you bring u 64 players attacking Nintendo she is no where to be found. Good thing I got a good memory.

    3. The game doesn’t need to support 64 players. And what do you mean the guns and effects? This is a game where you shoot ink. It’s not SUPPOSED to be realistic. We don’t know the resolution of the game yet, but it isn’t like it matters anyways. If it’s 720p, who cares? It will still look great. And we don’t know the frame rate either, but they probably are targeting 60FPS. If not, fine. It’ll still be playable and fun.

    1. Is kingdom hearts 3 for 2015?I think it will come 2016 because it started development not long ago and also they use other engine too.

        1. lol you are like most guys that dont want to try something on there own because their friends(if you have any lol) will call you names.Enjoy games your age kid and dont try to grow up fast by playing 16+ rating games.

        2. Well… I’m a white straight guy, so I must be minority…. I’ll be sad if it’s going into next year… Really hoping for a 2015 release.

          1. To tell you the truth DDD dissapoint me also BBS wasnt so good either.I want KH3 to be like KH2 while improving.

            I guess it was the limits of the handhelds but not having Final fantasy characters and disney characters i cannot see it as a true KH game.

            I hope they take their time and make the best possible game ever,we waited so long for this and now that they are making it i want it to be the best!

    1. Nintendo fanboys are hyping every game that come to wii u, like Sony fanboys hype every ps4 game and Microsoft fanboys hype every game that come to xbox one.

      Do you know the difference?
      Sony and Microsoft fanboys get always dissapointed and Nintendo fanboys most time(not always) get what they expect.

              1. Yeah i really need to fucking make an account because that insult that fake ass mother just told you was absolutely fucking pathetic.

            1. If i catch your ass trying to mimic me again I’m gonna roast you like I did that pathetic ass toaster ovan bitch

          1. Lol, yeah, I guess that’s true. I’m up to play any game. Each one brings something unique to the table. :D

      1. JTZ from tribe of Judah

        I was satisfied with DKTF, Pikmin 3, Lego City, Ray man Legends, 3D World, W101. But MK8 is OK. I just miss the traditional battle and able to hold an item and get a new item. But it is still a good game. I don’t have Bayonetta 2 saving for it on next check.

  3. I’ve seen enough hentai to know where this is going…

    In all seriousness though, definitely getting this game.

    1. That is like me saying babies only love the baby u. Or that only children play Nintendo games. Or that Nintendo is failing and sucks dick. Or that Microsoft is going to win the console wars. Or that Call Of Duty is the best game ever. See what I did there. The same attitude you have towards Kingdom Hearts is the same attitude all the trolls have on this site. Which is exactly the type of comment Nintendolings all fight against on this site.

    2. It’s funny because I used to have some respect for you, (or at least some of the comments you posted,) but now I have none. You’re nothing but a troll.

  4. lord ghost : king of the federation

    i still don’t understand the plot. if there squids shouldn’t it be underwater shooter.

    1. You play CoD for christ sakes, and your questioning this game? Give it a rest already Sasori, stop trying to stupidly nit pick every Wii U game.

      I could list so many things in Call of Duty that are completely unrealistic to how the military or soldier operate. The gameplay itself is a direct contradiction to how any soldier would ever go about warfare.

      As if jumping up and down shooting heavy automatic weapons would ever work in real life… Or sprinting and being able to shoot someone accurately, immediately after coming out of a sprint, like everyone does in CoD.

      Like people could move as fast as they do with the heavy gear they carry in Call of Duty also?

  5. interested in this game so far even though i tend to not bother with the multiplayer online side of things most of the time.

  6. I love Nintendo for making this!! This game looks waaaaayy to fun for anyone to miss out on! And the online… Jesus Christ the online looks amazingly fun!!! I’m looking forward to playing this game after I get a Wii U!

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