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Amazon UK Lists Super Smash Bros Basic 8GB Wii U Bundle

We’ve already heard that Nintendo is apparently putting together a Super Smash Bros Wii U bundle to coincide with the launch of the game. Now it’s been discovered that Amazon UK is listing a Super Smash Bros bundle. The bundle includes a 8GB Basic Wii U console and a copy of Super Smash Bros and retails for £229.99. There’s no images of the bundle yet, but it seems likely Nintendo will officially announce it soon.

Thanks, Retrogaminglord

16 thoughts on “Amazon UK Lists Super Smash Bros Basic 8GB Wii U Bundle”

  1. it make perfect business sense. In order to make benefit this bundle need the basic console to remind affordable for the consumer if you look at the bundle you have:
    – 1x wii U
    – 1x gamepad
    – 1x smash bro
    – 1 x gamecube adaptor
    – 1x gamecube control

    I found that 230 quids is a bit much even with a premium console but since sony and MS can sell a console @ £500 with 1 controller and without a game (LOL) i don’t see why nintendo should give more…

    1. you have your bunduru confused masamune san this only comes with smash bros and wii party u the other bunduru was photoshop picture made in neogaf

      1. I was under the impression it was this bundle that nintendo will offer to UK consummers. I did not look at the picture from neogaf or any other site. I read it either here or nintendo life. Even if I am wrong on that one, for me it did make sense to offer that bundle (may I dreamt it). Oh well we will see soon enough..

    1. And 199$ is really just an automatic purchase. Once ppl have the system bought for a gift, its likely they would buy 3+ games to go with the system as well just as additional gifts. win win for nintendo as they would push system adoption and software sales in spades.

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