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10 Year Old Girl Goes To Smash Bros Wii U Event And Beats A Number Of Top West Coast Players

Karissa, a 10-year-old girl, recently attended a Super Smash Bros Wii U event at GameStop. What’s surprising is she was dominating a number of top West Coast players and giving them a serious schooling on how to play Super Smash Bros. You can watch Karissa give the pro’s a run for their money in the video embedded above.

Update: Turns out this was a hoax paid for by GameStop

106 thoughts on “10 Year Old Girl Goes To Smash Bros Wii U Event And Beats A Number Of Top West Coast Players”

      1. Except most of the players are also brawl players. Melee has nothing to do with this, the girl is just that good.

        1. she really IS just that good.. look at how she plays.. she was wrecking pros by playing smart.. she was able to make top level reads and she even 2 stocked one of the pros..

          As far as I know, xzax, tyrant and D1 are all on the top of their game and she smoked them all.. I wonder who she plays with at home because they’re probably just as good or better.

        1. These guys should be fucking embarrassed of themselves. Yeah it just a game, but still there is no excuse to lose at anything to a 10 year old. I want to believe that because she’s 10, they let her win. Before any of you reply with the “they can beat you” or “she would beat you too”, no they wouldn’t.

            1. Wtf… You post a video that’s proof she isn’t the one playing the game, and then you turn around and say she’s legit but start bashing smash bros? Wtf is wrong with you? Smash definitely has a competitive scene. Anyways, if you want to see the proof she is FAKE go to FALCO PAWNCH’s comment way below and watch the 2nd video in the 2 video playlist. At 2 min Karissa PUTS HER CHIN ON HER HAND DURING A MATCH. Spread the word.

          1. I hope this comment is close to the top. This girl is FAKE. Scroll down to FALCO PAWNCH’s comment that has a playlist with two videos. Watch both of them. During matches Karissa takes her eye off the screen to talk, takes her hand off the controller while “fighting”, and her body language makes it look like she is button mashing. The most obvious mess up is in the 2nd video at 2min, where she PUTS HER CHIN ON HER HAND DURING THE MATCH. She realizes she has to pretend she is playing, and quickly puts her hand back on the controller. Spread the word.

          2. Does it really matter? A little girl beat a bunch of guys. So what? Your skill level in video games isn’t always based on your age. If she beat the guys, then good for her. It doesn’t matter if you can beat her. There are obviously people out there that can beat her easily and you as well too.

      2. I just dont understand this. I can play any version of smash and still be good. I played melee against a bunch of people who played it often, mind you I haven’t played melee in over 7 years sinc our copy broke. I still beat them ten times in a row and they eventually wanted to fight against someone else because the battles were futile. The mutton mappings are the same, the gameplay is the same almost the entire play style of smash bros has been kept the same. If you make up an excuse like “Oh It’s a different game, im no good, melee was better” then you just suck. if you’ve played smash bros since 64, then the difference in the game shouldn’t matter those play styles stick in your head forever and you’ll come back just as good. the only people who complain are the people who started with melee.

    1. I don’t think that’s the case. I’ve noticed that children are usually better than adults at video games. Surely you must remember how you played a certain game when you were younger and when you played it again at this age, you feel like you’re performing a lot worse? Don’t really know why, but if you would put a bunch of kids against adults on any game really (that both of the groups have played equally as much), then I truly think that the kids would give the adults a hard time.

      1. I used to be really really good at the first smash with fox when I was 15 or maybe a bit older. … I am 28 :<

      2. These people play brawl, which this game is very similar to, in tournament. I believe a few actually play melee at top level (although melee is nothing like this game). Kids vs Adult minds is an awful argument and I can’t comprehend how you would stupid enough to think that makes sense. This kid just understands the game very well.

    2. Age doesn’t matter. Back then games were harder and were meant for kids. My cousin is 9 and he is very good at video games (not smash though).

    3. She is that good, unless somebody else was playing and she was just pretending to. More likely she is just a savant- you could tell she has has deficits in her social skills by the way she spoke to other people there.

  1. Goodness, keep the camera still lol. What is the person holding the camera doing?

    LOL the pain those guys must’ve felt being beat by a 10 year, a girl at that. Not like it matters the gender, but you know how most guys are. I’m not even a guy and I’d be embarrassed getting whooped by a 10 year old.

    1. The kid is a natural lol.There is nothing to be embarrassed about,its just a game.All this pro nonsense need to stop.

      I still remember when my friend used to play tekken 3 or 4,i dont remember and he was calling himself pro at the game.I was playing for the first time and i beat him badly and didnt even know what i was pressing.

      He was saying that he was holding back at me from the embarassment,good laugh.

      1. All in good fun of course. I’m just saying with the amount of time I put into video games, on my behalf, I’d be pretty embarrassed. I take pride in my gaming skills lol.

        1. Nintendo Commander Quadraxis

          This young civilian human girl will one day be the frontline of the empire…

          I can already taste the amount of new butthurt in the mornings…

    2. Wait? how could there be pain? A 10 year old like me can be just as good as an adult in smash bros.It was an even match in my opinion. I’ve only been playing since thanksgiving 2012, and in my first match I beat my cousin in brawl with pikachu (I wasn’t into Zelda,Mario,or Kirby back then, only Pokemon.) and I beat him. (He was playing since the release of brawl.

  2. Oh my god, she is awesome! I want to see her play at tournaments (with a good capturing device instead of this shit :P)

  3. There are several ways to look at this

    1. She is really that good
    2. They are amateurs
    3. This is all fake to create some kind of news
    4. They let her win, cause let’s face it, do you really want to be known as a guy who beat a 10-year-old girl in a game in front of everyone?

    1. Pfft… I’d treat her no differently, I’d be all up in her face if I beat her! lol and I’m 27, I’d probably get kicked out with my behavior… Competitive games are my favorite. I take them very seriously.

      1. I have a few questions for you. Do you ever play against guys, and if you do can you beat them? It also really matters if they’re any good. I’ve watched girl competitive gamers and noticed they’re not as good as the guys. I figure it’s cause they worry about other stuff and don’t play as often as guys do but maybe they just don’t have the capacity to be as good. Idk maybe it’s a reflex thing.

        1. Nintendo Commander Quadraxis

          Sometimes female humans restrain themselves to not embarrass their primitive boyfriends or male counter parts because male humans tend to care about pointless pride and victory…

        2. Watch the documentary “The Smash Brothers”. One of the most beloved top players of the past, Ken, has a sister who kicks ass too.

    2. She is obviously good dumbass did you watch the video? She knew advance techniques and the crowd even pointed them out. She was called a good reader more than once and had many combos. And this is smash 4 on Wii U so having advance techniques on a game with new mechanics and that’s not out yet already is damn good. Her age and gender doesn’t matter prick.

  4. I don’t understand why some of you might not think it’s possible for a little girl to beat all those guys. It is! When I was 10, I was great at games! Now when you fast forward a bit through time, I went back and replayed some of the games I had when I was 10 and I’m like “WTF? How did I even manage to beat this when I was younger?” Lol.

    1. I’ve always been good at games and luckily I still haven’t lost my touch. I’ve only grown stronger through the years.

      I’ll be the first to admit though I’m sure there are plenty of kids far more intelligent than me or just better at playing a game than I am.

      I don’t like to underestimate, you can learn anything from anyone.

        1. True, that guy made a lot of stupid mistakes and wasn’t thinking ahead enough. Or in his case he would attack way too early also for his attacks to even land a hit.

  5. one night years ago my brother and my self were pulling are hair out trying to beat the 70 dude fight in shenmu

    my 6 year old son beat them all first time with ease

    1. I’ll admit something here. I’m not sure if I could beat her diddy kong! I could defeat her others for sure but thats the best i’ve seen diddy be played.



  7. i used to hustle 18 to 25 year olds at football with my 8 year old son

    like messi he was amazing he was playing in a under 18 team aged 10

    talent is talent sadly he thru it all away when he got older

    1. Nintendo Commander Quadraxis

      I don’t see anything that either supports the claim that she did beat them or that it’s fake, you only see her back…

      1. She rests her arm on her chin for a second and quickly jumps back and her character is still moving as she does it. And then the moment she isn’t even looking at the screen while talking to the guy just as her character catches the banana in the air.

      1. I never said that, I just am suspicious that we get told of the “prodigy” without any sources whatsoever.

        How many people did she beat? Were any of them known pros? She beat ALL them undefeated?

        I can claim I am the greatest football player despite winning against one or two guys, doesn’t make it true.

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  9. Tough_Guy_Don't_Mess_With_Me

    Well of course a 10 year-old could win, Smash Bros is a children’s game for babies and autistics.

  10. Reminds me of the time when a damn 11 year old beat me in Mario Kart 8 once. I am a pro at most Mario Kart games, but that moment had really caught me off guard.





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  13. I just heard news that this was staged and the players were paid to lose, The girl is an actor. This rumor probably is true considering gamestop or whatever place decided to coincidentally record this to advertise ssb to a younger audience probably, but it doesn’t matter.

  14. Guys, this was confirmed fake. She was a paid actor. Sure, she actually seems pretty good at the game, but it was staged.

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