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10 Year Old Girl Who Beat Smash Bros Players Was A Hoax Paid For By GameStop

Oh dear. It turns out that Karissa, the 10-year-old who proved to be destroying veteran Smash Bros fans at a GameStop event, was a publicity hoax that was paid for by the company. Investigative internet sleuths noticed that GameStop advertised on Casting Networks Los Angeles, advertising for actors to create the scene. The actors that participated were paid $350 for ten hours. Sad but true.

Thanks, Nathan S and Kaptain K Rool

155 thoughts on “10 Year Old Girl Who Beat Smash Bros Players Was A Hoax Paid For By GameStop”

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    1. You do know that there was a small kid who managed to be beating top players in EVO. i bealieve it was Marvel Vs. Capcom 3

    1. This gives me more reason why I don’t like them, don’t buy shit from them unless the game is brand new (they don’t make any money off brand new titles), and trade anything back to them. They are slowly going out of business, and a lot of their stores are closing down, thus the need to sell iPhones and other mobile devices.

      GameShit is shit. I go to Crappy Buy (Best Buy) for stuff.

          1. Fuck Best Buy. They always try to scam you to pay OP insurance which they can decide not to cover if something happens. Do you have any idea how many they ask that same fucking question: Do you want our 1-3 year coverage plan? Jesus Christ…

        1. Peasantstop doesn’t suit the likeliness of me and fellow gamers. You know.. the ones who actually care about buying games and not “special rewards” or buy a game buy another for the same price bullshit. Oh and before you call me a “PC retard race” I play consoles if they are worth buying. Xbone and PS4 (for me) are not worth paying the annual fees for games i’ll only play for a month. Thus why i have a PC and a WiiU.

          1. If you buy the game new and get special/exclusive DLC then why wouldn’t you? You would have to be a complete moron to pass up on free, exclusive, or Special bonuses because of a stupid petty grudge.

          1. You aren’t that far off. I still hate the day EB games and Gamestop ever merged. EB games was the shit… Gamestop ruined it, but nothing new with bigger companies always fucking shit up with buyouts.

            I used to make some cash at EB games. I could go in there, trade in a bunch of stuff and walk out with $400+… The good ol days, when people weren’t so greedy. I never used to really pay for consoles, cause I always had so much money from trade ins, not anymore.

            Now no Gamestop in my area even gives you cash at all either, only in store credit.

            1. Once went in a GameStop, they offered 1.5€ for 6 games (most old and some crap, but still).
              Went in our local game dealer chain that has now been driven out of business by GameStop. and got over 10 times better deal for trade in.
              The business’ they couldn’t buy out, they drove out, and then yanked the prices up. Think that’s abusing a monopoly position, and that is against EU law, but who the fuck cares when it is not affecting deciding party.

  2. Really sad for a company like GameStop to pull off a stunt like this. So much for honesty these days. People will be competitive and buy the game regardless of this video like myself. Was really no need for this.

  3. … this … I was so happy when I first saw the article. Busting down die hard players with a 10 year old girl.

    Fuck the viral age and companies trying to make their own.

    1. Wow, way to generalize all game stop employees. My boy friend and some of my close friends work for game stop and honestly they’re all awesome. The company is also fairly good to its employees, aside from giving them no hours. But it’s because people aren’t shopping at game stop as much and that sucks for the employees! I don’t care if y’all hate the corporate, but don’t hate on the poor employees who are just trying to do their job and make some money.

      1. Ever asked them how it feels to work for the Devil?`
        Did they lose their soul right away, or did they get the 10 year package?

  4. No! Why gamestop? It’s just to easy to hate you, from your weird publicity stunts to your terrible prices and customer service. NCommander put me on the front lines. I will DK ground pound their buildings into oblivion! The saddest part of all is that they call that acting XD

    1. Nintendo Commander Quadraxis

      I don’t recall ever putting you there but permission granted…

      That Xbot girl must be terminated…

        1. Nintendo Commander Quadraxis

          They do a fine job themselves…

          There is nothing better than watching anyone or anything destroy themselves…

  5. Oh wait one more. Manager at gamestop ” That’s right! and we would’ve gotten away with it too, if it wasn’t for you medling investigative internet sleuths! XD

    1. SHe has never played smash before mate. She doesn’t even like video games. Look at her Facebook, all she talks about is acting

    1. Did you know that the xbox one and ps4 each only have 8 exclusives compared to the wii U’s 20. and of the eight exlcusives the xbox one has only 3 can’t be played on pc. and the ps4 only has 7 games that run at 1080p 60fps. But on a more important note if you don’t like Nintendo why are you here?

          1. Yeah. But knowing you, you’d probably just be buying the lame stuff and not the cool games like God of War 3 and The Last of Us. But anyways, cool! XD

            1. I’m actually do plan to get The Last of Us, and some of the more known blockbusters. But you’re right for the most part, I am taking advantage of region free gaming and getting a lot of those special JRPGs. xD

        1. Speaking of Xbox One and PS4… how come you have a Masterchief avatar if you prefer to play Playstation? Lmao I just realized that.

          1. Halo is pretty much the only IP I like from Microsoft. I used to play it a lot with my friends. At was also the only reason why I thought about even considering getting an Xbox One.

            1. Halo was actually the first franchise I fell in love with, it wasn’t Mario or DK it was the chief, but the disappointment of Halo 4 made it much easier to move on to other things.

              1. Really? That’s pretty cool. I’m not as interested in Halo like I used to be, but it is still a good IP nonetheless. What is it you didn’t like about Halo 4?

                1. It just broke away from the things that were already layed in place. Like the reimagining of all the covenant forces, they turned the jackal species from birdlike to just ugly lizards. I thought halsey turning against the unsc was just plain wrong. It was really a whole bunch of little things that morphed into a bigger deal altogether for me. The cortana thing was good but the ending was kinda cliché and they never explain how he survives activating a bomb that blew up a whole spaceship with his hands!

                  1. I’m sure they will, multiplayer oriented games have been failing an awful lot lately. I think because we all still enjoy good ole campaign action!

            1. Tbh, I was thinking about getting an XB1 before Halo was even announced. I’m interested in almost all of its exclusives including Killer Instinct, Sunset Overdrive, and Forza. Halo Collection along with 5 makes me really want one and wish that I could buy it. For the PS4, I am interested in Infamous and Uncharted, but that is pretty much it. If I had both consoles, I’d use XB1 for exclusives, and PS for third party.

            1. But it’s not though, it’s way too early in all these consoles life cycles to say they’re bad, that’s the point I was trying to get across.

                1. I’ll admit there are some times I wish you could choose whether you want to use it or not instead of being forced to use it.

                  1. Exactly. It was either a hit or miss with the Wii U, and Nintendo clearly missed. They would had been better off making the gamepad optional, but I can understand that they were trying something new, just poor execution on their part.

                    1. For the first year and a half yeah I agree poor execution on their part, but at least you actually have controller choices in most of the new games.

                  2. You’re not forced.
                    The pro controller can power the system on and off as well, on top of being able to access all the stuff on the menus.
                    It’s just slower and more unwieldy, that’s all.
                    It’s not the game pad that is making the system sell so bad.

                    1. You cannot access YouTube or almost any other video application for that matter without the Gamepad. You cannot type anything at all on the internet browser without the Gamepad. (Even though you can on the PS3 and 360 with their regular controllers) You cannot change anything at all in the system settings without the Gamepad. You are restricted from playing certain levels in SM3DW including all of Captain Toad’s levels. You are also restricted from playing certain Wii U games because a message appearing that says “You will need to use the Wii U Gamepad from this point on”. I know from personal experience. And until an update had released, you were not able to go into the Wii U eshop at all without the Wii U Gamepad. And the last and most important part of all… You cannot set up your Wii U AT ALL without the Wii U Gamepad. It is REQUIRED because the television tells you to your the code that is displayed on the Gamepad to get it working. So yeah. The Gamepad is forced. Try doing all the things you regularly do on your Wii U and try to come back and tell me that it isn’t. You won’t even be able to do half of those things…

                      1. I dunno what was wrong with your pro controller, but I was able to go into settings just fine with mine.
                        Youtube is unimportant on the Wii U, for me, since I have a laptop that does it better in any case.
                        And after the initial set-up, you CAN use the pro controller to navigate, and most of the games on the Wii U are fully compatible with the Wii U controller.
                        It is not forced in all instances.
                        You’re blowing it up into a bigger issue than it actually is, anyways; it’s not a bad controller to use no matter how one spins things.

                        1. “After the initial setup” “Most games” “YouTube is important to me” 1: You still need to have the Gamepad the start playing with the system to begin with. It is definitely unavoidable and it is required. Therefore, it is forced. 2: Most games, not all. You still have to have the Gamepad in some of those games for certain parts like I just said with SM3DW. And some games won’t even let you past the menu screen without it. Therefore, it is forced. 3: YouTube is unimportant to you, but it is important to me. I can’t access it without the Gamepad. And before you bring up the internet browser, that also needs the Gamepad. THEREFORE, IT IS FORCED.

                          1. Forced for UNIMPORTANT PARTS in the majority of cases.
                            The games you can’t start up without the game pad are so few as to be inconsequential, and even if it were a requirement for all games, HOW WOULD THAT BE A BAD THING WHEN IT’S A GOOD CONTROLLER REGARDLESS?
                            Answer: it wouldn’t be.

                            1. That’s not the point. The point is that it shouldn’t be as forced as it is. I should not be required to pick up the Gamepad at all. I like the Gamepad, but do you realize how much of a pain in the ass it was to play on my Wii U when it stopped working? If you regularly game on the Wii U with the Famepad, then you do not realize those issues. After all that crap I had to go through, it almost makes mewish they never made it to begin with. I couldn’t even download the system update (which was also required for me to continue playing Mario Kart 8) without the Gamepad. Don’t get me wrong though, I still like the Gamepad and I use it almost every game. But it’s definitely required. If you can leave it alone and never have to pick it up for anything, then that would be when it isn’t forced. Hell, the dumbass thing turns itself on whenever you power on the Wii U. Wasting battery life…

              1. Really? You don’t say! Did you also know that The Wii U is a whole year older than those 2 and the fact that both the PS4 and XBO are going to have a bigger library by the time they hit 2 years is sad sad, very sad news for you.

                1. That’s not sad. its great for the gaming industry as a whole to have lots of games! I was just pointing out that all consoles are not nearly worth the title of worst console or best console.

              2. sherlockwillfightbilbo

                And yet the XB1 and PS4 have a bunch of games that have not come to the Wii U and more slated that won’t come to the Wii U. Wii U also released a year before them.
                PS4 “only” has seven games that run at 1080p 60fps? How many does the Wii U have?
                Good job starting a console war for no reason whatsoever.

                1. You’re a little late Sherlock, love the name though. P.S if you read all the comments I posted you’d realize I wasn’t trying to start anything

                  1. Oh and in case you’re interested I checked for you. These are all games that run at 1080p 60fps
                    1.Dk tropical freeze
                    2.Mariokart 8
                    3. super Mario 3d world
                    4. super smash bros. wii u
                    I couldn’t find out if Pikmin does or not so I didn’t put it up there.

                    1. DK, your list is wrong. SM3DW , MK8, and Tropical Freeze are all 720p. They’re all 60FPS. WWHD is 1080 60FPS. (It has FPS drops though sometimes, but eh)

                    2. Also to be fair, the PS4’s games are more demanding and have more graphical details in them, so it takes s lot more to run at 1080P 60FPS.

                      1. you were right about About DK and 3d world, but I found 5 articles that say MK8 runs1080p and the main one I could find that says it doesn’t is digital foundry.

                      2. Not really. These Wii U games are quite demanding. Nintendo just knows the Wii U better than 3rd parties know the ps4. You have to understand that the people that develop games for the Wii U know the console inside and out. They know exactly what it’s capable of. The 3rd parties that develop games for the ps4 are really experimenting, and it takes time to figure out what the console is capable of. That leads to misjudgments, miscalculations, and sometimes becouse of strict time restraints and money, some things cannot be remade or redone.

                        1. Have you not seen the Wii U’s specs? Of course it would have trouble running more demanding games. And I really don’t know what you’re getting at. I said PS4 games are more demanding than Wii U’s. That’s why it cannot get things running up to 1080P. Do you seriously think it is easy getting something like The Witcher 3 at 1080P 60FPS as opposed to Smash Bros? Third party games require stronger hardware than Nintendo games do. And if third parties can’t get stronger hardware, they have to dumb down the game to get it running on Wii U. And then it won’t be as demanding but then it also won’t look as good either.

            2. That POS Wii U is kicking Xbetamax DOne’s ass so hard they had to drop their price twice and rehash all 4 old Halo games as an excuse to sell their glorified cable DVR box.

              Wii U has the games. Xbox doesn’t even have one exclusive.

              1. The Xbox One is getting a lot of third party games and it’s exclusives are increasing. It’s not lacking in terms of games anymore.

                1. And it still hasnt cracked 5 million SOLD TO GAMERS yet. lol And no, Xbox doesnt have exclusives because PS and/or PC gets the same shit. PS has exclusives but Nintendo has the most aside from their own branded games.

                  1. Ok, nobody said anything about sales. That doesn’t have anything to do with this. And next, it does have exclusives. Just not the ones YOU want to play. And finally, it doesn’t matter which console has the most exclusive because not everyone is going to be interested in them. Nintendo has a lot of exclusive franchises, but that doesn’t mean I care about them all. (Metroid, Pikmin, etc)

                      1. Your taste games is different from mine. I remember giving you a huge list of PS4 and XB1 games I was excited for and you said you were only interested in about 2. So I’m not going to waste my time.

                        1. But gets repetitive, especially the 3rd game where it offered little to no difference other than a bigger map and higher zombie count at the cost of having a shit resolution and in-game detail, kinda like Forza 5 with its laughable audience detail. So much for “next gen” eh?

          1. She was probably using a turned off wavebird controll in her hand to appear like she is playing against them when actually another actually pro is using a wavebird control in the background to actually fight.

          2. Lol, I’m not sure whether to be finding a reason to bash on Gamestop again or grinning at how funny the whole thing is.

            Damned Gamestop, you made me play Smash hungrily for a day there. Not that it’s a bad thing, really. I felt great with the idea that there was someone that talented in the world.

            1. Yea like people would have ever thought someone would go out of their way to do something this stupid…? No one is eating anything because of this.

          3. I’m still kinda baffled what was gamestop looking to gain from this. Hey if we do this stunt we’ll be more popular and sell more games. or were they just like hey we’ve got about $300 how can we F%&! with people?

            1. Agreed, pretty shitty attempt at a publicity stunt. I don’t understand it either or why this would bring more people into the store. If anything it just made people hate Gamestop even more than they already do.

          4. Wait…. this is such a lie because all wii u fanboys such as those are girls with manginas soooo….. ???????? LIES!!!

            Wii spider u is such an amazing apartment for all the friendly spiders in the neighborhood. I haven’t touched that garbage for almost 3 months and noticed something crawl in it. Soo i turned it on and it sparked, hit a curtain AND THEY CAUGHT ON FIRE!!!!! Then WII SPIDER U it blew up and my head smacked against the wall and the next thing i knew is i was on fire and a bunch if spiders were crawling out of my mouth!!!! UHHHH!!!! HOW THE FUCK DID THEY GET IN MY MOUTH!!!!


              1. Dude please…. get me out of here……. this place is creepy…. THE HOSPITAL!!! There’s something wrong, it’s like my wii spider u is cursed and is haunting me at the hospital. UHHHHH the spider are coming!!!! STAY AWAY!!!! UHHH thank god the nurse……. she’s climbing up the wall. oh GOd and i can’t move because im all wrapped up in gozz.


                wait music, calming music, where is it coming from……. soothing. OH MY….. WTF… is that sasori making love to an xbox one, oh god . I CAN’T SEEM TO CLOSE MY EYES, HELP… WHAT IS THIS PLACE!!!!! GET ME OUT OF HERE!!!!!

          5. Does anybody know if this “casting call” in the artical is real? I could have typed that up in ten minutes on my computer. Anybody could have. How do we know this isn’t a hoax. This is just not enough evidence for me. I want someone involved to admit it was a hoax. I’m not going to believe some simple article that anyone could have typed up.

            And even if it is true, so what. It’s just advertisement. I don’t understand all the gamestop hate. If you people haven’t noticed, our options of places to purchase physical copies of video games is running pretty short. All you guys should appreciate the fact that gamestop exists. Thats the only place to find certain games in my area, and it’s the only remaining fully dedicated video game store. I’d hate to see them go to be honest.

            1. Well, I agree in that I do not think the casting call is much proof. Having that along with the fact the little girl has her own website and is an actor though, it kind of makes it seem true. Unless it’s just a coincidence.

              I have plenty of other places to buy games from around me. Gamestop has never been my main store when it comes to picking up physical copies of games. I don’t know what games stores you have around you, so just saying.

              If it happens to be the only place to get something, then I’ll go there. Otherwise I’ve never gone to Gamestop often, and like I said long before then I always went to EB Games.

              1. Or maybe just a butthurt player who knew she happened to be an actor. So they tried to make it all look fake because they couldn’t handle being beaten by a 10 year old girl.

              2. Well yea, if what you said about the girl is true, then it probably is a hoax. Thats the more proof I was asking for. But I would still like one of the people involved to openly admit it was fake. I find it hard to believe anything I see or read on the internet anymore, including the video itself..

                Gamestop has alot of issues, but i still appreciate thier existence. I can assure you the gaming world would not be better off without them, of course unless someone else took thier place. I rarely go there too, but the fact that I CAN go there is really refreshing. Knowing that there is still a dedicated video game store in my area is nice. There are a couple of mom and pop stores near by, but those sale mostly used games. I would absolutely hate it if my only options to buy a new game was either from Walmart or Best Buy…

                1. I’m not saying they need to die, just saying I prefer other places most the time. I hear you though, the idea of not having anymore stores dedicated to just selling games sucks, but it also kinda sucks Gamestop is the only store, at least in my city that does.

                  Yea it’s true, it was included with the link in the twitter post.


          6. And honestly, reading this casting call over again makes me believe it is fake. It looks so amateurish. Why would gamestop put out a casting call to find six kids to fake play Smash? They wouldn’t have a problem finding six kids. They definitely would NOT have to put out a damn casting call on the internet. Thats alot of work to find six kids. And a lot of risk getting caught. Why risk getting caught if they were going to fake something like this? It just doesn’t add up. You people need to quit believeing everything you read on the internet.

            1. Oh, you think it’s more likely that a little girl that is a child actress beats people that have spent thousands of hours over many years to be the best? You are in denial and pathetic

          7. Don”t know why they had to do this sooner or later a real kid with talent would have show up! Iknow a kid who could beat mewtwo on veryhard on pokemon puzzle league on the n64 when he was 4.

          8. Yeah yeah yeah, you all be bitching about Gamestop and yet still go buy your games at their stores, we’re starting to know the story by now.

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