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Shulk Amiibo Will Be A Gamestop Exclusive

Oh dear, those looking to purchase the recently announced Shulk Amiibo from somewhere like Amazon will be in for a shock as the figure will be exclusive to GameStop in the United States. Nintendo has previously said that some of the Amiibo will be retailer exclusive so it looks as though Shulk will be the first one with more to follow.

95 thoughts on “Shulk Amiibo Will Be A Gamestop Exclusive”

      1. Can’t trade in figures, most (or all) GameStops don’t take Disney Infinity characters, so they won’t take used characters.

  1. Funny how Shulk is GameStop exclusive like Xenoblade Chronicles was, at least I don’t live in the US so I won’t have to worry about this hopefully though if they do a similar thing over here it’ll proabley be exclusive to GAME or something.

    1. Or they aren’t going to be making certain amiibo available everywhere. Maybe that’s why there is no region lock so if someone wants a certain figure exclusive to U.S or the U.k they can order over seas? Just a thought.

  2. Glad Mexico doesn’t follow that “US retailer exclusive” -remembers how we officially got all 3 Link and Zelda Hyrule Warriors DLC with the purchase of the game, Diancie, shiny Gengar and now this-.

    1. Nintendo Lieutenant Cereza

      These heathens are obsessed with Xenoblade. They’d better not be getting Xenoblade Chronicles X as an exclusive or so help me. I WILL UPROOT EVERY PIRANHA PLANT IN THE VICINITY! And replace them with those fire breathing ones from SMB3.

      1. Though, we do have to thank GameStop for at least helping localize the original Wii title. The specifics of how they obtained exclusivity aren’t public, but it’s safe to assume they helped bring over the Europe/PAL version of the game when NoA didn’t want to anymore.

    1. The article says it will be a Gamestop exclusive in the US, so there’s still a chance it will be available at other retailers in Europe, especially when considering that Gamestop is much larger in the States than it is in Europe. (:

    2. There is no region locking, so you can import from an American Gamestop website.

      Actually, I don’t know if they ship overseas, but it’s worth checking.

    3. Nintendo Commander Quadraxis

      There are Gamestops all over Sweden, why wouldn’t there be in France?…

      Maybe you live so far away…

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  4. who would know who i am

    well just a few hours ago I took a survey on club Nintendo and one of the questions were “would you like special edition amiibo to be available for purchase through special retaillers

  5. I’m happy with this. I feared that Shulk was gonna be exclusive to that Loot Crate deal.

    Also, I’m curious… why do so many people hate on GameStop? I know they don’t give a ton for your used games, but nothing is forcing you to sell your games to them. I know you get asked about pre-ordering games, but that’s there job and there’s nothing preventing you from saying no. I honestly don’t get why there’s so much hate for GS.

        1. Because of the crop price you get for used games selling pre orders to people who didn’t pre order and screwing people who did. Treating their employees like trash the list goes on l. It is more then just selling games.

    1. Because of the countless hoaxes they’ve pulled off including the one that happened recently with Smash Bros. They are a desperate company doing anything possible to stay alive and they are failing at it miserably by pissing off everyone.

    2. I don’t quite get it either. I walk in, pick something up, check out. Done. Or when shopping online, I choose what I want, login, and check out. Done.

      They’re no different from any other retailer, really.

      But then again… I’m a teen with a job so I have more money than I need… So I’ve never really needed to return games or such, so I’ve never experienced that… Though I have seen one time a mother bring in a HUGE sack of games across multiple gens and in the end (after I waited behind her for like 15 minutes because their staff was painfully underemployed), they got back less credit that would be able to even pay for a single game… If I had cash on me instead of just a debit card, I would’ve offered her more money than what she got for all those games, but meh.

      1. i traded my 3DSXL in and got $85 e-shop credit for Smash and Captian Toad. i just use my original 3DS because the resolution is easier on my eyes and i have the circle pad pro which is great for monster hunter. Also… trading in my original when the New 3DS comes out. so it’s not always about the money. especially if you really hate the game, like Paper Mario Sticker Star you can trade it in towards something you like. i’ve tried ebay. right now you can sell your 3DSXL for about $100. but then you have the hassle of answering endless emails, taking photos, building the item page, packaging and shipping and my time is more valuable than that extra $15.

  6. That kinda sucks but it makes sense since Xenoblade was a Gamestop exclusive. Guess I’ll have to go to Gamestop, or order it from their website. The next thing we need is that Xenoblade Chronicles X will also be exclusive.

      1. Anytime something is exclusive, the producer (Nintendo) loses sales but the retailer (GameStop) gains sales.

        Usually the dedicated audience would be able to find the product anyway, good for both the producer and the retailer, but a more casual audience who wasn’t looking for the product wouldn’t be able to randomly come across the product and buy it elsewhere. Luckily for the case of Amiibo, that random encounter could encounter with a different character rather than just Shulk.

  7. Y’know… I’m starting to considering how profitable it’d be to buy a bunch of Shulk amiibos from GameStop and then sell them on eBay/wherever for $25-ish. See if people’s hate for GameStop is really THAT powerful. It’d be hilarious if someone actually did this. XD

  8. Nintendo really doesn’t want Americans to be able to get their hands on Xenoblade stuff do they? First the game itself was exclusive to Gamestop, then the game was reprinted by Gamestop and sold exclusively again, now the Shulk amiibo is exclusive…

      1. People are obviously not informed on what Gamestop does to make people so mad. I’ve already explained enough in this comment section. If you need more explanation, research it yourself.

  9. I believe some how Gamestop managed to get the rights to exclusively sell Xenoblade, and everything related to it. I believe that is why this figure is exclusive to Gamestop. Which is no big deal, I planned on buying most of my Amibos from them anyways.

    1. ahhh derr, i told you yesterday dude, gamestop is the only reason that faggot reggie even brought it to the states, the game wasn’t even available through amazon lmao, EVERY GAME EVEN IF NOT A BIG RELEASE GOES ON AMAZON!!!! If gamestop didn’t exist, xenoblade would probably have never been brought to america. Gamestop saw the demand, went to nintendo and asked that faggot bastard reggie for it to be store exclusive. If not the game would have at least sold at amazon as well but it didn’t. So still sucking reggies cock huh?

      Gamestop is better than reggie at his job lmao. Reggie is a failure. If anything that piece os shit said “well you want this shulk amiibo gamestop exclusive, i can’t risk it, it probably won’t sell”

      Also xenoblade chronicles x will not be a gamestop exclusive BECAUSE THIS TIME NINTENDO AND MOST IMPORTANTLY NOA IS ACTUALLY PUBLISHING THE GAME!!!! Gamestop would probably love to do that again but now faggot reggie knows to release it.

      So whole point is i was right the other day and how much of a fail reggie is, i hope you know how much he sucks at his job now.

      1. I forgot, who were you planning to replace him with? That was the whole point in defending him. Your not going to find anyone better, and Reggie is not bad at his job. He has very little pull to begin with. He does what headquarters tells him to do. He’s more P.R. and spokeman than anything else. And with all do respect, it was the fan made petition and the online support that convinced Nintendo to bring Xenoblade to The U.S… Gamestop got exclusive rights to the game, but had nothing to do with the decision of bringing the game over to the West. That was all Nintendo. I’m not even convinced it was Reggie’s decision. I believe that decision was made in Japan. I believe you hate on Reggie for reasons that were probably out of his control.

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  11. Just pre-ordered. Sure isn’t an amiibo I would have bought normally. At least not right away. I sure wish Gamestop’s shipping was free. But whatever. Better not get damaged in shipping!

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  15. Ugh! If Xenoblade Chronicles for New 3DS & Xenoblade Chronicles X ends up being Gamestop exclusive, I’ll be annoyed. The last time something was exclusive to those bastards, there weren’t enough copies to go around & they ended up being expensive online. I was able to get the game, but that’s not the point. Many others that wanted the game missed out. If history repeats itself with the 3DS port, I’m going to be really pissed not for myself but for the poor gamers that will miss out on the game. Since I don’t have much choice, I’ll have to be sure to preorder it first chance I get so I don’t end up like the ones that missed out on Xenoblade Chronicles for Wii.

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