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Zac Efron Apparently Has A Copy Of Super Smash Bros For Wii U

It sounds as though US celebrity Zac Efron may be in possession of a copy of the long-awaited Super Smash Bros for Wii U. It wouldn’t be surprising if Nintendo were giving out the game to certain people to gain celebrity endorsement. I’m sure millions would love to be in Zac Efron’s shoes right now. Let’s just hope he’s decent at the game.

Thanks, gamerprince1999

43 thoughts on “Zac Efron Apparently Has A Copy Of Super Smash Bros For Wii U”

          1. sherlockwillfightbilbo

            He’s done High School Musical, 17 Again, Charlie St. Cloud (cringe-worthy) and Neighbors. He’s an actor.

          2. Celebrity, I think he was a disney kid.

            He was giving the D to this hotty in the past


        1. They gave it to losers like him a week early so they can practice as much as possible before their ass whooping arrives next week

            1. I hope not lol he’s rich already I’m sure. Honestly I don’t see how this supposed celebrity who’s main audience is probably pre-teen girls is supposed to make people think smash and wii u are cool and must buys.

  1. Is there something not shown? I don’t see how him “challenging” someone is anyway indicating he already has the game. He might be simply prepping for the release as he may have pre-ordered it.

  2. lord ghost : king of the federation

    off topic
    .. lmafo…. big red button is really a joke.
    sonic boom is broken game on the year. they didn’t even bother giving review sites review copies of the game to review because they knew the game was medicore. am yet to see a single person enjoy this game yet or call it a great game. Are the admins even going to review the game.
    there’s barley even review of the game because sega is already giving people copy strikes and removing videos on youtube. not even meta critic bother in reviewing the game but just the user base.

      1. How about you decide people to make their own opinion and go back to play your broken COD?`Taking about the same crap over and over again, but idiots like you buy it every year. Just shut up already, will ya please?

        1. Well the one thing you dont have against him is that whole buying the same game year after year. You know, considering hes poor and it took him like 2 years to buy that one OLD cod game that only cost $20 new now.

    1. Annoying? You mean like your NERDY ass voice OMG I cant stand to listen to your whining nasaly voice for more than 3 seconds…DONT EVER TALK AGAIN holy shit

    2. i can’t believe… te developers are ex naughty dogs
      naughty dog never fails… they are the holy bible of game design…
      just kiding, it’s sad what happened to sonic boom…

  3. Ok I don’t see anything here confirming that he has a copy of the game right now, he may be talking about playing when the game officially comes out.

  4. advertising by giving celebritys your games is not good way to advertise your games nintendo stop and think of a better way of advertising your games and make it nothing to do with celebritys

  5. Doubt he has the game, or is ever going to even play the game. This is just advertising on Nintendo’s part. Every company does it. Lots of celebrities just farm out their social media accounts and take money to shell products. A well documented case recently was when the late Joan Rivers tweeted about buying the new iPhone. The admins of her twitter account had set up the tweet to be automatically sent out, and hadn’t corrected it at her passing.

  6. instead of using money to pay off big celebrities why not use that money to hire developers, you know the people that make your games! Why would gamers give a flying fuck about celebrities? They dont!

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