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Here’s Some New Splatoon News And Also The Wii U GamePad Control Layout


We are starting to get a splattering of information regarding Splatoon from Nintendo’s official Japanese Twitter account. The information which has trickled through talks about the story behind the single player campaign as well as the control options for the Wii U GamePad. You can read plenty of translated details, right here.

  • ZL – Squid (dive into ink, restores ink)
  • L-stick – move
  • R-button – Bomb (uses 70% of your ink)
  • ZR – Ink Shot (uses up ink)
  • R-stick – looks left/right
  • X – Jump
  • Y – Camera Reset
  • Touch the Squid Icon to make a big jump to one of your team mates.
  • Use gyro to aim.

splatoon_arenaThanks. Kelly and Makai


18 thoughts on “Here’s Some New Splatoon News And Also The Wii U GamePad Control Layout”

  1. I’m looking forward to this game but I really hope gyro isn’t the only way to aim. It kinda pisses me off Nintendo always has to cram “innovation” into their games. YOU HAVE A RIGHT STICK FOR A REASON.

    1. “
      *Rather than sweeping movements, like you are looking into the world, [using gyro requires] a quick movement of the wrists only.
      *Hybrid of the gyro sensors and R-stick. You make big movements with the right stick and intuitively aim with the gyro.
      *You can turn off the gyro sensors and use only the R-stick to control the camera.”

      they even mentioned these controls at E3, chill out

    2. One of the developers said in an interview that you can completely turn off gyro controls if you want, but that he thinks anyone that does so isn’t going to be able to win.

      1. I would certainly imagine that effective use of the gyro controls would be very beneficial to a player. If it’s anything like on OoT 3D using the gyro gives you better precision.

    3. Considering that the map is located all the time in the gamepad and that you can use different controllers, it will probably be optional. The right stick will be used to look and to aim probably

  2. I never liked aiming with the right stick, twin stick controllers aren’t optimum for shooters. I’m glad they added gyro aiming. Love it for OoT 3D.

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