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Little Mac Has Lowest Win Ratio In Smash Bros Nintendo 3DS Characters Online

Super Smash Bros producer Masahiro Sakurai has revealed that one fighter has a significantly low win ratio. That character is Little Mac. Sakurai revealed the intriguing information in the latest issue of Japanese gaming publication Famitsu. Here’s what he had to say.

“For Super Smash Bros. Brawl, the individual character win ratios lined up nicely in a staircase format, but [for Super Smash Bros. for Nintendo 3DS] one fighter has a significantly low ratio.” Sakurai wrote. “It’s Little Mac.”

“Little Mac is a fighter with very pronounced strengths and weaknesses. While he has an enhanced dodge and megaton-level punch for aggressive play, he has very weak jump power and a simple back throw along with a follow-up attack prove to be crippling.”

“It appears that the biggest reason for his low win ratio is because people fall under the assumption that ‘Little Mac is strong!’ and all rush to use him only to get pummeled in return.”

“He gives the impression of being able to win easier than other fighters which leads to more people using him, but in reality, he’s a difficult character to actually continuously win with.”

“I believe that averaging out character stats is a bad move in both play and competition.”

Thanks, MasterPikachu6

126 thoughts on “Little Mac Has Lowest Win Ratio In Smash Bros Nintendo 3DS Characters Online”

    1. That seems to be my only issue with using him. He’s an ok character if you can keep him on stage. Weak jumps, plus the vulnerable state after side b just kill it for Lil Mac.

  1. So if he knows that Little Mac has a low win ratio…he must know who has the highest win ratio. Of course he probably isn’t going to release that to us.

    1. How about they don’t? Imagine if he could jump well. Then we’d get a bunch of people complaining that he’s too OP.

        1. true what’s your friend code? just beat the last difficulty for mario kart 8 dlc and I love all the new tracks I must say. Link rides nice wish his bike wasn’t inside drift though lol.

  2. Little Mac is absolutely powerful on the ground. It’s difficult to fight him head to head. Especially with weaker characters. You have to find a way to get him in the air and off the stage. I found that it’s easier to beat him with characters with defensive moves like Lucina. Lol. Also, I think when Little Mac does that counter, the amount of damage he does back depends on how hard you were going to hit him. Which is EXTREMELY annoying. You can get freaking killed if he counters a smash attack. >_<

  3. I hate Little Mac. They always just smash the buttons and land cheap hits. It’s nice destroying a bad little Mac player, but I HATE good Little Mac players hwo know enough to dodge and stall until they can land a 1hit KO punch…

    What an annoying character. I’m glad he is the character who loses the most.

          1. Yes to both of those, especially if the player is good. Sonic’s speed is annoying and land hits before him can be quite a task depending on your character and skill. As for yoshi, yeah, just as worse.

        1. I can’t stand Palutena. I don’t mean fighting her, I mean fighting AS her. Her moves are too slow and the only ones that really do damage are smash attack. And those are slow too. If it was not for customizations, I’d say she’s one of the worst on the game.

          1. Same… I don’t know why people think Palutena is good. I suck as her and I destroy any and all Palutena players.

              1. You know what’s hilarious? You say you’re a good Little Mac and Palutena player, but it was just two days ago that I was talking to somebody who felt those two specifically were overpowered, and I was saying that if they are op, I’ve never noticed. I’ve yet to be outclassed by a Little Mac, and Palutena is a bit underwhelming to me.

                Would you be interested in exchanging friend codes for some play? This could be fate.

                1. Sure but I’m at this hell hole of a school and don’t FC by hard. Tell me yours and when I get hone I’ll add you. I need a good challenge anyways

                  1. I too need a good challenge. Friend Code: 1375 – 7612 – 7577

                    Barring anything necessary or eventful, I’ll be on and waiting around 6:00 PM, Eastern Time.

          2. Im a pro at using Palutena. Yes she slow as shit. But it takes timing skills to her. If good at slow attacks and timing then Palutena is a damn beast. Her wings is also a wind box. So when a player is trying to recover stand on the edge shoot the Aura recoil and than wing attack than bam there’s your smash

          1. If Palutena times it right, Luma bounces off of Palutena’s reflect. The problem with Palutena’s reflect is that it DOESN’T REFLECT the entire time it is up. It only reflects as it moves forward (which is why her reflect move sucks).

            1. Mmm idk. Need play against a good rosalina. When I play against someone like samus or duck hunt. They have a hard time get past my reflector. Mybe cause my reflect timing is right but idk. She’s still good

              1. I have never lost to a Palutena and I’ve beaten many Palutena users as Samus. The trick to beat Palutena with Samus is to NOT spam projectiles, but to get up in Palutena’s face, because she isn’t a fast character. The only thing she has going for her is range in her attacks, but Samus is AMAZING at keeping her distance from other characters and dodging long range melee attacks. Samus’ side step (morph ball roll) is longer than most side steps so she stays invincible for longer periods of time which gives me a perfect opportunity to punish my opponent, especially Palutena users.

      1. If a Little Mac player is good, then they are really hard to beat. They just skirt around you the whole time and land powerful blows. It’s hard to even land a hit without getting hit yourself due to Little Mac’s no hit stun.

        I know that you need to get him off the edge and far enough away so that he can’t return, but when you can’t even get the player OFF the edge, it’s hard.

        Little Mac is so fast that I will dodge one of his attacks and he is already coming at me again with no chance to counter.

        Unless I’m using a character that has a “counter” move like Lucina, Marth, Lucario or Palutena, it is really hard to KO good Little Mac players.

        1. Yes! That speed is so annoying! If you have a slow character and you’re fighting on a flat stage where it’s hard to get Little Mac off, you may as well just admit defeat. Unless you really know how to play with that character. His strength and speed make him absolutely brutal. He did his standard side attack to me and did like 15% damage. Some characters can’t even get do that with a normal smash attack. O_o

          1. I know!!! When I’m Zelda and I face a Little Mac, he gets up in my face and I can’t do anything about it. He jolt haymakers right over my ghost knight and he charges forward when I try to use Din’s fire and gets a free hit. He dodges to the side when I try to grab him and if I try to dodge around the stage he eventually finds an opening and knocks me into the air and gets some combos off, because it’s really hard to land back down on the stage as floaty Zelda.

            It’s really hard facing Little Mac as Zelda.

  4. He is good, when u understand how he plays, but if mash to win then you aren’t going to win. I try to play mind games with mac, dashing around grab, grab, punch.

  5. I wonder what character wins the most? It’s got to be like Bowser or Rosalina or something. Those characters are BRUTAL.

    I also wonder which character is used the most vs which character is used the least? If I had to guess I would say that Olimar is used the least or maybe Luigi, because I have NEVER played against someone who was either of those characters. Little Mac is obviously used the most -_-

    1. I think that is the point. He can’t cancel out, because it would give him an advantage. Little Mac players wouldn’t have to worry about messing up the jolt haymaker if they could just cancel out. People would be using the move with no consequence all the time.

      It’s part of the balancing they did with the characters.

  6. Noobs gravitate to little mac because he’s fast, strong and has a KO Punch, they just spam jabs and smashes, this is why mac has such a low win rate. The worst part is that people actually lose to these noobs and then complain he’s overpowered, he aint overpowered; you’re just shit and need to learn how to beat him, he aint underpowered either, but like I said, noobs love little mac so the majority of little nac players suck balls.

    1. What in the bloody hell is a level 50? Have I not been keeping up with the Amiibo developments enough? and if there is such a difficulty level, where in the hell has it been this whole time? Level 9s get their asses shoved up their asses from deliberately running into Smash attacks, and leaving gargantuan openings for grabs!

      1. Yea you can level up your Amiibo from 1 up to 50 and it learns techniques depending on how you play and other opponents it plays.

        1. There seems to be a problem where there’s no respond button on a comment too far into a thread, so I’m replying to vvthisvv post here.

          Lord Zedd: “You getting the U version too? I’m retired from the 3DS version lol.”

          Oh, of course I’m getting the Wii U version. Feel free to track down a “Niko” under the username “FellowHeir” if you want to have some fun when we get there.

          1. Yea it’s annoying how you can’t reply after a certain number of posts. Added you on miiverse, look forward to smashing. You have mario kart 8?

              1. lol sorry we ended up not racing last night, I should have responded to your last message immediately and let you know I saw it instead of just hopping onto kart after seeing it. Oh well lol. There will be another day. I wouldn’t have been at my best anyway :p I was playing using my pro controller, but using my gamepad as my screen which I hate doing but I stupidly forgot to pack my HDMI cord with my other wii u stuff when I left to go house sit yesterday.

                1. I was enthralled reading while I waited for you to pick up. :P

                  But in seriousness, there’s no problem here. I’ll see you online when it’s convenient for both of us.

                  1. Sounds good to me, I should have some free time this week, although once Smash comes out I will be on that a lot lol but I’ll still down to race if anyone asks.

  7. Is anyone else disappointed with some of the nerfs in this game? Maybe it’s just me, but I think characters like Samus, Zelda, Fox, and even Luigi don’t play as good as they used to. Meta Knight was pretty much guaranteed a nerf though. I can beat him with anyone now. Hahaha.

    1. Samus is actually slightly better than she was in Brawl. At least now, attacks such as her up-smash and up-special don’t immediately send foes flying away, but instead push the opponent into each hitbox.

      Albeit, this only really speaks of the change in engine, not the character.

    2. Yoshi’s run attack and Up Smash aren’t as good as the attacks he used have and Ness’ YoYo no longer deals damage while charging his Up & Down Smash Attacks so those piss me off a lot lol.

        1. Haven’t used her yet other than to beat classic 9.0 and any other things that require you to beat something with everyone but I hear she is pretty sweet. Yoshi has been one of my mains since 64 so yea I miss his up smash, glad I’m not the only one who noticed lol. You like his run kick attack or his old running headbutt? I liked the headbutt cause I could run into people and headbutt them 2-3 times before they could get out of it lol.

    1. His defense sucks? LOL Little Mac can dodge out of the way extremely fast and he even has super armor on a some of his moves.

      1. His recovery blows and his charge attacks are very risky. Everybody got hyped for playing this guy and now they’re disappointed to see him being a bit too overpowered for his own good which comes at a price. I like a well balanced character like Mario. He has good offense, defensive and strategic tactics like the cape, the Fludd pack and his downward smackdown move which if you kill somebody with that, it feels so damn satisfying. :3

    2. It’s just mainly the characters that can counter attacks that give him real trouble. He can’t shoot any projectiles so he has no choice but to get close and risk getting countered. For someone like Rosalina though, it’s pretty easy for him. He can block and hit Luma and even kill him. And when Rosalina shoots Luma, he can easily dodge it or even use his side B to go through him aiming his fist right at Rosalina’s face! Haha!

  8. This is article confirms my thoughts on Little Mac and his players. I still haven’t lost to a Little Mac, and when I tried playing as him, he felt very boring. His ground moves are pretty solid, but the fact that he has NO air game (not even considering his well-documented lack of an ability to recover) makes his options limited in a game where quality really is to have quantity.

    The damned game has been out for a month, and already, partly to the fault of the character, Little Mac players have nothing with which to surprise me. It’s a little sad. Little Mac should’ve been quite fun.

  9. I think because of his terrible recoverey moves he has a low win rate. If you want to be good as Little Mac you got to be good at dodgeing because that is what a boxer does beay

    1. Hey what’s your NNID? I think you put it up once but I didn’t get it and don’t feel like going back a few weeks of articles to find it lol

  10. That is no surprise considering the facts that he is thought to be the strongest character in the game when really Rosalina takes that spot in my experience. When people view a character as op then they get chosen a lot over other characters by newbies.

    1. I keep hearing about rosalina being tough, I haven’t played much online cause I don’t enjoy the 3DS one due to cramped controls, but are the tough rosalinas players just sitting back while their luma does all the fighting so they don’t take much damage and such? Cause that’s what I expect. Which is why I don’t like her as a fighter. The separation of her and luma practically encourages people to run and hide and not fight. I’ll find out how tough she is next week online, but if you can clue me in on what to look out for that would be awesome.

  11. Maybe its also low because so many people hear he’s good but are inexperienced online.

    Little mac is real annoying if that’s all your opponent uses.

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    1. Toon Link is a beast! Projectiles to create distance and enough strength and speed to deal with opponents up close. I love throwing a boomerang under a jumping opponent and letting it smack them back to me for an easy grab or smash! When a guy does beat me, (and I do constantly bomb/arrow/boomerang until they to come to me) it’s usually from constant aggressive pressure up close forcing me to avoid trying projectiles.

      1. Lol I must say I hate your style of play. Just cause a fighter has projectiles doesn’t mean you should sit there using them till someone comes at you. Anyone who says “They have projectiles, that’s what there for” obviously forgets they also have smash attacks just like everyone else. Projectiles should NEVER be your main source of attack. It requires very little skill, and quite frankly you will get figured out quickly and easily by people who can dodge. Of course, your style of play has an advantage when lag is thrown into the equation, because trying to dodge things when your timing is constantly being screwed up is harder. But yea. You should really learn to take advantage of your smash attacks, and Toon Link has some good ones. Projectiles will only get you so far.

    2. I can’t stand spammers, especially cause they have an advantage with the lag that plagues this series online. Dodging fireballs or constant falcon kicks and such is not hard usually, but when lag is present and your timing is constantly being screwed up, it’s super annoying, and the people actually think they are good cause they may get a win in. Since brawl people have been taking advantage of lag. And I’m not gonna sit there doing the same thing, it’s not fun sitting there pressing B over and over and over.

      1. Honestly, lag isn’t a big deal for me. But it’s probably because I’m litterally 3-4 feet away from the router. That said, it sucks for me a bit more to an extent, doesn’t it?

        1. You’re lucky lol. My roomate, my friend and I will play a local match and STILL have bad lag. I’m talking like it will even freeze sometimes for 5 seconds. Ness is at a huge disadvantage with lag I found out the hard way lol. I played a match online a few weeks back and was off screen but alive but couldn’t see myself. I start a PK Thunder to use as my third jump, STILL off screen and unable to see me or the thunder, but I know how long it takes it to go around. Right then lag kicked in and froze for a few seconds. At that point it was impossible to know where my PK Thunder was so I died. I SERIOUSLY hope the U has less lag. I would love NO lag lol but starting to think that’s wishful thinking :( I could play near the router but it’s in my roomates room upstairs so we would all be cramped in his messy room lol. Sucks for you more in what way by the way? Cause you are stuck near the router? lol wasn’t sure what you meant by that good sir.

          1. I’m gonna invest in a USB ethernet plug for the Wii U. I hope for decreased lag and to avoid blame on my end, haha.
            Oh, no. It sucks for me just as much. Nothing stops a spammer. Not even a lack of lag, lol. It’s just bad because while you deal with a frozen game, I have to deal with a camper.

            1. I have a wii lan adapter already so I can play at work, I have u-verse at home wireless. But the box that I have in my room (the router and stuff are in my roomates room cause it’s his place) to receive the u-verse signal has a spot on the back that fits an ethernet chord. Would I be able to use that at home, or would we have to pay extra money and actually add a home phone line for that to work? And yea that’s what I was talking about, I meant camping spammers plus the lag at the same time, not just lagging. Lagging affects everyone, but if you’re camping and spamming fireballs you don’t have to worry as much cause you just press the B button repeatedly. And moves like the falcon kick move you forward pretty fast and are decently strong, so you don’t have to worry about your timing while you are in the middle of the move, but your opponent has to dodge at the right jump or jump over with their timing being altered.

                1. Nice Marth has always been a main of mine but I haven’t played enough of this one yet. Next week that will change lol. But I use the Koopa Kids as one of my new mains, Mega Man, Pac Man, Duck Hunt, Mii Brawler, and Dr.Mario are others that are new mains of mine, although Dr.Mario was obviously in melee. I use Mario more though. My longtime mains are Mario, Falco, Ness, Princess Toadstool, Yoshi, Mr.Game & Watch, R.O.B., Diddy Kong & Donkey Kong. Captain Falcon used to be more so but he’s never been the same since 64 lol. I do use him against my friends though if we have enough matches. Usually we’ll play a number of matches and I’ll go through all my mains one match at a time.

  13. There are so many naive players who think Little Mac is the best Smash character. He’s fun to use, but he’s so easy to beat.

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