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Super Smash Bros For Wii U Makes Its Debut

Super Smash Bros. for Wii U has made its debut in North America. The fighting game is now available for purchase digitally for $59.99 via the Nintendo eShop, and it requires 15.6GB of free space to download. The Wii U version of Super Smash Bros. contains more than 50 new features, including an eight-player mode and the ability to build and share custom stages. It also offers several new modes such as Smash Tour: World Smash, in which players use items, spin a wheel and advance around a map. Super Smash Bros. for Wii U arrives on November 28th in Europe, November 29th in Australia and December 6th in Japan.

115 thoughts on “Super Smash Bros For Wii U Makes Its Debut”

      1. This is an odd attempt at trolling, or maybe you are just this clueless…? I really hope it isn’t the latter of the two.

      1. Haha I went to the midnight launch and picked up the fox amiibo. Someone from Nintendo came and took our picture, which was pretty cool

  1. I’ll be playing when I get home from work tonight. :) I might sneak some time in during lunch on the office Wii U if someone brings a copy of the game though. :D

    1. They have a Wii U in the office at your job? And you’re actually allowed to play on it? At work? Either your job is really reading awesome or that’s some made up BS. lol.

  2. Since I had mine pre-ordered from Toys R Us, I have no idea when I’ll receive it? I wouldn’t doubt having to wait until Monday.

  3. Unfortunately I’ll have to wait til I get off from work this evening to pick my copy from GameStop because I gotta get some rest. I will see the rest of you lucky bastards who got your copies of Smash already online this evening 😃

    1. Yeah, yeah. Sure. Smash Bros is the ONLY fighting game you’re good at. You would get your ass obliterated if you played Street Fighter or Tekken. You CASUAL. Lmfao.

    2. thestrangablog is a BITCH ASS NINTENDO FANBOY. All he ever does in whine about muthafuckin third party games and he praises and worships Nintendo games. He secretly wants Nintendo to notice him so that he can be able to suck Reggie, Iwata, and Miyamoto’s cock all at once. He can fit 12 dicks in his BIG ASS fat fanboy mouth. He’s ready to take a bite out of Reggie’s ass. And his mouth can devour Iwata’s 24 inch dick. Fuckin sick ass. Strangablog is truly a FAGGOT.

      1. lord ghost : king of the federation

        thestrangablog is a pathetic social reject. he easily gets butt hurt or ass wiped when any third party person says something not nice to wii u or 3ds.

        1. Like you when someone says bad thing about the xdoomed, rememeber that our mission is to expose you, your flip flopping agenda doesn’t work with us.

    3. Stranga is a fan of two companies which produce underpowered and overpriced tech- I wonder what those companies are?

      1. Oh and about that underpowered tech nonsense again, what is PS4 and Xbox DOne to PCs? ….Same shit buddy. lol They’re underpowered as well. Why else their games couldn’t achieve 10800/30-60FPS without issues, excuses or sacrifices? Forgot about that little number too.

        And BTW, I win. Now if you’ll excuse me, I’m going away to enjoy my FUNCTIONAL tech toys and software that are actually fun and you wish you can afford with your mommy’s allowance.

        1. You do realize that PCs are only better when the games are optimized for the system? Watch Dogs is a good example. Even at max settings it fails to have a higher resolution than PS4. Also, there are reasons people choose consoles over PC. If you want a decent pre-built rig, you have to fork out thousands of dollars, and when building a PC it’s a big hassle for newcomers and if you screw up and use the wrong parts for the system, you’re gonna face hell (personal experience).

          1. There is something called “doing research” before conducting experiments. Someone like you should know that by now.

            As for Watchdogs, its “WatchDogShit” on any platform because what we saw from 2012 was BS.

            And as for my commet here, I’m making my point to shut this moron up about me using “underpowered” tech that actually works with bare minimum to no hardware/software failure rate as proven thousands of times already.

            1. Some people don’t want to waste the time researching on the different PC cases, chips, brands etc? Like I said, that’s why people choose consoles over PCs

              Another example then: GTA IV

              1. Wow, thanks a lot keyboard, I didn’t even get to finish my comment and it didn’t even register my account, Anyways,

                GTA IV: The framers test are complete shit, even on max settings, top PCs bla bla bla. Just because you think a specific game was terrible isn’t an excuse for PC.

  4. I received several e-mails from Toys R Us saying they had an unexpected delay with all of their amiibo. Man, I hope my Smash Bros. game wasn’t delayed as well. : /

      1. But Toys R Us had that deal for 3 amiibo for $30.00. So I took full advantage. I don’t mind a delay as long as it’s not TOO long. But I sure hope the game isn’t delayed as well.

        1. Plot Twist: the game actually comes bundled with the 3 amiibos! lol Seriously, though, I hope you don’t have to wait for the game. Even if I wanted to get the game, I’d have to wait for the 1st or 3rd of December.

        1. I can confirm this is true. I ordered my amiibo and selected free shipping. I expected them to come about a week later, but they were over here at noon right after Smash Bros launched… Like, WTF? I didn’t even pick one day shipping! Lol awesome!

    1. I can’t even begin to fathom why anyone would use the 3DS as a controller themselves as a preference in this version. So glad I completed everything in the 3DS version yesterday, now I don’t have to use the damned circle pad anymore. It blows for fighting games and it always failed me at the worst possible time during matches.

      Circle pad is just so stiff compared to analog sticks. I couldn’t be happier to never need to play the 3DS version again, well unless I happen to be traveling I might. Other than that, no way I’ll play it over the Wii U version.

      My 3DS has taken enough of a beating from the game also, I completely understand why peoples circle pads were breaking. The circle pad, simply put, is not made for fighting games that need super quick responses.

      Gamepad or pro controller all the way, screw using the 3DS as a controller for the Wii U version.

      1. Nintendo Commander Quadraxis

        That’s why I I don’t buy fighting games on handhelds, thought the 3DS Smash demo was boring and didn’t or ever will buy the 3DS version…

          1. Nintendo Commander Quadraxis

            Although I’m sure the Vita, (Whatever that is) has a better control scheme for fighting games overall than the 3DS…

            1. OH MY GOSH Did Nintendo Commander just say something nice about a product that isn’t made by Nintendo? The end is near! O.o

              1. looks like the commander needs to be purged of his blasphemy of praising the enemy of our great and mighty empire For shame !

  5. Already picked my copy up just now from Gamestop’s midnight release.
    Along with Omega Ruby (For my brother) and Alpha Sapphire.
    Yeah, I’m not the selfish type. XD

  6. Amazon always sends you the copie day one if you pre order it so no waiting unlike gamestop who might only have 12 copies,

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  8. Got mine this morning at GameStop as soon as they opened at 10:00am along with Alpha Sapphire. Haven’t played it yet, but can’t wait to experience it. :)

  9. Well, it’s 2:38 p.m. on Smash day, and I still haven’t received my pre-order. *sigh*
    I knew this would happen.

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  11. The nintendo magistrate

    you think you got it bad collector i got persona Q Smash and still have xmas gifts to get for my wife to be and her family so i can only get one

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