It appears that The Legend of Zelda: Majora’s Mask 3D will contain significantly reduced loading times. This is based on a few comparison screenshots between the upcoming remake and the Nintendo 64 original. The shots look at the updated rendition of Clock Town, which seemingly connects to its different sectors in a way that will provide a more seamless experience to players. Nintendo previously confirmed that Majora’s Mask 3D includes enhanced graphics and added features for a smoother experience. The game is scheduled to launch in spring 2015 for Nintendo 3DS.



  1. That’s one thing I can admit Nintendo is being stubborn about. The Wii U would look so much more appealing to potential buyers if it had the full VC library available. I just don’t see what they plan to gain by waiting to release 64, or even Gamecube VC games.

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    • Majoras Mask is one of my tops titles of the franchise. But the “BEN drowned” story got pretty annoying very fast! But regardless this is a title i’m happy to be getting the limited edition of.


      • Yeah I never got scared of BEN drowned lol. It was interesting at first, but after seeing and hearing about it everywhere it gets old-along with those other popular creepypastas but I still think Jeff is cool. But yes I’m very happy about this game coming out. It’s just my opinion I found it better than ocarina. Idk I like the themes a lot, plot, and of course the character sidequests.

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  2. Obvious – Nintendo:

    ‘Golly wow, why VC older games when we can remake them?’

    Notice how GC VC was confirmed, and then we got Wind Waker HD? No coincidence they pulled it back. And why release N64 Games whwn they too can be remade? Simply slap new textures on, polish the game, and BAM, twice as better.

    It has it’s pros, and it has it’s cons, but in the end, I choose potential remakes over straight up ports. It’s obvious that’s where they’re headed.

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  3. Off the topic, is anyone aware that “NES Remix Pack” is coming out on Wii U December 5th (same day as Captain Toad Treasure Tracker)? I don’t remember ever hearing about this on MyNintendoNews. I discovered it when filling out surveys on Club Nintendo.


  4. I like Ocarina of Time and Majora’s Mask but Majora’s Mask is unique because of the powers the masks give to Link like transforming, running faster, etc.


  5. This is stating the obvious, the 3DS has much better specs than the N64, just by virtue of that the game will run faster, like how WIi games like Xenoblade tend to load faster on the Wii U, the extra CPU and GPU capabilities shorten loading times.


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