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Nintendo UK Says Extra Items Are Coming To Club Nintendo

Nintendo UK has teased fans on Twitter by announcing that additional items are being added to Club Nintendo Stars Catalogue. Nintendo says that devotees should keep an eye on the Stars Catalogue as new items will undoubtedly be up before Christmas. What would you like Nintendo UK to add to Club Nintendo?

Update: Nintendo of France have also joined the party and have announced extra items will be added to Club Nintendo

Thanks, Kallum and Kahisys

18 thoughts on “Nintendo UK Says Extra Items Are Coming To Club Nintendo”

    1. It’s not that Americans want better rewards. We Americans want REWARDS. They only have like 3 or 4 physical rewards to choose from on the American Club Nintendo. It’s a joke. Who the hell wants digital games as rewards?

      1. There are only 3 (don’t give them the benefit of the doubt by saying 3 or 4). There’s a set of Mario greeting cards, a set of Nintendogs greeting cards and a Smash Bros. poster set. The fourth item is the digital Grill Off with Ultra Hand game, and then there’s the Virtual Console games. It wouldn’t bother me nearly as much if I wasn’t frequently spending a lot of real money importing their soundtracks from other regions because Nintendo assumes we don’t want them.

  1. Probably something that’s worth spending stars on. And why do we still have DSi and Wii points? Can we change those to eShop credit?

  2. I really hope Nintendo of America follows suit. I have over 1100 coins!! I’ve never had that many before. That clearly says something about our current catalog!

  3. That golden Link on Epona statue was amazing. Hope this will have something in that fashion cuz i’ve saving my stars for years now.

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